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Candid conversations with veterans of all aspects of the business side of games. We firmly believe that great games from all developers need the support they deserve to succeed. This podcast exists to provide that support. IndieGameBusiness® is produced by The Powell Group, a video game consulting firm specializing in business development, marketing, and licensing. Our CEO has been in the industry for 20 years and closed countless publishing and licensing deals. The Powell Group monitors over 3,500 game developers and 750+ publishers. Support this podcast:


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Candid conversations with veterans of all aspects of the business side of games. We firmly believe that great games from all developers need the support they deserve to succeed. This podcast exists to provide that support. IndieGameBusiness® is produced by The Powell Group, a video game consulting firm specializing in business development, marketing, and licensing. Our CEO has been in the industry for 20 years and closed countless publishing and licensing deals. The Powell Group monitors over 3,500 game developers and 750+ publishers. Support this podcast:






What it's Like to be a Project Manager on AAA vs. Indie

Welcome to our show! In this episode, we have a special guest, Masao Kobayashi, who will shed light on "What it's Like to be a Project Manager on AAA vs. Indie." During our conversation, Masao will compare and contrast project management in a 500-person team versus a smaller indie team of 10 members. We will explore the differences in risk management approaches and discuss the unique challenges and problem-solving strategies involved in each setting. Join us as Masao shares his insights into the world of project management, addressing both invented problems and real problems faced in the industry. Connect with Masao Kobayashi on Twitter and LinkedIn to stay updated with his expertise and experiences: Twitter: LinkedIn: #ProjectManagement #AAA #IndieGames #TeamManagement #RiskManagement #GameDevelopment #GameIndustry #MasaoKobayashi #InventedProblems #RealProblems --- Support this podcast:


Developing and Launching a Game with Subsequent Updates

Welcome to another exciting episode of our show! Today, we have Bobby White as our special guest. Join us as we delve into the topic of "Developing and Launching a Game with Subsequent Updates." During this episode, we will explore various aspects of game development and launching, including the dynamics of international teams, the incorporation of language learning aids within games, and the potential of gamifying education. Bobby will also share insights on launching a game to a mid-reaction and the importance of pivoting based on player feedback. We will dive into the fascinating world of Terra Alia, the game Bobby has been involved in developing. Additionally, we will touch upon the future of indie game production with the integration of AI and VR technologies. Stay connected with Bobby White and learn more about Terra Alia by following these social media links: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: #GameDevelopment #IndieGames #GameLaunch #LanguageLearning #Gameification #PlayerFeedback #LQA #TerraAlia #AIinGames #VRinGames --- Support this podcast:


How successful PR and marketing can land you an investment or publishing deal

Join us for our next episode of Indie Game Business where we will be discussing "How successful PR and marketing can land you an investment or publishing deal." Our special guest, Wahid Lodin, will be sharing his insights into the importance of marketing when it comes to securing investment or publishing deals for your game. In this episode, we will explore different marketing strategies that can help your game get noticed by investors or publishers. Wahid will also explain which marketing efforts investors look at before investing in a game, common mistakes video game developers make when marketing their games, and how to stand out in a crowded market. We will also discuss the metrics and data points that you should be looking for when evaluating a video game's marketing campaign, and the appeal of social media platforms for investors and publishers. Don't miss out on this valuable discussion with Wahid Lodin. Follow him on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram for more insights on marketing and the gaming industry: Twitter: LinkedIn: Instagram: #IndieGameBusiness #VideoGameMarketing #Investment #PublishingDeal #GameDevelopers #WahidLodin #LoopMarketing #SocialMediaMarketing #GamingIndustry --- Support this podcast:


What is the IGDA Foundation?

Welcome to our show! Today, we have a special guest, Alyssa Padia Walles, the Executive Director of the IGDA Foundation. Alyssa has an impressive career in the video game industry, including launching the Walt Disney Gift Catalog and Sony PlayStation, and re-launching the Atari brand. In this episode, we will discuss the IGDA Foundation and what it does. Alyssa will explain the application process and who is eligible for the foundation's programs. We will also delve into why Alyssa recommends against partnering or co-founding studios or companies, and learn more about "lamergamer." Alyssa will also share her journey in the video game business and what excites her about the industry. Her extensive background in business strategy, development, sales, and marketing, including her role as general manager of Hitbox, provides a unique perspective on the gaming industry. Make sure to follow Alyssa Padia Walles on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram for more insights on the gaming industry and her latest projects: Twitter: LinkedIn: Instagram: #IGDAFoundation #GameIndustry #VideoGameDevelopment #BusinessStrategy #Gaming #AlyssaPadiaWalles #AmplitudeConsulting #Hitbox #Atari #LamerGamer --- Support this podcast:


Some of the biggest challenges publishing on steam today

Welcome to Indie Game Business! In this episode, we have Oscar Hogervorst, founder of Steam Data Suite, to discuss the challenges of publishing on Steam today and how his platform can help publishers optimize their visibility, store page, and marketing. Oscar's extensive background in games, marketing, and data has led him to develop tools to tackle the challenges that arise with the increasing number of games being released on Steam. During the show, Oscar will share his insights on Steam and offer tips on how to improve results on the platform. He will also answer questions such as what many companies are doing wrong, what type of company is using his services, and what he thinks will be important factors for success on Steam in the future. In addition, Oscar will discuss the balance between data and art when creating a game, store page, or game proposition. He will also explain why Valve is not providing the services that Steam Data Suite does, and what's next for his platform. Make sure to follow Oscar Hogervorst on LinkedIn for more insights on the gaming industry: #IndieGameBusiness #SteamDataSuite #GameMarketing #GameAnalytics #SteamPublishing #GameDevelopment #IndieGames #GameVisibility #GameDiscoverability #Valve #GamingInsights #OscarHogervorst --- Support this podcast:


Creating an Integrated Marketing Strategy

Welcome to Indie Game Business! In this episode, we will be discussing "Creating an Integrated Marketing Strategy" for your game. Our guest today is Dwayne Waite Jr., the Marketing Director for Gaming Events at ReedPop, one of the largest event organizers for the gaming industry. In this episode, we will dive into the importance of having a holistic marketing strategy for your game, why advertising is crucial for your game's success, and how to create a workflow for content creators. We will also discuss the benefits and drawbacks of physical and digital events, and how to effectively use them for your game's marketing. If you're looking to improve your marketing strategy for your game or studio, this episode is a must-watch. Join us for an insightful discussion on the ins and outs of marketing in the gaming industry. Connect with our guest, Dwayne Waite Jr., on LinkedIn: --- Support this podcast:


How to Avoid a Bad Steam Score Through Playtesting

This session will focus on playtesting as a tool developers can use in order to improve their game and predict the score at launch. We will touch on different forms of playtesting and how each can be utilized at different development stages. #GamePlaytesting #GamingQA #GameDevelopment #SteamScore #GamingInsights #DevelopmentStages #GameTestingTips #GamingQualityAssurance #GameDevelopmentInsights #GamingQA --- Support this podcast:


How to Smoothly Run an Influencer-Led Marketing Campaign

Learn from my mistakes. Learn how to run a streamlined marketing campaign that integrates your community and content creators. I discuss tips & tricks and current best practices of how to run an integrated marketing campaign that incorporates community, content creators, and how that content should live on all platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Twitch. #CommunityIntegration #ContentCreators #MarketingCampaigns #StreamlinedMarketing #MarketingLessonsLearned #CommunityInfluence #BrandCommunity #MarketingStrategy #MarketingTips --- Support this podcast:


Marketing Isn't Always Evil...Just Sometimes

It's entirely possible for a small team to make a big noise. But how do you do it authentically, organically, and free-range? Eric and Steve's work was nominated for Best Indie PR/Marketing Campaign of 2020 and they'll walk you through the thought process, steps, and tools they used to do it on a limited budget...but a bigger budget would have been nice. Hear about asset utilization, multi-channel synergy, brand ambassador activation, and other buzzwords that they won't actually say out loud. Then ask them questions about classic cocktails, music, and sailing - or marketing, we suppose. #SmallTeamsBigNoise #IndieGameDevelopment #GameMarketing #GamingSuccess #MarketingStrategy #SmallTeamSuccess #GamePromotion #IndieGameInsights #GameDevelopmentProcess #GamingTools --- Support this podcast:


Modernizing PR Tactics when Promoting Indie Games

This roundtable explores the creative approach behind promoting indie games to the intended core audience as well mass market by truly capturing a game's voice. #IndieGamePromotion #GameMarketing #CreativeApproach #CoreAudience #GameVoice #IndieGameDevelopment #GamingCommunity #IndieGameInsights #IndieGameSuccess #IndieGameRoundtable --- Support this podcast:


Peglin - A Peg Popping Post-Mortem

Peglin came out of seemingly nowhere to sell over 100K units in less than 2 weeks in Early Access. How did it happen, what worked, and what didn't? #GamingSuccess #IndieGameDevelopment #GameSales #GamingInsights #GameDevelopmentTips #GamingSalesStrategy #GameMarketing #IndieGameMarketing #PeglinSuccessStory #GameLaunch --- Support this podcast:


Preserving & Promoting Art through Austerity

In a world struck by economic turbulence and austerity, how can the video games industry preserve and promote artistic integrity and originality? How can developers avoid 'selling out', and how can investors and publishers continue to bet on 'risky' projects and encourage ingenuity? This conversation will examine approaches to finding balance between revenue generation and innovation in order to build sustainable studios and projects. #BalanceForSustainability #InnovateToThrive #RevenueGenerationStrategies #SustainableStudio #CreativeBusinessGrowth #ProfitableInnovation #BusinessSustainability #GrowthAndInnovation #SustainableGrowth #SustainableRevenueGeneration --- Support this podcast:


Social Media Is Your Game's Best Friend

Game discoverability has been the Holy Grail for the indie games community for ages. How do you approach different channels, does more mean better and which channels are worth it long term versus short term gains? Do you need to be everywhere all at once? Best practices from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram - lessons learned both in the independent and AA ranges of the games market. #SocialMediaForGames #GameMarketing #SocialMediaStrategy #SocialMediaBenefits #SocialMediaAdvertising #GamingCommunity #GamePromotion #SocialMediaPlatforms #SocialMediaSuccess #SocialMediaTips --- Support this podcast:


Steam Next Fest - Prepping for the Marathon

Steam Next Fest is a great opportunity to promote your game to some of the ~120 million people on Steam. We recently participated in a Next Fest…and although we crossed the finish line and came out better for it, we were not as prepared as we could have been. The goal of this session is to give you some idea of what to expect when participating in Steam’s Next Fest and how to best prepare your mind, body, and game for what can be a VERY long week full of awesome opportunities. #SteamNextFest #GamePromotion #GameMarketing #GameExposure #IndieGameDevelopment #GamingEvents #GameLaunch #GameSuccess #GameDemo #GameInsights --- Support this podcast:


Stop collaborate and listen. How NOT to put your community on ice

You’ve heard a lot about the value of community. What you haven’t heard is how your collaboration as a developer can either facilitate a thriving community or ruin your chances for successful marketing. Jenesee walks you through the ideal relationship between communications, production, marketing and QA. Whether you’re running a self-funded project or working with a publisher, this session will help improve your community engagement, show you how to contribute to your success, and most importantly, what NOT to do. #DeveloperCollaboration #CommunityValue #GamingCommunity #CommunityCollaboration #CommunityEngagement #SuccessfulMarketing #CommunityBuilding #GamingSuccess #CommunityInsights #GamingTips --- Support this podcast:


Structured for Success

The first few weeks of every indie game's development are critical. That's when the key questions of Who's on the team, What are we building, What do we build first, When do we have to ship, How do we build the game (and even Why we're committed to doing so) get answered. This session will cover a list of key best practices that veteran teams use to set themselves up for success, as seen by a veteran game dev with over 100 games of experience. #GamingBestPractices #GamingSuccess #GamingTips #GamingInsights #GameDevelopment #GameDesign #VeteranTeams #GameDevelopmentInsights #GamingLessons #GameDevelopmentTips --- Support this podcast:


Top 10 Pitfalls in Publishing Agreements and How Devs can Avoid Them

Felix will walkthrough 10 common pitfalls in publishing agreements that developers fall into, how to watch out for them and how to avoid. This will be a practical session focussing on key commercial issues that draws on Felix's rich experience working in-house as a senior lawyer for publishers and developers on both sides of the table. #GamePublishing #GameDevelopment #PublishingAgreements #ContractNegotiation #GameDevelopmentInsights #GameDevelopmentTips #GamingContracts #PublishingPitfalls #DeveloperAdvice #GameLaw --- Support this podcast:


What's the one word that can help you to hire better?!

Companies don’t think their current recruiting process is a problem as there seems to be an endless lineup of talent. But employee turnover costs are a real and an expensive problem. Replacement costs are 1.5 – 2 x an annual salary and these costs come off your bottom line. And times have changed; people are demanding more from their employers. Kaaren, founder of happy hive, will share a new way to fast track your hiring process, create happier employees, decrease turnover, increase diversity and create a healthier and more inclusive company. #BetterHiring #OneWordHiring #HiringProcessImprovement #EmployeeRetention #HappyEmployees #HiringForSuccess #TurnoverReduction #RecruitmentStrategies #StreamlinedHiring #HumanResources --- Support this podcast:


Navigating Layoffs - A Fireside Chat

Join Tina Merry and Heather Chandler as they explore some of the best practices for navigating layoffs, no matter which side of the fence you are on. We need to support each other through these challenging times! So, whether you are the manager involved planning and conducting layoffs, or the individual who has been laid off, a team mate struggling with the aftermath of layoffs, or you simply want to support impacted colleagues, then this session is for you! #LayoffNavigations #NavigatingLayoffs #EmployeeTermination #LayoffBestPractices #TerminationStrategies #EmployeeRelations #WorkforceManagement #CareerTransition #Downsizing #HumanResources --- Support this podcast:


Gaming for Growth: Driving Economic Development in the Global South

By leveraging the power of gaming and emerging technologies, we can unlock new opportunities for growth and innovation in the Global South. We will discuss how gaming can create jobs, promote entrepreneurship, and drive investment in infrastructure and education. We will also examine case studies from the region that highlight successful gaming-based economic development initiatives. Join us for an engaging conversation on how gaming can be a powerful tool for economic progress in the Global South. #GamingForEconomicProgress #GlobalSouthGaming #EconomicEmpowermentThroughGaming #GamingInnovation #GameChanger #GamingForDevelopment #EconomicGaming #GamingTheFuture #GamingIndustry #GamingInsights --- Support this podcast: