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The PB Smooth Foundation | Indy Mayhem Show

PB Smooth returns to the show to discuss his newest endeavor, the PB Provides Scholarship, aiming to help African Americans interested in a Communications Degree at Mercyhurst University. We also discuss his recent experience with Revenge Pro as World Champion, battling All Elite Wrestling's Wardlow, and WrestleMania weekend plans with Absolute Intense Wrestling and Faye Jackson Pajama Party! How can you give? Go to and select "Other". Then...


Shawn Phoenix Back in Action | Indy Mayhem Show:

Shawn Phoenix returns to the show as we chat about when he was really “cleared” to wrestle and what kept him from the ring, some of the processes he had to go through, returning a year after his accident in the same building, what still needs work, backyard wrestling, teaming with Ziggy Haim for Keystone State Dudecore and the Joker and Harley Quinn. Check out Shawn Phoenix in action with Ryse Wrestling and more at and !


Thomas Mathis Returns | Indy Mayhem Show

ABsolute Thomas Mathis returns to the show to catch up with his past year in wrestling including his battle with injuries from concussions to nerve damage, the bloody last man standing match he had with Beastman in Black Diamond Wrestling, a tip from the Soultaker at International Bigtime Wrestling, what he learned from Michael Kanellis and more! Watch Thomas Mathis in action on and


Gregory Iron the Podcaster | Indy Mayhem Show

Gregory Iron returns to chat with us about his latest venture with the Iron-On Wrestling Podcast, his background in communications finally coming out, his experience on the Stone Cold Steve Austin Podcast, wrestling in prisons, motivational speaking with Zach Gowen, and more! Make sure to subscribe to Iron-On Wrestling on Apple Podcasts and wherever you listen to Podcasts. And give him a five star rating along with one for Indy Mayhem Show! Watch Gregory Iron in action, including his...


The Professor Jakob Edwinn | Indy Mayhem Show: The Professor Jakob Edwinn

The Professor Jakob Edwinn joins us to talk about his entry into professional wrestling, becoming "The Professor" and doing an entertaining and memorable interview segment with "Edwinn's Lessons" in Renegade Wrestling Alliance and other promotions. Watch Jakob Edwinn in action on and !


The End with Christian Noir | Indy Mayhem Show

Christian Noir joins us to discuss his recent retirement from pro wrestling after his recent match in Ryse Wrestling, how wrestling saved him from suicide, his thoughts on presentation and character as Noir, and how it led him to becoming an active Cosplayer. Catch up with "Noir" under @pandnubis on Instagram! Watch Christian Noir in action on and !


Trophy Boy Tyler Klein | Indy Mayhem Show

Trophy Boy Tyler Klein talks with us about his start in the New England region, moving the Pittsburgh, his first match in the Pittsburgh area being a Casket Match with Tyler McBride at Prospect Pro Wrestling, Ryse Wrestling, Black Diamond Wrestling and more! Check out Tyler Klein in action at!


Danny Able | Indy Mahem Show

Danny Able joins us to talk about his evolving career, creative process, and his latest ImaginAble and Mr Shirt Indiegogo project! Check out Danny Able in action at!


Marshall Gambino on Year 1 of Prospect Pro Wrestling | Indy Mayhem Show

We chat with Marshall Gambino about his first year with Prospect Pro Wrestling, giving a place for some younger talent to grow, who's surprised him in that first year, and some hot takes on independent professional wrestling. Watch the entire first year of Prospect Pro Wrestling at Check out the first Prospect Pro Wrestling show FOR FREE Get tickets for...


Bubba the Bulldog | Indy Mayhem Show

Bubba the Bulldog is a near 25 year wrestling veteran and radio personality with Star 100.7 in Pittsburgh. We talk about his early days doing dark matches in WWF with Yokozuna and handcuffed to Paul Bearer, helping Kurt Angle get ready for his pro debut, Conor's Cure, Corey Graves, the inception of the International Wrestling Cartel, KSWA, PWX and more! Find Bubba the Bulldog in action at and the Youtube Channe...


On the Road with The Mane Event | Indy Mayhem Show

The Mane Event, Duke Davis and Ganon Jones Jr, return to the studio to catch up from their last year on the road. The crew chats over some hot coacoa about traveling to Canad a for Greektown Wrestling, rumors of Impact Wrestling signings, WrestleRex atmosphere, Ryse Wrestling’s 3rd Anniversary, a TME JV Team, and how the team handles the road in a Mini. See The Mane Event in action on and IndyWrestling.Network !


Stevie Lebell & Jason Tyler of The 4 Hossmen | Indy Mayhem Show

We sit down with two members of the newly christianed The 4 Hossmen, Stevie "The Ronin" LeBell and “Sexy Fireman” Jason Taylor to talk about the new team, updates on wwhere they are in their young careers and the upcoming Prospect Pro Wrestling show leading into it’s first year. Get tickets to Prospect Pro Wrestling events at! Find more from Stevie Lebell, Jason Tyler and the rest of Prospect Pro Wrestling at .


ROH World TV Champion Shane Taylor | Indy Mayhem Show

Ring of Honor World TV Champion Shane Taylor returns in our yearly check in with him as we talk about bringing prestige to the World TV Championship, this being his first "real" year in Ring of Honor, how big is Shane Taylor Productions, and the weekend's upcoming shows in Pittsburgh and Columbus. We also dive into some of the news of the week including the comments by Jordan Miles of WWE NXT and the breaking comments from Joey Mercury about Taylor's current contract status. See matches from...


Payton Graham | Indy Mayhem Show

11 year veteran Payton Graham joins the show to talk about growing up around wrestling, being introduced to indy wrestling in Pittsburgh, how he got his name and early moniker, Black Hand Society and Camp Crusher memories across Black Diamond Wrestling and Pro Wrestling Xpress, Steel City Ghostbusters, and his recent experiences against MV Young and the Great Alexander in Ryse Wrestling and UpRyse Wrestling. Find that show and more from Payton Graham with Ryse Wrestling and UpRyse Wrestling...


The Good Guys | Indy Mayhem Show

The Good Guys' Brent Noctus, Zak Hunter, and Ronnie Starks join us to talk about growing into a faction with Black Diamond Wrestling in Benwood, WV, doing fair shows, some of their thoughts on the area in wrestling and more! Find that show and more from The Good Guys at and !


Wrestling Mayhem Show Special: Ask Joe Dombrowski

Our friend Joe Dombrowski, known as of late for his commentary on Ring of Honor Future of Honor and AAA TripleMania, drops by the studio for an impromptu Ask Me Anything for the live chat room. Check out this week's special as Joe talks about Brian Pillman Jr, the Philly and Marino Experience, Zach Gowen, wrestling at Tekko Con, finding new audiences, the UK Pillow Fight Massacre, Virgil not taking money, Premier Championship Wrestling and more! If you are in Pittsburgh, you’ve got to go to...


PWI500 Special with PB Smooth & Lee Moriarty | Indy Mayhem Show

PB Smooth and Lee Moriarty have debuted on the Pro Wrestling Illustrated PWI500 list this year, so we have them back on the show to talk about what it means to them personally, and what they have been doing since we last spoke with them to get the attention of the pro wrestling industry. PB Smooth and Lee Moriarty are scheduled to face off in Round 1 of the Ryse of a Contender tournament at Ryse Wrestling September 7! Find out more at Find that show and more from Lee...


Wrestling Mayhem Show 680: Sam Adonis International

The Internationally traveling Sam Adonis lands in Sorgatron Media Studio this week with the crew of Cameraman Rob, Ronnie Starks, and Sorg to talk this week in wrestling news, including: Follow our stable on Twitter: Sam Adonis (@RealSamAdonis), Ronnie Starks (@starkswrestling), Mad Mike (@MadMike4883) and Sorg (@Sorgatron). Want to check out the Four Chord Music Festival show we talked about on the show? If you are in Pittsburgh, you’ve got...


Scarlett | Indy Mayhem Show

Scarlett joins us to talk about her first year in pro wrestling, growing up on Trish Stratus and Beth Phoenix, working in a company that does a women's only show and regular inter gender matches and more! Check out more from Scarlett on and ! Go to for more entertainment!


Joe Dombrowski International | Indy Mayhem Show:

Joe Dombrowski returns to talk about doing announcing with AAA TripleMania with Matt Stryker, his last interview with DJ Z / Joaquin Wilde and Johnny Gargano. Check out the content from Joe Dombrowski, Premier Wrestling, Prime Wrestling and more on, and! Go to for more entertainment!