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Inside The Outside is a podcast hosted by Gary & Christy Kirk exploring all things outdoors - hiking, backpacking, camping, wilderness survival, how to eat well in the outside, and much more.

Inside The Outside is a podcast hosted by Gary & Christy Kirk exploring all things outdoors - hiking, backpacking, camping, wilderness survival, how to eat well in the outside, and much more.
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Inside The Outside is a podcast hosted by Gary & Christy Kirk exploring all things outdoors - hiking, backpacking, camping, wilderness survival, how to eat well in the outside, and much more.




Warren Ashworth of Cedar Ridge Outdoors

This week we’re going to be talking to Warren Ashworth the owner of Cedar Ridge Outdoors. Warren has an awesome story about how he went from a DIY quilt guy to a small business owner. He’s also going to share some tips on how to stay warm in your hammock. Cedar Ridge Outdoors has been delivering quality, handmade camping hammocks and gear since they opened in 2015. Their goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for their customers. It's also been a big...


So, You've Got Resolutions? Can You Keep Them?

This week is all about New Year's resolutions and how to keep them. Estimates suggest that roughly 40% of American’s make New Year’s resolutions but according to a University of Scranton study only 8% actually keep them. Experts say it’s because resolutions tend to be too broad or vague and are often extreme. One way to increase your success rate is to have someone who can help hold you accountable. This “person” can be an online social community. Making a public declaration of your plan...


Baby It's Cold Outside

This week we're talking about how to stay warm on the trail. For such a seemingly simple question, it's not so straightforward. We've all heard people cry layers, layers, layers but what does that really mean and what kind of layers and how many layers. Let's break it down! It comes down to three activities: Heavy Activity This is something that involves a lot of moving around. A lot of physical exertion like hiking. Light Activity If you aren’t moving around much it can be...


Top 10 Last Minute Gift Ideas

Chris Gerken from helped us create a top ten gift list. Read the full blogpost here. In no particular order. Zippo Hand WarmersTactical ShemaghGSI Insulated MugMora KnifeWool SocksDitty BagsMSR Pocket Rocket II StoveUSB ChargerWe also listed a few not so obvious gifts that any outdoors person would enjoy. LOKSAKClif BarsJustin's Nut Butter PacketsTrash Compactor Bags


Cooking Outside... Absolutely Delicious!!!

This episode we break down our approach to the four cooking scenarios you are most likely to encounter when heading outdoors. Lightweight backpacking (Mostly freeze dried or dehydrated) Packable but perishable (Day one meals like nachos or steaks) Outback camping with conveyances (When you have a bicycle, a horse or an ATV’s that allows you to take car camping style convenience further into the wilderness) Car camping (Where you can take anything you want) Just because you're heading...


Hangsgiving 2018

For this special Thanksgiving edition, we took the show on the road. We joined the Tar Heel State Hangers for their 3rd annual Hangsgiving hammock camping event. With nearly 40 people in attendance representing 8 states, Mike Lyle and his group generated $1600 that was donated to the NC State Park system. For more about Tar Heel State Hangers visit their Facebook page here. Mike's partner in crime, Chris Gerken (Pickle), is a writer for Adam Lemon from Battle Horse Knives...


Who Let The Dogs Out?

This week were talking about taking you dogs out in the wilderness. It's can be a great experience for both of you but there are a few things to consider before you hit the trail. We also wrap up the show talking about "forest bathing" and "nature deficit disorder". Are they real or are they just buzzwords?


The Shit Show

This week it's all about how to poop in the woods. Some of the things we talked about were from the book, How To Shit In The Woods by Kathleen Meyer We also talked about information from the Leave No Trace website and the Appalachian Trail Conservancy website.


You Kids Get Off My Lawn!!!

Trail pet peeves. We’ve all got them. In this episode we talk about our top 5 trail pet peeves.


What's in your pack?

What's in Your Pack? Episode 3 Get our free packing check list to get started on a grea trip! A good cooking system is compact, light, and easy to use. Here's one to try. There are many great dehydrated meals to choose from but these are a few of our favorites: Mountain House Beef Stroganoff and Backpacker's Pantry Creme Brulee. We recommend a hard copy map and a good old-fashioned compass, but we also rely on GPS apps on our phones. GAIA GPS is Gary's favorite. There are both free and...


6 Things You Need To Have Great Hike

If you've never backpacked, starting out can seem like a daunting task. There are lots of traps that you can fall into when it comes to deciding what to buy. This week we're going to share some of experiences and hopefully help you from doing the same. One of my favorite backpacking books and movies is A Walk In The Woods by Bill Bryson. There's a scene near the beginning where he goes into a local outfitter's shop and he literally buys everything. This is such a great scene because it...


Campers Just Want To Have Fun

Welcome to the first episode of Inside the Outside. Here are a few fun things we mentioned in the show we thought you might enjoy: Ultimate Hiker's Gear GuideBackpacker MagazineDavid West's YouTube channelhere herehereCroatanShenandoah National ParkYouTube pageWe'll leave you with a little outdoor inspiration until next time: "Keep close to Nature’s heart... and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean."- John Muir


I wouldn't... but you should!

Here's a full version of our show theme song. The song was written and recorded by Gary Kirk. We hope you enjoy!