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A young sports public figure sharing not your everyday insights. Opening the minds to those who are ignorant to a young adult perspective.

A young sports public figure sharing not your everyday insights. Opening the minds to those who are ignorant to a young adult perspective.


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A young sports public figure sharing not your everyday insights. Opening the minds to those who are ignorant to a young adult perspective.






Sting Like AB - TMTL

Antonio Brown, what words would be best to describe him? Misunderstood? Overlooked? Dramatic? Learn about how Antonio Brown went from Myth to infamously a Legend for more than just football. This is his story. The Myth The Legend(TMTL).


Focus- NBA Edition

Focus is a new segment dedicated to inspire by telling athletes stories and their journeys. Kobe Bryant and Lebron James are the focal point as examples of what "Focus" & "Obsession" mean in sports. Be inspired to find your "Center of Living".


High Debates NBA Beards

As the show grows, the content must grow as well. Need some different perspectives, joy, knowledge and stupidity in your life? Have fun by listening to J and Mo discuss the Raptors taking a 3-1 lead over the Warriors. Also what kind of ice cream are players like Lebron James, Kawhi Leonard, Russell Westbrook? Who has the best beard in the NBA and who has the worst? Join the stupidity and take a break from life while gaining new perspectives. Finally, did J end the show on a bad joke or a dad...


NBA FInals 2019 & Champs

J discusses the new Heavy Weight boxing champ, Andy "State Puff" Ruiz defeating Anthony Joshua. Also the NBA Finals are split 1-1, what game matters most and who needs to step up for the Barney's to beat the Champs. Finally, J plays General Manager and creates his NBA Eastern Conference superteam that would surpass the Warriors. However, there is a catch, a salary cap!


High Debates: Kawhi Me A RIver

The NBA Finals are finally here, Warriors vs Raptors. However J thinks it is the Warriors vs the NBA. Mo has another thought on Kawhi Leonard with the Spurs to now with the Toronto. Kawhi accomplished more in one year than the team has ever. What is the best game/ series you have ever seen in the regular season or playoffs? J gives his Top 5, and some not so Top 5.


High Debates

Rockets Insider, Moe joins the show. J and Moe cover topics of NBA playoffs, sack lunch vs school lunch, Tv shows, etc.


Hello Kawhi Leonard

A wild amount of NBA elimination games happened in just 3 days, J retraces all of them. The process in Philly is hilarious. Who are you taking in an important playoff game?


L2K (Lebron, Kyrie, Kemba)

Kyrie and Kemba are twins. New tournament Finals added mid-season for NBA? Do umpires have their own language when calling a ball or strike? Lebron's legacy is fine...dummies.


An NFL secret heist

J starts the show on a fans role in sports. He breaks down the Utah Jazz fan incident with Russell Westbrook. Also NFL Free Agency is here and J gives a quick hungry hippo update on current signings/trades. Finally, Pat Shurmur and Jon Dorsey planned a heist in secret, listen to find out what it was.


Hot Take Day

It is Hot Take Day for Insightful Insights with J! From takes on the NFL Draft being a joke, returning from retirement, to Lakers and Celtics trouble in paradise. Do not forget this is J's BLEEPIN show...


Sleeper Purple And Gold

J starts the show off with Breaking News...the most important news of the year. Also J teases that a Top 10 list will return, but about what?! Finally, another "Sleeper" episode is here! If you are only interested in the "Sleeper" go to around the 15 minute mark and begin your journey to sleep, BUT of course with a smile on your face.


Best Of Sports Snacks

After time off, J has had nothing but food on his mind. What snacks are worthy of being Hall of Fame nominees? Also boring sports updates.


Sleeper Lebron vs MJ

Ever wonder who the true Greatest of All Time is in the NBA? Now you can fall asleep with a logical take on who has the edge between Lebron James and Michael Jordan. Fall asleep with "true" basketball knowledge.


Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis requests a trade from the Pelicans(tough week for New Orleans). The NBA is in good hands. Tom Brady is the corny dad who you cannot take seriously.


Sleeper James Harden

This is the first episode of the "SLEEPER" category. Sleeper episodes are intended to be listened to while you fall asleep, in fact it will put you to sleep. J brings sports facts and news in a comical and yet boring way for your benefit. Go to sleep with a smile.


Rock The Baby Portland

Someone wanted to fight during the Suns vs Timberwolves game. Henry Cejudo shared who his biggest crush was and she responded. Also, J shares a big show announcement that could change the way you sleep.


Another Patriot Super Bowl

J talks about professional referees, not being pros and doing their job correctly. Also J recaps the AFC/NFC Championship games and the controversy behind them. Finally, when you watch the Super Bowl, what is your food of choice?


Wild Wild West

The new year is here and J has a lot on his mind. He gives a snippet on what went on in sports the past month. Also he shares a new segment called Js lyrical Observations. Enjoy the mess.


NBA Christmas Special

J is in a festive mood and shares the spirit with you. Also catch up on what NBA games are playing Christmas Day, followed with predictions. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from the best nonsense in sports.


CP3 To 6 Weeks

J explains why it is the most wonderful time of the year in sports. Also what Chris Paul is injured again, whats his new nickname? (credit: Stugotz from Dan Lebatard with Stugotz show via ESPN)