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Mentally Tough - Kelly Fillnow (S6E11)

First up- Alyssa & Haley talk all about Kona and a sore mailbag topic is smoothed over. Then we talk to Kelly Fillnow, pro triathlete, podium finisher, and coach about her first time racing in Asia, and how to stay mentally tough in a race when coming from behind. Plus, her thoughts on Kona, does she have a coach? And what’s next for her. Send your mailbag questions to


Kona Picks - Emily Cocks (S6E10)

The feisty team band together for this special "Kona Picks" episode. Sara & Ashley talk about their favorite live interviews from Kona and their hula highlights so far. Then, Alyssa & Haley talk to Emily Cocks, ex-pro triathlete and resident Kona expert, to discuss how the race will unfold. From veterans to rookies, our experts think it will be an exciting race with a deeper women's field than ever. Send your mailbag questions to


Chasing Summer - Radka Kahlefeldt (S6E7)

5th place finisher at 70.3 Worlds and multiple time 70.3 Champion Radka Kahlefeldt talks to Alyssa & Haley about her stunning return from pregnancy including her race at the 2018 70.3 World Championship. Also, Radka talks about life with her daughter Ruby, her start in sports in the Czech Republic, where she gets her motivation, and her predictions for Kona. Plus, Haley watches other people workout and Alyssa gets her feet wet in another competitive sport! Send your mailbag questions to...


Caring for Kona - Chris Cross (S6E6)

Alyssa and Haley talk to 2nd year pro and 70.3 podium finisher Christine Cross about moving up from age group to pro and her favorite places to travel. Also, travel and training tips for Kona, where to eat and drink coffee and how the recent national disasters have affected the Big Island. Plus, Haley's race report from Augusta 70.3 and Alyssa finds her way out of the woods. Thorsten's report on the pros for Kona- Outspoken: Women in Triathlon Summit-...


The State of Tri - Meredith Kessler (S6E5)

11x Ironman Champion and 22x 70.3 Champion Meredith Kessler talks openly about coming back to pro racing after "making a human." Hear about the strength work she did during pregnancy, how she decluttered her training and life and her 9 years racing as an age grouper before going pro. Meredith gives honest insights into the business side of pro life and the state of Triathlon today. Plus, Alyssa gets lost in the woods with a pregnant woman and a mailbag question about getting motivated...


Be Brave - Amber Ferreira (S6E4)

Ironman and 2x US National Snowshoe Champion Amber Ferreira joins Alyssa & Haley to talk about her love of adventure and tough races, combining summer and winter sports, recovery from adrenal fatigue and how she balances training with her day job as a physiotherapist. Plus, Alyssa takes up a new sport and a mailbag question about getting your pro card. The Outspoken Summit schedule- Follow Amber on instagram-...


Smile - Chrissie Wellington (S6E3)

Four-time Ironman World Champion and current Iron-distance record holder Chrissie Wellington chats with Alyssa and Haley about what she's up to now, what she learned during her triathlon career and the challenges of retiring from the sport. Plus, who won the 70.3 World's picks, an important sponsor is back and Rosie composes a song. Order Chrissie's new book here:...


Restart - Holly Lawrence (S6E2)

Holly Lawrence joins Alyssa and Haley this week as part of our 70.3 World Champs preview show. Hear all of Holly's stories, from a broken foot at 70.3 Oceanside to a frank discussion about body image and weight loss. Other topics include: The politics of ITU racing Living and training in Santa Monica Predictions for 70.3 Worlds ..and Holly's tactics for racing at a World Champs


Wandeln - Alyssa Godesky (S6E1)

We are back!! It's Season 6 and Alyssa and Haley are back with all the inside details on how Alyssa set a new fastest known time (FKT) on the Vermont Long Trail. Get all the behind-the-scenes info on Alyssa's success from training to planning, her scariest moments and the daily play by play. Plus, Haley talks about Ironman Maastricht and your mailbag questions answered.


One... Zero... Four... - Sarah Thomas (S5E11)

This week, Alyssa and Haley talk to Sarah Thomas - who holds the record for longest current neutral swim EVER - about the hardships and challenges of marathon swimming, her battle with cancer, and what drives her to do these long swims. Plus, Alyssa’s 2,000 foot hill repeat training, Ironman names, nutrition plans for race spectating/crewing, and looking forward to Kona. Support Erin’s AFSP Out of the Darkness Seattle Walk:


Teamwork - Kikkan Randall & Jessie Diggins (S5E10)

Olympic gold medalists Kikkan Randall and Jessie Diggins join Alyssa and Haley to chat about body image, gender equality, dealing with criticism, developing team bonds, and training for the Olympics. Plus - Get updates on Alyssa's training for her FKT attempt, Challenge Roth news, and the mailbag! Fast and Female: Jessie’s blog post:


Strength - Anne Hed (S5E9)

CEO of HED Cycling Anne Hed joins Alyssa and Haley for an in depth conversation about: The early days of her company How she found the strength to continue after the loss of husband Steve The evolution of triathlon gear What's next for HED wheels And why she's excited to be part of the Outspoken: Women in Triathlon Summit Plus, we celebrate Haley's WIN at Ironman 70.3 Coeur d'Alene, Alyssa's taxi-ing adventure and a mailbag question about fit for tri bikes. Register for the Outspoken...


Go With the Feeling - Stéphanie Roy (S5E8)

Stéphanie Roy joins us to talk about; Her three 70.3 wins How she recovers from back-to-back races How she got into triathlon at a young age And her season plans PLUS, Haley is gearing up for Ironman 70.3 Coeur d’Alene, results from 70.3 European Championships, and mailbag questions.


Succeed Like a Girl - Angela Naeth (S5E7)

Angela Naeth joins Alyssa and Haley for a tell all interview about her struggle with Lyme disease and how she survived Ironman Boulder on only 3 miles of run training. Hear about Angela's journey and the treatment for Lyme, how she handles setbacks mentally and the I Race Like A Girl Community. Plus, a bonus story from the outtakes reel, Alyssa's training in Vermont and Haley goes to a film festival. Angela on Instagram - I race like a girl website-...


Positives Vibes - Katy Blakemore Evans (S5E6)

Haley is back! Pro triathlete and Ironman podium finisher Katy Blakemore Evans joins us to talk about; The upcoming Ironman Boulder Lessons learned from motherhood How she stays so positive + Katy answers a mailbag question about swim etiquette. PLUS, Alyssa talks more about her plans to go after the women's FKT (fastest known time) on the Vermont Long trail and a mailbag question about #50womentokona. The TriEqual website- Alyssa's announcement -...


When Advocacy Chooses You - Kathryn Bertine & Marilyn Chychota (S5E5)

Advocate, activist, author, documentary film maker, former pro triathlete and cyclist and now CEO of the Homestretch Foundation Kathryn Bertine joins Alyssa this week. Hear about Kathryn's current projects including The Homestretch Foundation, her latest book and the panel she will be leading at the OutSpoken Summit. Also, expert coach Marilyn Chychota on how to get the best out of your coaching relationship and what exactly does it mean to "train through" a race? Plus, Haley's update from...


The Cyclist Lawyer - Megan Hottman (S5E4)

This week, Alyssa and Haley talk to Megan Hottman, the Colorado lawyer who specializes in cases involving cyclists. Megan shares her passion for cycling and the zest for life that led to opening her own firm and representing cyclists exclusively at the age of 29. She offers great info on staying safe on your bike, insurance options and rules of the road. Plus, Alyssa and Haley answer mailbag questions about anxiety in the open water and convincing your friends that short course racing is...


Alarms are Overrated - Lesley Smith (S5E3)

Third place finisher at Ironman Texas Lesley Smith joins us to talk about recovery, coaching and the key differences between Ironman and 70.3 racing. Hear what Lesley has learned in her 8-year pro career, why she prefers to train later in the day and what NOT to do with your hair on race day. Plus, mailbag questions about "prehab," triathlon moms and what we would tell our former selves. Send YOUR mailbag questions to Check out the Outspoken: Women in Triathlon...


The Pelvic Floor - Julie Guthrie (S5E2)

This week we dive into a topic that affects many women, but is rarely discussed - The Pelvic Floor. Alyssa and Haley are joined by specialist Julie Guthrie PT, DPT, OCS. Julie walks us through what a pelvic floor is, the symptoms that might indicate a pelvic floor weakness as well as what we should be paying attention too and how to find help in your area. Plus, race recaps and a mailbag question about overcoming jet lag. Erin’s piece, Coming Out - Second Chances and Self Discovery...


Be Outspoken - Erin Beresini and the dynamic doctor duo Lisa Ingarfield & Sara Gross

This week we get inside the recently announced Outspoken: Women in Triathlon Summit presented by Triathlete Magazine ( First, we talk to Erin Beresini, the Editor in Chief of Triathlete Magazine, about her own journey, sports journalism, changes at Triathlete and what the magazine's role will be in the Outspoken Summit. Then, Lisa Ingarfield and Sara Gross talk about why they founded the Summit and what to expect including learning from the past, developing...