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It's Everyone's Fault, Actually

Smashville was elated when the Nashville Predators clinched the Central Division title and avoided having to meet the Jets or Blues in the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Beating the Dallas Stars wasn't going to be easy, sure, but it was absolutely doable. And then, well, the playoffs got real weird. The Blue Jackets swept the Lightning, the Islanders swept the Penguins and the Avalanche eliminated the Flames in five games — underdogs have been busting brackets all over the place!...


Rocc-OH YEAH! Grimaldi

Here's a surprising twist that most people probably didn't see coming in the first round of the NHL playoffs, not only did both the Tampa Bay Lightning and Pittsburgh Penguins get swept (!!!) out of the first round, but Rocco Grimaldi currently leads the Nashville Predators in goals! And Grimaldi isn't the only new guy to be making moves — both Mikael Granlund and Dante Fabbro are on the board with one goal and one assist, respectively — and their contributions are extra appreciated right...


How to Hate the Dallas Stars

Tonight is the night! At 8:30 p.m. CST the Nashville Predators will take on the Dallas Stars in Game 1 of Round 1 of the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs. It's a very exciting time to be a Preds fan and also a great opportunity to build a new rivalry, so this week hosts David Boclair, Geert De Lombaerde and Megan Seling invite Central Division expert J.R. Lind to talk more about all the reasons to hate Dallas (at least for the next several days). Also discussed: Nashville's newest Milwaukee export,...


The Central Division Scramble

There are only two games left in the regular season — the Stanley Cup playoffs officially start next week! Exciting! But first, we have to settle the little matter of, oh, who wins the Central Division. Surprisingly, the Preds still have a chance! Despite inconsistent play throughout the season, your Nashville Predators just fly another banner. But depending on what happens with the Jets and the Blues over the next week, they could also end up in a three-way tie for first. So what happens...


It's the Final Countdown

The Nashville Predators did it! With Monday's win against the Minnesota Wild, our guys in gold clinched their spot in the 2019 Stanley Cup playoffs. But with the big loss against Winnipeg over the weekend, it's hard to feel too celebratory. It's quite likely the Preds will face the Jets at some point in the postseason and the latest stats don't look good. The team has lost the last three games against the Jets and been outscored 15-4. Yikes. So hosts David Boclair, Geert De Lombaerde and...


The Preds Puppies are Safe ... For Now

On last week's episode hosts David Boclair, Geert De Lombaerde and Megan Seling contemplated different ways in which the Preds could possibly dig themselves out of the inconsistent rut that has plagued them during the last half of this season. Seling's suggestion? Steal their dogs. If their dogs were kidnapped and held hostage until they brought home the Stanley Cup, surely they'd get their butts in gear, right? Well all their dogs are safe but the Preds are also winning. Coincidence?! Yeah,...


Trying to Find the Bright Side

It's not looking good. OK, no, that's being dramatic. The Nashville Predators will almost certainly make the playoffs and despite a couple really ugly loses this past week (5-3 AGAINST THE HURRICANES? REALLY?), the team is still in the running for the division championship. So why, then, are our It's All Your Fault hosts David Boclair, Geert De Lombaerde and Megan Seling feeling so glum? Because just last week things were starting to look up — the team rallied and took four points in...


It Was a WILD Week

A lot has changed in Smashville since last week's episode — not only has the JoFA line been scoring, assisting (and, in Johansen's case, pissing off all the goalies), but the Preds have been winning! Two in a row now, which has been a rarity lately so hosts David Boclair, Geert De Lombaerde and Megan Seling spend take a look at what worked, what didn't and what the team will have to do to keep this momentum going. There's also some talk about Kevin Fiala (again) — the forward was recently...


The Farewell Fiala Episode

It's just two days after the NHL trade deadline so hosts David Boclair, Geert De Lombaerde and Megan Seling take a look at what the newly acquired Preds players — Wayne Simmonds and Mikael Granlund — might bring to the team's lineup. Hopefully they bring something because, as Seling points out, the JoFA line has been practically MIA since Valentine's Day. Ryan Johansen, Filip Forsberg and Viktor Arvidsson have just four points combined since February 14th. And that's just one thing to be...


Don Cherry Is a ________.

With the trade deadline just five days away, hosts David Boclair, Geert De Lombaerde and Megan Seling discuss all the good, bad and unexpected things that might happen this week. Will Poile make a move for Wayne Simmonds or Matt Duchene? Did he already do all his trading when he acquired Cody McLeod and Brian Boyle? And if Poile and the Preds do stand down, should fans worry about rivals like the Winnipeg Jets getting the upper hand? Also discussed: Roman Josi's quiet but important...


When JOFA Is Not Enough

No, it's not time to panic. The Preds are still near the top of their division and a spot in the playoffs is all but clinched — but even when the numbers look good, there's still plenty of room for improvement. Like, why is the JOFA line the only line able to get the puck in the back of the net lately? That's what hosts David Boclair, Geert De Lombaerde and Megan Seling focus on this week. What should change? How can we get the other three lines to contribute? Also discussed: The positive...


It's Finally Fil-bruary

Drat! Just minutes after hitting the "upload" button on this week's episode, the news broke: The Nashville Predators have acquired Brian Boyle from the New Jersey Devils and Cody McLeod from the New York Rangers. Why couldn't they have announced that news just one hour sooner? But don't fret — David Boclair has all the details on the Nashville Post. Besides, there was still plenty to talk about. This week hosts Boclair, Geert De Lombaerde and Megan Seling celebrate the arrival of the most...


"Paul Maurice Is a Moron"

The All-Star break is wrapping up for the Nashville Predators, but that doesn't mean the past week hasn't had it's fair share of hockey news. On Tuesday Austin Watson was placed in Stage Two of the league's treatment program, and has been suspended indefinitely, and last week defensemen Anthony Bitetto was placed on waivers and picked up by the Minnesota Wild. But it's not all bad news: The league also announced the Predators will be participating in the 2020 Winter Classic in Dallas at...


Hey Now, You're an All-Star

The All-Star break has finally arrived — now we all get to catch our breath and relax for a week before the run to the trade deadline and playoffs begins. So on this week's episode of It's All Your Fault hosts David Boclair, Geert De Lombaerde and Megan Seling take a look at some of the less-celebrated skills of both past and present Preds players to build a fictional All-Star competition all their own. For example, Filip Forsberg would surely win in a Maintain a Smile While Being Punched in...


It's a Good Day to Be a Short Forward

It's nearly impossible to pick a favorite moment from Tuesday night's victory over the Washington Capitals. Viktor Arvidsson scored the second hat trick of his NHL career; Rocco Grimaldi impressed with a jaw-dropping spin-o-rama goal; Nick Bonino go the puck in the net twice, one of which was buried so well it took the refs several seconds to count it as a good goal; and Juuse Saros managed stopped 26 of the 28 shots that came his way. On this week's episode of It's All Your Fault hosts...


Sissons the Swiss Army Knife

The band is back together! Filip Fosberg has returned to the ice, finally reuniting the JOFA line after weeks on IR weeks. On this week's episode of It's All Your Fault, hosts David Boclair, Geert De Lombaerde and Megan Seling talk about how nearly everyone is playing better now that the first line is back to it's regularly scheduled programming. P.K. Subban's defense has been noticeably stronger (and he's nabbed some goals, too) and Kevin Fiala has found himself on a hell of a point streak...


Moms Fix Everything

We're officially halfway through the regular season, so on this week's episode of It's All Your Fault hosts David Boclair, Geert De Lombaerde and Megan Seling take a look at some of the predictions they made months ago to see how right (or just how wrong) they were. Also discussed: the magical Mom's Trip, the return of Viktor Arvidsson and Rocco Grimaldi's greatness. But no matter how well Grimaldi is playing, someone will have to go once the injured players (Forsberg, Sissons, Turris, to...


It's All Your Fault: An Interview with the PREDSident, Sean Henry

Happy Holidays, Preds fans! On this very special episode, hosts David Boclair, Geert De Lombaerde and Megan Seling sit down with the one and only Nashville Predators President Sean Henry. Henry talks about how he got his start in the sports industry, the funny story behind how he came to work with the Preds and whether or not he texts David Poile in the middle of the night with ideas on how to fix the power play (c'mon, you know you'd do it if you had his number). He even opens up about some...


Road (Trip) Rage

Remember when the Preds tied the franchise record for most straight road wins at the start of a season? Oh, those were the days. The team that won it's first eight games on the road through October and November has now lost their last eight away games, including Tuesday night's match-up against the struggling Chicago Blackhawks. Is this slump the result of having a number of star players out with injuries? Or is something bigger happening? This week hosts David Boclair, Geert De Lombaerde...


That Problematic Pacific Division

Nashville, we have a problem. The Nashville Predators may have moved back to the top of the Western Conference, but their record against Pacific Division teams is oh so crappy. Like, "maybe it's time to start worrying about what happens if we face a Pacific Division team in the playoffs" kind of crappy. This week hosts David Boclair, Geert De Lombaerde and Megan Seling discuss some of the reasons why the Left Coast might be a problem — is it the time change? Something in the air? Also...