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With Special Guest J.R. Lind!

Look who's back! After a slight break (oops, sorry!), your hosts David Boclair, Geert De Lombaerde and Megan Seling have returned to talk all things Preds. And this week they've brought a special guest with them: J.R. Lind joins the gang to discuss Austin Watson's suspension, which teams are the biggest threat in the Western Conference, how to pronounce Dan Hamhuis' name and more.


Featuring Alex Daugherty of On the Forecheck

We have a special guest this week — Alex Daughtry of On the Forecheck joined us to talk all things Preds. On the Forecheck has been covering the Predators since 2005 and they've been the Nashville Predators' SBNation affiliate since 2009 — they know as much as anyone could about the team. Daughtry joined co-hosts David Boclair, Geert De Lombaerde and Megan Seling for a fun episode that covers everything from how to spell Arvidsson's nickname and the Ryan vs. Ryan Twitter beef to David...


It's Hammer Time

This week's episode starts with the bad news: New details have emerged regarding Austin Watson's recent domestic assault arrest and hosts David Boclair, Megan Seling and Geert De Lombaerde discuss how the Predators should handle the news. Will they take a stance? Or will they hide behind the NHL's yet-to-be-announced ruling after they complete their own internal investigation? Also on the docket this week: The return of Dan Hamhuis, the future of Bridgestone Arena and a deeper look at a few...


Did Juuse That?

It became fairly clear during the playoffs that back-up goalie Juuse Saros would soon be moving into a starting position — Pekka Rinne has been looking good, but his contact is up in a year and, well, he's not getting any younger. So with a few surprise appearances from Saros in the post-season, it seemed the team was giving their future star some much-needed experience. But did you see what just happened? Saros signed a three-year contract with the Predators, leaving room for Pekka to...


Zac Rinald-OH NO?

While the Nashville Predators may not have made any exciting moves in this year's NHL draft, the free agency has brought some very interesting developments, and hosts David Boclair, Geert De Lombaerde and Megan Seling take a closer look at two of the team's new additions, Zac Rinaldo and Colin Blackwell. Rinaldo, specifically, is already making waves — he's been suspended from 25 NHL games and only has 34 career points, averaging about 1 point every 10 games. What do the Preds see in him?...


Rinne's Win, Watson's Arrest and Trotz's Future

First, the good news: Pekka Rinne finally won the Vezina trophy! It's about time Rinne takes home that prize, but what does this mean for his future with the franchise? Host David Boclair thinks the beloved goalie is on his way out, and he claims Rinne even hinted at such during his acceptance speech. Rinne wasn't the only winner at last night's NHL Awards, either — it was also announced that P.K. Subban (who was up for both the Norris Trophy and the King Clancy Memorial Trophy, but didn't...


Good Guy Barry

If Barry Trotz and the Washington Capitals win just one more game, the Stanley Cup is theirs. It couldn't happen to a better guy — Trotz has a reputation in the league for being a remarkably kind person, so this week co-host David Boclair shares some of his great Trotz stories. Along with Megan Seling and Geert De Lombaerde, he also digs into Trotz's future — there were rumors that he was going to be fired after this season. Will winning the Cup help him keep his job? Is the job worth...


Do You Love Vegas' Success or Hate It?

They may have closed up shop early here in North America, but plenty of the Nashville Predators took their game across the pond to represent their home countries in the IIHF World Championships, and hosts David Boclair, Geert De Lombaerde and Megan Seling take a look at how our guys did overseas. Eight Preds went to compete, six return with medals — could that happy ending help (or hurt?) their attitudes going into next season? Also discussed: The team's front office staff changes, what GM...


Hartnell's Gone, Hartman's Hurt — What Happens Now?

Now that the dust has settled, It's All Your Fault hosts David Boclair, Geert De Lombaerde and Megan Seling can finally look back on last season with rose-colored glasses. They talk about some of their favorite memories (those Filip Forsberg goals!) and also take a look at what the team needs to do moving forward. Two notable things have already happened — it's been confirmed that neither Mike Fisher nor Scott Hartnell will be returning for the 2018-19 season. Why dump Hartnell if the...


The Season's Over, We Have Some Thoughts

This may not be the ending we wanted, but there's no denying the Preds delivered an exciting season — they won the Presidents' Trophy, General Manager David Poile became the winningest GM in NHL's history, Mike Fisher surprised everyone by coming out of retirement, Pekka broke his own record for most saves in a game and the team broke their winning streak record, too. But, of course, it all came down to those 60 minutes on Thursday night and the guys just couldn't pull it together to survive...


Game 7, Smashville, Let's Do This

That between-the-legs goal from Forsberg! That unbelievable performance from Pekka! That empty-netter from Arvi! Monday night's game was everything a Preds fan could've asked for — Hartnell came out hitting, Josi defended, PK kept his cool. It was perfect. On this week's episode, a special Tuesday edition, David Boclair, Geert De Lombaerde, Megan Seling and special guest Steve Cavendish gush over everything the Preds did right to push the series to Game 7. The gang also looks ahead — what...


Jump Screens and Knob Saves — the Preds are Back!

A lot of things went wrong during Tuesday night's Game 3 — crappy penalties helped the Preds blow a 3-0 lead and Pekka Rinne lost his cool against a team that was clearly trying to get in his head — but Thursday night's Game 4 showed us a whole new side to the postseason Preds (literally — Coach Laviolette shook that lineup right up). Geert De Lombaerde, David Boclair and Megan Seling talk about the rollercoaster of emotions every Preds fan has been experiencing for the past week, while also...


The Second Line Finally Showed Up!

Last week, as you may remember, David Boclair said whoever wins Game 2 of Round 2 will win the series ... does he still believe that's true after seeing how the Preds have played against the Jets so far? We discuss that prediction on this week's episode of It's All Your Fault, along with the team's second line (hell of a way to finally show up, Kevin Fiala!), Ryan Johansen's greatness, co-host Megan Seling's emotional instability and the very controversial officiating happening throughout...


Some Very Good News Regarding Round 2

Before you start fretting over what a tough series Round 2 will be for the Preds, give a listen to this week's It's All Your Fault — David Boclair has some excellent news in his By the Numbers segment. Boclair, Geert De Lombaerde and Megan Seling also discuss who's looking especially good (hi, Nick Bonino!), who's looking especially not good (looking at you Kevin Fiala), and how the Jets fanbase compares to Nashville's. Plus, Seling has a positive update regarding the disappointing comments...


Meet Mike Bolt, the Keeper of The Cup

The Nashville Predators have done it! They defeated the Colorado Avalanche in Game 6 and secured a spot in the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Their series against the Winnipeg Jets will begin later this week (schedule TBA) and yes, there's plenty to talk about regarding those feisty Canadians, but we're going to save all that for our usual Wednesday episode. Today, to celebrate the victory, we're releasing a fun little mini episode. Last Friday, April 20, David Boclair and Megan...


No, It's Not Time to Start Panicking

Yes, the Nashville Predators lost Game 3 against the Colorado Avalanche on Monday and Pekka Rinne got pulled early, but that's OK! On this week's episode of It's All Your Fault, David Boclair, Geert De Lombaerde and Megan Seling ease any concerns you may have about the future. This is what we expected to happen all along, after all, and things are going to be fine (yes, even if they lose Game 4). Listen up to hear all the reasons why. Also discussed this week: Line-up changes (expect some),...


Everything You Need to Know About the Colorado Avalanche

Are you ready, Smashville? It's time for the 2018 NHL playoffs! And on this week's podcast we're talking about the Predators' first round opponents, the Colorado Avalanche. Beating them might not be as easy as some Preds fans may think. Should we be concerned about former Pred Colin Wilson, aka Playoff Wilson? And with a lot of young guys on their roster, will the Avs be able to match the Predators' speed? David Boclair, Geert De Lombaerde and Megan Seling discuss all that and more. Plus:...


THAT WAS A GOOD GOAL! (Sorry for Yelling.)

That goal. THAT GOAL. You know the one. Let's talk about it. On this week's episode hosts David Boclair, Megan Seling and Geert De Lombaerde discuss the goaltender interference call heard around the world (even Carrie Underwood and Jack Bauer got mad about it). And since there's nothing we can do about it now, Boclair helps us find the silver-lining — the way the Preds reacted to the call after last night's game might be a good indicator of where their heads are at going into the playoffs....


"Everybody Take a Deep Breath, It's Fine"

It's going to be OK! The Nashville Predators may have had a dip over the weekend, but they won Tuesday night's game against the Minnesota Wild, securing the home ice advantage for the first round of the playoffs. And who will their first opponent be? Who knows! It's still way too soon to say, but hosts David Boclair, Geert De Lombaerde and Megan Seling discuss the pros and cons of all the possibilities. Altitude! Time changes! Ryan Kesler! Those are just some of the very annoying things that...


#TolvanenWatch Gets Real

The ongoing #TolvanenWatch got real exciting today when Finnish media reported that the KHL star has signed and entry-level contract with the Nashville Predators. His season could wrap up as soon as Thursday, so when will we see him in Nashville? Co-hosts David Boclair, Geert De Lombaerde and Megan Seling discuss when the Finnish star will land in Music City and what he'll bring to the ice ahead of the playoffs. Plus: Boclair gets some #BREAKING news in the middle of the podcast regarding...