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NCAA Final Four, Tom Izzo was right, AAF is done already, Kentucky Basketball has lost its mind

NCAA Final Four, Tom Izzo was right, AAF is done already, Kentucky Basketball has lost its mind


Why Mike Trout was underpaid, Robert Kraft happy ending

I'll tell you why Mike Trout got underpaid and does Robert Kraft have a "Happy Ending"?


Full NCAA Tournament Breakdown

We tell you everything you need to know about sleepers, first round upsets, and our final four picks!


NCAA basketball scandal, Deshaun Watson gift, Protest follow-up, Dirty hit in Thursday night game, Carson Wentz bet.

We breakdown what exactly is going on with the FBI investigation into the scandal with some college basketball programs from around the country as we already see Rick Pitino let go and Louisville is wasting no time filling his position as practice for college teams start in the next few days. We answer what schools are involved and who is tied to the scandal. We also talk about the dirty hit in the Thursday night game for the NFL. Why is replay not used to review targeting calls for the NFL...



It was a historic weekend around the NFL and our country as we saw NFL owners and players protest the national anthem after remarks made by President Trump on Friday. We not only discuss the protest but recap the good and the bad of the games around the league. Will the NFL finally get rid of the catch rule? How is it that the ground can’t cause a fumble, but players must hang on to the ball and have a continuation of the catch? Makes no sense, right? We also take a look at Carmello being...


Recap Rams and Niners, Stanos and Chargers in trouble, Quick Hits, Hernandez with stage 3 CTE, Netting for MLB

Today’s show we talk about the Thursday night game between the Niners and the Rams. Are the Rams to be taken seriously? Are the Niners on the right path? We also take a look at the Chargers who can’t even sell out a 27,000-seat soccer stadium. Is the owner in for a big surprise? We take a look at some news around the sports world with quick hits. We will discuss the lawsuit that was filed on behalf of the Hernandez family after finding the Aaron Hernandez had stage 3 CTE. We also look at...


New England goes down, Chiefs lose Eric Berry for the season, what bets to take in the NFL and College this week and racist letter sent to Kevin Sumlin home.

Football is here!! We breakdown and recap the first NFL game of the year between the New England Patriots and the Kansas City Chiefs. We discuss what troubles the Patriots have on both sides of the ball as well as the Chiefs losing safety Eric Berry for the season. Alex Smith looks sharp and we talk about why he looked so good last night. We also talk about what bets to take this week in both the NFL and in college football. I let you know what games you must see in week 2 of the college...


UCLA QB Josh Rosen comments, Kaepernick Petition, Cutler signs with the Dolphins, Tiger Woods plea deal, 50 greatest black athletes

We discuss the comments UCLA QB Josh Rosen made during an interview with the Bleacher Report. A petition is out calling for a boycott of the NFL if Colin Kaepernick doesn’t play this year for the NFL. Adam Gase decides to sign Jay Cutler to replace injured QB Ryan Tannehill. Is Cutler really better than Kaepernick? Does this solidify that Kaepernick doesn’t play in the NFL this year? Tiger Woods avoids jail time in a plea deal for his DUI. The worst list of the 50 greatest black athletes of...


James vs. Jordan, Celtics should keep Thomas? Indy Pole winner Scott Dixon goes to Taco Bell and gets unwanted surprise.

Congrats to the Nashville Predators as they go to the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time in franchise history. Golden State becomes first team in NBA history to go 12-0 in the playoffs and earn a spot into the NBA finals. Celtics overcome a 44-point blowout and shock the Cavs at Cleveland in the biggest NBA upset in history. Fans trash LeBron, but is it time to compare LeBron on the same level as Jordan? With the Celtics win in game 3 at Cleveland, is it time to talk about trading...


Why the NBA Playoffs stink, “Pop” Goes the Weasel, Kapernick Blackballed, The John Daly Diet

If you’re looking for something good to watch, then don’t turn your TV to the NBA playoffs until the finals start. The Washington Wizards left their bench scoring in Washington. Pop goes off after losing starter Kawhi Leonard after he comes down on the foot of Zaza Pauchulia and compares the play to “manslaughter”. You won’t believe who has the best shot at the number one pick for the NBA lottery. Is Colin Kapernick being black balled, or is he just no good anymore and why is the NFL so...


Boston most racist sports city in America? Spurs lose Parker. Likes and Don’t likes of the draft. Mets lose Noah Syndergaard after turning down an MRI

A new rivalry in baseball is born as emotions from players and fans during the series of the Red Sox and the Orioles gets out of hand. Red Sox fans even yelled racial slurs at Adam Jones, even throwing peanuts at the Orioles outfielder. Manny Machado gets thrown at, again, this time by Red Sox pitcher Chris Sale. Things got so nasty that a Red Sox fan was kicked out of a game and banned for life from ever coming back to Fenway Park after yelling racial slurs during the national anthem. Tony...


Cole Thompson from Draftwire to Recap NFL first round, Chicago Bears go all in, Kansas City makes a move and Texans get their man? No deal for Lonzo Ball

Cole Thompson form draftwire.usatoday.com joins the show to go over the trades and selections of the first round in the NFL Draft. We discuss the Browns first pick and the trade the Bears made with the Niners. John Lynch gets the rookie GM of the year award. Did Kansas City give too much for their selection? Lonzo Ball gets turned down for what??


2017 NFL Draft, NBA playoffs and Joe Johnson does it again, Steve Kerr takes leave, NHL 2nd round playoffs get started

The NFL draft gets underway this week and who goes #1? Are the Browns serious about taking Trubisky with the first pick or will it be Myles Garrett? We talk about what the Browns should do. We also discuss the smoke screen that the 49ers are putting up and what I think they are really trying to do. Peppers and Foster both give diluted samples during their drug test during the combine. Why can’t the college players just put the weed down, at least until after the combine? Joe Johnson is the...


USA Today sports writer AJ Perez joins the show, Aaron Hernandez commits suicide, Tiger has surgery, tennis match interrupted by loud sounds.

USA Today sports writer AJ Perez joins the show as we talk about the life of Aaron Hernandez behind bars and his death by suicide. Serena Williams is pregnant, we think?? You won't believe what fans were hearing during a tennis match. Tiger Woods has another back surgery, Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy can’t come to grips with being 10-3 last year and LeBron James makes history again in the NBA playoffs.


Eli Manning of the New York Giants accused of fraud, NCAA makes major recruiting changes, MLB legend Rod Carew saved by heart from NFL player.

Emails released in court documents show that Eli Manning asked an equipment manager to provide two helmets that he could pass as actual game used memorabilia. Manning has a deal with Steiner Sports to provide the company with memorabilia. Only problem is that it appears that this was either game issued or authentic equipment and not game used. In what was long overdue, the NCAA finally makes their way to finalizing an early signing period in college football as well as putting an end to...


Concussions In Youth Sports

We talk with neurosurgeon Dr. Mike Brown M.D. about youth and sports and the rise of concussions and what signs and symptoms parents need to look for to protect their kids. What is a good age for kids to play contact sports? We discuss all that and more with Dr. Brown. We recap the NCAA tournament. Did Kansas choke or did Oregon earn it? Lonzo Ball declares for the draft, but the bigger question is will his dad, LaVar Ball, ever stop talking? We recap the top 5 dumbest comments he’s made...


March Madness starts with a bang as 'Nova and Duke are out, the bad calls of the tournement, USA makes the semis of the WBC and part 2 of the interview with NFL analyst Cole Thompson

We have all the latest new from the first weekend of the NCAA tournament as Villanova and Duke get ousted in the 2nd round. We also talk about the gripes of how teams were seeded and was it unfair for Villanova to play a good Wisconsin team this early. Lets talk some baseball as team USA advances to the World Baseball Classic semis after a thrilling win over Dominican Republic. Cole Thompson from the draftwire joins us for part 2 of his interview to talk about the upcoming draft and who he...


Draftwire.com Cole Thompson, the Cleveland "Moneyball" Browns, free agency and Name the Ninny

Cole Thompson from the draftwire.com joins us to discuss the winners and loser from the combine and some of the players he sees as moving up teams’ draft boards. We discuss how the Cleveland Browns are using sabermetrics with their new chief strategy officer Paul DePodesta and how their moves this offseason will change the NFL from here on out. Remember the movie Moneyball? Can he incorporate sabermetrics into the NFL? Only time will tell, but I think he will get the Browns into the...


The Launch Of JB's Sports Jam

In this episode we introduce you to the best new sports podcast. We give you the mission statement of JB's Sports Jam along with what to expect from the show and the host, Jason Brown. We also discuss more about who Jason Brown is and his background which included working Arkansas Sports Entertainment with the AF2 team the Arkansas Twisters and the ECHL hockey team, the Arkansas Riverblades. We also discuss what's to come from the first few episodes. Be sure to visit us at...