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JSC Radio -- Which stands for Jay Scott Confidential -- is not your typical podcast. We take a look into the mind of Jay Scott Smith. JSC Radio is a Lifestyle Podcast that talks about everything from the big issues in the sports world, pop culture, hip-hop, pro wrestling, video games, Anime, tech, geek culture, feminism, or whatever else I see fit.

JSC Radio -- Which stands for Jay Scott Confidential -- is not your typical podcast. We take a look into the mind of Jay Scott Smith. JSC Radio is a Lifestyle Podcast that talks about everything from the big issues in the sports world, pop culture, hip-hop, pro wrestling, video games, Anime, tech, geek culture, feminism, or whatever else I see fit.
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JSC Radio -- Which stands for Jay Scott Confidential -- is not your typical podcast. We take a look into the mind of Jay Scott Smith. JSC Radio is a Lifestyle Podcast that talks about everything from the big issues in the sports world, pop culture, hip-hop, pro wrestling, video games, Anime, tech, geek culture, feminism, or whatever else I see fit.








Episode 97: Pride and Prejudice

Episode 97 of The People's Podcast returns with a discussion about Kevin Durant's injury and how it exposes the hypocrisy of people showing "concern" for his well-being just hours after questioning his dedication, his heart, and insinuating he was faking it. Plus Jay talks about the racial implications in making such insinuations. Then, it's LGBTQ Pride Month, and Jay tells his story of why he has been Pro-LGBT Rights for years and wonders aloud why more Black Men don't follow the lead of...


Episode 96: The Art of Storytelling

The People's Podcast returns and change is afoot. In Episode 96, Jay explains how he ended up making a cameo in When They See Us, tells us about the day he inadvertently got the drop on the "District Detroit" project, and how he's come back from being told he "wasn't cut out for journalism" by a failed editor in 2014. Then we get into how to craft a story. Not just any story, but YOUR story, and we finally find out what the "C" in JSC stands for and why that will be the focal point of this...


Episode 95: Stay Ready

The People's Podcast returns after a highly unexpected hiatus and Jay comes clean about the loss of his "Second Mom", getting evicted, being effectively homeless for three weeks, and bouncing back. The Podcast is back and it gets realer than ever. Thank you for hanging with us as the #RoadTo100 begins again. JSC Radio is on YouTube!!! Check it out here: bit.ly/jsctube Cop Illingsworth's album "You're No Fun" now. Order now on Bandcamp & Apple Music:...


Episode 94: Valentine's Daytona

The People's Podcast comes to you this week from Daytona Beach, Fla., home of this weekend's Daytona 500! Yep. We weren't joking. Jay checks in from the land of Palm Trees & Pit Stops with the story of how this unlikely trip came together, how a winter "storm" in Philly almost derailed everything, the wild Wednesday that got him to Florida, riding shotgun with 2-time Daytona 500 winner Michael Waltrip, and getting his eyes opened to NASCAR. Plus, we talk to Bubba Wallace, who made history at...


Episode 93: Hard Times

The People's Podcast returns from an unexpected (but positive) hiatus for a rare Saturday night edition of the Big Show to talk about what was arguably the WORST Super Bowl ever. Plus, Jay hits on why the disgusting Patriots and their dynasty are low key awesome, we talk about how the refs didn't (totally) screw the Saints -- The Saints screwed the Saints; How the Pistons are still on the road to no where; Why we're still sick of hearing about the Knicks; and we make a big announcement about...


Episode 92: Survival Tactics

Happy New Year! For the first show of 2019, The People's Podcast goes headlong into the conversation surrounding the groundbreaking Lifetime Documentary "Surviving R. Kelly". As you recall, Episode 45 hit R. Kelly and his enablers right between the eyes. In this episode, Jay addresses those enablers and goes right at the people who would rather protect a pedophile rapist in the name of "Black Unity" as opposed to standing up for scores of Black Women and Girls. It gets raw and very real as...


Best Of JSC Radio 2018: The Year That Was...

Somehow we've made it to the end of one of the most ridiculous years ever! JSC Radio has grown by leaps and bounds since the start of the year and it's time once again to take a look back in this Super-Sized Year End Episode at some of the things that made JSC so damn great in 2018: *Michigan State University's protection and enabling of Larry Nassar has scarred us all. *The Perils of being a Black Journalist are real *The Philadelphia Eagles Won the Damn Super Bowl *Jazmine Duke and Her Dad...


Episode 91: Jingle Bells

Episode 91 of The People's Podcast is the 3rd annual Christmas episode and this year Jay shares his thoughts on his favorite time of the year despite 2018 being pretty damn rough. It's time, as we head into 2019, to start being better to people and being thankful to those who have stuck with us. So get ready to Jingle your Bells with JSC Radio's last...ORIGINAL...episode of 2018. Plus, stay tuned at the end for another special Christmas ditty from the homies Detroit CYDI & Stryfe. Merry...


Episode 90: The Doctor Is In

The Landmark 90th Episode of The People's Podcast welcomes another illustrious guest: Dr. Jennifer Caudle. Also known as "America's Family Doctor," you may know her from her appearances on CNN, Good Morning America, Today, Dr. Oz, Rachael Ray and more. Jennifer is a Family Physician and instructor at Rowan University in New Jersey. Jay sits down with her in her office (literally in an exam room!) to talk to her about growing up in Iowa, vying to become Miss America, what inspired her to get...


Episode 89: What You Don't Know Is Hurting You

The 89th Episode of The People's Podcast welcomes another illustrious guest: Best Selling Author and Experienced Business Coach Marion E. Brooks joins us to talk about his first book "What You Don't Know Is Hurting You." He shares his wealth of knowledge from over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, explains the what IQ and EQ(!?) are, talks about what political figures have high EQ, and he leaves Jay speechless when he talks about his biggest regret. (Interview starts at...


Episode 88: Turtle Shells

Episode 88 -- The Double Ocho! -- of The People's Podcast is here after a delay and we're back at it again despite everything. This week, we talk about how racism has become en vogue in this country -- from the shootings in Louisville & Pittsburgh to the MAGA Bomber to the Oval Office's insane fantasies about migrants. Remember: We warned you in 2016. Then, Jay talks about the DJ Durkin Debacle at the University of Maryland and wonders aloud "WTF were they thinking?" If you're in the United...


Episode 87: The Butler Did It

Episode 87 of The People's Podcast does yet another unexpected follow-up on Episode 74!? This time, it touches on Kanye West, but not in the way you think. On #MentalHealthDay, Jay gets real about his mental health, why attributing Kanye's incredible ignorance to his Bipolar Disorder is irresponsible, and he implores you to get the help you need. Then, Jimmy Butler channeled his inner Ric Flair and had himself a day as he continues to try to get out of Minnesota, why the Pistons and Red...


Episode 86: Cut The Cake

Episode 86 of The People's Podcast does an unexpected follow-up on Episode 74 back in April as Bill Cosby was formally sentenced to prison for sexual assault, capping of a fall from grace that was decades in the making. Jay shoots hard on the Cosby enablers who are trying to make a case about the assault of dozens of women over 50 years into a case of racism. We're not playing that here. Plus: We pull out the infamous 2004 speech that came back to bite Bill in the ass. But First: We thank...


Episode 85: The Noble Journalist

The landmark 85th Episode of The People's Podcast welcomes another illustrious guest: Award-winning television journalist Brittany Noble. She's a St. Louis native who had spent nearly a decade in TV working around the country. Brittany is best known as the woman who first broke the story on St. Louis NBC Station KMOV of the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. in 2014. She joins us to talk about her career, what inspired her to get into TV, what happened when she got the call to come in...


Episode 84: Sacrificial Lamb

Episode 84 is here and it's sure to be hotter than a white dude's Nikes. The People's Podcast returns to touch on the firestorm started by Nike's brave decision to re-up with the exiled Colin Kaepernick for its 30th Anniversary "Just Do It" campaign and the nationwide hissy fit it set off in Red Hat America. Then, Jay gives you his take on the upcoming NFL season, including his outlook on the Detroit Lions (hint: It could get ugly). Illingsworth's new album "You're No Fun" drops Sept. 28....


Episode 83: Hart & Soul

Episode 83 is here people! After a bit of a delay, the People's Podcast is back and Jay takes a look back at his time at #NABJ18, including the cool feeling of the convention being in the Motor City, what that means to him, and how Detroit has changed for the better. Then, we take time to remember the Queen of Soul -- Aretha Franklin -- including her influence on pop culture, her allegiance and love for the city of Detroit, her greatness, her legacy, and her influence on all of us. Plus, we...


Episode 82: When It Comes Crashing Down

Episode 82 is here, brother. And it gets raw and to the point about WWE reinstating Hulk Hogan. As seen on Medium and in Vibe Magazine, we hit everything from Jay's first time seeing the Hulkster as a child, to what he was doing the day he saw Hogan's name trending on Twitter for the worst of reasons, to his thoughts on the history of Race, Rap, and Wrestling, to nostalgia will not heal this wound. (Warning: Very Strong Language; t/w: Racial Slurs) Then, DeMar DeRozan, a JSC favorite, became...


Episode 81: Blame It On The Boogie

The 81st Episode of the People's Podcast puts a bow on the epic Episode 80, including a big time follow-up and thank you to all of you for the support. Jay gets real about race and "civility", calls out the media for being complicit and gets right to the point about stepping up to injustice & race. Then, we switch gears and talk NBA Free Agency, including Bron going to the Lakers, the Sixers getting nothing, the Pistons getting table scraps, and the Warriors seeing the LA moves and saying...


Episode 80: Podcasting #WhileBlack

The 80th Episode of the People's Podcast gets raw and real about Race. Simple and Plain. In this landmark, super-sized episode, Jay tells the story of his first experiences of Driving #WhileBlack, and talks about the perils of Living #WhileBlack. Then, we talk to the two women responsible for this year's most importantly viral video. Michelle Saahene and Melissa DePino are the reason the infamous Philly Starbucks video went nuclear back in April and they sit down to tell their story....


Episode 79: Sweeping By The Dock of the Bay

The Golden State Warriors won their 3rd NBA title in 4 years last week and The People's Podcast gives you everything you need in the yearly breakdown of the NBA Finals including where the Warriors measure up among the all-time great squads, whether Steph Curry or Kevin Durant should've been MVP and what is LeBron's actual legacy. Plus, It's about time the millennials and bitter blog boys got over KD leaving Oklahoma City. Be sure to drop a 5-Star Rating on iTunes, AudioBoom, and Google Play...