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Due to popular demand, JT and Looney have united to combine their unique chemistry covering topics in Sports, Pop Culture and Current Events.

Due to popular demand, JT and Looney have united to combine their unique chemistry covering topics in Sports, Pop Culture and Current Events.


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Due to popular demand, JT and Looney have united to combine their unique chemistry covering topics in Sports, Pop Culture and Current Events.




Namedrops Keep Fallin' On My Head!

JT is coming off a BYE week from the podcast. Will it kill his momentum? Looney brings his A-game. Will he hit it out of the park? IT'S A STATEMENT PODCAST from JT & Looney. JT & Looney aren't just happy to be here. Episode 64 is for all the marbles. Join us ..


Super Wild Card Weekend. PLUS: Paprika Fun Facts!

ON EPISODE 63 of the JT & Looney Podcast ... The NFL's Super Wild Card Weekend games are broken down scientifically ... sliced and diced ... sauced and tossed .. PLUS ... PAPRIKA FUN FACTS.


JT's 2020 Year-end review as a Broadcaster for SiriusXM and Raider Nation Radio

JT reviews 2020 solo. Kobe's death, and the effect of Covid-19 on the industry.


Football, Tom Cruise, Covid and Moscow Mules, OH MY!

JT & Looney talk NFL ... Looney's gig as an LA news anchor ... JT doing radio from home with his wife making meatloaf in the next room ... ZOOM PAUSE ... How fame changes people ... or doesn't ... Tom Cruise, Covid and Moscow Mules, OH MY !!!


Two Impatient Savants: Turn on the mic ... let em yack.

JT & Looney talk about the art of hosting a talk show ...Howard Stern ... elevator protocol ... the NFL ... Christmas Lights ... the election of 1892 ... Trump & Joe.


JT, Looney, Leaf and Life!

Episode 59. The Jack Ham Episode! JT, Looney and Ryan Leaf talk about life, the NFL, prison, golf, The NBA, The FBI, The CIA, BB King and Doris Day ... Dig It ...


From Carr to Covid - Trader Joe's To Pompeii

The General Accounting Office has allowed JT & Looney to continue the transition from radio giants to podcast titans. JT thinks the military should distribute the Covid-19 Vaccine. Looney thinks it should be Trader Joe's. JT thinks Philip Rivers is great. Looney thinks he stinks. JT is for fricking, Looney is for fracking.


JT's Wife, Tiger, Trump, Covid, Kevin Harlin, JT and Looney!

JT, Looney and JT's WIFE mix it up talking about the NFL Playoff picture ... Kevin Harlin vs The World ... Trump vs. the World ... Tiger vs the Field ... Looney & JT's Wife talk about the BIG mistake people make when they confused KINDNESS with WEAKNESS. PLUS ... Looney with a brilliant New Orleans Saints/Leslie Stahl analogy.


Who Doesn't Love A Game That Comes Down To The Final Shot?

JT & Looney Wearing Their Political Fatigues! In Episode 56, The Lawrence Taylor Episode, JT & Looney talk about how the election is like a heavyweight championship fight that comes down to the final round ... a game that comes down to the final shot! And what each team could have done to perform better.


JT's brush with Tom Brady and Looney's Career moves!.

Did Looney make a drastic career change? And why were JT and Tom Brady spotted together in Vegas? Will the NBA shut it down in 2021? Is Kyler Murray real, margarine or Butterbean?


JT & Looney TOOBIN OFF on Zoom about the future of sports and America.

Smart people get horny too! Goin' TOOBIN' used to be something you'd do behind a boat, now it's something you do on ZOOM. PLUS: Trump trolls JT! Hear the story. JT & Looney pick a peck of predictions: social-political and sports related.


What do talk show hosts say when they talk to themselves?

If a talk show host was making voice memos while hiking through the forrest, did it make any noise? What do talk show hosts say, when they are alone, talking to themselves? FIND OUT as Looney flies solo with his iPhone through the forrest, on the JT & Looney Podcast.


Chicago, Van Halen, Covid-19 and NFL 2020.

Who is more qualified to lecture America on how to solve the gang violence problems in Chicago -- than two white talk show hosts from Not-Chicago? With the death of Eddie Van Halen, who is more certified to rank the top rock guitarists off all time than two guys who never played an instrument? ... And who is better equipped to tell you what NFL football team to bet on Sunday, than a Rugby player and a Pop Warner Superstar?


Episode 51 is the best yet. NO DEBATE! JT, Looney, Trump, Biden, Montana and (Cindy) Brady.

JT vs. Looney in a name dropping fiesta. JT talks about hanging out with Joe Montana and Jon Gruden. The best Looney can counter with is his FM-Talk days with Kato Kaelin, Cindy Brady and Tim Conway, Jr.


JT & Looney Talk about Bad Quarterbacks and Toxic Tweets!

JT & Looney talk the NFL's best & worst quarterbacks according to NUMBERS and FACTS not OPINIONS. Also ... Mike Francesa makes a cameo to commemorate EPISODE 50 of the JT & Looney Podcast. AND ... Toxic Tweets and the guys light a candle for two legends who left us.


The Thrill of the NFL Week 1. The Agony of Compton.

JT & Looney shake & bake/sauce & toss/mix & stir, WEEK 1 of the NFL. They have their lab coats on, and break down Week 1 scientifically. JT & Looney break it all down with a pre-clinical stage, clinical development, regulatory review and of course quality control. Join them in the lab. ALSO ... Is the breakdown of 'bourgeois culture' to blame for society's ills? JT & Looney discuss Cops, Crime & Compton OH MY! Why turn to scientists or cultural scholars, when you've got JT & Looney?


JT & Looney: Super Bowl 54 Picks. ( OOPS. Sorry. Super Bowl EL EYE VEE )

JT & Looney break out the crystal ball and predict who will win Super Bowl EL EYE VEE. Plus, we get a rare look into the mind of two middle aged white men who love sports. What do they think? America, and the world, want to know. JT & Looney is the fastest growing podcast in America.


Why ARROGANCE IS BEAUTIFUL! Plus Madden 21 & their Top 5 TV Shows Ever.

It's EPISODE 47, and JT n Looney never even mentioned Raider great Tyrone Wheatley! But they did remember to load up on PHD's before the podcast. JT n Looney talk about Madden 21, the NBA Bubble, the FOX n CBS NFL Play by Play Broadcast Line up, Dancing with the Stars, and curing cancer.


JT & Looney are Bubble Rapping: NO AIR CONDITIONING means PLENTY OF HOT AIR.

JT & Looney are Bubble Rapping! What do Raider owner Marc Davis, Billy Crystal, Luka Doncic, OJ Simpson, Big Ben Maller, Big Joe McDonnell, Roger Clemons, Whitney Houston, Clipper Darrell, Todd Christensen, Oscar de la Hoya, and air conditioning have in common? Find out in Episode 46! Or ON Episode 46. Is it IN or ON?


Episode 45 includes NBA BUBBLE WRAP! Plus, lawyers, guns & money.

Episode 45. The Dick Pole Episode! JT & Looney discuss the NFL, the NHL, the BBC, the FBI, the CIA,BB King and the NBA. Dig it. JT & Looney both believe that, LOUDEST GUY WINS. So pull up your phone and turn down the volume.