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JT and The Don Episode 20 – NFL and College Football

The football season is now three weeks old and JT and The Don are highlighting the biggest stories in both the NFL and college football. JT and The Don have a special guest with them to discuss football this week. Drew Brees and Big Ben are injured, the fellas will tell you the impact those injuries will have on the Saints and Steelers. Has Dak silenced his critics? Is the review of pass interference ruining the game in the NFL? Also, JT discusses his Dolphins tanking this season. Plus, the...


JT and The Don Episode 19 – 2019 NFL Preview Show

This is the show all football fans have been waiting for from JT and The Don! The fellas go over the big stories going into this season, including the contract situations. Listen to JT and The Don to see if you agree with their predictions for MVP, Rookie of the Year, Super Bowl champ, and more! This episode will get you ready and fired up for the 100th NFL season. See if they think your team will win the division. Enjoy! Andrew Luck - 2:00 Zeke and Gordon holdout - 15:18 Goff contract -...


JT and The Don Episode 18 – College Football Preview Show

Everyone has been waiting for football season and it is here! The college football preview show of JT and The Don is a can't miss episode for the diehard football fan as well as the casual fan. They will give you all the information you need for the upcoming college football season which starts with The U against the Gators of Florida. Plus, they have two special guests as their in house college football experts. From who will win the Heisman to the College Football Playoff to which players...


JT and The Don Episode 17 – Dak, AB, TB12, Rich Paul, Trent Williams, Josh Gordon, and more!!

JT and The Don are preparing for football season and this is a good appetizer show for their upcoming college football and NFL preview shows. The fellas discuss the contract situations of Dak Prescott, Tom Brady, and Trent Williams. Plus, listen to find out their opinions on the NCAA rule nicknamed by everybody as the Rich Paul rule. Also, are the Raiders regretting the Antonio Brown trade already? Is Tim Tebow's baseball career over? How can bird poop be confused with cocaine? The fellas...


JT and The Don Episode 16 – Badd Medicine Cross Promotion

JT and The Don are joined by the fellas at Badd Medicine Podcast (Diamond Dave, Mason Quinn, and "The Answer" Andrew) to talk sports and Summer Slam 2019! Badd Medicine help JT and The Don know what to look for in this year's edition of Summer Slam, as well as the safety measures the WWE has taken in recent years. Plus, you don't want to miss where NFL executives put Aaron Rodgers on the list of top NFL quarterbacks. Does the Pro Football Hall of Fame have a Patriots problem? Michael Thomas...


JT and The Don Episode 15 – Interview with Toronto Blue Jays hitting coach Guillermo Martinez

This may be the biggest and best episode in the history of JT and The Don! The fellas have the unique opportunity to interview Toronto Blue Jays hitting coach Guillermo Martinez. Listen as he discusses defensive shifts in baseball, the home run derby, Vladimir Guerrero Jr., life in the minor leagues, and much more! Guillermo Martinez is one of the youngest hitting coaches in MLB history and he tells his story of how he made it. In addition, JT and The Don debate Golden Tate's comments about...


JT and The Don Episode 14 – Kawhi, Women’s World Cup, Westbrook trade, Wimbledon and more!

JT and The Don give you their opinion on whether the Clippers were the best team for Kawhi and if they are now the favorites to win the NBA title next season. Plus, Russell Westbrook quickly traded to the Houston Rockets as the Thunder are in rebuild mode. Was this the right move by the Rockets? The Women's World Cup Final had more viewers in the U.S. than the 2018 Men's World Cup Final, listen to why this is such a significant fact in the fight for equal pay by women's soccer. Also, the...


JT and The Don Episode 13 – London Series, Rays to Montreal, Jon Jones and more

JT and The Don are back with a new episode and this time baseball is the big topic. The fellas discuss whether it is a good idea for the Tampa Rays to split home games with Montreal. Also, they give their opinions on whether MLB should continue regular season games in Europe. Plus, they dive into MMA with some talk about Jon Jones. Find out who Christian McCaffrey might be dating! This and more on JT and The Don.


JT and The Don Episode 12 – NBA Free Agency Special Edition

JT and The Don are back at it again with an all NBA free agency show. Listen to find out why Kevin Durant selected the Brooklyn Nets and if he made the correct decision. Also, have the Celtics improved by signing Kemba Walker and losing Kyrie Irving and Al Horford? Plus, the fellas give you their best and worst free agent signings, the most overrated and underrated signings, and which team is now the beast of the east. Finally, JT and The Don give you their take on whether the Lakers have...


JT and The Don Episode 11 – MLB, NFL, NBA, Top Paid Athletes, and even OJ

Episode 11 of JT and The Don is a mash of topics and sports that everyone will love! The fellas discuss the Edwin Encarnacion trade by the Yankees, Aaron Rodgers, and Baker Mayfield. Also, you don't want to miss what secret Kliff Kingsbury admitted about his time at Texas Tech. Find out who the top 5 paid athletes of 2018 were and why the fellas are discussing OJ Simpson. Plus, a new segment where The Don surprises JT with topics he did not know they would be discussing.


JT and The Don Episode 10 – All NBA Edition

JT and The Don continue the momentum of the NBA Draft in this all NBA edition. The fellas battle on the best pick, best player, worst pick, and bust from the draft. Also, the table is set for LeBron to make a run at the title as JT and The Don discuss the Anthony Davis trade. Plus, what are the Celtics, Rockets, and Warriors doing? This is an action packed episode of rookies, free agents, AD, LeBron, CP3, Harden, Danny Ainge, and more! Don't miss it!


JT and The Don Episode 9 – NBA Finals, Stanley Cup Finals, and more!

The fellas discuss a variety of hot topics on this next episode of JT and The Don. You do not want to miss their takes on both the NBA Finals and Stanley Cup Finals. JT and The Don break down who is to blame for the KD injury and the Warriors loss. Also, is there a new era of a curse on Boston sports? Plus, the fellas talk Le'Veon Bell (again!), Beyoncé, Hooter's (the restaurant), and more! Yes, you read that correct, Hooter's makes its way into the sports discussion.


JT and The Don Episode 8 – Magic and the Lakers, KD and the Warriors, and Adam Gase and the Jets

JT and The Don analyze the surprise break up of Magic Johnson and the Lakers, including Magic's remarks now that the dust has settled in LA from his resignation. Plus, you don't want to miss where the fellas think Kevin Durant will end up during free agency and whether the Warriors can beat Toronto without him in the NBA Finals. Also, the Jets make the list of topics for JT and The Don with the sudden firing of their GM and the power that Adam Gase has within the organization.


JT and The Don Episode 7 – NFL Draft Recap

With the 2019 NFL Draft now complete, JT and The Don provide in-depth analysis on this recap show. The fellas give you their best and worst picks of the draft. In addition, they break down some of the bigger storylines of the draft. You do not want to miss their debate on the Giants selecting Daniel Jones #6 overall. Who won the Josh Rosen trade? The Dolphins or the Cardinals? You will just have to listen to get the answer.


JT and The Don Episode 6 – NFL Draft Preview and more NFL hot topics

In this NFL Draft Preview Special on JT and The Don, the fellas give you what they believe will be the top 5 picks in the NFL Draft, busts, sleepers, and more. Also, they debate the social media jabs taken by AB and JuJu, Russell Wilson's new contract, Aaron Rodgers and his relationship with Coach Mike McCarthy and former players of the Packers, and more! You do not want to miss this episode in preparing you for the NFL Draft this Thursday night!


JT and The Don Episode 5 – Magic Johnson, Tiger Woods, and D Wade

In this episode, JT and The Don discuss what went wrong for Magic Johnson and why the sudden resignation from the Lakers. With Tiger winning The Masters, the fellas debate whether he will catch Jack Nicklaus for most major victories. In addition, D Wade has concluded his farewell tour but JT and The Don discuss his impact on basketball and how he compares to two of his contemporaries.


JT and The Don Episode 4 – Gronkowski Retirement

JT and The Don discuss Gronk's retirement via social media, his place in NFL history as a tight end, and whether he will stay retired. Also, the fellas bring you the most interesting takes, information, and rumors from the past week, including the settlement amount from Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid's collusion lawsuit and the candidates to be the next Lakers' coach.


JT and The Don Episode 3 – NFL Free Agency & NCAA Tourney

Join JT and The Don for a special NFL free agency and NCAA Tournament prediction episode. The fellas discuss the big trades that went down early in free agency and the big signings. They give you their opinions on the best and worst signing by a team and player. Don't miss their "expert" opinions on the NCAA Tournament and what teams and players to watch out for this March. Plus, the rumor mill is visited in this special edition of JT and The Don.


JT and The Don Episode 2 – JTTD002

JT and The Don discuss LeBron and the Lakers' season, Bryce Harper's contract, Robert Kraft, the NFL combine, and much more!


JT and The Don Episode 1 – JTTD 001

The first episode of JT and The Don! The fellas come out firing with their hot takes on the biggest sports issues of the past week. Tune in for their takes on who is to blame for the issues in steel town, whether Zion should play another basketball game for Duke, Manny Machado's new deal, and more!