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Best Pro Wrestling Talk in the World. Not Hyperbole. Only Truth.

Best Pro Wrestling Talk in the World. Not Hyperbole. Only Truth.
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Best Pro Wrestling Talk in the World. Not Hyperbole. Only Truth.




P.O.O.R Impactful Pricks - Ep 76

This week Juice and Sreten are back to discuss Impact Wrestling on AXS TV, the new P.O.O.R. album “Glutton for Punishment”, Black Label Pro Turbo Graps 16 tournament, Handsome Prick in Chicago at Livewire Lounge on 9/21 plus the 5 most devastating finishers in wrestling & much more! This episode is all chaos and super fun. Join in on our fun and call the voicemail line: 1-872-267-4199 What are your top Finishers?


Live from Mac's Wood Grilled - Ep 75

This week's episode is coming to you live from Mac'c Wood Grilled in Chicago. We recorded this the day of All Out and we had a blast. Thank you to Kevin from Mac's. You were a great host. Thanks to everyone else that came and hung out with our group. We had a great day and All Out was amazing.


There's Something About Barry - Ep 74

On this week's show we have very special guest Barry Norman. Barry has done it all: Interviewed some amazing bands, been part of WCW in it's hayday, and swam the waters of the film industry. This episode ran longer than usual because Barry has some amazing stories. Enjoy Participate Call the voicemail and leave that message: 1-872-267-4199


Ep 73 - Monster Madness with Isaac Hare

He's the son of former WCW and ECW vixen Gorgeous George, his name is Isaac Hare and he is this week's very special guest! He's lived with the Macho Man Randy Savage and Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, from the legendary horror punk band The Misfits, and Isaac is here to talk about those stories, his music, filming for A&E's Macho Man documentary, Glen Danzig, why Mancow is a bastich, Doink The Clown, and much more! Get in this conversation by calling the voicemail line...


The Real Deal - Ep 72

This week Juice and Sreten are joined by legendary Manager Nikita Breznikov. Listen as Nikita drops so much knowledge about the history of pro wrestling. Listen close enough and you can hear Sreten marking out the ENTIRE time. Check out Nikita's book When It Was Real Got any thoughts? Go ahead and share by calling the voicemail line at: 1-872-267-4199


It Has Begun - Ep 71

Juice & Sreten are bringing the goods this week as they discuss Summerslam, NXT: Takeover Toronto, NWA TV, AEW and some horror biz! Join us August 31st at Mac's Wood Grilled in Chicago before ''All Out'' for a live podcast w/ special guests and a chance to win Free passes to the Mac's AEW: Road Trip which is a $20 value and includes round trip passage to ''All Out'' and adult beverages! Call 773-782-4400 to reserve your spot as they are super limited! Find us & Mac's Wood Grilled on...


The 6th Sense - Ep 70

Steve Tortorello of Warrior Wrestling joins us to discuss Warrior 6 taking place September 1st in Chicago Heights and along the way we talk AEW, Warrior Wrestling appearing at Starrcast III, WWE, Steve’s time in China, and Sreten’s “Savage Trivia” game makes it’s return along with a GIANT guest from the French Alps! Score tickets & info for Warrior 6 at warriorwrestling.net


Scars, Silence & Superglue - Ep. 69

This week we welcome the Homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal legend Sabu & Super Genie Melissa Coates to the show to discuss Sabu’s new autobiography “Scars, Silence & Superglue” which is available at www.ecwsabu.com & along the way we talk about The Sheik, RVD, injuries, ECW, TNA, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Dio, Paul Heyman, Bill Alfonso, high times, video games, their upcoming appearances & more!


DropKicks and Dragons - Ep 68

Mikey Blanton & Jeremy Tillema from Black Label Pro join Juice & Sreten to discuss the sold out “Dropkicks & Dragons” event taking place July 27th (watch on IWTV) & use promo code “BLACKLABEL” for a free 20 day trial, plus upcoming BLP events, talent announcements, & some random conversation! Hit up BLPmerch.com & BLPwrestling.com & follow JPDUB & Black Label Pro on social media! Comments? Leave a voicemail at 1(872)267-4199


Splendidly Blended - Ep 67

Juice, Sreten and Bruiser Bodi are back this week to discuss a Splendidly Blended weekend of professional wrestling that includes AEW Fight for the Fallen, Evolve 131, WWE Extreme Rules plus where to find the new album Extreme Graveyard Tornado from Swedish grindcore masters Birdflesh and we drop an EXTREME bombshell! Share, download and subscribe! Call the voicemail at 1(872)267-4199 and interact on twitter, Facebook and Instagram!


Who's Your Daddy with Bill Alfonso - Ep 66

Legendary referee & manager of champions, the man who calls it right down the middle, Bill “Fonzie” Alfonso joins Juice, Big Ed & Sreten via phone from Tampa,Florida this week to talk about his career, managing Sabu, Taz, & RVD, Hulk Hogan, Dusty Rhodes, the ECW boom, his infamous bloodbath with Beulah Mcgillicutty, Paul Heyman, and much more! It’s a f’n great show daddy & we look forward to more with Fonzie next month! Join the conversation Babies! Call the voicemail line and be a part...


Street Fyter - Ep 65

This week Justin and Sreten get hype discussing AEW's recent "Fyter Fest" event. It was so much fun and shout out to Ed "The Assassin" for being a great host. The pizza and tequila was so good. We break down the show and what happened and sprinkle in a little talk about what the internet thinks (F@&$ what the internet thinks). What did you think? Call and let us know: 1-872-267-4199


Charm City Angel - Ep 64

This week Juice and Sreten are joined by MLW's Kaci Lennox. Listen as they discuss Kaci's influences and favorites and the future of wrestling in promotions big and small. Another phone interview knocked out of the park. Come see Kaci on July 6th in Cicero Illinois for MLW's TV Tapings. It's going to be a killer show. Call the voicemail and join our conversations: 1-872-267-4199


Project Monix - Ep 63

This week Freelance Wrestling, IWA Mid-South, and Warrior Wrestling superstar Pat Monix joins Juice and Sreten via phone to talk all things Project Monix. We talk about character development, his feud with Sam Adonis, DJZ, life as an independent grappler and much more! Monix killed it in this episode and you need to listen and spread the word! This episode slays! Get your merch at ProjectMonix.com Call the voicemail and join our conversations: 1-872-267-4199


Ep 62 - Mind Crawler

Josef Samael aka Joseph Cabibbo from PCW ULTRA, Defy & MLW joins Juice and Sreten to discuss the Mind Crawler event on 6/14/19 plus we shoot a little on hanging with the Great Muta, music, coming up in the biz, running PCWU & maintaining a high quality product, believable violence, & more insanely awesome interesting shit! Get tix and check out www.PCWULTRA.com & www.AllViolencelsLegal.com RIP BushWick Bill


Still Alive and Well - Ep 61

This week Bruiser Bodi returns to discuss his experience at MLW Fusion taping in Waukesha, Wisconsin with Juice and Sreten and along the way the guys talk WWE NXT: Takeover, where you can stream the highly entertaining Black Label Pro "There's something About Barry" event from this past Saturday and we air a track from the new Dirty Dead record entitled "Blood Buffet" based on the 80s horror classic "Blood Diner. Share your thoughts at: 1-872-267-4199


The Eagle has Landed - Ep 60

Juice and Sreten recap the historical Double or Nothing event and share their thoughts on this incredible show! Black Label Pro presents There’s Something About Barry takes place June 1st. You can meet and learn from WWE hall of famer Barry Windham! Juice & Sreten run down the fight card and give you the essential 411!! Get your tickets at https://www.BLPwrestling.com And for all of you Horror punks out there the new Dirty Dead album Nocturnal Emissions drops on May 31st via Nothing But...


Divine Intervention - Ep 59

Juice and Sreten discuss the WWE 24/7 title, Goldberg vs Undertaker, AEW Double or Nothing, Castlevania collection on Xbox, 89’s horror classic Street Trash, upcoming Black Label Pro events, Ashley Massaro, the Freelance Wrestling Legacy title and much more on a jam packed episode 59! You have opinions? Thought? Call the voicemail at 1-872-267-4199 and let yourselves be heard!


Ep 58 - Weekend Warriors

This week the JPDUB invaded the Warrior Wrestling 5 VIP event on Mother’s Day and Juice & JR mixed it up with Brian Pillman Jr., Chris Ridgeway, Frank the Clown, Robert “ego” Anthony, our boys in Wrestling with Unicorns, Ref. Jeremy Tillema, Bruiser Bodi, Uncle Dave & Matt from the Hub Chicago, YouTuber XThreee, fans and many more! If you weren’t there than you f’n missed out! Satiate your need for attention and call the voicemail at 1(872)267-4199 to let yourselves be heard!


Ep 57 - Creepin on a Come Up

This week Juice and Sreten are joined by “Lil E” as they debut a new segment called “Creepin On A Come Up w/ Lil E” and another entitled “Spoilers of War” They also discuss the new Dirty Dead album dropping on May 31st & Handsome Prick live in Chicago May 22nd. Plus Impact, Mortal Kombat 11, XFL, Muta, AEW Double or Nothing, Jericho back in NJPW and a special message for all you haters out there! Do you have some thoughts about the show? Tell us what they are by calling: 1-872-267-4199