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The Story of Drew Brees is the Story of the NFL

Drew Brees is now the best QB of all time by at least one metric. Where does he truly stand among the greats? The NFC East is still a shot in the dark, who comes out on top, and what do the Eagles need to do to go back to back? Did the Jacksonville Bortles lose, or did Kansas City win? And where do we stand on the Packers? All that and much, much more, this week on Just Press Play. Show notes and more can be found on our website. Special thanks again to Tony Green for bringing the...


Standing Room Only

On this episode of Just Press Play, the Gus Johnson effect comes into play while the guys are shocked at the most valuable college football program (1:05). Then the L.J. is presented with the loss he was looking for last week and Hue Jackson doesn’t know how games end in the NFL (16:35). Who is to blame for the brawl in Vegas? And some big news from HBO may signify the end of an era (25:15). The guys figure out a way to make money and talk about some of the strangest stories in human...


Justin Tucker Can Sing Opera?

The Bonehammer rejoins us for another mid week episode. What month is the best month to watch sports (1:05)? The guys hop right into that Monday night game where Tony promised a beat down but was afraid to give points. Who is Mahomes? Romo, Montana, or Favre (7:37)? Then, elsewhere in the NFL, the Rams are still good, Koetter may need to update his resume, and Jerry needs to learn a thing or two from Ozzy (20:39). Earl Thomas has his season ended and left with a gesture. Who is in the...


The Man, The Myth, The Legend

This week we get to finally bring all of the trash talk between L.J. and Tony to a head. The guys talk about the rise of the Browns, couples counseling in New England, how Houston can win, who can’t guard a receiving RB, an offense that can be discussed with the all timers, a team that needs one less yes-man, if Big Ben is even any good, and the usual team picking ender. All that and more, this week on Just Press Play. Show notes and more can be found on our website. Special thanks again...


Octopuses on Molly

Tiger Woods walks away a winner, while the Bills and Titans killed parlays everywhere. The guys try to figure out where tryouts are for Drew Brees’s flag football team before breaking down who is still allowed to play football in the NFL. L.J. debases himself to defend a mortal enemy, and Kevin’s Science Corner asking why we’d drug octopuses… octopi? Octopodes? Octopicies? Whatever, all that and more, this week on Just Press Play. Show notes and more can be found on our website. Music...


Scared Of Patty Mahomes

This week, Uncle Tony is back to help us make sense of this week in the NFL. The guys talk about the how the Cowboys looked after Sunday night (1:00) along with the top three players in Seattle after Monday night (7:12). New England somehow scooped up Josh Gordon (16:50), and are these penalties getting out of hand? It depends on which one of us you ask (22:49). The Steelers are better at offense than public relations, but are they good enough at defense (31:17)? The best and worst of this...


Fool Me Once, Shame On Me

This week on Just Press Play, L.J. has some thoughts on the two weeks he was out, including a once in a generation talent and a better one game QB than Brady and Rodgers (1:00). Then we break out into our reaction from Sunday's games including: Why kickers and ties should be abolished (10:13), did Jalen Ramsey out-Belichick Belichick? (14:18) and the reason the Steelers are right not to pay the best skill position player in the NFL (27:05). As requested, the Razorback boys react to the...


Watching Punter Highlights with Tony Green

Special guest Tony Green hops on to break down all the crazy stuff that happened after we recorded Sunday night in the Packers vs Bears. Do you want Brady, Rodgers or Brees for one game? For one season? (1:00) Then, let’s get into the Monday Night games to discuss if the Giants messed up not picking a quarterback and why New England assistants never coach well on their own (18:15). Kevin and Pops officially have a new favorite punter (47:06), and Kevin asks who is who we thought they were,...


Browns Are Gonna Browns

This week on the JPP Podcast, Kev and Pops react to the first FULL weekend of football while L.J. is out. The guys talk the Redzone Channel (5:30), the hardships of being a Cowboys and Razorback fan, the Brown celebrate… a tie (10:00), and Pops defends the new NFL rules (11:30). Then, Kevin has a theory on the beef between Le’Veon Bell and the Steeler’s offensive line (21:00), the Pats are playing chess while the rest of the league keeps playing checkers (35:00), College Football (37:00),...


Football Preview with NFL Insider Ben Allbright

This week, we welcome back NFL insider Benjamin Allbright as he welcomes us back to football season (17:22). We also get into Nike shenanigans (1:00), Nick Saban and more from college football (7:44), Terrell Davis and the Denver rookies (10:14), and a new Hockey Hall Of Fame rule (12:04). L.J. ponders something unique to the SEC (13:52) while Kevin ponders what are the chicken-dipping limits (49:35) All that and more, this week on Just Press Play. Show notes and more can be found on our...


The Calorie Cap

This week, the guys welcome in the first day of the best part of the year with talks about how often you should brag about your fantasy league and how quiet you wanna keep insider info (1:00). Then, the gift that keeps giving gives Case Keenum a reason to sleep better at night, so the guys break down the value of a first round pick (15:18). How hard is it to be an all time athlete AND know how to see it in other people (29:24). All that and more, this week on Just Press Play. Show notes...


Barry Bonds Got Paid, Too

Pops is back from Dallas just in time for us to debate how far in the future is the death of the NFL preseason (1:00). Then, Kevin interviews Dallas sports journalist Saad Yousuf about the strengths, weaknesses, and what’s next for the Dallas Cowboys (17:52). If sharing accounts is so bad, why don’t streaming services just shut it down (44:48)? And finally, do the Eagles deserve an asterisk (51:36)? All that and more, this week on Just Press Play. Show notes and more can be found on our...


Three Lefts Make a Right

This week, a man of ill-repute interrupts Kevin’s story about a champion tax to give us some on-location reporting while we give our best and worst of the week (1:00). Did Gruden say something crazy this week? Is it possible another coach says something crazier? (19:14). L.J. finds motivation from unexpected places (27:24). Kevin digs a hole so deep he forgets to quit digging (28:56). Show notes are on our website. Music provided by TRUTH Wanna bet on some sports and win some money? Go...


Animal Facts

This week, the guys talk about Monday Night Football being back, Josh Gordon, and dew points in their best and worst of the week (1:00), cover behind-the-scenes football shows (26:26), trash talking corners(31:17), and Jon Gruden (38:38), what’s the best little pet (40:18), hatch a plan to get back at a high dollar clothier (50:18), and Kevin’s already putting Duke deep in his bracket (56:50). Show notes on our website.


One More Bacardi, Please!

This week, the guys got long winded and you win. Our extra content includes a few debates. Do you want to know the story or wonder if there even is one? Is the King of Pop easy to crown? Are the Cowboys out to pasture because the held on to a top 10 tight end of all time? And if you were building a team, where do you spend your second pile of cash? Thanks for following us for another week. Let us know if we're wrong or missing a topic on our facebook, twitter, or website. Music this...


Wash Your Underwear

With the season almost upon us, we got a little esoteric in this episode. We talk about how nobody can be sad during preseason, Tiger looking fly and why he’s so engaging, and the curious way that sports evolves in our best and worst of the week (1:00). Then we break down which cover songs define the song, from Jimi changing Dylan’s mind about his own song to Clapton introducing Marley to the USA, to Lauryn Hill just belting poetry (32:18). We move on to stories about when the plan doesn’t...


Football's Back Baby

We’re back with another action packed episode. With preseason football starting up Thursday, we’re starting to think ahead to fantasy football, Hall of Fame speeches, and the best receivers of all time in our Best and Worst of the Week (1:00). Then we examine the Urban Meyer scandal, and how it relates (or doesn’t) to Josh Hader and a previous worst of ours, the Chicago foul ball guy (25:05). L.J. tries to fix what ain’t broken (35:21), chicken plays too big a role in professional sports...


Grammar Sharp

This week, the guys debate chicken wings, all have a twist of fortune, and are pumped about the NFL (1:00)! With a little NFL preview, the guys get into concession stands, Carson Wentz, young guns, old hands, and the best football team in Cleveland (22:27). Can a tweet be unforgivable? The guys try to get to the bottom of an all-star dealing with high school tweets (42:11). Finally, Hannah tries to learn us how to speak English good (55:10). I think she has her work cut out for her. All that...


The Titanic Wasn’t Unsinkable

Haters gonna hate, and we’re cool with it! This week, we get into foul balls and chip readers in our best and worst (3:24). We follow that up with some NBA free agency while L.J. loses his cool (18:21), and a Trout swimming against the MLB current (30:32). The Round Mound of Touchdown teaches us some hard truths about food (34:30). The ESPYs did something incredibly right with the Arthur Ashe Courage Award (43:30). Do you want a show that’s got a small amount of great episodes or one that...


What's the best Zoo animal?

The guys had technical difficulties this weekend (shocker), so they won't have the full episode for this week until tomorrow. So instead, you get a little bonus this week! In this Snippet the guys talk about how they would do a movie about their life, the best zoo animals and more. Enjoy! Thanks for making us part of your day. Show Notes on our Website. Music Provided by TRUTH.