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Nothin’ but the Dog In Me

There are a million songs about love, but only one about the boys being back in town. Well, Thin Lizzy, we know exactly how you feel, ’cause your boys are back on the air. Our best and worst include apologies and $3.5 million in damages (1:00). We’re back with the layups, mourning the end of an era (13:14), the fall of star (16:29), the second coming of Tim Tebow (19:25), professionalism down under (23:18), the disgraced Duke of Garlic Dip (25:24), and why you should maybe feel a bit sorry...


Best of JPP Part 1

This is a rebroadcasting of our favorite clips from the first two months of Just Press Play. We begin with a Klostion from the episode Shout Out To Joe Cocker. Well, and Tupac… (0:30). Next, we start to peel fruit, from Sister Jean & Pittsnoggle (6:49). Did you have a good 4th? Revisit the best and worst renditions of the National Anthem from Full Blown Undercover Guy (10:12). Men’s room unwritten rules from


BONUS: Can of Corn

The guys (and Hannah!) are back with a bonus. A week removed from the heartbreak in the College World Series two hogs fan look back on the year (). Then, L.J. and Hannah share some thoughts with us from Hawaii and Colorado. Hope you enjoy! Music provided by TRUTH. Thanks for making us part of your day. Music


Can’t Skip Gravity

After a week in Chicago celebrating L.J.’s wedding, the gang is back together, well sort of. L.J. is still out on his honeymoon, but he and Hannah sent in their best and worst from Hawaii and Colorado (18:10). Pops and Kevin talk about the good bad and ugly of their recent road trip (3:40), their beloved Razorbacks coming up just short in the College World Series (11:10), and a childhood memory ending forever (13:40). Then, with NBA Free Agency getting underway over the weekend the guys...


Stunningly Attractive

For Father’s Day this year, the guys got together to talk about sports and life. They talk about the best and worst things happening this week (spoiler alert, Golf may get mentioned) (1:00), they get a bit nostalgic with Pops (15:57), and then talk about the wild offseason that the NBA is already having, from Spurs to Hennessy to where the stars of today learned how to wheel and deal (22:39). Are cats ever really genuine? This week’s Klostion is all about the second best common pet, plus...


Biscuits and Gravy with a Side of Malört

We’re a day late, but to make up for it, we brought a friend! This week on Just Press Play, the guys talk about who had the best week in sports, IHOB, and a dictator’s toilet (1:00), then the doctor is in the house to let us know what we’re missing about hockey, and to assist in our ongoing debate of which athlete is superior (17:50). We hit on Lebron’s casts, both supportive and protective, and we have some ideas on how to fix the NBA (34:33). An exotic year, or a once in a lifetime 10...


Cheatin’ for a Poke

This week, the guys break down the best and the worst, including the insanity of twitter, running away with the tie, and a nu start (1:00), then get into the pinnacle matchups in sports right now. In the NBA, who shot J.R., when should you change a call, and who’s really the GOAT, or maybe just a goat (12:24). In the chase for the world’s nicest ashtray, we break down why we think we might be sleeping on hockey (35:15). When is it okay to make a dirty play (41:29), when is it okay to use a...


Mr. F

This week the guys have a special double episode! Pops is back from his sabbatical to talk some hoops with Kev. But first we rewind back to last week’s Klostion (1:45) to get an answer from Pops before diving into LeBron making his eighth straight trip to the Finals (9:20), recap the Warriors-Rockets series (30:00), the guys take Draymond Green’s side (44:00), how good is Klay Thompson (46:00) and of course Who ya Got in the NBA Finals. Music, as always is provided by Truth. Our show...


Tom Brady of Disney Songs

This week, Big Poppy was out, so we are excited to be joined by a very special guest. This week, we talk about the poll question from last week, sneaker head genetics, and our best and worst of the week (1:00), followed by movie details and easter eggs (22:05), and Drake and Pusha T lead us to delve into the history of music rivalries (40:55). We play the role of interior decorator (51:44), lay down the law on kids’ food (1:05:40), and let you know what is in our headphones this week...


Medium Rare Dessert

This week, the guys hop in with the most viral perception perplexer since the dress (1:00). Then they give their best and worst for the week, including expansion drafting, Lou Adler, and making their own 30 for 30 doc (6:16). Our experts dissect why the NBA and Fortnite are winning over hearts and minds of our youths (28:51), give some updates on the NBA playoffs, and find out who is the worst person on the road (48:01). Pops needs to know how to answer the phone and when to leave a...


The Interior Window

This week on Just Press Play, the guys talk about their best and worst (1:00), and then we hop right back into the old days with a Klosterman hypothetical (13:27). There hasn’t been much NBA this week, but we keep you up with what has happened (18:50). Kevin busts out True or Fake News and tries to stump the guys (35:46), then has one of his two etiquette lessons for us, first at the movies (45:50). Then L.J. wants to change the world and get rid of tips (55:36). We get to the bottom of...


Official Ombudsman OR Chartreuse

This week, the guys give the best and worst of the week (1:00), and Kevin gets a haircut (17:30). Kevin has… a lot to say about Lebron James (26:26). Then we get into sound mixing (36:20) and the coolest sounds and what makes them cool (43:18). Finally, we try to settle a debate and fail miserably (50:04), Pops finds a new job for Kevin (55:50), and we try to figure out when to wash a towel (1:00:24). Intro and outro music provided by Truth Lobby Time Kevin MacLeod...


Check the Box

This week, the guys give their best and worst (1:00), talk about Kanye West’s recent news and subtle advertising (19:31), and the NFL Draft from Goodell’s PR to the coolest stories this week (32:49). In the NBA, Russell Westbrook ain’t happy, the kids are wrecking the place, and there isn’t the passion that Bird and Dr J brought us (49:44). They finally get on to some problems with developers, bench talkers, and Sonic questions (1:00:49). Finally we hop into what we’re listening to, and...


Who’s the Captain?

This week, the tripod is back standing. The guys talk about the best and worst things to happen this week (1:00), lessons on building a brand with examples from Kawhi Leonard, Richie Incognito, and Lebron James (13:44), and Kevin walks us through a draft strategy the Browns would employ if only they were as smart as him (32:38). L.J. rebuilds a ship only to find himself perplexed and goes to the team for help (44:40) and Kendrick Lamar doesn’t even need the Grammy anymore (53:17). All that...


NFL Insider Ben Allbright

This week, the guys are shorthanded with L.J. on the road, but they may have a replacement. NFL Insider and Draft Expert Benjamin Allbright sits down with Kevin to tell us what will happen this year in the NFL Draft (30:00). Then, Pops and Kevin discuss whether one hockey dad is the worst or not (11:08), hit on a cool story from the NBA (16:25), our feelings about Dez Bryant (21:30), and then Kevin is talking about the bathroom again. Music provided by TRUTH. Show notes can be found on...


Victory Lap

This week, it was someone’s birthday during the best and worst of the week (1:00), the guys have some Masterful reactions to this week’s golf (15:18), catch up with the NBA going into the playoffs (25:48), and are wondering what these jerseys are all about (31:36). They’ve been itching to get back into the NFL (34:16), and L.J. straight up calls out cornerbacks (43:43). The JPP Bracket Challenge winner joins us (58:44) and talks about artists’ merit over their art (1:02:58). They finish...


The King of the Pivot Foot

This week, the guys talk about their best and worst (1:00), the busiest man in sports (11:24), The Masters (12:59), the statistical dominance of Tiger Woods (15:23), the surprising Blackhawk goalie (19:21), and the new track from High School to the NBA and their athletic eligibility (23:41). They get onto the Final Four (32:33), starting with Loyola vs Michigan (33:53), and wrapping up with Kansas vs Villanova (42:46). They then try to recap the Championship game that they haven’t seen yet...


Sister Jean & Pittsnogle

This week, the guys talk about their best and worst of the week (1:00), a Chilean alien from outer space, why progamers are better than you, under cover athletes, small talk no-go’s, check out lines, and how to lose in this week’s layups (11:58). Then they get into Final Four, including this year’s Pittsnoggle nominees (34:40). They finish up with some random thoughts like fruit peeling and ink spots (1:07:44) and what they’re listening to. Music in this episode provided by Truth. Show...


Sit Down with Aaron Torres

In this week’s bonus episode, Pops and Kevin give an update on the JPP Bracket Challenge (1:00). Then, Kevin was able to sit down with Fox Sports Radio Host and writer for TheAthletic.com, Aaron Torres (16:00), to break down all of the Madness from the opening weekend of the NCAA Tournament as well as what they expect looking ahead to the Sweet 16.


Second Best Chili

This week on Just Press Play, the guys talk about their best and worst of the week (1:00), the man in red is back on the green (10:46), Tom Brady breaking his diet (14:50), and then they get started on NCAA hoops. From funny Vegas stories during March’s biggest sporting upset (19:11) to how Arizona fell apart (31:02) to the coolest nun since Sister Act (36:52). Some interesting moves are playing out in NFL free agency, Kevin gets stuck on the phone, and Explain It to Kevin is back! Show...