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President Bush SR. Funeral, Meek Mill, Packers firing!!, Ariana Grande, Kareem Hunt, and more!!!!

What a news-heavy week. Hear dexpc5 talk about the following topics, Timestamps included: President George Bush Sr State Funeral (3:33) Cardi B and Offset Split + Ariana Grande Thank you Next video (14:24) Meek Mill Championship album review and platform for prison reform (19:14) NHL gets 32 hockey team, will NBA follow suit (33:33) Kareem Hunt release from the Chiefs (35: 31) Urban Meyer retirement, what happens next, his legacy. College football playoffs set, need for a top 8. (46:13)...


Hey NFL, why is Reuben Foster ok but Colin Kaepernick is not? Dwight Howard Twitter drama!!

Now with timestamps so you can go right to your favorite topics!! Hear Dexpc5 talk about a lot of topics including the following: Why the NFL continues to be okay with guys like Reuben Foster but still won’t let Colin Kaepernick even get a tryout? Listen to why this is hypocritical. Find my take on the Dwight Howard twitter drama with a transgender man this weekend. Listen to the show and tell your friends and family!!! Follow on Instagram on the Just My take Podcast and dexpc5 Click the...


I’m back!! Facebook the new Myspace? Tekashi 69 legal troubles, NBA, NFL, WWE recaps and more!!

Took last week off but I’m back with a Thanksgiving special. Now with timestamps so you can go right to your favorite topics!! Hear dexpc5 talk about a lot of topics including the following: Seeing the play Hamilton for the first time in New York City (5:30 mark) Is Facebook going to be the new Yahoo and Myspace in 5 years? (11:28 mark) Tekashi 6ixnine legal troubles (28:48 mark) NBA recap 1 month into the season Why I think Durant is a pretend Alpha (43:50 mark) NFL recap-Contenders for the...


Midterm elections 2018. What an election!!!

The hotly contested Midterm Elections of 2018 is completed. Hear my Objective take on the results. How this affects the Democrats, Republicans and President Trump going forward. Why people need to pay more attention to the Midterm elections than presidential. Also why voting is important in general and how I wish Election Day was on a Saturday. Love him or hate him, President Trump has made people go out to the polls more. Listen to the show and tell your friends and family!!! Click the link...


Why Women should carry the WWE now, Megan Kelly, Nicki vs Cardi B and more!!!!

Happy Halloween everyone. Here is the latest episode of the Just my Take Podcast. Hear dexpc5 talk about the following topics : Aaron Rodgers vs Tom Brady on Sunday Night Football Megan Kelly comments on Blackface and why it’s always going to be a touchy subject Nicki Minaj vs Cardi B drama is draining and needs to end!! My recap on WWE Evolution (all women’s pay per view) Even though women wrestlers are great not, it wasn’t always this way, learn how WWE used to treat women wrestlers back...


Future of the show, Roman Reigns second fight with leukemia, World Series and more!!!

New episodes drop Thursday Morning!! Tell your friends and family Hear dexpc5 talk about: The future of the Just my Take Podcast. My hot take on the Toronto Raptors coming out the East for the NBA finals and why Kawhi leonard will stay with them for now The World Series and once again why baseball needs to market better to causals Roman Reigns and his second fight with leukemia. How all of the wrestling community is pulling for him and why this is a major blow for WWE? Listen to the show and...


This Era of Music streaming, helping or hurting the industry? Should WWE do the PPV in Saudi Arabia?

New Episode drops Thursday Morning!! What a week it’s been, here dexpc5 talk about: The Era of Music Streaming. Is it helping or hurting the music industry?? Will fans savor these albums or are there so much content that fans quickly forget about it? Should WWE do the upcoming PPV in Saudi Arabia given the recent controversy with the missing journalist? Also, my take on the Smackdown 1000 recap, why I felt it was rushed. Also why no Cena, Rock or Eddie Guerrero Tribute. Show segments will...


Khabib vs Mcgregor, my take on the fight. Cristiano Ronaldo T.I and Ella Mai and more!!!

New Episode drop Thursday Morning!! What a week it’s been, here dexpc5 talk about: His review on Dime Trap Album by TIP and preview of Ella Mai’s self titled debut album Khabib vs Conor, why I loved it and why UFC needs to take a page from the WWE’s playbook Cristiano Ronaldo allegations and my take what needs to happen with aftermath of the #MeToo movement Jimmy Butler proving a point at Twolve practice!! Please trade the man. Show segments will now by on Youtube, subscribe to the channel...


Give Ja Rule his credit!!!! Tha Carter 5. Another Kanye rant. Midterm Elections and more!!!

New episodes drop Thursday morning!!! Ja Rule deserves more credit for his influence on today’s industry. He started the trend of mainstream rappers singing and rapping in the song. Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter 5 does well in album sales, why I’m not too surprised. Another Kanye West rant about his comment on the 13 amendment Important of the Midterm Elections and how it will ultimately come down to Economy vs Morality. Get out and vote everyone!!! Follow on Instagram on the JustMytakePodcast and...


Kanye at it again. Lauryn Hill please come back, Kevin Hart fires back and more!!!

Hear my take on the following topics: Kanye West getting mad at Nick Cannon and Drake over Kim Kardashian. NFL ex-players fighting for health insurance for life Mark Cuban getting roasted on NBA The Jump Will the NFL survive in 20 years?? Lauryn Hill, please come back Kevin Hart fires back at Katt Williams NFL Halftime show and more!!!! Follow the show on JustmyTakePodcast on Instagram Follow me on Instagram and Twitter at dexpc5 Subscribe and get your friends to listen to the show too!!!!!


Emmy’s so Bad!! Millennials-are we blessed or cursed? My rant on Student Loan Debt!! Jimmy Butler on

New episodes drop every Thursday Morning. Please follow the Justmytakepodcast Instagram page!!!! Hear dexpc5 talk about why Emmy’s award show was so bad this year. No one cares about the award shows like they used to. Millennials-are we blessed, cursed or a little bit of both? Are we running in circles in the age of social media? My rant on Student Loan debt and the education system. Why is the country punishing students? Why is it cheaper to own a car or house than to get a degree that can...


RIP Mac Miller&Botham Jean, Apple Watch 4, Serena Williams, Ozarks on Netflix, Sports recap and more

Another news-packed week. First of thank you all for the support. Also for people being affected by Hurricane Florence, please be safe. Hear my take on this week's topics. RIP to Mac Miller, may he rest in peace. Listen to his music and interviews on Youtube esp his 2009 song. The tragic death of Botham Jean and why mainstream media needs to cover it. Latest rap beef including Nicki vs. Cardi B, Mary J Blige vs. Faith Evans, and Meek Mill & Drake Ozarks on Netflix and if Netflix is starting...


Eminem vs Everybody esp. MGK & Joe Budden, Kanye apologizes to Drake. Feeling like Summer Video from

What a week!! Hear my take on Eminem taking on everybody. However, MGK and Joe Budden throw fire right back at Eminem with personal digs of their own. Kanye finally apologizes to Drake over the Pusha T beef. Analysis of Feeling like Summer from Childish Gambino. Lastly what everyone is missing regarding Nike having Colin Kaepernick in their latest ad campaign.


Kanye and his slavery comments. Nfl to move to a soft cap??

Every episode will be dropping on Thursday Mornings!!! This week Dexpc5 has a lot to about. I say goodbye to the legendary Aretha Franklin. the feud between Senator McCain and President Trump (10:23). Kanye West and slavery comments (11:40). the College Football playoff (15:30) Odell Beckham Jr and Aaron Rodgers new contracts. NFL to move to soft cap in future? (19:30)La Liga coming to the USA? Soccer leagues and TV contracts.(25:00). ESPN needs to separate opinion and sports to separate...


Nicki Minaj, time to get your money!!! Stop the Twitter feuds.

Nicki Minaj needs to get off Twitter and focus on getting more money. Hear Dexpc5 talk about why Nicki Minaj needs to focus on being a mogul and less on feuding with new stars. Instead of going back and forth with Travis Scott, Meek Mills and Cardi B, it’s time for Nicki Minaj to start making boss moves. Start her own rap label, more endorsements, use her status to get to mogul level like Jay z, Diddy, Drake and others. Subscribe on Itunes and other podcast platforms. Thank you to my...


Lebron vs Trump. Dak’s Dilemma. Elite players saying no thanks to NCAA. Aaron Rodgers advice for NFL

Lots to talk about this episode. Hear my take on the following: Lebron James vs Trump. Dak's Dilemma of morals vs career. NCAA bullshitting with its new ruling for elite basketball players Aaron Rodgers advice for the NFL salary cap English Premier League Predictions and much more!!!! Subscribe and Share. Leave a comment and rating on Itunes Hit me up on social media at dexpc5, instagram at justmytakepodcast


NASTY people at pool parties, 2018 Fall sports Video game Lineup and WWE’s first all-women’s pay view

People need to stop fucking at public pool parties LOL !!! Hear my take on casino pool parties and social media, why EA and 2K need to stop being lazy with their offline career modes, and why WWE should not get full praise for doing an all-women’s pay per view now when they should have done it years ago!!! Subscribe on Apple Podcasts and other podcast platforms Hit me up on Twitter, Snapchat at Dexpc5 Hit me up on Instagram at Justmytakepodcast and dexpc5 Thanks for the feedback and support,...


How the NFL players stop the anthem protests and still combat police brutality!!!

Hear my take on how NFL players can stop anthem protest but still win combating police brutality in the communities they came from. In a topic that feels very close to home for a lot of Americans, hear my take on why the players need to say screw it and make changes from within. Hear why America issues with slavery is still affecting race relations today and how it can start to be fixed. Why the original message has disappeared, and the protests are not helping the optics. Lastly why my...


Papa John use of the N word, World Cup Final is set, sports media obsession with hot takes

Hear my take on Papa Johns owner using the n-word in a conference call, what made him decide that he needed to say this on a business conference call of all places, why stuff like this will continue to happen until America truly acknowledges the past. My views on the World Cup as a whole, why Croatia is the ultimate underdog story, Why France has so many Africans on their team. Lastly why sports media obsession with hot takes needs to end, talking about you Ryan Hollins.


Boogie to the Warriors, and NBA fans should be blamed it came to this.

Demarcus “Boogie Cousins is off to the Warriors and us NBA fans need to take blame. Hear my take on why fans and media’s ring obsession for NBA players drives these stars to make drastic moves to obtain a ring by any mean’s necessary. Do we glorify the rings over the talent and body of work that these NBA stars are putting in? Subscribe and Leave a rating and feedback. Remember whether you agree or disagree, it’s just my take!!!