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Wake up with a steaming cup of sports. It's mornings with Randy Karraker and Michelle Smallmon. More opinion, more talk, more often, Karraker & Smallmon.

Wake up with a steaming cup of sports. It's mornings with Randy Karraker and Michelle Smallmon. More opinion, more talk, more often, Karraker & Smallmon.


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Wake up with a steaming cup of sports. It's mornings with Randy Karraker and Michelle Smallmon. More opinion, more talk, more often, Karraker & Smallmon.




Blues broadcaster Darren Pang

Panger joins Karraker & Smallmon to talk about the Blues chances to steal game 1, the fun of the broadcast even if it's not for the Blues, he best way to slow down Makar (beyond stealing his skates), how frustrating MacKinnon could be the biggest x-factor, not being able to worry about being overly-physical against such a fast team and why keeping the best players 200 feet away is always the best opportunity.


The Athletic's Avalanche beat writer Peter Baugh

Peter Baugh, Avs beat writer, joins Randy & Michelle to talk about the Blues-Avs series with some perspective from the Colorado side including what makes them so dangerous, what to watch for with stars like Rantanen, Landeskog & Makar, the Avs being very deep but the Blues still having more depth, the battle of the 3rd lines being crucial, the status of Darcy Kuemper, whether or not being physical with the Avs has slowed them down in the past and the potential effect of pressure on an Avs...


Cardinals broadcaster Mike Claiborne

Claibs oins the program to talk about a couple of weekend wins for the Cardinals, a magical Sunday evening full of firsts, the excitement behind Yepez and Edman, the little things making these players great, Albert Pujols as a mentor, Yepez continuing to dominate and grow and a couple of quick blues thoughts before they get underway with the Avs.


Karraker & Smallmon - May 17th, 2022

7:00 - Blues vs. Avalanche gets underway tonight, Cards have a double-header on the slate tonight 7:15 - Four Predictions for the Blues v. Avalanche: MVP, biggest thorn, biggest mismatch and our series predictions 7:30 - Top Ten reasons hat Kroenke Sucks 7:45 - TIOLI 8:00 - Fresh Take: We can accept that the Blues aren't favored...but the overwhelming majority of the picks going against the Blues?! 8:15 - Mike Claiborne on a historic Sunday, the growth of Yepez, the greatness of Albert & a...


Charity Ascension Classic's Nick Ragone

Nick jumps on the show to break down the latest news on the Charity Ascension Classic, including more partners, a sports superstar that will join the event and more chances for people to reach out and interact.


STL Broadcaster Hall of Famer, Co-Author of "64 Cardinals" Ron Jacober

STL media legen Ron Jacober joins the show to talk about his new book, "64 Cardinals" that goes in depth into one of the more wild season in Cardinals baseball history. Sneaking managers into Grant's Farm, firings, resignations, a string on heart0breaking stories about the treatment of the black players, a new motel across from a stadium and more.


Cardinals broadcaster Dan McLaughlin

Danny Mac joins the program to talk about a resurgent weekend for the Cardinals offense, watching a night of history with yadi, Albert & Waino, his goals for this team the rest of May and not being able to figure out where the roller-coaster offense for the cardinals coms from.


Blues winger David Perron

#57 for your St. Louis Blues, David Perron, joins Randy & Michelle to talk about the big win over the Wild, why he sees the Avalanche as an even matchup, his good feeling for the series, everyone thinking they can go all the way once the 2nd round starts, Blues game and style being different than '19, why that isn't a bad thing, the similarities between the two styles, ow each situation and matchup can be different, his thoughts on the forwards and young players stepping up for injuries and...


Blues broadcaster Chris Kerber

Kerbs joins Karraker & Smallmon to preview the Blues-Avs matchup, why it's hard to gauge these teams after the regular season, the stats that actually go the Blues way, if Darcy Kuemper can step up for the Avs, whether or not the long rest for the Avs will help or hurt them, the Blues getting the rest they needed with this schedule, the danger of Cole Makar, why the Avs not being challenged in the 1st round could matter, the blues need o watch out for Kadri and why physicality will still be...


Karraker & Smallmon - May 16th, 2022

7:00 - Getting into a big weekend for the Cards and another St. Louis favorite...an atomic version of Jayson Tatum, and the Blues schedule gets set 7:15 - Start one, Bench ne, Cut One: Yadi-Waino/Pujols pitching/Yadi hitting, Giannis/Ja/Booker, Scherzer/Tatum/Matthew Tkachuk 7:30 - Three thigs we loved from the weekend 7:45 - TIOLI 8:00 - Fresh Take: Is the Cardinals offense going to turn the corner after a big game against Rodon? 8:15 - Chris Kerber talks the Avs matchup, the positives for...


Former Blue Jamal Mayers

As he had after all the Wild games, Jamal Mayers joins the show to break down the Blues Game 6 clinching win, how he blues did what they needed to do to slow down Kaprisov, the Blues impressive group defense, Binner having his best game of the 3 last night, the Blues utilizing their depth and defense to close out the Wild, needing to control the neural zone with the Avalanche, not letting Colorado getting out in transition, Saad and the other veterans being key for next round and how t...


Former Blue Keith Tkachuk

Big Walt Tkachuk joins Karraker & Smallmon to talk about Game 6 and the Blues the playoffs so far, a fun style to watch them play, Binnington stepping up at the right time, his swagger & puck-handling being a big part of the Blues wins, Game 5 bein the difference maker & Schenn bein the biggest change, Nick Leddy vs. Kaprisov and the benefit of an underrated move & how Keith just wants to watch the game and doesn't need former Top 5 draft picks bothering him the whole game...


Blues broadcaster Joey Vitale

Joey joins Michelle & Randy to break down the Blues clinching Game 6 win, the importance of the Blues changes between games, the impact and effect of Berube's coaching and adjustments, the brilliant move of going down to 11 forwards to counter the Wild, French concrete, the Blues countering the GREEF line and turning the tables and the importance of playing through the physicality of the playoffs.


Former PGA Pro Jay Delsing

Jay Delsing joins the program to answer the listeners golfing questions, including the big problem with changing your hand placement and grip, and reaction to the recent comments from golfers about their Saudi Arabian "mistakes".


Karraker & Smallmon - May 13th, 2022

7:00 - Cardinals drop a disappointing series to the Orioles but today is all about the Blues 5-1 G6 win and 4-2 series win 7:15 - Peak & Pit 7:30 - Jay Delsing takes fan questions and tips for their golf game including grips, changing your hand placement & opening up your shot too early 7:45 - TIOLI: Denver is goin to hate Brayden Schenn by this time next week 8:00 - Today's Big Thing: The Blues react to their Game 6 win, looking forward to Game 6 8:15 - Joey Vitale on the importance of...


The Athletic's Blues writer Jeremy Rutherford

JR joins the program to talk about tonight's Blues-Wild game 6 matchup, the Blues needed to weather a "big storm" from the Wild tonight, what exactly a "big storm" might look like, the Wild coming hard for a win tonight, the importance of Binner's puck play, Berube's emphasis on that puck play, Vladdy reestablishing himself among the top scorers in the whole league, the likelihood of seeing Cam Talbot in this series, why an overly-physical game has hurt both teams at times and how Wild HC...


MLB Network's Jon Morosi

Jon Morosi stirred up the Cardinals fan base with his idea of a potential Cardinals-Red Sox deal that could materialize later in the season around Xander Bogaerts, so Jon joins Randy & Michelle today to break down the possibility of the red Sox wanting to move him in the first place, how Jon sees the cardinals current situation at SS, Gorman as the main trade piece, the likelihood of Liberatore being the big part of the trade, the similarities to this situation and Arenado in Colorado and...


Bommarito's Chuck Wallis + WWT Raceway's Chris Clair

Chuck Wallis from Bommarito and Chris Blair from WWT Raceway joined Karraker & Smallmon in studio to preview the next big event here in St. Louis, the 'Enjoy Illinois 300'. Plus breaking down all the big moments from the upcoming 'Richard Petty Day', the amount of different drivers set to race, how this all came about and finally bringing NASCAR to the many fans already in St. Louis.


Blues broadcaster John Kelly

JK joins Karraker & Smallmon to answer our question of the day: The Blues win game six if ______, why the Blues need to watch out for a sneaky game from Fiala or Hartman, why the Wild are still a dangerous team, it being too late in the series to go to Talbot now, the play of Barbashev so far and how his impact could help the team, Binnington's confidence being back in form, his aggressiveness in the crease being a huge help and John Kelly's favorite surprise team from the 1st Round so far.


Karrraker & Smallmon - May 12th, 2022

7:00 - Cardinals win G2 against the Orioles, Yepez and Mikolas continue their roll, Blues-Wild G6 tonight 7:15 - Sick of it! 7:30 - Blues Mad Libs: The Blues win will game six if __________ 7:45 - TIOLI 8:00 - Fresh Take: The Blues win will game six if __________ 8:15 - John Kelly answer our Blues mad libs, breaks down the potential importance of Kevin Fiala and if the Wild will make a goalie change 8:30 - The Fight 8:45 - Chuck Wallis from Bommarito & Chris Blair from WWT raceway preview he...