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Wake up with a steaming cup of sports. It's mornings with Randy Karraker and Michelle Smallmon. More opinion, more talk, more often, Karraker & Smallmon.

Wake up with a steaming cup of sports. It's mornings with Randy Karraker and Michelle Smallmon. More opinion, more talk, more often, Karraker & Smallmon.


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Wake up with a steaming cup of sports. It's mornings with Randy Karraker and Michelle Smallmon. More opinion, more talk, more often, Karraker & Smallmon.




ESPN 49ers writer Nick Wagoner

Nick joins the show to talk about one of the bigger stories in the NFL--Trey Lance taking over for the 49ers--a quick reaction to the Roquan smith news (and how Fred Warner affected it), the saga of Deebo and his expectations for this season, the early success from Brandon Aiyuk in camp so far, why he thinks the 49er should be legitimate contenders, the defense returning back to top form, what the Lance decision means for Jimmy Garoppolo's status on the Niners, why it's been tough to find a...


Cardinals broadcaster Mike Claiborne

Mike joins Carey & Randy to talk about his thoughts after the Cardinals trade deadline moves, why Bader was such an interesting story, augmenting the staff with pitchers that fit the scheme, the big questions about the Cardinals vs. winning teams, Flaherty on the way to a rehab, why Bader retained enough value to make the deal possible, the tricky job of finding a new catcher post-Molina, his favorite moments from the Charles Barkley interview and what's coming up next with Mike & Joe West...


Cardinals Magazine writer Stan McNeal

Stan joins Randy & Carrey to talk about the newest edition of this year's Cardinal Yearbook--focused all on Adam Wainwright, his favorite moment this weekend between Willie and Waino, Stan's thoughts on the Cardinal's moves at the deadline, Waino's fight against the naysayers and the retirement-honks and Stan's expectations for a Cardinals run this offseason.


Karraker & Smallmon - August 9th, 2022

7:00 - Cards at Rockies tonight, which has us thinking about that Arenado trade...and while the streak in nice, lets be honest: What still worries you about this team? 7:15 - If we're going to criticize the Cardinals for Alcantara and Arozarena, let's take a minute to look at that Arenado trade 7:30 - Cardinals Magazine's Stan McNeal on this years Cardinals Yearbook, an incredible series against the Yankees and positivity for the second half 7:45 - TIOLI 8:00 - Fresh Take: What still worries...


Voice of the Cardinals, Dan McLaughlin

Danny Mac joins Randy & Alexa to talk about a special weekend for the Cardinals, a playoff atmosphere at Busch stadium all three games, the pitching moves already starting to change things, getting ready for the Rockies, reacting to the first Montgomery start, the enjoyment in the DeJong comeback, and this Cardinals team turning out to be a little fun.


Sirius XM MLB Network, ESPN host Dani Wexelman

We get both hosts of "Datt's What She Said" on with Randy to talk about an extremely entertaining Yankees-Cardinals series, the Yankees having their biggest moves bite them in the ass, a Jordan Montgomery scouting report/download, the story of the Paul DeJong comeback and the Mets finally living up to the expectations (Mets fans: it's the hope that gets you...).


Voice of the Blues, Chris Kerber

Chris Kerber joins Alexa & Randy to break down some expectations and questions as we get closer to Blues training camp already getting underway: Can the Blues count on a consistent year for Binnington? What's the future look like for a Jordan Kyrou? Can this team reach the high of 19? 21? 22?


Karraker & Smallmon - August 8th, 2022

7:00 - Alex Datt in studio for Michelle--Cardinals with a huge sweep over the Yankees with a nail-bitter on Saturday and a slug-fest on Sunday + Vermeil's induction a fitting swan song for NFL football in STL 7:15 - Start one, Bench one, Cut one 7:30 - Three Thing We Loved from the Weekend: 7:45 - TIOLI 8:00 - Fresh Take: Is the division going to be locked up earlier than we thought? 8:15 - Chris Kerber on the Blues already looking towards to the start of TC 8:30 - The Fight 8:50 - Dani...


Karraker & Smallmon - August 5, 2022 - Live from the Pro Football Hall of Fame

7:00 - Dick vermeil live with Randy & Michelle from the Pro Football Hall of Fame 7:30 - Hall of Famer Isaac Bruce to talk about the impact of Dick Vermeil and the upcoming Vermeil Gala in St. Louis 7:45 - Former Eagles Qb Ron Jaworski on the younger Vermeil, learning as a player & man from him 8:00 - TIOLI 8:15 - The Rams beat on the Cubs and sweep them, thank to a mini-sweep of yesterday double-header 8:30 - The Fight 8:50 - Former Rams QB, CBS analyst Trent Green on the impact of...

Former Rams executive Jay Zygmunt

One of the architects of the Greatest Show on Turf, Jay Zygmunt joins Randy & Michelle to talk about the stories of how they brought both Dick Vermeil out of retirement and finding Kurt Warner, how tough it was to bring Vermeil out of retirement after his burnout, Coach Vermeil immediately understanding how much work the Rams were going to take and what the plethora of relationships on display during this weekend says about the greatness of Dick Vermeil.


Super Bowl Champion, Hall of Famer Kurt Warner

Kurt Warner joins Karraker & Smallmon to talk about Coach Vermeil and the special 1999 Season, his thoughts after the famous "We will rally around Kurt Warner..." press conference, how Coach vermeil made it so easy to show emotion--even on the football field, what it says about Coach that he has maintained connections across 50+ years and how much he took from Vermeil that he uses to coach players today.


Super Bowl Champion, Rams analyst D'Marco Farr

Former 101 Host, Rams analyst and Super Bowl Champion D'Marco Farr joins Randy & Michelle to talk about his first reactions when Coach Vermeil was hired, still hurting from those first practices, the failed practice mutiny, love being the most profound thing that Coach vermeil brought to his life, how special the dinners at his house were and why he believes the 1999 Rams are the greatest team ever.


Former Rams, Chiefs QB, CBS Analyst Trent Green

Trent Green joined Randy & Michelle to talk about the impact that Dick Vermeil had on his life, the story of his first time meeting Dick Vermeil, Vermeil being the one coach who could take the '99 team over the hump, looking back on the reaction after his injury, Vermeil making sure everyone in the building was connected, reconnected together in Kansas City, how important it was to bring in smart people into his staffs and how often Trent applies the many pieces of advice he took from Coach...


Former Eagles QB, NFL analyst Ron Jaworski

Jaws joins Randy & Michelle to talk about the effect that Dick vermeil had on his career as both a football player and a man, attributing his work ethic to Coach Vermeil, what made him the most special as a coach, teaching Jaws about football, life, work & more, learning how to grind tape and how it helped him in his broadcasting career, "jumping in the wheelbarrow" and buying in, Vermeil showing how to coach to win as opposed as to not lose and how Vermeil helped Jaws prepare to be a...


Super Bowl Champion, Hall of Famer Isaac Bruce

Isaac joins Randy & Michelle to talk about Dick Vermeil making it into the Hall of Fame, the dichotomy as a coach who was so kind but then would absolutely kill you on the football field, his obsession with the details and the little things, the push and drive towards winning that he created and celebrating Coach Vermeil at the upcoming Gala here in St. Louis.

Super Bowl Champion, Hall of Famer Dick Vermeil

Coach Vermeil joins Randy & Michelle to talk about his upcoming induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, living in the moment this weekend through all the festivities, keeping the game open to the media and fans, not being able to accept compliments, growing both football players and men as a coach, being able to get the 3000 foot view as a head coach, being the man who defined "burnout" after his Eagles stint, coaching a hard game with a soft side, cutting a player ON the field and how...

The Athletic's Cardinals insider Katie Woo

Katie Woo joins Randy & Michelle to get her thoughts on the Cardinals deadline moves, break down her most recent article on the Cardinals new and improved pitching staff, targeting what Mo likes in an SP, whether this will be enough to push them through the rest of the year, her initial reaction to the Cardinals moves on Tuesday at 5PM, and why Dylan Carlson's play in CF has been such a revelation for the Cardinals.


The Athletic's Blues insider Jeremy Rutherford

JR joins Karraker & Smallmon to talk about his latest piece in The Athletic, reminisce on JR's early days reporting in STL for the Rams, why the Perron departure is bothering Blues fans so much, whether or not this roster will change between ow and the first game of the season and why JR doesn't envy baseball writers


Cardenales broadcaster Bengie Molina

Cycle-hitter and current Cardinals Spanish-language broadcaster Bengie Molina joins the show to talk about his thoughts on the Cardinals trade deadline moves, the importance of Yadi's return, why the pitching missed him so much and how he sees the second half playing out for the Cardinals.


MLB Network host Greg Amsinger

Greg joins Randy & Michelle to break down his thoughts on what he called the Cardinals "Plan B" attack, why he likes Quintana and Montgomery for the Cardinals, why the Brewers moves confused him, ignoring the human aspect in sports, how that affects the NL Central race, why he's rooting for San Diego and therefore the future of baseball and his favorite Vin Scully story.