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Hit the hole weekday mornings on The Opening Drive with Randy Karraker and Carey Davis. Two local guys talking everything St. Louis sports.

Hit the hole weekday mornings on The Opening Drive with Randy Karraker and Carey Davis. Two local guys talking everything St. Louis sports.


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Hit the hole weekday mornings on The Opening Drive with Randy Karraker and Carey Davis. Two local guys talking everything St. Louis sports.




Cardinals broadcaster Rick Horton

Rick joins Randy & Carey to talk about this years Tree of Lights charity for the Cardinals, the chance you have to see Cardinals celebrities at the Schnucks in the Hill raising money for the Salvation Army, what he thinks the Cardinal situation with a new catcher could be, how he looks at the catcher and pitcher spots from the perspective of a former pticher and why Cody Bellinger (at the right salary) could be a great fit for the Cardinals.


St. Louis Blues Center Robert Thomas

RT joins Carey & Randy to talk about how much fun it is to get to work with Joey Vitale, why he's rolling with a cheetah for his spirit animal, how you can transfer being fast to PLAYING fast, how the game continues to slow down for him despite the actually speed of the NHL game picking up since he got drafted, how quick it is to pick up new linemates, if they're excited for the East Coast/New York trip, what he thinks about the Blues latest stretch of up-and-down play and the Pittsburgh...


Blues broadcaster Joey Vitale

Joey V joins "The Opening Drive" to talk about the special moment last night letting the kids call parts of the game, how the cancer stories can change your perspective and make you appreciate life, the intricacies of coyote calls and how to solve the deer problem.


Former PGA Pro Jay Delsing

Jay joins the show to talk about his Thanksgiving weekend, if he thinks the recent reports shows the signs of a Tiger Woods comeback, why he'll never use a motorized cart on the golf course, if he'll ever be an Ascension Charity Classic player, if the LIV tour still needs Greg Norman to get their tour launched and if he can still help them, the biggest problem he ever had with another golfer and answer some listener questions.


The Opening Drive - November 2nd, 2022

7:00 - The Blues fall again, this time to the Hurricanes 6-4 and Week 13 gets kicked off with an unsurprising 24-10 win for the Bills over the Patriots 7:15 - Greg Amsinger is still adamant about Trea Turner--do we still have hope? 7:30 - Jay Delsing breaks down the latest development in LIV golf and breaks down the time he almost got in a fight with another golfer who wouldn't stop accusing him of cheating 7:45 - TIOLI 8:00 - Fresh Take: What kind of scenario for the CFP could come out of...


Former NFL OT & Host of the Ross Tucker Podcast, Ross Tucker

Ross Tucker joins Carey & Randy to talk about which team has the best chance to challenge the Chiefs in the AFC, who has the best chance to knock the Eagles off the NFC pedestal, if Zach Wilson's time in NY is all-but down already, if the Rodger-to-Detroit theory has any potential legs and what the future for the Rams could possibly be with their current situation.


The Athletic Blues insider Jeremy Rutherford

JR joins the show to talk about the lack of scoring and Berube's comments about the Blues "overpassing", how over passing needs to balance with Berube's preference for quality-over-quantity shots, if a line change among Kyrou could be in the works to get a boost with the offense and what he thinks about the matchup against the Hurricanes.


Voice of the Blues John Kelly

JK joins Carey & Randy to talk about the Blues inconsistent play, how important getting Robert Thomas will be for the Blues tonight, the jump in his game that has been apparent this season, if the conference play has started to even out when compared to the differences in years past, his thoughts on the Hurricanes matchup for tonight, if he thinks this team is a .500 roster and how important Hockey Fights Cancer night is to bring awareness from the league.


MLB Network lead host Greg Amsinger

Greg joins "The Opening Drive" to talk about the upcoming Winter Meetings, why there should be confident that things are going to heat up with the first in-person meetings since 2019, why his confidence in Trea Turner-to-St. louis hasn't wavered yet, who the new "Face of the Franchise" is for the Cardinals, the most underrated catcher in the MLB and why the Cardinals should target him and his thoughts on this next calls up for voting in the Hall of Fame.


The Opening Drive - December 1st, 2022

7:00 - We got a record-setting night from Yuri Collins last night with 20 assists and the Rose Bowl has acquiesced which means we're getting CFP expansion 7:15 - Sick of it! 7:30 - Greg Amsinger talks about the Cardinals offseason plans, if he's still rolling with Turner to the Cardinals and his thoughts on the upcoming Hall of Fame dicussion 7:45 - TIOLI 8:00 - Fresh Take: With Yadi retiring, who is the face of the Cardinals' franchise? 8:15 - Voice of the Blues John Kelly breaks down the...


Former HS Coach, 24/7 SPorts & CBS Sports CFB Analyst Carl Reed

Carl joins Carey & Randy to talk about how the transfer portal may affect this years bowl games, how some bowl games could be in jeopardy because of a lack of players on a roster, the only solution being a contraction of bowl games, maybe 15-20% of the 2000 players in the portal being impact players for their next team, how the current recruiting and portal leads to more players ending up in the right situation, the bright side of the transfer portal changing the players lives for the...


Blues, NHL Hall of Famer Bernie Federko

Bernie joins "The Opening Drive" to talk about the Blues dropping a game but not being disappointed in how they played most of the game, the importance of the Thomas injury and the passing of the guard from the old core to the Thomas-led group, who the most dangerous sniper he ever played with, and his thoughts on the continued development of Calle Rosen.


Comedian Greg Warren

Greg Warren joins the show in studio to talk about his upcoming shows in STL this weekend, what got him started in comedy back when he was younger, growing up with a wrestling and football coach for a father, if comedy has changed over the last 10 years, the history of Pringles and their fight against the US Government and his upcoming shows and specials.


The Opening Drive - November 30th, 2022

7:00 - The next round of the CFP rankings have come out and the changes have us wondering if Conference Championship weekend could shake things up in a big way 7:15 - Ask Uncle Randy! 7:30 - Comedian Greg Warren joins in studio to talk old school coaches and the importance of Pringles marketing 7:45 - TIOLI 8:00 - Fresh Take: We're "Filling in the Gaps" of your NFL knowledge with your NFL questions for Carey & Randy 8:15 - Hall of Famer Bernie Federko has some optimism from the lose against...


Cardinals broadcaster Mike Claiborne

Mike joins "The Opening Drive" in the aftermath of his birthday celebration, apparently needing paperwork & witnesses to get married, the MLB fumbling the bag with a quiet and uneventful opening of the offseason, which young Cardinals player is the best trade piece for this offseason, how a Turner move changes the entire structure of the team, if he thinks the NIL & portal will lead to an irrevocable changes in CFB and how learning to live life is an important skill.


TNT, Blues analyst Darren Pang

Panger joins Randy & Carey to talk about a rough Blues loss, if he thinks the Blues were outplayed in that game, why the scoring chances early gives you optimism, what he saw from the Blues relative to their early-season struggles, if there was a noticeable loss of Robert Thomas last night, the Blues needing to make other teams work harder and how he sees the matchup for Thursday night.


The Opening Drive - November 29th, 2022

7:00 - The Blues drop another rough performance 4-1 to the division leading Stars, the Steelers pulled one back to close out NFL Week 12 and the USA gets ready for a win-or-go-home match in the World Cup this afternoon 7:15 - The CFB game has changed over the years with NIL and the portal, does the sport now need to incorporate something like the NFL's franchise tag to help out the smaller schools? 7:30 - Four Down from NFL Week 12 7:45 - TIOLI 8:00 - Fresh Take: Carey Davis tries to tear...


Voice of the Cardinals Dan McLaughlin

Dan joins Randy & Carey to talk about a long weekend of sports, how Harbaugh's run at Michigan has bucked the trend of quick firings and the success has come alongside it, the unbelievably high bar held against Ryan Day, what Danny thinks about the tradeoff of one championship for years of losing, how much the Astros pitching needs to be looked at when considering their success, how the Cardinals need to lean into their defense and what the Astros bullpen tells you about the Cardinals needs...


Voice of the Blues Chris Kerber

Kerbs joins Carey & Randy talk about some embarrassing moments for Kerbs in his career, his takeaways from the down play across the Buffalo & Tampa games, his mindset when the Blues were struggling early against the Panthers, if he thinks this is just a "Jekyll-and-Hyde" team, the veterans needing to take a bigger role in this squad, not buying into the effort narrative for the Blues this year, the importance of ROR & his line being dominant and how crucial the upcoming stretch of hockey...


The Opening Drive - November 28th, 2022

7:00 - (Extra busy holiday) Weekend Update as the Blues surprise everyone on their way back into the win column and the local schools finish off the football season and dive into the next stretch of the basketball season 7:15 - Three Things We Loved from the Weekend 7:30 - Which bowl game would you want for Mizzou and/or Illinois? Is there a particular opponent you want? 7:45 - TIOLI 8:00 - Fresh Take: Is mortgaging the future for that one championship worth it for you? With the way the Rams...