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Hit the hole weekday mornings on The Opening Drive with Randy Karraker and Carey Davis. Two local guys talking everything St. Louis sports.


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Hit the hole weekday mornings on The Opening Drive with Randy Karraker and Carey Davis. Two local guys talking everything St. Louis sports.




ESPN co-founder Bill Rasmussen

Bill joins Randy & Carey on an ESPN RADIO station--which is crazy from his perspective--to talk about how the doubts are an all-sports TV station never stopped him from pushing, how growing up along side the growth of America set his perspective for the rest of his life, how throwing the switch on the first ever "SPORTSCENTER" broadcast was an unforgettable moment and pulling back the memories to talk about the Browns-Cardinals World Series in 1944.


American Gaming Association CEO Bill Miller

Bill joined Carey & Randy to talk about how big of a week this is for the gaming industry, the way the landscape has changed in sports gambling over the last few years, what Missouri and other non-gambling state residents are missing out on, how the protections from the industry is the biggest boon to passing legislation, the big question around the money involved for gambling companies and the how & why of sports betting moving through the law-making process so quickly.


Former Cardinals Closer Jason Isringhausen

Izzy joins "The Opening Drive" to talk about what he looks for in a developing pitcher, what the best way to build up young pitchers is, why location is the biggest hurdle for young pitchers--including Flaherty when he was coming up, what the pitcher timer is going to do to MLB this season, the balance between the physical and mental side, the subtle changes over the years in AA & AAA and the biggest difference in between those two leagues for pitchers and hitters.


The Opening Drive - February 8th, 2023

7:00 - A big night of record in basketball as LeBron becomes the all-time leading scorer in NBA history and Yuri Collins sets another record in his incredible career 7:15 - Ask Uncle Randy! 7:30 - The first round of our bracket is finished and we're moving onto the 2nd round for today! 7:45 - TIOLI 8:00 - Fresh Take: Do we think the Eagles or Chiefs win this matchup? Lets decide by going through each team unit by unit... 8:15 - Former Cardinals closer Jason Isringhausen talks about what he...


Two-Time Super Bowl Champion Max Starks

Max joins Carey & Randy to talk about his thoughts during Harrison's big return in their Super Bowl versus the Cardinals, how much difference there was for him as a guy who had already played in a Super Bowl in his career, his thoughts on the Eagles-Chiefs that he's drawn from interviewing the players in Arizona this week, his thoughts on the Eagles-Chiefs matchup, why the Eagles pass rush is going to be a huge factor, the Chiefs incredible offense, his appreciation for the domination of the...


Cardinals broadcaster Mike Claiborne

Mike joins Carey & Randy live from a very busy Jupiter as a lot of players are already in Florida, his expectations for the Cardinals season, the Dodgers taking a step back opening up the NL, health & pitching always being the biggest thing across 162, how the WBC is going to affect the Spring for the MLB and for the Cardinals, his conversation with Tyler O'Neill and why his time at Super Bowls might be over.


Blues, TNT analyst Darren Pang

Panger joins Carey & Randy to talk about his time on break, his TNT duties as the Blues are still off for this week, his thought son the rest of the Blues' division and the parity across the West, how this could affect the Blues' mindset and what makes Matthew--and the whole Tkachuk family--so special.


The Opening Drive - February 7th, 2023

7:00 - We've been fairly positive about the Cardinals despite some of the questions marks--so what are our and your concerns for the Cardinals as we enter Spring Training? 7:15 - Four Downs: Super Bowl Preview Edition 7:30 - The Hockey bracket in our tournament might be the worst example of homerism we've ever seen in this city... 7:45 - TIOLI 8:00 - Fresh Take: What are the fans more concerned about with the 2023 St. louis Cardinals? 8:15 - Blues/TNT analyst Darren Pang on how the rest of...


Super Bowl Champion, MVP Santonio Holmes

Santonio joins Randy & Carey to talk about the incredible play he made to help the Steelers win that Super Bowl, the overwhelming importance of the veterans on the Steelers in their week-before preparations for the Super Bowl, what was gong through his mind before that game-winning drive, what led to his famous hot mic catch before the drive, what it was like having Carey as a teammate, his favorite memory that he can share on the air and what's going on with Santonio's charity.


Former St. Louis Ram, Super Bowl Champion Chris Long

Chris joins "The Opening Drive" to talk about always supporting STL, Philly becoming his NFL home in a lot of ways, what made that 2017 Eagles team so special, looking back at his preparations for the Super Bowl, how Tom Brady introduced himself to Chris when he first got to New England, what he remembers the most about playing with Tom Brady, he weighs is on how amazing the history of families in football is across the years and how the Longs fit in, tries to put a cap on never-ending...


Voice of the Blues, Chris Kerber

Kerbs joins Carey & Randy to talk about the All-Star Weekend, maybe reconsider some of his thoughts on the fly, the positives from the weekend, what he takes away from Tarasenko having a good showing in front of the rest of the league, what the Blues opening decisions out of the break could look like, his assessment of the development of the younger players, how he thinks they should prioritize a youth movement on the NHL level and what the biggest obstacle to that decision will be.


The Opening Drive - February 6th, 2023

7:00 - Weekend Wrapup after a ROUGH weekend of CBB for the local teams--especially the Illini's fan group--and will Vladdy's big weekend help out the Blues? 7:15 - Three Things We Loves from the Weekend 7:30 - The Eagles will become the second team to go to four Super Bowls with four different coaches and QBs--Are the Eeagles under Laurie one of the sneaky best organizations in the NFL? 7:45 - TIOLI 8:00 - Fresh Take: Spring Training starts a week from today--what concerns you about the...


The Opening Drive - February 3rd, 2023

7:00 - There's happenings all across basketball as things exploded last night in the association, we roll on to the next region in the first round of our "All Time Sports Family" bracket and the QB carousel continues to turn 7:15 - Kieth Law has the Cardinals as the 9th best farm system in baseball. Can they leverage this to boost their 2023 results? 7:30 - Jay Delsing talks about the joys of Pebble Beach and if driving is just "just for show" 7:45 - TIOLI 8:00 - Fresh Take: What are each...


Billikens Men's Basketball HC Travis Ford

Travis joins the program to talk about a very tough matchup tonight versus VCU, team defense being the biggest difference between the start of the conference schedule and now, sharing the ball & betting shot selection being a big jump as well, breaking down what went wrong in the final 10 minutes versus Fordham, a battle between Yuri & Baldwin being one of the best PG battles in the country, how they've been able to survive without their "X-Factor" in Fred Thatch and Travis dive into the...


Hall of Famer Aeneas Williams

Aeneas joins Carey & Randy to spread some joy and talk about the Super Bowl! Aeneas gets into his excitement over the first ever 'Aeneas Williams Award' for the top DB at an HBCU school, how he prepared and made him the athlete and man he is today, how he deals with the trauma that youths have gone through over the last couple year that put them in a tough position, why he's supportive of the changes being made at the Pro Bowl and why the game needs to be constantly evolving, his thoughts on...


The Athletic's Blues insider Jeremy Rutherford

JR joins Carey & Randy to talk about his recent fan poll questions on The Athletic, what the results tell us about the perception of the Blues, his conversation with Vladimir Tarasenko, how he feels the Blues next steps could play out.


Blues analyst Joey Vitale

Joey V joins Carey & Randy to talk about the real questions of the day: FOOD. What's Joey's go to Super Bowl food, all the information you never needed to know about cookies and just as we're about to get to a good Joey V story, we lose him! But we checked, Joey's all good!


Former PGA Pro Jay Delsing

Jay joins "The Opening Drive" to talk about the CRAZY shot that Spieth hit yesterday, if the phrase "Drive for show, putt for dough" is still the mantra in golf, and why Payne Stewart was the wildest dresser he's ever seen.


ESPN MLB Insider Kiley McDaniel

Kiley joins Randy & Carey to talk about his prospect rankings, his thoughts on Jordan Walker and why his pro-comparison moves him down a little relative to other rankings, why he's even higher on Masyn Winn in the completely opposite way, evaluating the jump that Gordan Graceffo across this past year, his thoughts on Tink Hence & the Cardinals making his job trickier and why he still has Ivan Herrera in his Top 100.


Former NFL LBer KJ Wright

KJ joined the show to break down his thoughts on Brady's retirement, what it was like to face him in the playoffs, how he remembers the lead up to the Broncos romp & why he saw it coming, comparing other defenses to what they build in Seattle, his thoughts on the Chiefs-Eagles matchup and his memories of having to come into STL & play the Rams.