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Hit the hole weekday mornings on The Opening Drive with Randy Karraker, Carey Davis and Brooke Grimsley.


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Hit the hole weekday mornings on The Opening Drive with Randy Karraker, Carey Davis and Brooke Grimsley.




Chris Blair, WWT Raceway GM

Chris joins Randy & Carey to talk about next weekend's Enjoy Illinois 300, what they learned from last year's event on how to make 2023 even better, what the best kind of racing to watch if you're new to the sport and the best ways to get to the events and enjoy next weekend. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


MLS broadcaster Max Bretos

Max joins "The Opening Drive" to get into Saturday's matchup between CITY & Vancouver, if the Whitecaps recent change of play to a hectic style shows the league making a change, why CITY can't sit back because of Vancouver's poor away record, why the battle of "stories" could make the matchup interesting, the Vancouver pairing that could cause CITY some problems, why these teams having similar styles makes turns the possession battle on its head, how the Klauss-less offense needs to continue giving CITY some confidence, his excitement in getting to see CITYPARK atmosphere first-hand for the first time and importance that Blom's play in the midfield will be against a transition-heavy style on Saturday. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Mike Johnson, Sugarfire Pitmaster

Mike joins the show in studio to talk about one of the best things in the world: BBQ. Tips on the best burgers, steaks, ribs, rib tips, even vegetables! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Voice of the Cardinals, Chip Caray

Chip joins Randy & Carey to talk about the Cardinals starting a 3-game series in Cleveland, the changes you have to make for the early-afternoon day games, getting used to Nolan Gorman's growing dominance, the similarities between pitching and real estate (think "location"), what makes BT's perspective as a former pitcher so crucial during the broadcast and the changes that Chip would make to the MLB schedule after the recent changes. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Former PGA Pro Jay Delsing

Jay joins Carey & Randy to walk about the incredible story of Michael Block, drive into the other recent golfing stories and put some planning on this round of golf Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Opening Drive - May 26th, 2023

7:00 - Cards-2 Reds-1 Golden Knights-2 Stars-3 OT (VGK leads 3-1) Celtics-110 Heat-97 (Heat lead 3-2) 7:15 - What do the Cardinals need to do between now and the London trip to convince you that they’re a playoff team? 7:30 - Former PGA Pro Jay Delsing on Michael Block's incredible run 7:45 - TIOLI 8:00 - Fresh Take - Will Liberatore seal his spot in the rotation? And will it be in a 5-man or 6-man group? 8:15 - Cardinals broadcaster Chip Caray talks about the Cardinals pitching questions as Mikolas settled in last night 8:30 – The Fight 8:45 - BIRD WATCH 9:00 - Mike Johnson, from Sugarfire, Hi Pointe, Chicken Out…talking Memorial Day BBQ and giving us his BBQ tips 9:15 - RUSH HOUR RESET 9:30 - CONTROLLED CHAOS: MLS Season Pass broadcaster Max Bretos on the matchup between CITY & Vancouver 9:45 - Rocc and Roll 10:00 - Memorial Day BBQ draft 10:15 - Matthew’s Hill to die on! 10:30 - Chris Blair, WWT Raceway talking about next weekend’s Enjoy Illinois 300 10:45 - Weekend preview…what are you looking forward to? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Athletic's Blues insider Jeremy Rutherford

JR joins the show to talk about Matthew Tkachuk's dominance in the ECF, the Panthers run to the Finals, if he thinks the Stars have a shot to prolong the series in the West and some thoughts on the Blues ability to change the roster as FA and the draft start to become a discussion. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


MLB Network lead host Greg Amsinger

Greg joins "The Opening Drive" to talk about his birthday celebration strategy, the Cardinals continued pitching issues, Matz's stuff just losing its edge, the complete non-competitiveness of the NL & AL Central divisions, which teams could be moving pitchers soon and if the Cardinals are a fit and his read of the future of Tyler O'Neill in St. Louis. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Opening Drive - May 25th, 2023

7:00 – Cards-3 Reds-10 Is it a good thing when the game is over going into the top of the 2nd? THE SAGA OF MATTHEW LIBERATORE Panthers-4 Canes-3 MATTHEW TKACHUK!!!! Scores 3 of the 4 game-winning goals in the series (OT goal G1, OT goal G2, last-second goal G4) and also got the assist on the winner in G3 7:15 – SICK OF IT!!! 7:30 – MLB Network lead host Greg Amsinger talks about the Cardinals continued pitching struggles and celebrates his birthday 7:45 – TIOLI 8:00 – Fresh Take : What are the Cardinals doing with Liberatore? 8:15 - BIRD WATCH 8:30 - The Fight 8:45 - That’s now 10 winless starts for Matz—a decision needs to be made. 9:00 - Jeremy Rutherford breaks down the excellence of Matthew Tkachuk 9:15 - RUSH HOUR RESET: Lineup Game! 9:30 – Cardinals manager Oli Marmol on the struggles from Matz, needing more from the pitching staff, the plan with Liberatore and more 9:45 – Rocc ‘n Roll Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


St. Louis Cardinals Manager Oli Marmol

The Cardinals skipper joins Carey, Brooke & Randy to talk about the rough start from Steven Matz, the plan for the starters versus Cleveland, starting to get more from Miles, Jack & Monty, what the plan is right now for Carlson & O'Neill, what went into today's getaway day lineup, Gorman working through the adversity to get where he is now and still pushing for better results after putting themselves in such a large hole. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Opening Drive - May 24th, 2023

7:00 – Cardinals-8 Reds-5 Per reports from John Denton via Oli Marmol, Liberatore was available in the bullpen because of the racing 10 inning game–but after not being used, should a start in Cleveland be the obvious call? VGK-4 Stars-0 (VGK leads 3-0) Celtics-116 Heat-99 (Heat lead 3-1) 7:15 - Ask Uncle Randy 7:30 - Carlson/O’Neil injury updates 7:45 - TIOLI 8:00 – Today’s Fresh Take: Should Liberatore replace someone, maybe a lefty who hasn’t logged a win in 10 months, in the rotation? 8:15 - BIRD WATCH 8:30 - The Fight 8:45 - NFL News & Notes Big Ben vs. Pickett New TNF flex rule New 3rd QB rule 9:00 – RUSH HOUR RESET 9:15 - Rocc ‘n Roll 9:30 - Wednesdays with Waino - Cardinals P Adam Wainwright 9:50 - Waino had some clear thoughts on skyline chili & his start yesterday 10:00 - Is there an available change in the Cardinals pitching staff that can stabilize them until the moves come? 10:15 - Ken Rosenthal made sure to mention Marmol’s early season issues despite his NL Central-champs prediction… 10:30 - Rocc’s Hills To Die On 10:45 - What’s on tap? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Wednesdays with Cardinals Pitcher Adam Wainwright

Wain joins Randy, Carey & Brooke to talk about the presentation he did for the Cardinals putting the bad start in perspective (he has slides and everything), get into his start last night against Cincinnati, talk about the fun with having his son on the podium in his previous game, why you want you pitcher to be angry when he gets pulled and his very honest thoughts on skyline chili. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Cardinals broadcaster Mike Claiborne

Claibs joins "The Opening Drive" to remember a colleague & friend in Rick Hummel, trade a few stories about a STL legend, look at the Cardinals continued pitching issues with another struggling start from Montgomery, the offense starting to find its footing & if the Cardinals can put together a run that gets then back to .500 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


TNT analyst Darren Pang

Panger joins the show to talk about another wild game between the Hurricanes & the Panthers, the feeling of being so close but not being able to get a win, whether broadcasting or playing a 4OT game is more difficult and what Panger is looking forward to for the rest of the semis as he gets ready to rejoin the broadcast for the Final. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Stan McNeal, Cardinals Magazine

Stan joins Carey, Randy & Brooke to talk about a tough loss for the Cardinals, the uneven pitching continuing while the offense starts to explode, remembering Rick Hummel after his passing and what's coming up in the next edition of the Cardinals Magazine. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Opening Drive - May 23rd, 2023

7:00 – Cardinals-5 Reds-6 Remembering HOF writer & person, Rick Hummel Hurricanes-0 Panthers-1 (Panthers lead 3-0) Nuggets-113 Lakers-111 (Nuggets win series 4-0) 7:15 - BIRD WATCH 7:30 - Stan McNeal, Cardinals Magazine talks about the Cardinals offense driving the ship and remembering Rick Hummel 7:45 - TIOLI 8:00 - Fresh Take: Nolan Gorman is the Cardinals best hitting prospect since _____ 8:15 - TNT Analyst Darren Pang talks about the Hurricanes coming up short again 8:30 - The Fight 8:45 - Carey’s calling his shot like Ruth: Jordan Walker returns to the Cardinals in June--but when exactly? 9:00 - Rush Hour Reset 9:15 – Cardinals broadcaster Mike Claiborne remembers friend, colleague Rick Hummel and talks about the Cardinals pitching struggles vs. an exploding offense 9:30 – After hearing from Stan & Claibs earlier, Randy has some Rick Hummel stories of his own 9:45 - Rocc ‘n Roll Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Opening Drive - May 22nd, 2023

7:00 - Weekend Wrap-up Cardinals win ¾, head out on a 7-game swing through Cincy, Cleveland Sporting KC-0 CITY SC-4 7:15 - Two Things we loved from the Weekend 7:30 - BIRD WATCH 7:45 - TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT 8:00 – Fresh Take: Aside from Gonsolin on Friday, the Cardinals tore apart the Dodgers elite pitching of Urias, Kershaw & Syndergaard (10.4 ERA 1.87 WHIP)—does the Cardinals offense showing up against elite pitching raise your expectations? 8:15 - Chris Kerber on the greatness of Tkachuk and the chances of Toronto prying away Doug Armstrong 8:30 - The Fight 8:45 - Will the Cardinals mix-and-match outfield (is ride-the-hot-hand a better description?) solve this year’s outfield logjam? 9:00 - RUSH HOUR RESET 9:15 - STL CITY SC GK Roman Bürki on CITY getting back on the winning track, his big save late in the game and the excitement the win creates 9:30 - Are the Cardinals handling Liberatore in the best way for his development OR the team’s current success? 9:45 - Rocc 'n Roll Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


STL CITY SC Goalkeeper Roman Bürki

Bürki joins Carey, Randy & Brooke on the heels of a win and clean sheet for CITY & Roman to talk about the excitement in getting back into the winning column, the energy he gets from shutting a team out, if the rivalry added some extra flair to the win, how important the return of Blom has been for the team and what it means to get a "Victory Sunday' day-off. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Voice of the Blues, Chris Kerber

Kerbs joins "The Opening Drive" to talk about Matthew Tkachuk's greatness being on display, a quick review of how the Blues lost out on a game changing native St. Louis player and his thoughts on the reports that Toronto is coming after Doug Armstrong. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Ascension EVP Nick Ragone

Nick joins Randy, Carey & Brooke in studio to talk about the PGA Championship, the older golfers who are starting to become eligible for the Champion's Tour and what updates are happening as they continue to prepare for the Ascension Charity Golf Classic. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit