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Hit the hole weekday mornings on The Opening Drive with Randy Karraker, Carey Davis and Brooke Grimsley.


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Hit the hole weekday mornings on The Opening Drive with Randy Karraker, Carey Davis and Brooke Grimsley.




Wednesdays with Cardinals Pitcher Adam Wainwright

Waino joins 'The Opening Drive' to break down his special night at Busch stadium on Tuesday becoming the 3rd Cardinal to reach 200 pitching wins, gets into the moment on the mound with between him and Marmol, his confidence in finishing out that game, his reaction to Willson being such a key part of the win, if he ever got to a point where he didn't think 200 would happen, how important the crowd and fans have been to his success and why he's savoring every chance he gets to put on the uniform. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Blues musician Marquise Knox

Marquise joins Randy, Carey & Brooke to talk about joining the Blues franchise for this weekend's "Blues & Brews" celebration, how he got started in Blues music, his biggest inspirations, why being a Blues musician in STL is so special with all the history here & his excitement to bring some blues music to the Blues franchise. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Opening Drive - September 20th, 2023

7:00 – Brewers-7 Cardinals-3 Rom→3.1IP 6H 5ER 2BB 3K 1HR You just have to be shocked when a game involving Ver Hagen, Pallante AND Lawrence doesn’t go the Cardinals way… STL CITY SC hosts LAFC tonight in the biggest game of the season up to this point–CITY is 6 points up (1 game in hand) on LAFC and lost to them in July 3-0 7:15 - Ask Uncle Randy 7:30 - BIRD WATCH 7:45 - TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT 8:00 – Fresh Take: STL CITY SC has their biggest game to-date in franchise history tonight. After a down season for both the Cardinals & Blues, can soccer take hold of this CITY with a strong playoff run? 8:15 - What are the benefits to the Blues going with the veteran route of Schenn as the franchises' 24th captain 8:30 - The Fight 8:45 - Blues & Brews performer Marquise Knox talks about what got him started as a musician, his favorite Blues artists of all time & the excitement of working with the Blues franchise to incorporate more blues music 9:00 – Rush Hour Reset 9:15 - Rocc and Roll 9:30 - Wednesdays with Waino with Cardinal pitcher Adam Wainwright to talk about the big night, his 200th win, what the Cardinals jersey means to him & how he fought through the winless stretch this season 9:55 - We gotta go! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Cardinals broadcaster Mike Claiborne

Claibs joins "The Opening Drive" after a special night at Busch stadium, break down his moment with Claibs after the game, how special if felt in the stadium (not quite playoffs, but not far off), the biggest factor in the Blues decision on a new captain and early ending for a few NFL squads--in Week TWO. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


TV Voice of the Blues, John Kelly

JK joins Carey & Brooke to talk about getting back into another hockey season, the attributes that the Blues will look for in their new captain, who the favorites and dark horses are to get the "C", the Blues players needing to take a step up after their struggles last season, if Nick Ritchie will be the surprise name during camp and if he thinks Tyler Tucker can win ice time with his play in the preseason. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Opening Drive - September 19th, 2023

7:00 - Brewers-0 Cardinals-1 200! Wins for Waino, with an INCREDIBLE performance. Just 93 pitches across 7 innings (last time was 8/18/22) Waino→7.0IP 4H 2BB 3K Adam becomes just the 10th pitcher to hit the 200 W mark since 2000 (and now just needs another to pass Jon Lester) MNF Saints-20 Panthers-17 Browns-22 Steelers-26 7:15 - Did you feel a playoff atmosphere with Waino's win last night? 7:30 - NFL Four Downs 7:45 - TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT 8:00 - Fresh Take: There’s a cautionary tale for Mo & the Cardinals in Boston–Can the Cardinals avoid the same slide to mediocrity? 8:15 - Blues Booth: Blues TV broadcaster John Kelly on the Blues captain question, dark horse candidates you don't expect 8:30 - The Fight 8:45 - Favorites versus Flawed–Which early NFL storyline is more likely to last? The Cowboys as a top pick for the Super Bowl OR The Bengals not even competing for the AFC North 9:00 - Rush Hour Reset 9:15 – Cardinals broadcaster Mike Claiborne on Waino's big moment last night 9:30 – Who’s our pick for the Blues 2023 Captain? 9:45 - Rocc ‘n Roll Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Voice of the Blues, Chris Kerber

Chris--we'll just stick with "Kerbs"-- joins the show to talk about the Blues starting camp this week, how important the next few weeks with be for players like Scott Perunovich and which names to watch for as the battle for the Top 9 with the forwards is shaping up to be intense. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


STL CITY SC HC Bradley Carnell

Coach Carnell joins Carey & Brooke to talk about why the team made him so proud with their match in Houston, gets into the expectations for Wednesday vs. LAFC, how they let the last match in July get away from that and how they avoid that this time around, the way that Nerwinski continues to give them options at fullback, Klauss returning to form with his second straight game with a goal since his return & how the attack could develop as Sam & Klauss get comfortable together. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Opening Drive - September 18th, 2023

7:00 -Weekend Wrap-up Cardinals avoid the sweep STL CITY SC-1 Houston Dynamo-1 Mizzou-30 #15 Kansas St.-27 Illinois-13 #7 Penn St.-30 NFL WEEK 2 closes out with a Monday night double-header tonight 7:15 - Things we loved from the Weekend 7:30 - Controlled Chaos: STL CITY SC HC Bradley Carnell talks about a tough point in Houston & preparing for a big game versus LAFC on Wednesday 7:45 - TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT 8:00 – Fresh Take: Will Mozeliak’s current plan be enough to live up to their “compete in ‘24” predictions? 8:15 - Blues Booth: Chris Kerber on the big names to watch as Blues camp opens this week 8:30 - The Fight 8:45 - BIRD WATCH 9:00 - RUSH HOUR RESET 9:15 - Did Mozeliak's backing of Marmol tell you something about this Cardinals plan for 2024? 9:30 - Did Missouri’s big win on Saturday prove anything to you after a week of doubts? Or did a rash of coaching mistakes keep you grounded? 9:45 - Rocc & Roll Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Phillies RHP Aaron Nola

Aaron joins Carey, Brooke & Randy to talk about where he can spend his Friday afternoon in STL, the Phillies fighting through a tough part of their schedule down the stretch, how the 2022 Phillies were able to bounce back from a manager firing, pitching at home for Phillies' fans versus pitching in away games, the fans in Philly being different, his success in STL in last years playoffs, his view of why the Cardinals have struggled this season and how he got involved with Big League Impact. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


ESPN Radio's 'Unsportsmanlike' host Evan Cohen

Evan joins Carey & Randy to talk about the joys of working with Michelle Smallmon everyday, their bonding over certain St. Louis things, the greatness of Yadier Molina, the Cardinals being the Spurs on MLB & what you can expect from The Opening Drive's newest lead in, 'Unsportsmanlike' with Evan Cohen, Michelle Smallmon & Chris Canty. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Voice of the Cardinals, Chip Caray

Chip joins the show to talk about why he doesn't like taking two days off from Cardinals baseball, the unbelievable consistency from the Braves, Waino earning the right to pursue 200 wins, what he saw from another winning road trip, how Thompson continues to impress on the mound, reworking the bullpen going into next year, Liberatore having a future in the pen & his reaction to the latest news around Dylan Carlson. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Former Mizzou DL Atiyyah Ellison

Atiyyah joins Carey, Brooke & Randy to talk about some old memories between him and Carey when the Illini & Tigers battled it out in the dome, his thoughts on Mizzou's matchup versus Kansas St., getting the program back to a consistent level & all the plans coming up for next week's matchup vs. Memphis in the Dome. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Former PGA Pro Jay Delsing

Jay joins "The Opening Drive" to talk about the rounds he wants to forget from the Ascension Charity Classic, the incredible event that they put on for the 3rd year in a row & getting into whether or not LIV cost DJ a Ryder Cup spot. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Lindenwood Football HC Jed Stugart

Coach Stugart joins the show to talk about last week's rivalry game vs. SEMO, practicing what you preach with a short memory, getting through a rough week, keeping trust in his QB no matter what, the Four Pillars that the Lindenwood program is built upon & preparing for Western Illinois. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Opening Drive - September 15th, 2023

7:00 - Eagles-34 Vikings-28 Kirk Cousins has 708 yards & 6TD through the first 2 games of the season Jordan Jefferson passed 5K yards, becoming the quickest player to that mark in NFL history 7:15 - Lindenwood Coach Jed Stugart on a rough rivalry loss & prepping for Lindenwood at Western Illinois tomorrow 7:30 - Jay Delsing on his rounds at the Ascension Charity Classic & if LIV cost DJ a Ryder Cup spot 7:45 - TIOLI 8:00 - Fresh Take - Bird Watch 8:15 - The Morning Zou: Former Mizzou DL Attiyya Ellison on the old-school matchups at the Dome & Mizzou's prep for Kansas St. 8:30 – The Fight 8:45 - Cardinals play by play man Chip Caray on signing up for 162 & the future of the Cardinals spot at closer 9:00 - Rush Hour Reset 9:15 - ESPN Radio 'Unsportsmanlike' host Evan Cohen on getting to work with Michelle & the greatness of Yadier Molina 9:30 - Phillies RHP Aaron Nola learns of the great zoo we have & gets into his mindset during October 9:45 - Rocc and Roll THE BETTING SLIP Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Athletic's Blues insider Jeremy Rutherford

JR joins "The Opening Drive" to talk about the big shift at camp with the Krug injury & whether or not Scott Perunovich will be able to win a job in camp, which prospects at camp could end up being a surprise for the Blues this season & the big questions around the Blues heading into camp in a week. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Apple TV+ sideline reporter Heidi Watney

Heidi joins Randy & Brooke to talk about the Cardinals matchup against the Phillies coming up on Friday on Apple TV+. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


MLB Network lead host Greg Amsinger

Greg joins Randy, Carey & Brooke to talk about how Greg & Randy have decided to become Football Cardinals fans again, the consistent dominance of the Braves, why that consistency is going to change baseball for the BETTER, the Cardinals need for a complete 6-7 man change in the bullpen and AT LEAST 5 bodies for the rotations, if Palacios could be a diamond in the rough for the Cardinals and where he would put the Cardinals money if he was the one spending it. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Opening Drive - September 14th, 2023

7:00 – Cardinals-1 Orioles-0 Rom gets his first W→5.1IP 2H 0ER 3BB 7K Gallegos-King-Helsley handle 7-8-9 again→3.0IP 1H 1BB 4K FOTS Kyle Gibson with a great start as well–who could’ve seen this coming? Eagles-Vikings tonight 7:15 – Sick of it 7:30 – Greg Amsinger talks about the Cardinals recent run of fun baseball & another dive into the Cardinals need for pitching 7:45 – TIOLI 8:00 – Fresh Take: Eli Drinkwitz was hired for his offensive prowess....When are we going to see it? 8:15 - Apple TV’s Heidi Watney breaks down the big surprises for the Cardinals in the middle of a rough season 8:30 - The Fight 8:45 - Bird Watch 9:00 - RUSH HOUR RESET 9:15 - Blues Insider Jeremy Rutherford talks about the Krug injury, Perunovich's chance to win a spot & which prospects could make an impact for this year's Blues squad 9:30 – NFL News & Notes 9:45 – Rocc ‘n Roll Learn more about your ad choices. Visit