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Episode 365: The Grumpocene

Our forces muster outside the Gaming Hut as Patreon backer Robert Dean asks us how to fold mass battles into D&D. Thanks to a redaction failure the Tradecraft Hut discovers ICE’s requisition for a replica Chicago at Fort Benning. Ken and/or Robin Talk to Someone Else gets a 13/10 as we chat with multi-hat wearing […]


Episode 364: In the World of Awful Meats

The PCs are being pursued! Run to the Gaming Hut to learn how to make this fun! A sinister substances drips in your direction! Creep into the Horror Hut for an examination of ooze horror. Fill your cart with processed junk as the Food Hut contemplates objectively terrible comestibles at least one of us loves. […]


Episode 363: Movie! Movie! Movie!

Beloved Patreon backer Timothy Daly meets us in the Gaming Hut to ask why D&D remains the most popular roleplaying game. Speaking of D&D, Ken and/or Robin Talk To Someone Else, specifically Jim Zub, about the Young Adventurers’ Guide series of D&D kids’ books. Finally the Cinema Hut hosts its annual look back at the […]


Episode 362: The Dinosaurs Always Won

In the Gaming Hut beloved Patreon backer Walter Manbeck asks how to do El from Stranger Things as a player character. Expressionistic shadows flit across the Cinema Hut as we take a look at F. W. Murnau’s Nosferatu. Then Ken and/or Robin Talk To Someone Else, this time Atlas Games’ Michelle Nephew, who shares her […]


Episode 361: Step Away From the Arras

We take a closer look at Ken’s new Pelgrane Press book Hideous Creatures by way of the Monster Hut, which seems to be full of our pals, the Deep Ones. In How To Write Good we talk about foils and how to use them. The Culture Hut hosts a discussion of a painting by none […]


Episode 360: Sir Gawain “the Rock” Johnson

This week’s Gaming Hut comes to you by telegram as Patreon backer Jay Tea asks us how to research and deploy historical communications technology, oh let’s say, FALL OF DELTA GREEN. Patreon backer Jeff Kahrs gathers us to in the Cinema Hut to ask why there is only one good Arthurian movie. In Ken and/or […]


Episode 359: Stith Thompson Entries All Over It

The Gaming Hut shows up with its usual punctuality as Patreon backer Ken Ringwald asks to hear about time as a resource in RPGs. It’s dark out. He has a full tank of gas. He’s wearing sunglasses. Patreon backer Chris Camfield drives his 1974 Ford Monaco sedan to Ask Ken and Robin about the […]


Episode 358: Live at Gen Con 2019

Present your badges for scanning and take a seat as we present our annual episode recorded before a live audience bursting with Patreon backers. Join us as we talk squishy Habsburgs, chron0-suppressed rebellions, donut heresies and the proverbial so much more. Want to pose a question to the show? Get your priority question asking access […]


Episode 357: Thunder and Filk

Voices weary and brains bleary, Ken and Robin return from Gen Con 2019 to take their annual look at the state of the industry through the lens of the convention that invented roleplaying. Want to pose a question to the show? Get your priority question asking access with your support for the KARTAS Patreon! Snag […]


Episode 356: Jealous of My Katana

Our annual Indianapolis hotel room episode begins in the Gaming Hut, where we find ways to be a lone wolf PC the rest of the players won’t hate. In the Food Hut we look at our favorite cooking shows and why they make the list. Patreon backer Bryan invokes his Tell Me More powers to […]


Episode 355: If Abstract Expressionism Doesn’t Do the Trick

In the Gaming Hut, we build on some recent articles by Robin to further explore a crossover between the surrealist adventures of Dreamhounds of Paris to the psychedelic spycraft of THE FALL OF DELTA GREEN. Speaking of expanding on recent articles, How to Write Good provides tips for keeping your brain in gear for that […]


Episode 354: It Ain’t That Non-Euclidean

An all request episode kicks off with a co-production between the Gaming Hut teams and our Tell Me More benefit for Patreon backers. Backers Mike Marlow and Kevin J. Maroney, seeing the Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff capsule review of Kieron Gillen and Stephanie Hans’ graphic novel DIE, want to hear more. This expands […]


Episode 353: You Can’t Say Eliptonic Without Tonic

In the Gaming Hut we deconstruct scenarios where the PCs have to wait for certain events to take place. How to Write Good comes to the aid of Patreon backer Dustyn Mincey, who seeks guidance on the naming of people and places. The Politics Hut gets drunk on codeine and loco root with a look […]


Episode 352: We’ve Still Got that Other Folder

The Gaming Hut starts us strong as we look for ways to avoid stock scenario openings. In the Culture Hut we examine the way critical terms lose their meaning when they penetrate popular consciousness. Ask Ken and Robin satisfies Mrs. Obed Marsh’s need to know how to run The Fall of Delta Green with 60s […]


Episode 351: The Molticore

In the Gaming Hut Patreon backer(s) The Armchair Adventurers ask if we agree with Greg Stafford’s prohibition on invisiblity spells in his games. Was every noteworthy English writer also a spy? In the Tradecraft Hut Daniel Defoe puts his hand up and adds himself to the list of examples. In the Monster Hut we decide […]


Episode 350: 7th Anniversary LIGHTNING ROUND!!!

Like much of our content, it’s hard to believe. Unlike much of it, it’s true. Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff has reached its milestone 350th episode. Yes, we’ve been laying down the skinny on aliens, phantom cats, conspiracies and oh yes, the exciting world of tabletop roleplaying games for a whole seven years. Longtimers […]


Episode 349: Bad Odds in a Balloon

In the Gaming Hut Patreon backer Ethan Schoonover asks us to explain the bespoke game terms we use, from F20 to GMC. Mikko Airaksinen puts a chill in the History Hut with his request for the esoteric scoop behind the Swedish North Pole Expedition of 1897. Our epic spate of Ken and Robin Recycle Audio […]


Episode 348: Marsupial Valley

The Gaming Hut manifests somewhere between Balla Balla and Yagga Yagga as Patreon backer Bill Cohen asks us how to lure RPG characters to adventure in Australia. The Crime Blotter profiles Dai Cathay, the young Number One of the mid-sixties Saigon underworld. Ken and Robin Recycle Audio with a panel excerpt from Carcosa Con covering […]


Episode 347: We’ve Warren Commissioned Your Witch Problem

Patreon backer Ross Ireland pulls a fast one on us in the Gaming Hut, asking how to pitch campaigns with switcheroo premises to players. Via the Tell Me More Feature of Ken and Robin Consume Media, backer Kevin Maroney opens the Mythology Hut for more on Ronald Hutton’s scholarly survey, The Witch. Ken and Robin […]


Episode 346: Everybody’s Limbs are Still On

In the Gaming Hut, Patreon backer Hyperlexic asks Robin to elucidate the core pleasures of RuneQuest. The History Hut finds us obeying the commands of backer Antti Elomaa to get to the bottom of Britain’s 1939 pet massacre. Ken and Robin Recycle Audio with segments from our Robert W. Chambers and King in Yellow Mythos […]