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Episode 38 - "Stone Cold" Movie Review (1991)

This week’s episode we cover what could perhaps be the most perfect movie ever made ... 1991 action/thriller "Stone Cold" starring “The Boz” Brian Bozworth! Whenever you have The Boz as the babyface, Lance Henriksen and William Forsythe as the heels , plus a biker gimmick it’s an automatic homerun!! Also before we get started Andy tells the funniest crapping in the woods story of all time ... so listen in, enjoy, and keep Kickin Ass !!!


Episode 37 - Just Ribbin' With Puf

On this episode Puf sits in with Jesse and Andy to talk about his failed rib before the show, the ghost that haunts the Sweatbox Studio The Wet Girl, Andy’s new invention The Prick Bit, movie talk of Infinity Wars/Bad Samaritan/Rampage/You Were Never Really Here, “Y’All in a band” guy, fan emails , Andy’s skittles story, Dill pickle flavored sun flower seeds, Just Ribbin with Danny and Puf and more! Listen in , enjoy and keep Kickin Ass !!


Episode 36 - Monday Nitro #97 Retro Review (7.22.97)

It’s Nitro review time again and all the boys are in studio! Jesse, Andy and WCW historian Wes Proefrock recap episode 97 of 1997 in all it’s glory. Stick around after the Nitro talk for other topics including tug time, upcoming gigs, thunder sticks, long dangerous overnight drives, a little Avengers talk and more! Listen in, enjoy and keep Kickin Ass !!


Episode 35 - All Gimmick'd Up

This episode in a nutshell is basically ... Andy is in the studio 24hrs after major shoulder surgery and Jesse explains his departure from Impact Wrestling! Other topics include Adam Sandler CD’s, The Andy Williams Starbucks special , significant others way out of our league , coming of age tales that will be in theaters soon and much much more. So listen in , enjoy and keep Kickin Ass !!


Episode 34 - Recap Of The Stone Cold Podcast At 316 Gimmick Street

This week Jesse and Andy are joined by Allie, aka Jesse’s wife, aka LDG. The traveling trio recap their recent trip to Los Angeles where they professionally wrestled for Joey Ryan’s Bar Wrestling. Oh yeah ... and they also went to Stone Cold Steve Austin’s house to record a 2 part episode for his podcast !!! Hear all about the trip and keep Kickin Ass !!!


Episode 33 - Afternoon Garbage Plates

Title “Afternoon Garbage Plates” ... This episode starts off with George’s best rendition yet! Jesse & Andy talk NOLA the biggest weekend of the year in pro wrestling, Andy crushing two garbage plates in the mid afternoon then snoring during Ready Player One, Jesse explains his first Fleshlight experience , the Netflix doc Gringo, Upcoming gigs in LA and Brooklyn , Kevin Bennett’s huge life announcement and more !! Enjoy and keep Kickin Ass !!!


Episode 32 - Return To The Sweatbox Studio

The Good Brothers from Buffalo are back following their first (and only) week off since launching the podcast almost 8 months ago. Andy is off tour and back in the studio with Jesse, chatting everything from music to movies to WrestleMania and everything in between, featuring a BRAND NEW cover song by the multi-talented George Gatton. Don't miss this week's jam-packed broadcast... the heat's in the ring... and don't forget to keep kicking ass!


Episode 31 - On The Road With Every Time I Die

The Kickin Ass Podcat is back but this week they're on the road! Andy is touring with Every Time I Die and the Buffalo Brothers are along for the ride. Listen to stories from the road, all the wrestling talk you can handle, and a whole lot more. This episode was recorded using Andy's new "travel rig" - that he may or may not fully understand how to use yet - so please chock any audio issues up to the new technology. The brothers will be back in the Sweat Box Studio as soon as possible, and...


Episode 30 - Monday Nitro #71 Retro Review (1.20.97)

This weeks episode is Andy’s favorite time of the month ... another WCW Monday Nitro ‘97 review! Our Nitro expect Wes Proefrock is back in the saddle along with Puf Marshal and we’re talking episode 71 !! Feel free to watch along , listen in and keep Kickin Ass !!! Subscribe & Review on iTunes: Follow Andy & Jesse on Twitter & Instagram: @AndyComplains & @BraxtonSutter Check out the Kickin' Ass podcast on Twitter @KickinAssPod Email your questions to...


Episode 28 - 3 Billboards Spoilers, Kevin Bennett, Nitro Talk, More...

On this week’s episode of Kickin Ass the brothers talk all kinds of stuff! A little more Nitro talk, into amateur wrestling talk, mixed with H2O Man Ron Waterman and Jaime Dundee stories! We also dive into young upstart Kevin Bennett’s current powerlifting program , spoil the entire movie 3 Billboards In Ebbing Missouri and discuss insane road trips stretching over 24hrs! So listen in , enjoy and keep Kickin Ass !!! Subscribe & Review on iTunes: Follow Andy & Jesse...


Episode 27 - To Live And Die in LA

On this week’s very special episode of Kickin Ass with Jesse & Andy, the boys dive into 1985 cult classic To Live And Die In L.A ! Starring 80’s rebel detective hunk William Peterson and the incredible William DaFoe, this is not your average buddy cop movie. It takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions and we were more than excited to put it over to each other for 118 minutes. Listen in, enjoy and keep Kickin Ass !! Subscribe & Review on iTunes: Follow Andy & Jesse...


Episode 26 - Buffalo Comedian Clayton Williams

This week’s episode features local Buffalo comedian and all around good brother Clayton Williams! The boys talk Steven Seagal, Clayton’s Shockmaster Halloween costume, Shockmaster on paper, Andy re-tells the story of his all time favorite live wrestling event in Denver PA, sex robots, virtual reality, tug time , flat earth , ghost hunters and of course the ins and outs of wrestling, comedy and music! Enjoy and keep Kickin Ass !! Subscribe & Review on iTunes: Follow...


Episode 25 - Sauna Stories, Tattoo Talk, Heavy Metal Memories, And More!

This weeks episode is simply Jesse & Andy in the studio and sprinkle in a dash of Puf! Topics include ... 80’s adult cartoon Heavy Metal, sauna adventures at the YMCA, more Frankie TM, tattoo explanations , extra movie talk, workout stuff and diet stuff. We tried to avoid wrestling as much as possible. Ehhhhh it kinda worked. Enjoy and keep Kickin Ass !! Subscribe & Review on iTunes: Follow Andy & Jesse on Twitter & Instagram: @AndyComplains & @BraxtonSutter Check...


Episode 24 - Monday Nitro #70 Retro Review (1.13.97)

Catch a BRAND NEW episode of KICKIN' ASS with Jesse and Andy, starring Impact Wrestling's Braxton Sutter (Jesse) and Andy Williams from Every Time I Die! The Buffalo brothers welcome Wes Pythons back into the studio as they continue their exploration of World Championship Wrestling circa 1997. Fire up the WWE Network and tune into Monday Nitro Episode 70 from January 13th 1997 as Jesse, Andy, and Wes serenade you with their ridiculous recap and far-out theories! And as always, KEEP KICKIN...


Episode 23 - Empire State Wrestling's Chris Gullo

This episode features stand up comedian , pro wrestling referee and the voice of Buffalo’s ESW Chris Gullo! He is great brother to talk shop with and all the boys put some time in on this one ! So listen in, enjoy and keep Kickin Ass !! Subscribe & Review on iTunes: Follow Andy & Jesse on Twitter & Instagram: @AndyComplains & @BraxtonSutter Check out the Kickin' Ass podcast on Twitter @KickinAssPod Email your questions to Sponsored by:...


Episode 22 - James Dewees From Reggie And The Full Effect, The Get Up Kids, And Coalesce

This episode is gang busters! You’ll get the feel of what you’re getting yourself into with the opening minute! James has a lot of energy and brings it 100% in the sweat box studio for the brothers!! Enjoy and keep Kickin Ass !!! Subscribe & Review on iTunes: Follow Andy & Jesse on Twitter & Instagram: @AndyComplains & @BraxtonSutter Check out the Kickin' Ass podcast on Twitter @KickinAssPod Email your questions to Sponsored by: American...


Episode 21 - Monday Nitro #69 Retro Review (1.06.97)

It's a VERY SPECIAL EPISODE of Kickin' Ass with Jesse and Andy! The Butcher and the Blade are delving into a monthly endeavor where they will watch and review EVERY EPISODE OF MONDAY NITRO FROM 1997... and as Andy will tell you: "It's not great." Join Jesse and Andy for the first episode of 1997 - Episode #69 on January 6, 1997 - and laugh along with a grip of guests including Wes Pythons, Kevin Bennett, and even a ROAD REPORT from "Puff Marshall" !!! Listen across all major podcasting...


Episode 20 - Hacker Scott O'Shea Of Smash Wrestling

It’s our 20th episode and to be honest we just keep getting better and better! This is definitely one of our best yet and features a sweet collaboration of all the openings jams!! Not to mention long awaited guest Hacker Scotty O’Shea of Smash Wrestling!!! We all talk porn, wrestling , porn , music , porn , MMA, porn, movies and prob more porn and tug time talk!! Enjoy and keep Kickin Ass !!!


Episode 19 - The Final Episode of 2017 (Q&A)

It’s Q&A time again here on the poddy and we’re answering YOUR questions! Jesse and Andy get deep with a lot of fitness , diet and movie talk! Plus the usuals music and wrestling too ... spoiler alert the last 10 minutes might be the best part! Enjoy and keep Kickin Ass! Follow Andy & Jesse on Twitter & Instagram: @AndyComplains & @BraxtonSutter Check out the Kickin' Ass podcast on Twitter @KickinAssPod Email your questions to Sponsored by: American Barbell Club...


Episode 18 - 'Tid The Season In Buffalo New York

Coming off a HUGE weekend Jesse and Andy recap the Every Time I Die Christmas show Tid The Season! Hear all about the sold out show, how much the wrestling portion Kicked Ass and how good the catering was that Andy never got to eat! We get a little off topic with more Frankie The Mobster sightings, Matthew Vincent being the ultimate good brother and movie talk but this is one of our longest poddy’s yet ... Enjoy and keep Kickin Ass!!


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