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Episode 49 - Summer Stories, Upcoming Events, Puf, More...

Its a BRAND NEW EDITION of KICKIN' ASS with Jesse and Andy featuring a run-in by the one and only PUF! This week Andy takes a break from touring with Every Time I Die to catch up on what's been happening in the world of wrestling, music, and everything else. Hear about a number of exciting upcoming events including the debut of Black Craft Wrestling in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania! As always, Kickin' Ass is brought to you by American Barbell Club, Green Roads, and Onnit. Questions, comments,...


Episode 48 - Gratwick Tales From The ETID Tour Bus

Andy is on his twelfth day of Warped Tour with Every Time I Die and Jesse has stopped by to shoot the breeze in the back-lounge of the tour bus. They discuss a wide variety of topics from wrestling to music and everything in between, and as always, Kickin Ass is brought to you by American Barbell Club, Iron Coffee, and Green Roads Nutrition.


Episode 47 - Buffalo Brothers At Warped Tour!

Just because it's not Thursday, doesn't mean you have an excuse to not kick ass! Jesse and Andy are back with a special Friday edition of the podcast, recorded LIVE at Warped Tour in Buffalo New York. And since it's Buffalo, you know there are gonna be some Buffalo brothers on the bus including Kevin Blackwood, Daniel Garcia, Kevin Bennett, and Puf! Listen along, subscribe on iTunes Stitcher or wherever you get your podcasts, support our sponsors, and remember... heat's in the ring!!!


Episode 46 - The Real Robbie E

This week’s podcast we are joined by the exuberant Robbie E or Robert Strauss !! Robbie is truly one of a kind in the pro wrestling business and a gem of an interview. So listen in as the boys talk all things from a good rom com to Robbie and Jesse’s WWE tryout together years back . Enjoy and keep Kickin Ass !!!


Episode 45 - Maxwell Jacob Friedman Is Better Than You!

Rise and shine and KICK SOME ASS! Jesse and Andy are back with "Kickin Ass" and this week the Buffalo Brothers are on the road chatting with pro wrestling prodigy Maxwell Jacob Friedman. Max is a 2-year veteran of the squared circle trained at the Create-A-Pro academy by Pat Buck and Brian Myers, and as of this recording he's ALL IN! Listen to Max discuss his career so far, challenges he's faced, obstacles he's had to overcome and a lot more on this week's episode of KICKIN ASS!


Episode 44 - RJ City Makes Coffee In His Underwear

This week we have a very unique guest in RJ City. If you’ve never seen RJ professionally wrestle or make morning coffee in his underwear on the internet , he’s an interesting character. Not to sound cocky but this is just a great interview. Topics include Andy’s guide to Warped Tour living , RJ’s incredible knowledge of the entertainment business as long as it’s not past 1975, Bonnie “Big Ones” the lunch lady plus much more. Also can’t wait for you to hear the story behind “Beautiful Boy”....


Episode 43 - Colin Delaney At Pop Roc In Rochester New York

Catch a brand new episode of Kickin Ass with Jesse and Andy! This week the guys visit with former WWE Superstar Colin Delaney at his pop culture shop in Rochester New York - "Pop Roc." It’s a great talk with a cool coffee shop vibe in the background. Colin's always been a great brother and great human being, and has tons of stories from his long grizzled career in pro wrestling! Listen in, enjoy and keep Kickin Ass!! Follow Kickin' Ass on Twitter and Instagram @KickinAssPod and send us your...


Episode 42 - ETID Drummer Clayton "Goose" Holyoak Reviews PCO Promos

On this episode we have a very special guest ... Every Time I Die drummer Goose Clayton Holyoak! Instead of interviewing Goose we had him watch all 12 of PCO’s promo videos and review them with us!! If you have never seen these vid’s they are f’n wild. Please check them out and take this journey with us! Listen in , enjoy and keep Kickin Ass !!


Episode 41 - Happy Birthday Jesse, House Of Hardcore, Puf Is Back!

On this episode Jesse and Andy are joined by Puf to recap their travels from the weekend wrestling for Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore and Smash Wrestling. The first two days were in small towns Napanee,ON then Massena,NY so of course topics include biker clubhouses and in ring marriage proposals. Other topics include true crime podcast Sword and Scale episode “Centaur”, bath salts on the streets of Toronto, mall Thanos in Toronto, Mia Yim vs Matt Riddle, Andy not being invited to Jesse’s...


Episode 40 - Big Stevie Cool Stevie Richards

Episode 40 is a big one and a good one featuring our biggest guest to date ... Stevie Richards! Stevie was in Buffalo wrestling for ESW and we got him with the travel rig! He’s not just a good guest but also an all around good human being as well. We have a great talk with him about overcoming injuries, his incredible career stretching into every major wrestling company in prime years, his current fitness journey and more! So listen in and hopefully Big Stevie Cool inspires you as much as he...


Episode 39 - Super Special Guest Mike "Ratboy" Novak

This week’s episode totally kicks ass! Jesse & Andy are joined by Mike Novak. Majority of you probably know him as EGW backyard wrestling superstar Slick Rick Berintino from ‘97. Then a couple of you might recognize him as ETID alumni drummer Ratboy! We dig back to the origins of Every Time I Die. How Mike and Andy went from dubbing hundreds of cassette demo tapes by hand, to touring all over the globe together. It’s a great talk and we even squeeze in some movie talk for ya. Listen in ,...


Episode 38 - "Stone Cold" Movie Review (1991)

This week’s episode we cover what could perhaps be the most perfect movie ever made ... 1991 action/thriller "Stone Cold" starring “The Boz” Brian Bozworth! Whenever you have The Boz as the babyface, Lance Henriksen and William Forsythe as the heels , plus a biker gimmick it’s an automatic homerun!! Also before we get started Andy tells the funniest crapping in the woods story of all time ... so listen in, enjoy, and keep Kickin Ass !!!


Episode 37 - Just Ribbin' With Puf

On this episode Puf sits in with Jesse and Andy to talk about his failed rib before the show, the ghost that haunts the Sweatbox Studio The Wet Girl, Andy’s new invention The Prick Bit, movie talk of Infinity Wars/Bad Samaritan/Rampage/You Were Never Really Here, “Y’All in a band” guy, fan emails , Andy’s skittles story, Dill pickle flavored sun flower seeds, Just Ribbin with Danny and Puf and more! Listen in , enjoy and keep Kickin Ass !!


Episode 36 - Monday Nitro #97 Retro Review (7.22.97)

It’s Nitro review time again and all the boys are in studio! Jesse, Andy and WCW historian Wes Proefrock recap episode 97 of 1997 in all it’s glory. Stick around after the Nitro talk for other topics including tug time, upcoming gigs, thunder sticks, long dangerous overnight drives, a little Avengers talk and more! Listen in, enjoy and keep Kickin Ass !!


Episode 35 - All Gimmick'd Up

This episode in a nutshell is basically ... Andy is in the studio 24hrs after major shoulder surgery and Jesse explains his departure from Impact Wrestling! Other topics include Adam Sandler CD’s, The Andy Williams Starbucks special , significant others way out of our league , coming of age tales that will be in theaters soon and much much more. So listen in , enjoy and keep Kickin Ass !!


Episode 34 - Recap Of The Stone Cold Podcast At 316 Gimmick Street

This week Jesse and Andy are joined by Allie, aka Jesse’s wife, aka LDG. The traveling trio recap their recent trip to Los Angeles where they professionally wrestled for Joey Ryan’s Bar Wrestling. Oh yeah ... and they also went to Stone Cold Steve Austin’s house to record a 2 part episode for his podcast !!! Hear all about the trip and keep Kickin Ass !!!


Episode 33 - Afternoon Garbage Plates

Title “Afternoon Garbage Plates” ... This episode starts off with George’s best rendition yet! Jesse & Andy talk NOLA the biggest weekend of the year in pro wrestling, Andy crushing two garbage plates in the mid afternoon then snoring during Ready Player One, Jesse explains his first Fleshlight experience , the Netflix doc Gringo, Upcoming gigs in LA and Brooklyn , Kevin Bennett’s huge life announcement and more !! Enjoy and keep Kickin Ass !!!


Episode 32 - Return To The Sweatbox Studio

The Good Brothers from Buffalo are back following their first (and only) week off since launching the podcast almost 8 months ago. Andy is off tour and back in the studio with Jesse, chatting everything from music to movies to WrestleMania and everything in between, featuring a BRAND NEW cover song by the multi-talented George Gatton. Don't miss this week's jam-packed broadcast... the heat's in the ring... and don't forget to keep kicking ass!


Episode 31 - On The Road With Every Time I Die

The Kickin Ass Podcat is back but this week they're on the road! Andy is touring with Every Time I Die and the Buffalo Brothers are along for the ride. Listen to stories from the road, all the wrestling talk you can handle, and a whole lot more. This episode was recorded using Andy's new "travel rig" - that he may or may not fully understand how to use yet - so please chock any audio issues up to the new technology. The brothers will be back in the Sweat Box Studio as soon as possible, and...


Episode 30 - Monday Nitro #71 Retro Review (1.20.97)

This weeks episode is Andy’s favorite time of the month ... another WCW Monday Nitro ‘97 review! Our Nitro expect Wes Proefrock is back in the saddle along with Puf Marshal and we’re talking episode 71 !! Feel free to watch along , listen in and keep Kickin Ass !!! Subscribe & Review on iTunes: Follow Andy & Jesse on Twitter & Instagram: @AndyComplains & @BraxtonSutter Check out the Kickin' Ass podcast on Twitter @KickinAssPod Email your questions to...