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4: E4: Can AEW compete with the WWE? (Part One)

Answering the most obvious question for the biggest wrestling company to come since WCW in what their chances are vs. WWE, but what exactly is the criteria to "compete"? We break down the elements of how WCW "competed" with WWE and how they brilliantly pulled it off ... plus the state of WWE and how it is weak and invulnerable all at the same time, and how the WWE's biggest strengths will also be AEW's biggest strengths ... it's the easiest 20-minute podcast in wrestling. SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, or...


3: E3: The theme of AEW punctuated at Double or Nothing...WWE people are CHOOSING to go to AEW

#DoN review w/emphasis on the WWE presence and why they're jumping to AEW ... why it's Cody vs. Triple H and not Cody vs. Vince ... Bret Hart's helpful appearance ... Cody vs Dustin ... and a full analysis of the Jon Moxley angle and why it was perfect ... under 20 minute run-time pod Please follow on ( and Facebook@KingsOTR ( "Kings of the Ring Today" Wrestling News & Commentary "Kings of the Ring"...


2: E2: Making sense of the AEW-TNT TV deal (and how they pulled this off)

"Kings of the Ring Today" explains the significance of the TNT deal and how it puts AEW on a path to mega-success. The signs that foreshadowed a TV deal of this magnitude and what part Vince McMahon played in this and how he helped AEW secure this deal ... "Kings of the Ring Today" and "Kings of the Ring", Wrestling's first Audio Drama Podcast, a fictional re-telling of the 80's wrestling business written and produced like a cable TV drama, are both available on virtually any...


1: E1: AEW is NOT competing with the WWE ... (that's their story and they're sticking to it!)

An analysis of AEW's position as competition to the WWE and ranking where AEW ranks in the hierarchy of the wrestling industry in 2019 alongside New Japan, Ring of Honor, Impact Wrestling, and everyone else!