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This is a Lakers town, and Allen Sliwa is getting you closer to the team during Lakers Talk weekly on ESPN LA 710 and the ESPN App.

This is a Lakers town, and Allen Sliwa is getting you closer to the team during Lakers Talk weekly on ESPN LA 710 and the ESPN App.


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This is a Lakers town, and Allen Sliwa is getting you closer to the team during Lakers Talk weekly on ESPN LA 710 and the ESPN App.




Welcome Back Dennis

Sliwa starts off the show reacting to the Lakers and Dennis Schroder "reuniting" after a year apart. Sli wonders how Dennis, Pat Beverley, and Russell Westbrook (if he's around) could all work together on the floor. Then, Silwa took some calls on what Laker fans think of the Schroder signing and other offseason things. Also, reaction to Jordan Clarkson's comments about how if the Lakers kept all their "young crop," that they wouldn't have been so successful. Plus, is Russell Westbrook a Top...


What He Really Wants

Sli opens up the show talking about ESPN Ramona Shelburne's new report that Russell Westbrook "wouldn't mind" moving on from the Lakers, but doesn't want to get his contract bought out. And, are the Lakers ready to "play ball" with Utah Jazz involving some of their players? Lakers Nation's Trevor Lane called in to talk about his thoughts on the Westbrook/Pat Bev pairing, if Russ can just go back to "being Russ" and the upcoming preseason, which is just 3 weeks away. Plus, Sli is very, very...


Tough Guy Intro

Sliwa is back from his vacation, as he get right in to replaying Patrick Beverley's introductory presser from earlier today. Then, Sli reacts to Coach Darvin Ham's comments about possibly playing both Russell Westbrook and Beverley in the backcourt. Plus, The Athletic's Jovan Buha gave us the scoop from the presser and what Darvin Ham has in made when it comes not only to Russ/Pat, but the whole roster. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Schedule Drop!

With the NBA schedule dropping over the week, Sliwa opens the show talking about's win/loss prediction for the Lakers, as they are at 42 wins. Also, is Kyrie Irving really going to stay a Brooklyn Net and not get traded to LA? Sliwa talks about it. Then, ESPN's Brian Windhorst called in to talk about LeBron James' extension and his thoughts on what else the Lakers can do in the offseason, assuming they are keeping Russell Westbrook. And, reaction to the announcement of Pau Gasol...


Another One!

We have some Lakers news! Not only did some of this Lakers playing schedule come out a new documentary is out on Hulu. Allen comments on the Hulu documentary and share's his thoughts. The Lakers will be on the road on Christmas Day in Dallas against the Mavs but when was the last time they were on the road on Christmas Day? In a town of Champs like LA do we care for this Lakers vs Clippers hype? Does it still matter? Plus, Allen is joined by Brad Turner of the LA Times to discuss everything...


8/8: How Productive?

ESPN is reporting that LeBron James and the Lakers had "productive talks" when negotiating an extension. What does that mean? Sliwa explains. Also, an update on the Russell Westbrook situation, as they were reports of a possible 3 team trade with the Lakers/Utah Jazz/NY Knicks that would involve Russ. Then, Sli responds to a report that the Lakers could be out the "AD business" once LeBron retires or decides to leave the Lakers. Plus, Lakers Nation's Trevor Lane joined the show to talk when...


8/2 Finally Locking It Down?

Sliwa opened the show wondering if LeBron James will sign an extension with the Lakers when he's eligible this week. Sliwa says the Lakers' Front Office has to show LeBron that they are "going all in" for him to feel comfortable signing another long term deal. Plus, Sli speculates that Russell Westbrook could get a buy-out after hiring a new agent. And, if Russ is back, will he really come off the bench? Also, the Athletic's Jovan Buha came on to talk about the latest on the LeBron's...


07/25 Can it work?

Show starts off with Sliwa reacting to the KD to Boston rumor that's been all over the NBA world. Sliwa is hoping that a Kyrie deal happens but not holding his breath. Reaction to the suppose failed Indy deal that had Russ going to the Pacers for Buddy Hield/Myles Turner. Kendrick Perkins thinks that AD is going to win MVP next season. Sliwa thinks AD has to be the most important player next season for the Lakers. Plus, Brad Turner of the LA TIMES joins Sliwa. And, Rasheed Wallace is NOT...


07/20 Rumors... Rumors & more Rumors

We continue to hear chatter about Russell Westbrook and how he was "hard to deal with" during the games but new head coach Darvin Ham still wants to keep him. Russ recently parted ways with his agent, what does that say? Also, Rob Pelinka is really on the spot in the next couple weeks and what about the reports saying the Lakers could still be on Buddy Hield/Myles Turner? Plus, Trevor Lane from Lakers Nation joins Allen Sliwa. And, can it be true? Can Anthony Davis be an MVP? Learn more...


07/11 What happened to the Bromance?

Allen starts off Lakers Talk with a poll he put up on Twitter and was a bit surprised of the results. Let's break this down, if Russ is traded what should the Lakers get for him? We can't forget that 26 years ago Kobe Bryant was acquired from the Hornets. Allen speaks on how he bought into something that didn't pan out last year and we all did too. Sli takes calls on what Lakers fan what for Russ, should we get Kyrie or someone else? Plus, Jovan Buha from the Athletics joins Allen to discuss...


Free agency frenzy!

Allen is following all the free agency news along with all Lakers nation. Is the Kyrie trade happening? Can it still happen or is it out of the picture? Not only are the Lakers in the spotlight due to Kyrie and Russell but Jeanie Buss sent a tweet that made Lakers Twitter spiral. Sliwa doesn’t think Kyrie is the Lakers savor for them to be in championship talk Anthony Davis needs to be healthy. Plus, Brad Turner of the Los Angeles Times joined Sliwa to discuss everything happening with the...


06/27 It's Rough today!

Allen shouts out everyone who came out to the Mandys and gives props to the entire 710 ESPN LA team. We all talked about … could Kyrie Irving really do it? Could he leave more than $30 million on the table to take a $6 million deal with the Lakers? Of course no! Sliwa discussed. Plus Jovan Buha joins Allen to talk about Kyrie and Wall. The Lakers had a rough day and took a hit, or did they? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


06/20 Rumors

Sliwa opened up the show reacting to the report that Kyrie Irving could potentially come to the Lakers if things don't work out for him in Brooklyn. Allen says if this is true it would come down to "Russ vs Kyrie" and what's better for the Lakers. Sli is also nervous the Clippers could get in the Kyrie sweepstakes because they have the assets to pull it off. Plus, would Bradley Beal be a good fit for the Lakers? Al thinks so. And, can Darvin Ham "turn around" Russell Westbrook's career?...


06/13 Nothing Or Something

Allen started the show reacted to Anthony Davis saying he hasn't "shot a basketball since April." Sli thinks people are frustrated with the AD quote because he doesn't get a "free pass." Then, is LeBron holding up the Lakers' offseason with his decision on his contract extension? Sliwa discussed. Plus, LA Times Lakers Beat Writer Brad Turner came on to talk about the report of Russell Westbrook using his player option to stay on Lakers and his impressions of new head coach, Darvin Ham. Also,...


06/06 It's official Now!

It's official now, Darvin Ham is the new Lakers head coach! Allen shares how much he loves the journey Ham has been on to be a head coach! There was a special guest at the Lakers presser that turned heads. Plus, Allen shares his experience at the Lakers facility and the history it has. Does the new coach have a role for Russ? Also, Jovan Buha from the Athletic joins Allen to share his thoughts on the new head coach. He also shares what the Lakers could offer potential players, And, a...


05/31 Finally!

The Lakers finally hired a new head coach - Darvin Ham. Allen reacts to the new head coach hire and what this really means for the Lakers. Sliwa want to talk to LA and opens up the phone lines. Also, Allen shares why he's excited for the NBA Finals even though the Boston Celtics are competing for a championship. Plus, Sli isn't convinced that the Lakers won't give up assets to get rid of Russell Westbrook but some think he can still make it work with the Lakers. And, the Russell Westbrook...


05/23 This Or That?

With the Lakers supposedly down to their "finalists" for the head coaching job, Allen tries to compare LA with the Charlotte Hornets' head coaching opening and whether the LA opening would be good for these candidates. Also, Sliwa gives his pick for the Lakers' head coaching job. Plus, what to do with Russell Westbrook? And, Lakers Nation's Trevor Lane joined the show to give his take on the coaching search and his reaction to Magic Johnson's comments to the Athletic about the team. Then,...


05/16 Make It Work

Allen starts the show talking about the report from the Athletic that Lakers coaching candidates were asked how they would "use" Russell Westbrook. And, speaking of Lakers' coaching candidates, Sliwa goes down the list of potential coaches broken down in three groups. Then, Lakers Radio Analyst and ESPNLA personality Mychal Thompson came on to talk about what he's doing with his time since the Lakers didn't make the playoffs and his observations about the NBA Playoffs. Then, Sli gave his...


05/09 A Few Choices

With the big news that the Lakers started to interview candidates for their next head coach over the weekend, Sli goes down the list of the potential choices that could lead the team next season. Then, Sliwa talks about the possible roster changes that could happen, like a trade involving Anthony Davis or LeBron James. Also, Jovan Buha of the Athletic called in to talk about the pros/cons of every potential candidate for the Lakers' head coaching job and other Laker-related news. And, Sliwa...


05/03 Next Man Up

Sliwa opened up the show discussing what direction the Lakers should go to for the next head coach. Should they go for experience in Nick Nurse or Doc Rivers? Or should they go with a younger, hungry candidate in Darvin Ham? Sli explains. And should Phil Jackson have "a say" in what goes on with the Lakers? Sliwa thinks so. LA Times' Brad Turner joined Allen to talk about the coaching search and possible roster changes. Then, Sliwa tried to answer the many "question marks" the Lakers have in...