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#31 Become a Warrior of the Light

In today’s episode of the Leader Manager Coach Podcast, Rob discusses key learnings from Paulo Coelho’s wonderful book, Warrior of the Light. Tune in to here Rob shares these life-changing lessons on growth, self-improvement, courage and teamwork, from one of the most outstanding authors in the personal development field. If you’re a Leader, Manager or Coach the people who look up to you can use these techniques and learnings to become a better version of themselves and begin to understand...


#30 Rob interviews successful football coach and author Jed Davies

Everyone wants to follow the Tiki-Taka Style of the Barcelona team because it worked successfully. It doesn’t mean that if it works for them, it is the solution to the conundrum of what a successful football team is. In today’s episode of Leader Manager Coach Podcast, Rob Ryles shares the strategies and more importantly the philosophy of football that he has learned from Jed Davies to win the game. Jed Davies is a successful football coach and author that Rob admires. Jed has gained massive...


#29 Interview With Inspiring Goalkeeping Coach Simon Smith

In today’s edition of the Leader Manager Coach Podcast, Rob interviews Newcastle United Goalkeeping Coach, Simon Smith. About the host: Rob Ryles is a UEFA qualified coach with a League Managers Association qualification and a science and medicine background. He has worked in the football industry in Europe, USA and Africa; at International, Premiership, League, Non-league and grassroots levels with both World Cup and European Championship experience. Contact Method: Facebook -...


#28 Jay Martin. Process and Values

In today’s edition of the Leader Manger Coach Podcast, Rob discusses a specific coach who has real key things to share. He is an American coach, and he is quoted as being the winningest most coach in men’s college soccer history. He got a career winning percentage of 81%. He is Jay Martin. From the book, The Real Giants of Soccer Coaching by Josh Faga, Josh here talks about Jay Martin and how he is a successful coach. What is it that he does that creates winners. Key Takeaways: Best...


#027 Anson Dorrance Bright Lines FINAL

Can highly-competitive environment be good for your team or not? Today, we prove it can! In this latest episode of Leader Manager Coach Podcast, Rob shares with you the book he has read and learned a lot from, Anson Dorrance’s Training Soccer Champions. Discover how he used his Competitive Cauldron, a very intense and highly competitive training process, to champion his teams. Rob concentrates on 4 key aspects of Anson’s book: team organizations, training, play management, and tactics....


#026 Caterpillars, Mindset and Kintsugi

In today’s edition of the Leader Manager Coach Podcast, Rob discusses the value and impact of mindset. The answer for all of us lies in our positive mindset, no matter how much technical knowledge you have, the glue is our mindset and how we approach the tasks at hand. Rob dives into the art of mindset and talks about the courage and commitment humans need to make a change because whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right and the difference between success and failure is the...


#025 The Hare, Tortoise and Real Results

Welcome to the Leader Manager Coach Podcast. In today’s episode, Rob draws parallels between the business world of property and a successful coach in sports medicine to bring you four key points to achieving your goals and staying on track. Learn how to get where you need to go without the stress, anxiety and pressure we put on ourselves when setting our goals and understand how to achieve success in the long term. Rob shares the essential ways you too, can build momentum, create...


#024 Coach Wooden 2

Welcome to the Leader Manager Coach Podcast. In part two of the Coach John Wooden deep dive, a look into the inspiring works of a legend and an icon, your host Rob Ryles, continues to share the influential teachings of Coach Wooden’s Success Pyramid and how you too, can begin implementing his leadership principles in your own life right away. Each building block in the Pyramid of Success has a unique importance and Coach Wooden believed and taught that the most important responsibility each...


#023 Coach Wooden

Welcome to another edition of the Leader Manager Coach Podcast, today your host Rob Ryles brings you the inspirational story of Coach of the century, Coach John Wooden. Hear how a legend and icon from the sport of Basketball has revolutionised the philosophy of coaching from a career spanning four decades. Rob shares Coach Wooden’s five key areas to success, and a definite thought process on teams, leadership, education and management. Hear how success is defined as ‘Doing your best’ and...


#022 Bridges, Cookies, The World and 'If'

Welcome to another edition of the Leader Manager Coach Podcast, today your host Rob Ryles shares with you some inspiring poems and literature to help you on your journey. Bridges, Cookies, The World and If are four pieces of educational wisdom, and gems of literature that have had a huge impact on Rob’s thinking and coaching throughout his career. If you’re a leader, manager or coach educating younger or older people, and forging your own path, on your own hero's journey then these pieces...


#021 Ultimate Efficiency with Pareto and Covey

Welcome to another edition of the Leader Manager Coach Podcast, today your host Rob Ryles discusses how to achieve ultimate efficiency by adopting the Pareto Principle, in life and in business. Discover the simple and effective way you can get more done in less time and supercharge your productivity. Rob challenges you to take a look at your own life and see where Pareto's principle is working. Learn how to spend more time on the 20% of activities that can improve your life and increase...


#020 K.F.C. - Getting to Know Your Players, with Keith Mayer

For lots of people, teamwork is not something that comes easy. What can we do to be a better team player, or even lead a team? In this episode of Leader Manager Coach, you’ll get to hear a coach’s philosophy on how to manage your team to get their best results. Keith Mayer, a very successful football coach in the UK, is going to share with you how he took off in his career and got to where he is, just by the way he managed his players. Whether you’re a football coach yourself, work in...


#019 Climbing your way to Success, with Keith Mayer

Are you worried that you’re not going to be able to get where you want to be in life? Do you feel like you have things holding you back, or that you’re not good enough? In this episode, Rob Ryles, a successful football coach with a background in science and medical, who has coached in the UK, US, and Africa, will be talking with Keith Mayer, a very well-off football coach, about how he climbed his way to the top and pressed on through all kinds of obstacles, including permanent injury,...


#018 4 Key Points To Help You on your Journey To Achieving Success. With Inspiration from Matthew Syed, Jordan Peterson & Dick Bates.

In this edition of the Leader, Manager Coach Podcast Rob discusses 4 key points to success highlighted by prolific author and writer for the Times paper, Matthew Syed. Rob explains how to Re-Define Failure and how to dismiss the word failure from your vocabulary, and begin viewing failure as simply a stepping stone on the journey to success. Learn to bring on the challenges, in order to breed growth and become a stronger and more resilient individual. Rob talks about the need to fail fast,...


#017 EGO

Welcome to another episode of the The Leader Manager Coach Podcast. On this episode of Leader, Manager, Coach Rob tackles the subject of Ego. How to fight your ego and build character and develop strength and humility. Ego is notoriously hard to define, but very easy to spot. Ego can mean an outsized sense of self importance, a malignant self absorption or an inherently entitled person or someone who believes they are better than others. Ego creates a lack of empathy a lack of humility and...


#016 Lessons from Saracens

The world of rugby is not different from the world of football after all. The value of culture, teamwork, and the team members are some of the similarities. Most importantly, great leadership produces great team play in both sports. On today’s episode, Rob shares phenomenal lessons he learned The Edge Podcast. It was an episode where Joey Barton interviewed a Rugby Union member from Saracens. Rob gives examples how these lessons in rugby could be purposeful in football, in other...


#015 Effective Teams And Zones

DESCRIPTION Get your head in the game! ON this episode, Rob shares tactics on how to score effectively. A 5-10% increase development in the team’s performance may seem very little but it shows massive growth in the team’s success. Rob goes back to an article he read in the Inside Football Magazine to share proven strategies to be highly successful in a short period of time. He advises to have more possessions, be good in possessions, and be purposeful in possessions, above all things. At...


#014 Stuart Lancaster’s 30+ Leadership Lessons

DESCRIPTION Leadership can’t be mastered in just 30 minutes or less. But this episode will guide you how to develop your leadership, management and coaching skills incrementally and efficiently. Rob proves through Stuart Lancaster’s 30+ leadership lessons that those three skills should be equally honed to get the most out of a team’s performance. Listen to Rob give these jam-packed leadership lessons point by point. Stuart’s strategies in leadership can also be applied to your business,...


#013 Ferguson's Formula

Rob takes you through a 2012 study conducted by the Harvard Business School of Sir Alex Ferguson and his methodologies and came up with 8 points about Fergie’s extraordinary leadership that leads to Manchester United amazing success. Music by Dewolf http://www.dewolfemusic.com/


#012. 4 Cornerstones to Lead, Manage and Coach

Rob Ryles gives his personal perspective on 4 key fundamental points in the areas of leadership, management and coaching, that you can implement in your working life, in your passion, which will have a profound difference. Music by Dewolf http://www.dewolfemusic.com/