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This is the show for people racing — or just interested in — The Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike Race. Fatty (a twenty-time LT100 finisher), Hottie, and a host of experts answer your questions, give you training tips, detail the course, and tells the stories about the highest and hardest one-day mountain bike race in America: The Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike Race.

This is the show for people racing — or just interested in — The Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike Race. Fatty (a twenty-time LT100 finisher), Hottie, and a host of experts answer your questions, give you training tips, detail the course, and tells the stories about the highest and hardest one-day mountain bike race in America: The Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike Race.
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This is the show for people racing — or just interested in — The Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike Race. Fatty (a twenty-time LT100 finisher), Hottie, and a host of experts answer your questions, give you training tips, detail the course, and tells the stories about the highest and hardest one-day mountain bike race in America: The Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike Race.




S2E2: Ask Us Anything (About The LT100)

By now we've all sent in our registration and are waiting to see if we got lucky with the lottery. While we're all waiting, Hottie and Fatty answer some questions from our listeners, including: It's a fun free-flowing hour of conversation about this race we love. Big thanks go to our sponsors: Floyd's of Leadvillefloydsofleadville.comFATTYShimanoBanjo Brothersbanjobrothers.com/fatty-favorites Deluxe Seat Bag, size MediumENVEENVE M525


S2E1: Getting into the Leadville 100

We're back! It's season 2 of the show that breaks down, builds up, gets you ready, and freaks you out for the highest and hardest one day mountain bike race in the country. In this episode, we focus on the ways you can get into the LT100. Everyone knows about the lottery, and a lot of folks are at least aware of the qualifiers. But those are just two of many ways you can get into the Leadville 100. We’ve got Kimo Seymour, Senior VP of Events and Media at Life Time — in other words, head...


S1E13: Fatty's 2018 LT100 Race Report

The training, the logistics, the stress, the excitement, and the actual racing are now all behind us...at least for this year. Now it's time for some storytelling. In this episode, Fatty tells Hottie a little bit about his Breck Epic experience (it matters, because it determined what bike Fatty rode in Leadville), as well as gives a full-on blow-by-blow of his 21st Leadville 100. We do away with our normal show structure for this episode -- it's a lot more like one of our bonus episodes,...


S1E12: The Final Hour

When you pass the Carter's Aid Station, you've got 12 miles and about an hour left in your race. In this episode of The Leadville Podcast, Hottie and Fatty talk not just about the physical part of the course — the St Kevens climb and descent, the push to the pavement, the railroad doubletrack and the brutal finish up The Boulevard — but the mental toll the race has likely taken on you. Do not miss this fierce and satisfying conclusion to the pre-race episodes of Season 1 of The Leadville...


S1B6: The Course -- All 103.5 Miles of It (BONUS)

It's a full three hours of Hottie and Fatty detailing The Course. You may want some time markers for this episode in case you need to break it up or want to revisit certain parts. Here you go: 0:05:50 - At The Starting Line (S1E1) 0:17:35 - Starting Line to Base of St. Kevens (S1E2) 0:32:25 - St Kevens to Hagerman's Pass (S1E3) 0:43:00 - Up Hagerman's Pass and Sugarloaf (S1E4) 0:51:18 - Down Powerline (S1E5) 1:04:48 - Bottom of Powerline to Pipeline (S1E6) 1:14:06 - Up Columbine...


S1E11: OK, You're In Leadville. Now What?

In this episode of The Leadville Podcast, Rebecca Rusch — The Queen of Pain — talks about the advice she gave to Fatty's wife a few years ago: the same advice that Lisa says changed everything for her: "Pedal! Pedal! Pedal! Pedal!" While your fitness is what it is at this point, understanding what Reba means by taking advantage of "the spaces in between" can make an enormous difference in your race. This is quite likely the most important lesson you can learn from this podcast, so pay...


S1E10: The Powerline Climb: The Crux of the Race

Everything you've done to prepare for this race leads to this moment. Every pedal stroke of the race itself leads to this climb. How you do in this four miles can be the difference between hitting or missing your Leadville 100 objective, whether it be to finish under twelve hours, under nine hours, or whatever your objective is. In this episode of the Leadville Podcast, we obsess over mile 79 - 83, AKA (cue ominous music) The Powerline climb. It's just four miles. It shouldn't be a big...


S1B5: Pacing Another Rider When Racing the Leadville 100 (BONUS Episode)

It's about time Hottie take his rightful place as star of this show to tell a story about one (or two) of the times he's completed the Leadville 100. In true Hottie fashion, though, instead of telling the story of his fastest racing of the Leadville 100, he talks about what he calls his most gratifying — and in some ways, challenging — effort: the time (times actually) he worked to help a good friend get onto the podium. Whether you're interested in working with someone to help them...


S1E9: Your Crew and You, Part 2: Put Your Crewing Strategy To Work

Hottie and Fatty start this episode of the Leadville Podcast from higher than 10,000 feet...even though they're nowhere near Leadville. In fact, they're at the finish line of the Crusher in the Tushar, which might just be the most perfect Leadville 100 Tuneup a racer could pick. In addition to talking about their race day and what they learned, Hottie and Fatty dig into a very short — but deceptively difficult — section of The Course: the paved section between the Pipeline Aid Station and...


S1B4: Talking With the Boss of the LT100: Kimo Seymour

Kimo Seymour is SVP in charge of events and media at Life Time Fitness, which includes the Leadville 100. In other words, he’s the boss of the race. He's also raced the Leadville 100 eleven times, finishing under EIGHT hours every single time. In this conversation, Fatty and Kimo talk about how Life Time chooses qualifiers and what their plans are for new qualifiers going forward, why they have double-dipping for podiums, whether they’d consider a wave approach to the starting line, what...


S1E8: Your Crew and You, Part 1: Planning

There's a good chance that you've got friends and/or family coming along with you to Leadville, in which case there's nearly a 100% chance they're going to be crewing for you on race day. Which means that they've got as big a day coming up as you do...but concentrated into short little moments of crazed intensity when you roll in, breathing hard and amped up and unable to articulate a darned thing. This is the first of two episodes where Hottie and Fatty focus on crewing strategies for...


S1E7: The Climb Up to Columbine Mine

In this episode, we’ll also be talking about the part of the course everyone obsesses about — one of the true defining moments of the Leadville 100: the climb to Columbine Mine. We set you straight on the most asked about part of Leadville bike setup: the rolling parts. We brought in a couple of our friends from ENVE, both of them Leadville veterans — each with finish times of around 7:30 — to geek out about rims, tires, sealant and air pressure. We talk about how to come back from...


S1B3: "This Race Changed My Life" (BONUS Episode)

Here at the Leadville Podcast, we have fun preparing for and gaming out and gearing up for this race. But what we LOVE are the stories that come out of this race. And it's high time we posted a woman's race report. More to the point, this is Lisa Nelson's (now Fatty's wife, though this happens before they were together) telling of her first Leadville 100, in her own words. It is a case study in strength, flat tires, courage, hypothermia, tenacity, driving rain, and a world-class...


S1E6: It's Definitely About the Bike

A Note from Fatty: Hey, next week (7/4-9) The Hammer and I are headed to Leadville to race the Silver Rush 50. If you're going to be in Leadville during that time, let me know. And more importantly, if you're thinking of RACING the Silver Rush 50 (the MTB or running version), use my MRK18INFEN code a checkout to get a $10 discount. This same code works, by the way, to get into the LT100 Stage Race. And from what I understand, those are your two best options for qualifying into the LT100....


S1B2: An Interview with 6X LT100 Winner Dave Wiens

When Dave Wiens talks, Leadville racers listen. That's because they know that this six-time LT100 champion really knows his stuff, partly from having won this race so many times, and partly from having taught the Leadville 100 Camp of Champions several times. Chances are, if a racer has a question, he’s heard it. We get into bike choice, pacing, nutrition, the Race Across the Sky movies, Dave's up-close-and-personal view of Floyd Landis’ crash, and a lot more.


S1E5: Pacing and the Powerline (Special Guest: 6x Champ Dave Wiens)

Six-Time Leadville 100 Champ Dave Wiens joins Hottie and Fatty to talk about strategies for racing the Leadville 100, from pacing yourself to pacing others to just trying to not blow up halfway through the race. We deep-dive on the first dirt descent in the race: The Powerline, teasing apart one of the most treacherous parts of the race And In our Questions for the Queen, we ask Rebecca Rusch about food logistics. Bottles! Camelbaks! Food! Wrappers! Where do you put it all for easy access,...


S1E4: The (Lack of) Air Up There

All of our episodes are "must-hear" episodes, but this is quite likely the most critical episode you can listen to this year. We've got an incredible interview with Dr Colin Grissom, a well-known pulmonologist with special expertise in exercise at high-altitude. If you're racing the LT100, you NEED to hear what he has to say. In Our Questions for the Queen segment, Rebecca Rusch gets gross, talking about how to keep going when you have GI issues. In our segment on The Course, we talk about...


S1B1: The Racer With Samson Hair

Dave Edwards is a guy Fatty met in 2014 during a pre-race clinic Rebecca Rusch and Fatty put on. Dave was a friendly guy, who — like most people — was very excited about the race. Unlike most people, he had an amazing head of below-shoulder-length blond hair. He had been growing it out, like Samson, for this race. Dave's story and Fatty's intersected again, at the finish line of the race...but not in the way you might expect. These bonus episodes are because there’s a lot more to the...


S1E3: Feeding Frenzy!

In this episode we go to the buffet — it's the show almost ALL about food. Dr Kevin Sprouse — Medical Director for the EF Education First / Drapac presented by Cannondale Pro Cycling Team — has a practical prescription for your race nutrition, including changes you need to start making RIGHT NOW. Rebecca Rusch will reveal what’s in her feed bag in Our Questions for the Queen segment, then Fatty and Hottie talk about their respective Leadville menus (they're miles apart). We continue our...


S1E2: Preventing — and Coping With — Cramps

In this episode, we talk about the endurance racer’s worst enemy: cramps. Fatty interviews Rebecca Rusch — The Queen of Pain — to get her tips on avoiding and surviving cramps, and Hottie and Fatty talk about our own experiences and expertise on dealing with cramps, too. We detail the dash for the Leadville City limits in our "The Course" segment, digging into the seven most important things you can know about in the first six miles of this race. You'll be astonished at how many of these...