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LBRS Ep 54 - The Principality of Zion!!!

iTunes Stitcher Google Play Music The disgruntled Forward Jimmy Butler has recently been traded to the Philadelphia 76ers. In this episode, we dissect the trade and figure out how well of a fit Jimmy Buckets will be. Are the 76ers the clear favorite with the current acquisition of Butler, or will his bravado deter the young stars of Philly as it did in Minnesota? Also, we talk about possibly the next LeBron James in Zion Williamson, who was off to a fast start in his college debut. Will his...

LBRS Ep 53 - Cheat Code

iTunes Stitcher Google Play Music On this episode of Let’s Be Real, we discuss the Golden State Warriors’ dominance and relevance as the best team in the NBA. Possibly the best team ever assembled in the association. With guys that can go for 30+ a night. Is there a team in the foreseeable future that will dethrone them? Also, the Pacquiao vs. Broner fight is scheduled sometime in January, and while it may not be the most anticipated fight, it does seem that the winner of this match may...

LBRS Ep 51 - We're Back!!!

iTunes Stitcher Google Play Music We’re back for the 4th season of Let’s Be Real Sportscast. In this episode, we talk about the offseason moves that teams have made to catch up to the NBA Champions. The Champs themselves have bolstered their roster as well. Making for an interesting upcoming season. We also discuss the WNBA Players’ gripe with the wage gap compared to their male counterparts and with the G-League now offering $125,000 for top prospects, it has added more fuel to the fire...


LBRS Ep 52 - Ladies Night

iTunes Stitcher Google Play Music On this episode of Let’s Be Real, we’re talking about the World Series. After the marathon of Game 3 in which LA was able to secure their only win. Boston responds in Game 4, and now with a commanding 3-1 lead are the Dodgers’ hope in the dumps or will they rally to push for a Game 6? Also, we have some WWE PPV talk. WWE Evolution is the first ever all women's’ PPV event in which past meets present. Which should make for an exciting event that will be...


LBRS Ep 50: Season 3 End!!!

Google Podcast iTunes Stitcher On this episode of Let’s Be Real we’re talking about the 2018 NBA Draft. Who were the winners and losers? As well we take a look back at the GGG vs. Canelo fight, as there will be a rematch on Sept.15th. The last time it was a draw, but who will come out with the win this time? We’re also further discussing the Kawhi-Spurs situation as there has been new development. All this on another episode of Let’s Be Real!!!! Show Notes GGG vs. Canelo 2 fight details...


LBRS Episode 49 - NBA Offseason 2018

Google Play Music iTunes Stitcher It’s been a little over a week since the NBA Finals have concluded. Now that we’ve gotten the most predictable part of the season out the way. We look at the interesting and intriguing part of the NBA Season. The Offseason. Player mobility is something that happens every year around this time, and it’s surely fun to speculate what super team will be created and where will LeBron go? Now with Kawhi asking for a trade from the San Antonio Spurs the offseason...


LBRS Ep 48 - The Solo Act

Google Play Music iTunes Stitcher


LBRS Episode 47 - Cavs' Grave Mistake

Google Play Music iTunes Stitcher Show Notes History of JR Smith blunders (https://bit.ly/2ss13hi) A look at Game 1 stats (https://on.nba.com/2LUk2t1) Cavs vs. Warriors Game 1 Highlights (https://bit.ly/2Hfrkny) Final sequence of Game 1 (https://bit.ly/2LhCnPr) LBJ Game 1 Post interview (https://bit.ly/2Lh40rW) Paul trying to recruit LeBron (https://reut.rs/2JsbAmn) Tristan & Draymond scuffle (https://bit.ly/2J7eD40) Tristan talks about scuffle (https://bit.ly/2J5OCC0) JR explains...


LBRS Ep 46 - Test Your Might!!!

Google Play Music iTunes Stitcher On this episode of LBRS, we discuss the Game 3 dominance of the Cleveland Cavaliers over the Boston Celtics. LeBron and Co. were able to stifle Boston defensively, and for that game, the King got the much-needed help that he was asking for. Over in the Western Conference, the Rockets and Warriors are getting ready to play Game 3 today. So, we take a look at what Golden State or Houston have to do to take a 2-1 lead in the series. Get ready for another dope...


LBRS Ep 45 - NBA Playoffs (Cont.)

Google Play Music iTunes Stitcher On this episode of LBRS, we continue to delve deeper into the NBA Playoffs, at the same time trying to figure out what’s the best move for PG who’s set to enter free agency. We all know he’s and Los Angeles kid, but is it necessarily the right move for him? As well we’re here with another S.T.F.U. segment discussing certain things that just sound a bit ridiculous to us, and will to you as well. So get ready, for another dope episode of LBRS. Show...


LBRS Ep 44 - Unpredictable

On this episode of LBRS we recap the 1st round of the NBA Playoffs, and preview how’s it going down for the Semi-Conference. Their were major upsets that now has shaped the 2nd round of the playoffs. We’re here to give our predictions and dissect how each team will matchup with one another. As well we take a look in to the potential mega bout of Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder. Will this match even happen? Show Notes Anthony Joshua boxing record (https://bit.ly/2HUfnbt) Deontay Wilder...


LBRS Ep 42: NBA Playoffs: The Real Season Begins

The NBA Playoffs are in full effect, so the LBRS crew is here to break it down and give you the 411 on what you need to be ready for the 1st round of each matchup. As well, another season, another year for the Knicks not making the playoffs. It’s been awhile since they’ve done anything of relevance. So we try to figure out some of the offseason moves they can orchestrate to make a playoff push in the near future. Show Notes Knicks’ storylines so far (https://bit.ly/2H308fU) Knicks Player...


LBRS Episode 41 - Finish Line

Google Play Music iTunes Stitcher The NCAA Championship game is pretty much set. The Golden State Warriors are having serious injury woes, and OKC isn’t the team we thought they would be; at the beginning of the year. The playoffs are fast approaching and we discuss how both teams can correct the issues they are having. Also we take a look at the NCAA Championship game match between Michigan and Villanova. So make sure you tune in for another dope episode of Let’s Be Real Sportscast, and no...


LBRS Episode 40 - Intriguing

Google Play Music iTunes Stitcher On this episode, we talk about the teams that are playing in the Elite 8. Which teams have what it takes to make it to the Final Four? Also, we look at the Jets as they try to make a splash in this year’s NFL Draft. We all know they need to draft a potential franchise QB, but will they draft otherwise at a different position? Tune in for another episode of Let’s Be Rea!!! Show Notes 2018 NFL Draft order (https://bit.ly/2Gi0Oxo) Updated NCAA Bracket...


LBRS Ep 39 - March Madness Rundown

Google Play Music iTunes Stitcher On this episode, we talk about the month of March and it’s MADNESS!!! NCAA brackets are in full effect but are looking pretty busted. UMBC just beat No.1 Virginia and now have an invitation to the Sweet 16 after drumming Virginia by 20pts the other night. We take a look at the game and how the rest of the tourney will play out. So, tune in for another dope episode of Let’s Be Real Sportscast!!! Show Notes Colin reacts to FBI investigation into NCAA...


LBRS Ep 37 - NCAA - Time for Revamp

Google Play Music iTunes Stitcher On this episode we talk about the emergence of the Houston Rockets and their stellar play. Are they actually a threat to the Warriors or is Golden State just on cruise control? We also take a look at the corruption that’s going on in the NCAA, and NBA players weigh in on whether or not student-athletes should be compensated for their services. Let’s gear up for another dope episode of Let’s Be Real!!! Show Notes Calipari offers advice to fix NCAA issues....


LBRS Ep 36 - All-Star Weekend

Google Play Music iTunes Stitcher On this episode we talk about NBA All Star weekend and Lavar Ball delusional ultimatum fo the lakers. All this and more on the Let’s Be Real Sportscast. Show Notes Kevin Love agrees that trades needed to happen. (http://bit.ly/2Gm1FcT) 2018 All Star rosters. (http://bit.ly/2GpbCpR) LeBron responds to reporter. (http://cnn.it/2GqoKee) S.T.F.U Fox Reporter tells LeBron, “Shut up and dribble” (http://wapo.st/2FedyCs) Lavar Ball delusional ultimatum to...


Let's Be Real Sportscsat Ep 35 - Super Sunday

Google Play Music iTunes Stitcher On this episode of Let’s Be Real Sportscast, we’re talking about the NBA trade deadline. Feb. 8th is fast approaching and with that comes a bevy of rumblings, rumors, and potential trade moves. After the Blake Griffin trade to the Pistons, we take a look at other stars that may be moved within the next few days. Also, we give our picks for Super Bowl Sunday and the reasons why. So let’s gear up for another episode of Let’s Be Real. Show Notes Updated...


Let's Be Real Sports Episode 34 -Trouble in Paradise

Stitcher iTunes Google Music Play On this episode of Let’s Be Real we talk about the Cavaliers struggle this season, as well what’s needed for them to compete against the Golden State Warriors. Do they even have the right personnel to get out of the East this year? Also this year NBA All-Star starters have been announced, is there anyone you feel that should be starting over the ones that were chosen? Let’s discuss it on this episode of Let’s Be Real!!! Show Notes Cavaliers looking to...


Let's Be Real Sports Episode 33 - Rookie Ladder

Stitcher iTunes Google Play Music Happy New Year everyone. This is the first episode of the year and this is a good one. As half the NBA season has now concluded we’re taking a look at the rookies. This season they are in full force providing some of the most entertaining and eye-popping stat lines. Amongst the rookies, Ben Simmons is the leader of the pack, but it’s not so definitive that he will become R.O.Y. Guys like Kyle Kuzma, Donovan Mitchell, and Jayson Tatum have all made cases as...