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Life between the lines, but mostly outside the lines, for those who work in baseball.

Life between the lines, but mostly outside the lines, for those who work in baseball.


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Life between the lines, but mostly outside the lines, for those who work in baseball.






Episode 43 — Kalin Boodman

Kalin Boodman is one of the co-founders of Baseballism, a lifestyle company started by four former college baseball teammates that created catchy slogans and has become a must-own for baseball fans. The four friends come from different backgrounds and Boodman's is the most unique as a former military lawyer. We discuss Boodman's multiple tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, jumping out airplanes and landing at 17 mph, returning to his native Oregon to work with his buddies, and how...


Episode 42 -- "McCovey Cove" Dave Edlund

Dave Edlund, better known as McCovey Cove Dave on social media, is one of the few people to watch a Major League Baseball game in person in 2020. Of course, Dave is not sitting in the seats watching his beloved San Francisco Giants. He's in a kayak, beyond the right field fence, in the San Francisco Bay, listening to the game on radio and looking up into the sky. On Episode 42 of the Life Around the Seams podcast, Edlund explains life in McCovey Cove for regulars and visitors, when the...


Episode 41 -- Johnny Doskow, 2.0

Johnny Doskow returns to the Life Around the Seams podcast to discuss his new book: "GOODNIGHT EM: Baseball and Life Through Haiku." Doskow is the voice of the Sacramento River Cats, the Triple-A affiliate of the San Francisco Giants. Dosky explained how he always enjoyed writing haiku poems, then used the pandemic to get serious about writing hundreds that could be turned into this book. I picked out some of my favorites, read them aloud, and then we flapped about some of the details...


Episode 40 -- Tim and Matt Neverett

On Episode 40 of Life Around the Seams, it’s a Father’s Day inspired podcast. We talk fathers and sons, baseball and broadcasting, calls on the air and calls on the phone, with Tim Neverett and his oldest son Matt Neverett. Tim currently broadcasts Dodgers games on the radio and TV. Before that, he was with the Red Sox and Pirates. Tim worked for nearly a decade in Las Vegas, broadcasting minor league baseball, hockey, basketball, plus UNLV sports and working in talk radio. He's broadcasted...


Episode 39 -- Dave Raymond

Dave Raymond was the senior class President at Stanford University and he was homeless. It was by design, somewhat, because it was practical. He was a stand-up comedian on the side. His articles for Forbes magazine are widely cited as bursting the internet bubble in the early 2000s. These days, Dave and his wife are the owner of a nanny and tutoring business. Oh yeah, he's also the TV play-by-play announcer for the Texas Rangers. Raymond's journey is fascinating. He quit his first...


Episode 38 -- Josh Whetzel

Josh Whetzel has spent 25 years broadcasting baseball games in the minor leagues, from Albany to Kinston to Binghamton and at Triple-A Rochester since 2003. He also calls games for the University of Buffalo men's basketball team and was named Broadcaster of the Year in 2015 by Baseball Digest. And his career was launched due to a serious illness as a teen-ager. On Episode 38 of the Life Around the Seams podcast, Whetzel explains the turn of events that led him from the hospital to Dodger...


Episode 37 -- Brad Balukjian

Author Brad Balukjian, a biology instructor by day, came up with an absurdly delightful idea. Buy one pack of baseball cards (he chose 1986 Topps), then track down all the players on those cards, interview them about their life after baseball, and write a book about them. The idea was born in 2014. The roadtrip was in the summer of 2015 and spanned 48 days and 11,341 miles. Then the real work was beginning ... trying to find a publishing house that would publish his book. Balukjian...


Episode 36 -- Jacob Kornhauser

If you were a young baseball player and were told that you would reach the Major Leagues one day -- but you would only play one game, and only one game -- would all the years of playing and sacrificing be worth it? On Episode 36 of the Life Around the Seams podcast, our guest is author Jacob Kornhauser to discuss his latest book, "A Cup of Coffee." Kornhauser identifies 11 players who are just like "Moonlight" Graham from the movie "Field of Dreams." (Graham is a real player, by the way.)...


Episode 35 -- John Shea

John Shea first approached Willie Mays about collaborating on a book 15 years ago. Why did it take so long to finish? “Are you saying I missed deadline?” Shea asks, with a laugh. Actually, Shea wanted to make sure the book wasn’t missing anything, and it was definitely worth the wait. On Episode 35 of the Life Around the Seams podcast, Shea details the 100-plus hours he spent with Mays in order to compile this book, “24: Life Stories and Lessons from the Say Hey Kid.” We also discuss the...


Episode 34 -- Dale Tafoya

Author's week begins with Dale Tafoya, a lifelong Oakland Athletics fan who just released his second book on his hometown team, "Billy Ball: Billy Martin and the Resurrection of the Oakland A's." In the early 1980s, the Oakland A’s went from on their way to Denver, to remaining in Oakland and becoming the toast of baseball, and then crashing back down to mediocrity. In the middle of it all was flamboyant manager Billy Martin, who brought, as the commercials famously told us, "a different...


Episode 33 -- Curt Bloom

Curt Bloom was the play-by-play announcer for the Birmingham Barons, the Double-A affiliate of the Chicago White Sox, in 1994 for the one (and only) season that Michael Jordan played professional baseball. It's a season he'll never forget and a season that forever bonds those who experienced it. On Episode 33 of the Life Around the Seams, hardwood meats hardball. Bloom was there for every game, every at-bat, every bus ride, every visiting hotel, every mob scene as fans wanted a glimpse of...


Episode 32 — Ted Robinson

If you divided Ted Robinson’s broadcasting career into four parts, each of those individual sections would be impressive alone. Over 20+ years of Major League Baseball, tennis grand slams and NCAA Tournament broadcasts, plus 11 different Olympics, the 49ers, Warriors and much more. Add them all together and it’s legendary. On Episode 32 of the Life Around the Seams, I get the pleasure of interviewing one of the broadcasters who I grew up listening and idolizing as a kid. You could spend...


Episode 31 -- Ken Korach

Ken Korach spent 10 years in the minor leagues, before finally getting his first full-time Major League job with the Oakland Athletics in 1996. He replaced one legend, Lon Simmons, and worked alongside another legend in Bill King, then took over as the A’s lead announcer after the death of King. Korach has kept the memory of King alive on the air, in a book, and his tireless stumping that helped King get immortalized in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Along the way, Korach has become a legend...


Episode 30 — Jim Watson

Jim Watson is arguably the most versatile sportscaster in America. He's done play-by-play for an astounding 39 different sports in his career, including six sports in five different Olympics. He's also a studio host, sideline reporter, emcee, and won five Emmy's in the process. On Episode 30 of the Life Around the Seams podcast, get ready to laugh because Watty is hilarious and a fabulous storyteller. This seems ridiculous, but Watson's decade as a college student led to being a bartender,...


Episode 29 -- Patrick O'Neal

Patrick O’Neal comes from a family of famous actors. Initially, he followed the family business, before switching gears and carving out his own niche as a sportscaster in Southern California. On Episode 29 of the Life Around the Seams podcast, a very candid O’Neal admits the pressure he felt to act, then the relief and joy that he found following his lifelong passion for sports. Over the last two decades, O’Neal has covered every major team in Southern California for Prime Ticket and Fox...


Episode 28 -- Ken Levine

We're getting the band back together over the next few episodes of this podcast. On Episode 28, we start with Ken Levine, my co-host on Post Game Dodger Talk from 2008-10 on 790 KABC in Los Angeles. Levine's career shows his immense versatility. He's written, created, produced and directed various TV shows, movies and plays. He's performed baseball play-by-play in the minors and majors. He's blogged for over a decade and now has a podcast as well. We focused on the Cheers TV episodes that...


Episode 27 -- Tim Hagerty, 3.0

Tim Hagerty returns for a record third appearance on the “Life Around the Seams” podcast and the very loose theme for this episode is irregularities in the length of baseball due to unforeseen factors. Hagerty tells us about the two minor leagues that played a 19-game championship series, the pitcher struck by lightning, the kid-turned-adult who insisted on knowing why two minor league teams accidentally played one extra game, the town that built a grandstand in eight days to ensure an...


Episode 26 -- Mike Petriello

Mike Petriello worked for a now-defunct video on demand company that was ahead of its time, a public relations firm that built websites for pharmaceutical companies, and the website of a bowling company. Those jobs paid the bills and provided health benefits, but it was not what he really wanted to do. On episode 26 of the Life Around the Seams podcast, we explore why a native New Yorker liked the Dodgers, started a blog about the Dodgers with a unique name based on a Simpsons episode, how...


Episode 25 -- Tyler Maun

Tyler Maun wears a lot of hats, literally and figuratively. He's a broadcaster, writer, host of two podcasts, Denver sports historian, and has a collection of baseball hats that is both impressive and troubling. What makes Tyler's story so intriguing is that he was in a career funk in the middle of the 2010s, after the end of relationship, and those hard times laid the foundation for his career renaissance. On episode 25 of the "Life Around the Seams" podcast, we get philosophical about...


Episode 24 -- Melanie Newman

Over the last year, Melanie Newman went viral for getting a new job, get her first national contract to broadcast axe throwing, made history with Suzie Kewl for the first all-female baseball broadcast in April, her most famous call on the baseball field was when a skunk got on the field, had her equipment get stolen mid-summer, interviewed a football coach who was coaching from a hospital bed, and continues to shatter barriers for her work in broadcasting. On Episode 24 of the "Life Around...