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Miami Sports Pod - Do you believe in miracles? The Dolphins do!

In this week's Miami Sports Pod, Local 10's Will Manso and Clay Ferraro talk miracles and the Miami Dolphins as Kenyan Drake helps pull off a stunning win over the Patriots.


Miami Sports Pod - Going college bowling with Orange Bowl Committee CEO Eric Poms

Local 10's Clay Ferraro talks college bowl season with Orange Bowl CEO Eric Poms 1:00 The reaction of the Orange Bowl to getting Alabama-Oklahoma 3:00 College football sets up a post-season that leads to a lot of debate 5:00 The committee’s job is to rank 1-4 7:00 Clay says Georgia had their shot 8:00 You know the games matter in September 10:00 The structure of the College Football is working. Conference Championships almost function as a quarter-final 14:00 The athletes...


Miami Sports Pod - Why, Adam Gase? Why?

This week, the Local 10 sports team wonders why the Dolphins keep finding new ways to lose instead of win after Sunday's loss to the Colts. :34 Will invents a new day of the week 1:40 The playcalling was really bad down the stretch 3:40 Adam Gase was doing a great job of using Gore/Drake and then stopped 6:30 The Dolphins had it working perfectly on offense and then decided to mix it up and lose 8:30 You’re paying Ryan Tannehill a lot of money to make that 3rd down throw 10:20 We look at...


No Jimmy Butler, No Cry?

In this episode of the Miami Sports Pod, Local 10's Will Manso and Clay Ferraro compose themselves long enough to talk about Jimmy Butler not coming to Miami and what it means for the Heat. 1:00 Clay has been obsessed with the Jimmy Butler situation and now Butler’s not coming here 2:15 Clay gives the entire backstory of the Heat and Timberwolves conversations around Jimmy Butler 5:30 What if Pat Riley didn’t think that Jimmy Butler was that guy? 8:46 Pat Riley is in the position that...


The State of Miami Sports... has been better

This week on the Miami Sports Pod, Local 10's Will Manso and Clay Ferraro ponder on what is the most disappointing aspect of Miami as a sports town at the moment.


The Canes offense is offensive, can they fix it?

This week on the Miami Sports Pod, Local 10's Will Manso and Clay Ferraro wonder what's going on with the UM offense, and whether Mark Richt is helping or hurting the Canes. 1:00 What is the reason that Mark Richt is not going back to N’Kosi Perry? 2:15 Is there more to the story than just football behind this decision? 5:30 Richt is saying Rosier gives Miami the best chance to win, Will doesn’t believe it 7:00 There’s such a difference between watching this year’s Canes team and last...


The Dolphins mess after another loss, and S. Fla. reversal of fortune

This week, Local 10's Will Manso and Clay Ferraro discuss all things Dolphins after a messy loss to the Lions


Miami Heat season preview with Will Manso

Miami Heat players talk about the upcoming season as Will Manso previews the team and what to expect this year. 1:00 - Heat injuries to start the season 4:30 - What to expect in the Eastern Conference 6:20 - Do the Heat need Jimmy Butler? 9:15 - Josh Richardson, Justise Winslow & Bam Adebayo improvement 13:40 - Bam Adebayo talks about support from team 14:30 - Next step for Rodney McGruder 16:35 - Rodney McGruder talks about health and his role 17:45 - Discussion about Derrick Jones,...


Dolphins win, but what's up with Tannehill? Plus, UM QB questions

This week, Will Manso and Clay Ferraro discuss the Dolphins thrilling win over the Bears, but wonder what's going on with quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Plus, is there any method to the madness of Mark Richt's quarterback decisions at UM? 0:19 We discuss the Panthers winless start for 30 seconds 1:40 The Dolphins won another game they had no business winning 2:40 Adam Gase wasn’t happy to be asked about Ryan Tannehill’s shoulder 3:44 Adam Gase started dissecting HIPPA law after the...


We sack Ryan Tannehill, everyone else did, and the Canes beat FSU

This week on the Miami Sports Pod, Local 10's Will Manso & Clay Ferraro talk about the utter disaster that was the Dolphins loss in Cincy, but at least the 'Canes beat FSU, so there's some joy in the Magic City. 1:35 If the Dolphins had just punted Sunday, they would’ve had a decent chance to win the game 3:45 This is Ryan Tannehill, if you keep things simple he can be fine --- nothing more, nothing less 5:20 How can you defend throwing the ball off a tight ends helmet that turns into a...


The Dolphins aren't perfect and it's Miami-FSU week

In this week's Miami Sports Pod, Local 10's Will Manso and Clay Ferraro dive deep into the Dolphins disappointing loss to the Patriots and preview this week's Miami-FSU game. 0:31 Dolphins fans don’t want to hear the “same old Dolphins” 2:00 From the opening possession the Patriots solved the Dolphins offense 4:30 Why aren’t the Dolphins using Kenyan Drake 11:30 This should have been the game where the Dolphins rely on their running game 13:40 Clay is less concerned about the Dolphins...


The Dolphins... yes, the DOLPHINS... are 3-0

On this week's edition of the Miami Sports Pod, the Local 10 Sports crew discuss the Dolphins' incredible 3-0 start and what's going right; plus, the Miami Heat are set to open training camp.


Dwyane Wade is back for one final season

In this "breaking news" version of the Miami Sports Pod, Will and Clay discuss the return of Dwyane Wade to the Heat for one final season. 0:54 Clay sings 1:27 Dwyane really was close to retirement 3:00 What were the conversations between Dwyane and the Heat --- Great story, but from roster --- you’re adding another shooting guard 5:22 Dwyane Wade is the Miami Heat 7:00 The Fans are going to enjoy Dwyane’s victory lap 9:45 Will thinks something is going on --- Dwyane didn’t come back...


The Dolphins are the best team in the NFL... according to the standings

In this episode of the Miami Sports Pod, Local 10's Will Manso and Clay Ferraro talk about the Dolphins 2-0 start after a win over the Jets. 2:00 The Dolphins are better than some of the national media thought 2:50 The Dolphins played smart on Sunday 4:30 Frank Gore makes history for the Dolphins and makes a key play 6:40 Give Adam Gase credit for the Dolphins culture 8:40 Ryan Tannehill’s numbers on Sunday might be a bit deceptive 12:00 Tannehill has shown peaks and valleys throughout...


A Podcast 1/14 As Long As Sunday's Dolphins Win

There were four hours in lightning delays during the Miami Dolphin's game Sunday against the Tennessee Titans, and yet the 4th quarter was a thriller.


The 'Canes get dumped in Big D

In this episode of the Miami Sports Podcast, the Local 10 Sports team talks about the blowout loss suffered by the Miami Hurricanes at the hands of the LSU Tigers. 1:30 What a disappointing start to the 2018 season for the Canes 2:00 The Canes had a huge spotlight game and it was a major letdown 4:00 Clay says Miami still has a chance to compete for the Coastal Division of the ACC 6:00 We didn’t see the Turnover Chain on Sunday night, except on t-shirts 8:30 Overwhelmingly feels like a...


Talking 'Canes football with Randal "Thrill" Hill

UM legend Randal "Thrill" Hill joins the Miami Sports Podcast to discuss the upcoming 'Canes football season. 2:02 Randal Hill talks about the big opportunity the Canes have in the opener 6:40 Here’s what Randal Hill did with his 1988 Orange Bowl ring 10:42 Some former players don’t necessarily feel welcomed back just yet 12:00 Back in the day, the Canes players learned speed by watching track 18:12 The biggest myth is that you have to recruit 5-star players. It’s about attitude 20:16...


The Dolphins work out the kinks... maybe?

In the latest Miami Sports Podcast, the Local 10 sports team discuss the Dolphins after the second preseason game and what we know... and what we don't know. 1:20 Dolphins Head Coach Adam Gase argues that they’re not putting their best out there yet 2:30 Will Manso says “My problem with the Dolphins right now… “ 6:00 Here’s what we do know about the Dolphins offense… 9:30 There are people out there who think the Dolphins are going to be one of the worst teams in the NFL 10:15 This is an...


Takeaways from the Dolphins' preseason debut

In this edition of the Miami Sports Pod, Will Manso and Clay Ferraro weigh in on the Dolphins' first preseason game vs. the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


We're talking about practice... Dolphins practice

In this week's Miami Sports Podcast, the Local 10 Sports team recaps the Dolphins scrimmage before the first preseason game and how things look heading into real fake games. 1:30 We went to the Dolphins scrimmage, so you didn’t have to 3:30 There was a lot of laundry on the field during Saturday’s Dolphins scrimmage 5:30 Adam Gase made the team run after the scrimmage 8:00 The Miami Dolphins really need to avoid 1st and 15 9:00 This problem falls on coaching 12:00 There’s no excuse for...