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Host Evan Sidery brings you the daily scoop on the Indianapolis Colts and the NFL on Locked On Colts. The most in-depth daily podcast on the Colts diving in from all angles every week. Part of the Locked on Podcast Network. #Indianapolis #Colts #NFL

Host Evan Sidery brings you the daily scoop on the Indianapolis Colts and the NFL on Locked On Colts. The most in-depth daily podcast on the Colts diving in from all angles every week. Part of the Locked on Podcast Network. #Indianapolis #Colts #NFL
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Host Evan Sidery brings you the daily scoop on the Indianapolis Colts and the NFL on Locked On Colts. The most in-depth daily podcast on the Colts diving in from all angles every week. Part of the Locked on Podcast Network. #Indianapolis #Colts #NFL




LOCKED ON COLTS 9/11/19: Crossover Wednesday with Locked On Titans

On today's episode, it's time for our second installment of Crossover Wednesday. As you all know, this will run each Wednesday throughout the regular season and now we're onto the Titans. How will this latest chapter of this AFC South battle go? Kicking off the show, we dive into the Titans' angle featuring talk on their stunning blowout over the Browns, Derrick Henry, Marcus Mariota, the absence of Taylor Lewan at left tackle, and much more. From the Colts' POV, stopping Henry will go a...


LOCKED ON COLTS 9/10/19: Recapping Colts vs. Chargers

It's finally time to recap some Colts regular season football. Even though it was a loss out in LA for the Colts, their comeback effort was impressive thanks to a tale of two halves. Zach Hicks of Stampede Blue helps go through all of the biggest notes, including takeaways on all of the following players: Kemoko Turay, Jacoby Brissett, Marlon Mack, T.Y. Hilton, Malik Hooker, and plenty more. Are we poised for a full-fledged breakout campaign from Turay? Return of the Mack (how about that...


LOCKED ON COLTS 9/6/19: Position-by-position breakdown of Colts vs. Chargers

On today's episode, Jake Arthur of Colts.com is back to cover Week 1 action in-depth for the listeners! First up, before we go knee-deep into the position-by-position analysis, we go over Jacoby Brissett. What has Jake seen throughout OTAs and training camp that shine a light on the Colts' confidence in their new QB1? Also, the locker room is 100 percent behind their new captain. Going through all of the important areas on both teams, Jake and I dissect strengths and weaknesses from all...


LOCKED ON COLTS 9/5/19: Going in-depth on Jacoby Brissett

On today's episode, Kevin Bowen stops by to discuss the Colts' latest transactions while looking ahead to the Chargers. First up, Jacoby Brissett and his new deal. Bowen believes this deal was a win-win for both sides, but cautions that the pressure is all on Brissett now to prove his worth. What is the bar Brissett has to cross in order for Indianapolis to believe he's QB1? They still have an easy out after this year if the NC State product isn't up to par. Bowen also hits on the Brian...


LOCKED ON COLTS 9/4/19: Crossover Wednesday with Locked On Chargers

It's Crossover Wednesday on the Locked On Podcast Network, which means Locked On Colts x Locked On Chargers for your week one coverage! On today's episode, David and Daniel join Evan to talk about the Colts and Chargers from all angles. Their reactions to the Andrew Luck retirement, plus the dramatic improvement of their offensive line. Why the running game will be a huge emphasis for the Colts on Sunday. Also, are we underrating the Colts' playmakers like Parris Campbell? From the...


LOCKED ON COLTS 9/3/19: Jacoby Brissett inks new deal

On today's episode George Bremer of The Herald Bulletin stops by to talk all the latest Colts news. First off, Jacoby Brissett inked a 2-year, $30 million deal. Really, it was a savvy move by GM Chris Ballard to give him the franchise tag type of money now but spread it over two years for a cheaper cap hit in 2020. Also, it allows Indianapolis to evaluate Brissett for two full years if they would like. Also, what does George think of signing Brian Hoyer? In reality, it was the best option...


LOCKED ON COLTS 9/2/19: 53-man roster takeaways, Brian Hoyer signs as QB2, and looking ahead to Colts vs. Chargers

On today's episode, Zach Hicks of Stampede Blue stops by to breakdown all the latest Colts news as he always does each Monday. First up, what were the big surprises as Indianapolis trimmed the roster down from 90 to 53? Really, not that much, but Hale Hentges extended the Colts' UDFA streak to 21 years after defeating Ross Travis. Also, offensive line depth remains a concern if injuries occur. Next up, what does the signing Brian Hoyer mean for the Colts' QB room? Jacoby Brissett will be...


LOCKED ON COLTS 8/28/19: Why the Colts are still legit contenders with Michael Lombardi

On today's episode, the great Michael Lombardi joins us with his unique insight to provide his own thoughts on the Indianapolis Colts' latest roadblocks. Lombardi gives his take on Andrew Luck and his career before moving into some first-hand knowledge on Colts QB Jacoby Brissett. Does Lombardi believe Brissett has the qualities needed to be a franchise QB in today's NFL? He saw first-hand in New England alongside Bill Belichick. How do the Colts stack up in the AFC South? Lombardi...


LOCKED ON COLTS 8/27/19: It's the Jacoby Brissett show now + Twitter Tuesday

On today's episode, George Bremer returns for his weekly spot to give his own spin on the shocking Andrew Luck retirement plus the Jacoby Brissett era beginning. What was it like from Bremer's point of view covering the crazy evening at Lucas Oil Stadium? We also go down memory lane with his favorite moments of his career. However, it's time for Brissett to be QB1. What does that mean moving forward, and is Brissett ready? How have Bremer's original season expectations changed? From Super...


LOCKED ON COLTS 8/26/19: Moving on from the Andrew Luck era

On today's episode, it's time to move on from the Andrew Luck era. Less than 48 hours later, the sting is still there but with two weeks before the opener it's time to pass the torch to Jacoby Brissett. How will Frank Reich scheme the best opportunities for Brissett, and what does Indianapolis have in him? With all the talent still on the field, all the pieces are in place for Brissett to prove Reich correctly that he's indeed a top 20 quarterback. Brissett is a great deep ball thrower, but...


LOCKED ON COLTS 8/25/19: Andrew Luck shockingly retires from the NFL

Wow, This is real isn't it? Andrew Luck suddenly retired from the NFL this weekend. The Colts' signal caller has hung up his cleats at age 29. This emergency podcast will relay my thoughts on this whole situation plus the incredible career Luck put together in Indianapolis. Colts fans have been spoiled over the past two decades with Peyton Manning and Luck. The Stanford product willed a poor team to three straight seasons of 11 wins, including progressing further each year in the playoffs...


LOCKED ON COLTS 8/22/19: Which Colts players should you take in fantasy football + Reacting to all of your hot takes

On today's episode, Jake Arthur of Colts.com joins to discuss what you should do for your upcoming fantasy football drafts. Also, we react to all of the hot takes for the 2019-20 season listeners sent in via Twitter and Reddit. Should you handcuff Eric Ebron and Jack Doyle if you can? How about Mo Alie-Cox and Deon Cain in deeper leagues? Is Marlon Mack poised to be a breakout star in fantasy? I believe so, as does Jake. The question is who should you take first if both are on the board:...


LOCKED ON COLTS 8/21/19: Is Jacoby Brissett really a top 20 QB like Frank Reich says?

On today's episode, Kevin Bowen joins to discuss plenty of topics revolving around the Colts. First off, it's time for the latest Andrew Luck injury update. Where would Kevin lean on whether Luck plays 18 days away from the regular season opener? The answer may surprise you. Also, if Luck is 80-85% all season long, what's the ceiling for the team? It's finally to talk more in-depth about Jacoby Brissett, too. Frank Reich believes he's a top 20 QB, but is he really? Kevin ranks Brissett...


LOCKED ON COLTS 8/20/19: Can the Colts trust Jacoby Brissett? + Players poised for breakout seasons

On today's episode, George Bremer of The Herald Bulletin stops by to begin his weekly season guest spot to discuss plenty of Colts topics. Who were the biggest surprises from Colts training camp and preseason thus far? Bremer believes Chris Ballard might've hit another home run with his 2019 draft class. Turning to the biggest elephant in the room: Andrew Luck's health. What's the latest updates via Frank Reich? Bremer lets us know plus how will the Colts function with Jacoby Brissett as...


LOCKED ON COLTS 8/19/19: Latest updates on Andrew Luck, intriguing roster battles, and Browns game recap

On today's episode, a news roulette running through all the latest Colts updates with Zach Hicks of Stampede Blue. Kicking things off with the injury news revolving around Andrew Luck and Daurice Fountain, what happens now? Luck working out in front of the cameras at LOS was a statement, which has us feeling confident on him suiting up Week 1 in Los Angeles. Fountain's season-ending ankle injury took some wind out of the sails, though. In line to make the 53-man roster, who will now take...


LOCKED ON COLTS 8/13/19: Is it time to start worrying about Andrew Luck's injury?

On today's episode, a breaking news recap from the latest Andrew Luck injury update. What started off as a calf strain has now been moved to the front of his ankle. After previous misdiagnoses involving Luck, is it time to start worrying? Not yet, in my opinion, but the finger should be hovering over the panic button. Jim Irsay's comments on SiriusXM sparked a national story, but Colts GM Chris Ballard went on a conference call with local media less than 24 hours later to clarify the...


LOCKED ON COLTS 8/9/19: Recapping Colts vs. Bills

On today's episode, Cody Felger joins to recap the Colts' preseason opener in Buffalo. What stood out the most? Weak performances from the offensive tackles, notably Le'Raven Clark and Jackson Barton, have us thinking about whether Colts GM Chris Ballard should make a waiver claim for the 53-man roster in a few weeks. Solid outings from the likes of Chad Kelly, EJ Speed, Daurice Fountain, and Jonathan Williams showcased future position battles. Kelly seems poised to overtake Philip Walker...


LOCKED ON COLTS 8/8/19: Colts vs. Bills Crossover Special

On today's episode, it's time to finally preview a Colts game! Joe Marino, host of Locked On Bills and lead writer on The Draft Network, stops by to look ahead towards tonight's action. Who are the most intriguing players to watch on both sides? Eight names caught our eye. For the Colts, two rookies and one quarterback are who I'll be watching closest. Who are intriguing matchups from Buffalo's point of view? We also discuss the modern evolution of the tight end and linebacker spots. Led by...


LOCKED ON COLTS 8/6/19: Colts sign D'Onta Foreman, TE4 battle, and impact of Jabaal Sheard's knee surgery

On today's episode, lots of Colts-related new nuggets have dropped over the last 48 hours. First, Indianapolis surprised many by claiming former Texans running back -- and top 100 pick -- D'Onta Foreman. What will Foreman's role be with the Colts? Is there a chance he won't even make the 53-man roster? Certainly, because the battle between Foreman and Jonathan Williams for RB4 now is one of the top preseason storylines to follow. Also, will the former Heisman candidate buck the trend of RBs...


LOCKED ON COLTS 8/2/19: Latest takeaways from Colts training camp

On today's episode, it's time to run through the latest notes and observations from the last two practices for the Colts up at Grand Park. Who has stood out most? Malik Hooker, Denico Autry, Marlon Mack, Devin Funchess, Rock Ya-Sin, and EJ Speed have all impressed early and often. Autry has been the most consistent defender while Ya-Sin and Speed are now taking first team reps. Also, over 40 minutes of exclusive audio with interviews from all of the following: Matt Eberflus, Nick Siranni,...