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Host Evan Sidery brings you the daily scoop on the Indianapolis Colts and the NFL on Locked On Colts. The most in-depth daily podcast on the Colts diving in from all angles every week. Part of the Locked on Podcast Network. #Indianapolis #Colts #NFL

Host Evan Sidery brings you the daily scoop on the Indianapolis Colts and the NFL on Locked On Colts. The most in-depth daily podcast on the Colts diving in from all angles every week. Part of the Locked on Podcast Network. #Indianapolis #Colts #NFL
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Host Evan Sidery brings you the daily scoop on the Indianapolis Colts and the NFL on Locked On Colts. The most in-depth daily podcast on the Colts diving in from all angles every week. Part of the Locked on Podcast Network. #Indianapolis #Colts #NFL




LOCKED ON COLTS 10/15/19: Who has been the team MVP thus far?

On today's episode, George Bremer of The Herald Bulletin returns to go over all the latest news along with his thoughts on many Colts-related subjects. First up, it's Texans week, and it's once more a critically important matchup. Should we expect Colts DC Matt Eberflus to play heavy man or zone scheme concepts versus Deshaun Watson? Also, will Jacoby Brissett air it out more this week? Speaking of Brissett, does George believe he's seen enough from him to call him the long-term answer so...


LOCKED ON COLTS 10/14/19: Colts return from bye week with biggest game of the season

On today's episode, Zach Hicks of Stampede Blue returns to help reassess where the Colts stand coming off an amazing win over the Chiefs. Their bye week couldn't have come at a better time in terms of injuries, but a huge slate is on tap this week and throughout the rest of the season. Houston's own win over Kansas City sets up a huge showdown at Lucas Oil Stadium on Sunday. If the Colts are able to pull this one off, they will control their own density the rest of the way. Before we dive...


LOCKED ON COLTS 10/8/19: Colts stun Chiefs behind new identity

On today's episode, George Bremer of The Herald Bulletin is back to help go over the Colts' biggest win in the Frank Reich era. Following a 19-13 stunner in Kansas City, how does the season outlook change for this team? Bremer was there at Arrowhead Stadium for coverage, so he has plenty of takeaways. Run the damn ball is truly a staple diet of the Colts' identity. After 97 rushing yards in the second half, 180 total, Indianapolis is embracing smash mouth football at the perfect time. It's...


LOCKED ON COLTS 10/4/19: Positional breakdown of Colts vs. Chiefs

On today's episode, Jake Arthur of Colts.com helps go in-depth on the Colts vs. Chiefs primetime matchup. Indy will be very shorthanded, but is there any chance they can pull off a shocking result? Going position-by-position, who holds the edge between the Colts and Chiefs? Patrick Mahomes is going to put up points, but so will Jacoby Brissett. This is a matchup where establishing the run will be of the upmost importance. We close going over Jake's main keys to the game. Will the Colts pull...


LOCKED ON COLTS 10/3/19: Colts vs. Chiefs Crossover Special

On today's episode, our Locked On Crossover Special is back as Locked On Chiefs helps collaborate looking ahead to Sunday's game at Arrowhead Stadium. For the Colts to pull off the stunner in Kansas City, what needs to go down? We explained that, plus much more. From the Chiefs' point of view, it's good to get to know their playmakers and scheme. Why is the Patrick Mahomes, And Reid led offense looking so unstoppable? Also, which Colts defender needs to be assigned Travis Kelce? Justin...


LOCKED ON COLTS 10/1/19: What changes need to happen on defense?

On today's episode, George Bremer of The Herald Bulletin is back to go over the Colts' loss against Oakland while looking ahead to Kansas City. Bremer hammered home some great points on many topics. What exactly is wrong with the Colts' defense? Is it more player or scheme? Also, if this continues, does Matt Eberflus' seat feat warm? Bremer points to both points, but also says some sort of change needs to be made ASAP. Eric Ebron had his worst game of his Colts career Sunday reverting to the...


LOCKED ON COLTS 9/30/19: Colts ruin momentum with ugly loss to Oakland

On today's episode, Stampede Blue's Zach Hicks helps recap the Colts' stunning 31-24 home loss against Oakland. What exactly went wrong and what changes need to be made moving forward? After the 14-0 quick deficit, Indianapolis seemed shellshocked and was never able to crawl back to a late lead. Jacoby Brissett's pick-six on the possible game tying drive officially ended the game. Is the NFL figuring out Matt Eberflus' zone-heavy scheme? It sure seems that way as Derek Carr sliced through it...


LOCKED ON COLTS 9/25/19: Frank Reich is playing chess while defenses are playing checkers

On today's episode, Zach Hicks of Stampede Blue returns to go over the Colts' win over Atlanta plus look ahead to Oakland. First up, Frank Reich and Jacoby Brissett are exceeding expectations early on. Reich is proving he's one of the best play callers in the league molding a formidable offense around Brissett's strengths. With Reich running the show long-term in Indianapolis, worries should be soothed for sure. On the other side of the ball, it's time to see DC Matt Eberflus mix things up....


LOCKED ON COLTS 9/20/19: In-depth breakdown previewing Colts vs. Falcons

Colts.com's Jake Arthur is back to help go in-depth on the Colts' Week 3 matchup against the Atlanta Falcons. Need an episode to breakdown all possible angles of this important game? You found the right one as it's a must-listen. Going position-by-position, all the way from quarterbacks to defensive backs, Jake and Evan analyze who holds the edge at each spot. No surprise, but Indianapolis and Atlanta have built very similar teams at this stage. And even without Darius Leonard on Sunday due...


LOCKED ON COLTS 9/20/19: Khari Willis about to supplant Clayton Geathers as the Colts' starting strong safety?

On today's episode, the first of two, George Bremer of The Herald Bulletin is back to go over all of the latest Colts news. How has Jacoby Brissett performed, and what grade would Bremer give Indianapolis' new QB1? Against two tough defenses in LA and Tennessee, Brissett did better than original expectations. Also, we go over the impact of the special teams and defense. More specifically, is Khari Willis about to take Clayton Geathers' spot? Bremer has a great story he heard from inside the...


LOCKED ON COLTS 9/19/19: Is Sunday the last stand for Adam Vinatieri?

On today's episode, Kevin Bowen is back to help recap the first two weeks of the Colts' regular season. How does he feel after closely contested matchups against LA and Tennessee? Also, is Sunday the last stand for Adam Vinatieri? We look towards a hypothetical scenario revolving around paying up for a free agent kicker (Mason Crosby, Greg Zuerlein) or drafting the best kicker early on Day 3. What would you do, listeners? Is it time to open up the playbook? Kevin certainly believes so....


LOCKED ON COLTS 9/18/19: Crossover Wednesday with Locked On Falcons

On today's episode, Crossover Wednesday returns as Aaron Freeman of Locked On Falcons stops by to break down this pivotal Week 3 matchup from all angles. First up, what should we know about the Falcons? Julio Jones is a mismatch nightmare for any defense, but it's Atlanta's duo of Grady Jarrett and Deion Jones that is flying way under the radar. How should the Colts go about exploiting this Falcons defense with Jacoby Brissett under center? Also, is Matt Ryan actually an elite quarterback or...


LOCKED ON COLTS 9/17/19: Recapping the Colts' 19-17 victory over Tennessee

On today's episode, we're back to go over the Colts' 19-17 win over Tennessee moving their record to 1-1 on the season. Starting out with the elephant in the room, what's going on with Adam Vinatieri? The Colts are sticking by their 46-year-old kicker, but how long will it last? This week against Atlanta will tell us plenty if Vinatieri will get out of his mental hurdle. Also, diving in on the offense, we go over notes on the rushing attack, Jacoby Brissett, playmaker distribution, and Frank...


LOCKED ON COLTS 9/11/19: Crossover Wednesday with Locked On Titans

On today's episode, it's time for our second installment of Crossover Wednesday. As you all know, this will run each Wednesday throughout the regular season and now we're onto the Titans. How will this latest chapter of this AFC South battle go? Kicking off the show, we dive into the Titans' angle featuring talk on their stunning blowout over the Browns, Derrick Henry, Marcus Mariota, the absence of Taylor Lewan at left tackle, and much more. From the Colts' POV, stopping Henry will go a...


LOCKED ON COLTS 9/10/19: Recapping Colts vs. Chargers

It's finally time to recap some Colts regular season football. Even though it was a loss out in LA for the Colts, their comeback effort was impressive thanks to a tale of two halves. Zach Hicks of Stampede Blue helps go through all of the biggest notes, including takeaways on all of the following players: Kemoko Turay, Jacoby Brissett, Marlon Mack, T.Y. Hilton, Malik Hooker, and plenty more. Are we poised for a full-fledged breakout campaign from Turay? Return of the Mack (how about that...


LOCKED ON COLTS 9/6/19: Position-by-position breakdown of Colts vs. Chargers

On today's episode, Jake Arthur of Colts.com is back to cover Week 1 action in-depth for the listeners! First up, before we go knee-deep into the position-by-position analysis, we go over Jacoby Brissett. What has Jake seen throughout OTAs and training camp that shine a light on the Colts' confidence in their new QB1? Also, the locker room is 100 percent behind their new captain. Going through all of the important areas on both teams, Jake and I dissect strengths and weaknesses from all...


LOCKED ON COLTS 9/5/19: Going in-depth on Jacoby Brissett

On today's episode, Kevin Bowen stops by to discuss the Colts' latest transactions while looking ahead to the Chargers. First up, Jacoby Brissett and his new deal. Bowen believes this deal was a win-win for both sides, but cautions that the pressure is all on Brissett now to prove his worth. What is the bar Brissett has to cross in order for Indianapolis to believe he's QB1? They still have an easy out after this year if the NC State product isn't up to par. Bowen also hits on the Brian...


LOCKED ON COLTS 9/4/19: Crossover Wednesday with Locked On Chargers

It's Crossover Wednesday on the Locked On Podcast Network, which means Locked On Colts x Locked On Chargers for your week one coverage! On today's episode, David and Daniel join Evan to talk about the Colts and Chargers from all angles. Their reactions to the Andrew Luck retirement, plus the dramatic improvement of their offensive line. Why the running game will be a huge emphasis for the Colts on Sunday. Also, are we underrating the Colts' playmakers like Parris Campbell? From the Chargers'...


LOCKED ON COLTS 9/3/19: Jacoby Brissett inks new deal

On today's episode George Bremer of The Herald Bulletin stops by to talk all the latest Colts news. First off, Jacoby Brissett inked a 2-year, $30 million deal. Really, it was a savvy move by GM Chris Ballard to give him the franchise tag type of money now but spread it over two years for a cheaper cap hit in 2020. Also, it allows Indianapolis to evaluate Brissett for two full years if they would like. Also, what does George think of signing Brian Hoyer? In reality, it was the best option...


LOCKED ON COLTS 9/2/19: 53-man roster takeaways, Brian Hoyer signs as QB2, and looking ahead to Colts vs. Chargers

On today's episode, Zach Hicks of Stampede Blue stops by to breakdown all the latest Colts news as he always does each Monday. First up, what were the big surprises as Indianapolis trimmed the roster down from 90 to 53? Really, not that much, but Hale Hentges extended the Colts' UDFA streak to 21 years after defeating Ross Travis. Also, offensive line depth remains a concern if injuries occur. Next up, what does the signing Brian Hoyer mean for the Colts' QB room? Jacoby Brissett will be the...