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John Butchko hosts your daily New York Jets podcast Locked on Jets part of the Locked on Podcast Network. #jets #newyork #nfl

John Butchko hosts your daily New York Jets podcast Locked on Jets part of the Locked on Podcast Network. #jets #newyork #nfl
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John Butchko hosts your daily New York Jets podcast Locked on Jets part of the Locked on Podcast Network. #jets #newyork #nfl




Locked on Jets 11/22/18 Episode 515: The History of the NFL on Thanksgiving

We talk about the history of NFL games on Thanksgiving. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Locked on Jets 11/22/18 Episode 514: Crossover Wednesday With Locked on Patriots

It is the day before Thanksgiving. If you are traveling for the holiday, please be safe today. It is also podcast Crossover Wednesday. The Jets come out of their bye with a game against the rival New England Patriots this Sunday in the Meadowlands. Joining us for today's crossover show is Mark Schofield, the host of Locked on Patriots. We will discuss the seasons the Jets and the Patriots are having. As has frequently been the case through the years, these teams enter a rivalry showdown in...


Locked on Jets 11/20/18 Episode 513: Under Pressure

The Jets are out of the bye and entering a six week home stretch of the 2018 season. While they remain mathematically within Playoff contention, any postseason dreams seem like a longshot. The schedule at the end of the year looks daunting for a team that struggled through easier portions. There still is plenty of pressure facing some members of the Jets. The focus of today's podcast is the people who are under this pressure. We will discuss some of the people under the most pressure over...


Locked on Jets 11/19/18 Episode 512: What to Watch After the Bye for the Jets

We are now past the bye in 2018 and entering the home stretch of the season. For the 3-7 Jets, it looks like another year without much excitement near the end of the season. The team stumbled into its week off with an embarrassing home loss to the Buffalo Bills, extending a losing streak to four games. Can things get better over the final six games? On today's podcast we check out some important things to watch after the bye. Many of these have implications that go beyond 2018 for the Jets....


Locked on Jets 11/16/18 Episode 511: Friday Mailbag

The Jets are in their bye week. There is no game to preview this week. This gives us a little extra time so I decided to finish up the mailbag. On yesterday's mailbag show, I was unable to get to all of the questions. With the opportunity to do a second mailbag, I can get to the remainder. Thanks to everybody who sent questions. On today's show we look at the concept of tanking, how attractive the Jets will be to potential free agents as well as coaching and general manager candidates if...


Locked on Jets 11/15/18 Episode 510: Bye Week Mailbag

It is the Thursday of the bye week for the Jets so we will head to the mailbag on the podcast. Thanks to everybody who submitted questions. Apologies if we did not get to your question today. We might be able to do so in a future mailbag. Today we look at how much Todd Bowles is to blame for a lack of player development, the dangers of giving Mike Maccagnan one more year, whether the Jets should play less aggressive coverages, whether the Jets should keep Sam Darnold on the bench for the...


Locked on Jets 11/14/18 Episode 509: Key Pre-Bye Developments

We have reached the bye week for the 2018 New York Jets. We are a little past the halfway point of the 2018 season, but it is a good point to take stock of what we have seen so far. The first ten games of 2018 have been a turbulent stretch with some highs but more lows. On today's podcast we look back at some of the key developments of 2018 so far for the Jets. We will look at some of the positives such as the development of key defensive players and the overall performance of the special...


Locked on Jets 11/13/18 Episode 508: Mike Maccagnan's Record

It is an ugly time for the New York Jets. The team heads into its bye week on a four game losing streak. The most recent of those losses was particularly ugly, a 41-10 home blowout at the hands of a Bills team playing a quarterback recently signed off the street. Change is in the air with the Jets. It won't come immediately. Reports broke on Monday that the team will not fire Todd Bowles at this point. While this will be to the chagrin of some fans, the long-term impacts are negligible. It...


Locked on Jets 11/12/18 Episode 507:

The Jets humiliated themselves yesterday at MetLife Stadium. The Bills came into the Meadowlands and delivered a 41-10 shellacking to New York. The Jets now head into their bye with a grotesque 3-7 record and riding a four game losing streak. On today's podcast we sift through the Sunday disaster in East Rutherford. In many ways this feels like a point of no turning back for a head coach and possibly a general manager. Ironically, the rookie quarterback sitting has provided us with a view...


Locked on Jets 11/9/18 Episode 506: Special Crossover Friday With Locked on Bills

Kevin Massare of Locked on Bills joins us for a special Crossover Friday. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Locked on Jets 11/8/18 Episode 505: Return Mailbag

I'm back! Thanks to everybody for putting up with my absence over the last few days. Today we celebrate the return of the podcast with a mailbag. Thanks to everybody who submitted questions. Apologies if your question was not answered. There were too many great questions to get to all of them. Feel free to resubmit yours next week if it was not answered this week. On today's show we look at whether the offense will change with Josh McCown likely taking over at quarterback on Sunday, whether...


Locked on Jets 11/2/18 Episode 504: Jets-Dolphins Preview

The Jets make their annual trip to South Florida this weekend. This week's opponent is the division rival Miami Dolphins. The Jets will look to pay back the Dolphins for a Week 2 loss and brutal defeats in Miami the last two years. On today's podcast we preview this divisional battle. We look at key players, key matchups, and keys to victory as the Jets look to end their two game losing streak. With a win this week, New York will have a great opportunity to get to the bye at .500 win a win...


Locked on Jets 11/1/18 Episode 503: November Mailbag

November is here. To celebrate the arrival of the year's penultimate month and the fact today is Thursday, we will do a podcast mailbag today. Thanks as always to those of you who submitted questions. We couldn't do the show without you. Apologies if your question was not answered. Feel free to resubmit it for future mailbags. On today's show we look at whether Jets fans should expect Sam Darnold to carry the team to victory this Sunday, whether analytics in football have caught up to those...


Locked on Jets 10/31/18 Episode 502: Crossover Wednesday With Travis Wingfield of Locked on Dolphins

Happy Halloween! The trade deadline has passed in the NFL. Despite a flurry of activity within the league prior to the deadline yesterday, the Jets were silent. The team reportedly showed interest in Dante Fowler, but not the same interest the Rams showed. Los Angeles sent a third and a fifth round pick to Jacksonville to rent Fowler for the last eight games of the season until his contract ran out. It's tough to blame the Jets for passing on that opportunity. We discuss the deadline a bit...


Locked on Jets 10/30/18 Episode 501: Things to Watch in the Second Half

Believe it or not, the Jets are halfway through the 2018 season. Sunday's loss to Chicago marked the official halfway point. There are eight games left in the year over the final nine weeks of the regular season. On today's podcast we look forward to those last eight games. I will provide you with things I want to see as the season moves to the back nine (or back eight). Success for this team in some ways will be subjective. There are important players who need to show signs of growth,...


Locked on Jets 10/29/18 Episode 500: Bears Beat Jets 24-10

The Jets fell to 3-5 yesterday. The Chicago Bears defeated them 24-10 at Solider Field. New York now finds itself on a two game losing streak. A pair of divisional games are up next before the bye. The next two weeks may determine whether there there will be any excitement for this team down the stretch. Before we get there, there is still yesterday's game to discuss. On today's podcast we will recap what happened. The Jets went into this game undermanned, but a victory was by no means an...


Locked on Jets 10/26/18 Episode 499: Jets vs. Bears Preview

After a three week homestand, the Jets now head to the road. They face the Chicago Bears this Sunday in the Windy City. Difficult though it is to believe, the 2018 season will be halfway done by the time this game ends. The Jets are looking to head into their bye on a strong note. Only two games remain until the bye after Sunday. On today's podcast we preview this Week 8 game. We look at a key player, a key matchup, and a key to victory on the offensive and defensive sides of the ball....


Locked on Jets 10/25/18 Episode 498: Bears Week Mailbag

Thursday means it is time for a podcast mailbag. Thanks to everybody who submitted questions for this week's mailbag. I answered as many as I could. If your question did not get answered, feel free to send it again for a future mailbag. On today's show we look at what the Jets should do at the trade deadline, the identity of the best player for the Jets to target in free agency in 2019, which position is the most important on the offensive line for the Jets to address moving forward,...


Locked on Jets 10/24/18 Episode 497: Crossover Wednesday With Locked on Bears

It is Week 8 of the 2018 NFL season, and it is Crossover Wednesday on the podcast. Joining us today is Lorin Cox, who hosts Locked on Bears. Lorin will help us prepare for the game this Sunday between the New York Jets and the Chicago Bears. On the show we will talk about the impact of Chicago's new coach Matt Nagy. We will also discuss the ups and downs of Chicago's young quarterback Mitchell Trubisky. Lorin will take us through the playmakers to watch on the Bears offense and tell us the...


Locked on Jets 10/23/18 Episode 496: Thoughts on the NFL

Yesterday I was talking with somebody I knew, and I got on a roll talking about Week 7 of the NFL season. I don't know exactly why this week of NFL action has me so fired up, but I had thoughts about practically every topic imaginable. At some point it dawned on me that my friend didn't need to be subjected to this. There are thousands of people out there who have no choice but to listen to my NFL ramblings (well unless they choose to not listen to the podcast). So on today's podcast I tell...