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John Butchko hosts your daily New York Jets podcast Locked on Jets part of the Locked on Podcast Network. #jets #newyork #nfl

John Butchko hosts your daily New York Jets podcast Locked on Jets part of the Locked on Podcast Network. #jets #newyork #nfl
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John Butchko hosts your daily New York Jets podcast Locked on Jets part of the Locked on Podcast Network. #jets #newyork #nfl




Locked on Jets 7/19/19 Episode 663: No Pressure

Which Jets are playing with house money this year? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Locked on Jets 7/18/19 Episode 662: July Mailbag

Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Locked on Jets 7/15/19 Episode 661: Interview With Ty Montgomery; Thoughts on Chris Herndon and Walt Michaels

Jets running back Ty Montgomery stops by for an interview. Thoughts on the passing of Walt Michaels and the suspension of Chris Herndon. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Locked on Jets 6/28/19 Episode 660: Friday Mailbag

A bonus mailbag to close out the week. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Locked on Jets 6/27/19 Episode 659: June Mailbag

A summer mailbag. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Locked on Jets 6/26/19 Episode 658: Five Things You Shouldn't Overrate at Training Camp

Today we look at five aspects of training camp you should avoid putting too much stock into. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Locked on Jets 6/20/19 Episode 657: Top Five Things to Watch Before Training Camp

We are in the quietest part of the NFL calendar. This is the only six week stretch of the year where nothing is going on. At other points of the year we have training camp, preseason, games, the Draft, free agency, or the offseason program to discuss. Right now we have none of those things. There is not much going on. There are a few things on the horizon to watch. On today's podcast we discuss the top five developments to monitor between now and training camp for the Jets. There might not...


Locked on Jets 6/20/19 Episode 656: Summer Mailbag

Our podcast returns today with a summer mailbag. Thank you if you submitted a question for the show. A mailbag episode does not work without mailbag questions. On today's show we explore which positions are considered nonpremium on defense. Should a team invest big resources in them? What skills makes a player stand out at these spots? We also take a look at how likely it is Joe Douglas makes a trade to fill one of the team's big needs. Would the Jets be better served holding onto their...


Locked on Jets 6/14/19 Episode 655: Reflections on the Year That Was

This is the final week of five daily podcasts until the start of training camp. There will still be shows between now and then, but we will move to a summer schedule. In many ways the podcast year begins with the start of training camp and ends now, around the time the offseason program ends. What follows is the quietest time on the NFL calendar. It has been a very trying year in many ways for the Jets. Training camp started with a holdout of the new franchise quarterback. While the team...


Locked on Jets 6/13/19 Episode 654: Welcome Joe Douglas Mailbag

The Jets have their new general manager, and it is Thursday. To celebrate these events, today we have a podcast mailbag. Thanks as always to everybody who submitted questions. There could be no mailbag show without mailbag questions. If yours went unanswered this week feel free to resubmit them for the next mailbag show. Today we look at whether it makes sense to extend young players early with a new Collective Bargaining Agreement on the horizon, whether Joe Douglas has any flaws...


Locked on Jets 6/12/19 Episode 653: Thoughts on the Joe Douglas Press Conference

The Jets introduced their new general manager, Joe Douglas, yesterday. These press conferences are typically overhyped and not that important. It is very easy to come away looking good. Douglas received a lot of praise for his performance on Tuesday. This is pretty common. What isn't so common is the overwhelmingly positive reputation he has. Still on today's podcast we look at some of the key comments about Douglas' press event. These introductions typically don't have a ton of substance....


Locked on Jets 6/11/19 Episode 652: Five Tasks for Joe Douglas

The Jets introduce their new general manager today. Joe Douglas is scheduled to face the media for the first time in his new role around 3:00 p.m. Eastern. His hiring has been met with wide praise for the Jets. He is viewed as one of the best general manager prospects available. The task in front of him is to build the first championship Jets team in five decades. On today's podcast we discuss some of the things he will need to do in order to accomplish that task. This is a top five...


Locked on Jets 6/10/19 Episode 651: A Turning Point?

The Jets have their new general manager, and the choice is receiving close to universal praise. Joe Douglas has generally been viewed as a blue chip prospect for the job. Those guys are not easier to find. They also are not easy to land. Candidates of this caliber frequently turn down interview requests. The fact the Jets were able to land Douglas could potentially be a turning point for the franchise. We discuss that on today's podcast. The Johnson ownership has brought periods of success...


Locked on Jets 6/8/19 Episode 650: Jets Hire Joe Douglas as General Manager

The Jets have a new general manager. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


Locked on Jets 6/7/19 Episode 649: Mailbag Friday

There was no podcast yesterday since I was sick. Thanks to everybody for bearing with me. We are back today. Since there was no Thursday mailbag, we are simply going to have one on Friday this week. The questions you submitted are greatly appreciated. If yours went unanswered please feel free to resend next week. On today's show we look at what aspect of the Jets is getting the most buzz on social media, whether Le'Veon Bell's trademark patience could be more of a curse than a blessing...


No Show on Thursday

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Locked on Jets 6/5/19 Episode 648: Five Questions for the Jets in 2019

The Jets enter the middle of their offseason minicamp today. The three day event is the only time the entire team gets together during the offseason. The remainder of the offseason program is voluntary. The next time the Jets will be on the field will be for training camp to prepare for the season. While this minicamp draws a lot of attention, it will not have a major effect on the 2019 season for the Jets. It is merely a series of offseason practices. On today's podcast we discuss some...


Locked on Jets 6/4/19 Episode 647: General Manager Basics With Dan Hatman

The Jets are searching for a new general manager. The first round of interviews is presumably at its end. We will soon find out whether a quick hiring will be made. Philadelphia's Joe Douglas seems to be the overwhelming favorite. Will he get the job? Will he accept? Will the Jets make a surprise offer to somebody else? Will they conduct a second round of interviews? Will they add more candidates to the search? We await the answers to those questions. In the meantime today's podcast...


Locked on Jets 6/3/19 Episode 646: Thoughts on Analytics

When the next general manager of the Jets is hired he will take control of the front office. It will be his job to construct a vision and execute it. With all of the drama surrounding the franchise and this search, the topic of data analytics has not frequently been mentioned. Presumptive favorite Joe Douglas currently works for the Eagles, one of the most effective teams in the league at leveraging data into on field results. One might guess he would bring that approach to New York. The...


Locked on Jets 5/30/19 Episode 645: GM Search Ponderings

The search for a general manager is going to kick into gear for the Jets over the next few days as the interview process gets going. There are currently four candidates being considered for the job now that George Paton of the Vikings has withdrawn his name from consideration. We could still see an extra name or two added to the search before the process is done. On today's podcast I will discuss how I view the search for Mike Maccagnan's replacement. My feelings are different from those of...