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John Butchko hosts your daily New York Jets podcast Locked on Jets part of the Locked on Podcast Network. #jets #newyork #nfl

John Butchko hosts your daily New York Jets podcast Locked on Jets part of the Locked on Podcast Network. #jets #newyork #nfl
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John Butchko hosts your daily New York Jets podcast Locked on Jets part of the Locked on Podcast Network. #jets #newyork #nfl




Locked on Jets 9/20/18 Episode 473: Jets-Browns Preview

The Jets are back in action tonight after a short week to prepare. For the third straight year, this team has a road game in Cleveland. For the fourth straight year, this team takes on Tyrod Taylor in Thursday Night Football. It is the Jets and the Browns tonight in Week 3 action. On today's podcast we preview the game. As is our custom, we take a look at keys to the game, namely one key player, one key matchup, and one key to victory on both the offensive and defensive sides of the...


Locked on Jets 9/19/18 Episode 472: Week 3 Crossover With Locked on Browns

It is Wednesday, which means it is Crossover Wednesday on the podcast. All season our Wednesday show will be a crossover episode with the host of the podcast of that week's opponent. On today's show, I chat with Jeff Lloyd of Locked on Browns as we look to Week 3 of the 2018 season. For the Jets that brings a Thursday night game against the Cleveland Browns. Listen today as Jeff and I break down the Jets and the Browns. Jeff expresses the frustrations of somebody who has watched a team that...


Locked on Jets 9/18/18 Episode 471: Week 3 Mailbag

This is a short week for the Jets. The team must put Sunday's loss behind it quickly because there is a game on Thursday night against the Cleveland Browns. Due to this week's unusual schedule, our podcast has to take an unusual schedule. Instead of our typical Thursday mailbag show, we are moving up to Tuesday. Thanks to everybody who submitted questions for the show. As usual, they were great. Today we look at whether the Jets should put tight ends on the field less, whether the Jets...


Locked on Jets 9/17/18 Episode 470: Jets Lose to Dolphins 20-12

After a stellar Week 1 in Detroit, the Jets fell back to earth in their home opener yesterday. The Miami Dolphins went into MetLife Stadium and spoiled things in a 20-12 game. New York falls to 1-1 in the 2018 season with a short week and a road game at Cleveland ahead. On today's podcast we break down everything that went wrong. It was an ugly performance on many levels. The offensive line was the worst group on the field, but there were notable contributions in other spots from the...


Locked on Jets 9/14/18 Episode 469: Previewing Jets-Dolphins

Week 1 could not have gone better for the Jets. This Sunday they try to keep the momentum going. It is the home opener for 2018. The opponent is the Miami Dolphins. Due to the quirkiness of the Jets' schedule, this will be the only time in the season's first three weeks that we will be able to watch the Jets in the NFL's traditional Sunday afternoon window. No Week 2 game is a must-win, but this is a relatively important contest for this early in the season. The Dolphins are a division...


Locked on Jets 9/13/18 Episode 468: Mailbag Before Miami

It is Thursday, which makes it mailbag day on the podcast. Thanks to everybody who sent such great questions for this week's show. Unfortunately, there was not enough time to include all of them. Please feel free to resubmit your question for next week's show if it went unanswered this week. On this Thursday mailbag podcast we look at whether a recent Dolphins signing could result in Miami learning the Jets' signals, whether Terrelle Pryor or Jermaine Kearse should receive more playing...


Locked on Jets 9/12/18 Episode 467: Crossover Wednesday With Locked on Dolphins

We all want some more time to bask in the Jets' Week 1 domination of the Detroit Lions. A game is coming up this Sunday, however, and it is an important one as far as Week 2 games go. The Jets are preparing for their home opener on a short week. It is against the division rival Miami Dolphins, who are also 1-0. The winner of this game will have a nice head start in the race for a Playoff spot in the AFC. Today is Crossover Wednesday on the Locked On Podcast Network. Each Wednesday this...


Locked on Jets 9/11/11 Episode 466: Jets Crush Lions on Opening Night

The 2018 season got off to a tremendous start last night for the Jets. They blew the Lions out in Detroit by a 48-17 score. A monster third quarter saw New York score 31 unanswered points, turning a 17-17 tie into a laugher. The score being tied to that point was not, however, a sign that the Jets were playing poorly. They had the better of the play from the second snap from scrimmage. It was a solid debut from Sam Darnold, whose NFL career got off to a terrible start in his first snap...


Locked on Jets 9/10/18 Episode 465: Preview of Jets-Lions

Today is finally the day. It has been a long offseason. It has been a long weekend of NFL action. It has been a long wait over the last few decades for a franchise quarterback. The Jets kick off their 2018 season tonight in Detroit, and it is the start of the Sam Darnold Era. On today's podcast, we preview tonight's Week 1 game between the Jets and the Lions. We will look at one key player, one key matchup, and one key to victory for the Jets on both the offensive and defensive sides of the...


Locked on Jets 9/7/18 Episode 464: Previewing the 2018 Jets with Ian Eagle

Ian Eagle is the Jets' preseason play by play announcer. He is also well-known for his work calling the NFL on CBS and Brooklyn Nets basketball on the YES Network. He has a busy schedule that also includes college basketball and tennis among other things. Ian is the guest on today's podcast. After calling three of the four Jets' preseason games, there might not be a better person anywhere who can analyze the state of the team heading into the regular season. Ian and I discuss the impact of...


Locked on Jets 9/6/18 Episode 463: Kickoff Mailbag

The long wait is over. The 2018 NFL season kicks off tonight as the defending champion Philadelphia Eagles take on the Atlanta Falcons. The wait for Jets football will go on for a few more days, however. Most fans get to see their team on Sunday, but Jets fans have to wait until Monday. To help pass the time, please enjoy this Thursday mailbag podcast. On today's show we show the optimism of the new season by looking at questions that deal with the possibility Todd Bowles and Mike Maccagnan...


Locked on Jets 9/5/18 Episode 462: Previewing Week 1 Jets-Lions

We are just a few days away from the 2018 New York Jets season getting underway. The Jets open with a Monday night game against the Detroit Lions. On today's podcast we look ahead to this Week 1 opener. It is the kickoff of a new feature, Crossover Wednesday. On most Wednesdays during the season, we will do a crossover podcast with the opponent's show. Today Matt Dery of Locked on Lions and I join forces. Matt and I break down our respective teams and look at some of the key matchups. For a...


Locked on Jets 9/4/18: Mack and Roster Talk

The holiday weekend is over, and the podcast returns today with a busy episode. The biggest news in the NFL from the long weekend was the trade of superstar pass rusher Khalil Mack from the Raiders to the Bears. The Jets had been linked with Mack, and reports indicate they made a trade offer. It just could not beat the package Chicago offered, which included two first round picks. On today's show we discuss the deal from the Jets perspective. Should the team have topped Chicago's offer?...


Locked on Jets 8/31/18 Episode 460: Jets Lose Preseason Finale to Eagles

The 2018 preseason has ended for the Jets, and it has ended on a poor note. New York lost its finale last night to the Philadelphia Eagles 10-9. It was not a particularly elegant end to a 1-3 preseason. The Jets defense gave up its only touchdown of the preseason on its final drive to lose the game. We didn't see many prominent players even take a snap in this one. This helped contribute to the low overall quality of play this game saw. This was a game that provided a strong case for people...


Locked on Jets 8/30/18 Episode 459: Teddy Bridgewater Traded to Saints

Today the Jets play their preseason finale against the Philadelphia Eagles. I promised yesterday there would be a podcast discussion on the game. That promise is being broken. I don't have many thoughts on tonight's game aside from how entertaining it probably will be to watch Christian Hackenberg play for somebody else. So our topic on today's podcast will not be the game. The Jets made it easy to find a new topic yesterday as they traded Teddy Bridgewater and a sixth round pick to the...


Locked on Jets 8/29/18 Episode 458: Preseason Finale Mailbag

The Jets close out the preseason for 2018 tomorrow night against the Philadelphia Eagles. Since that makes Thursday a game night, we will move our podcast mailbag to Wednesday this week. Thursday will be used to talk about the game. Thanks to everybody who submitted questions. Apologies to anybody whose question we missed this week. On today's show we look at whether the Jets should think about trading Robby Anderson (or another receiver) to help fill a position of need like offensive line...


Locked on Jets 8/28/18 Episode 457: Players Who Need to Step Up

We are almost at the end of the preseason. That is exciting since it means the regular season is right around the corner, and we will soon get to watch real football. One preseason game remains. The Jets take on the Eagles on Thursday night in a game unlikely to see any starters take the field for either side. This final preseason game is usually viewed as the least important for that reason. The game does have importance for some players, however. There are still roster spots to be...


Locked on Jets 8/27/18 Episode 456: Jets Lose to the Giants in Preseason

The Jets fell in the third preseason game to the Giants on Friday night 22-16. For what little it's worth, the defeat dropped New York's preseason record to 1-2. A less than stellar preseason record isn't a big deal, but it is a tad concerning to see the way the Jets lost this game. The team enters the regular season with a lot of questions. On today's podcast we break down what happened. Sam Darnold's play was one of the few bright spots. The rookie likely locked down the starting job with...


Locked on Jets 8/24/18 Episode 455: Things to Watch in the Third Preseason Game

Tonight the Jets play their third preseason game of 2018. It is their annual preseason contest against the other New York team, the Giants. On today's podcast we take a look at some of the key things to watch. As has been the case during the rest of the preseason, all eyes are on Sam Darnold. The rookie might have a chance to clinch the starting quarterback job in Week 1 tonight if he does not have an ugly outing. Beyond that, we will get to see Darnold with a fuller collection of talent as...


Locked on Jets 8/23/18 Episode 454: Mailbag as Camp Break

The Jets broke training camp yesterday. To celebrate both that and the fact today is Thursday, we will do a podcast mailbag today. Thanks to everybody who submitted questions. I was able to answer most but not all of the submissions. Please feel free to send your question again next week if it was not answered this week. On today's show we look at what the Jets should offer Oakland for Khalil Mack if the star pass rusher is made available in a trade, whether the Jets should sit Teddy...