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EP6 - How Student-Athletes can Take Charge of their College Recruiting Process Starting Today.

There are millions of high school student-athletes across the country striving to earn and qualify for only a thousand or so college scholarships. Tune in to Episode 6 to learn from Koreen Burch of Burch Sports, what you need to be doing today to get on college coaches radar, separate yourself from the crowd and gain a competitive advantage.


EP5 - Going from a Power 5 Football Conference to a Top Law School.

After becoming a Freshman All-American football player at the University of Tennessee, Marcus Jackson was on the fast-track to realizing his dream of becoming a pro football player. Unfortunately his college career was slowed by injuries, which caused him to prematurely hang-up his cleats and pursue his other goal of becoming an attorney. Learn how he is using his intellectual talents and past sports experiences to pursue a law degree and succeed off the field.


Episode 4

As athletes, we know that we must compete to give ourselves the best change to play and win. And we know that in order to do so, at our highest possible level, we must be prepared mentally and physically. But how many of us are placing self-imposed limits on our talent-level and overall playing career, because we are not willing to consistently "put in the work"? Tune-in to Episode 4 to learn how-to overcome these self-imposed limitations and about the type of physical training that you...


EP3 - The inevitable end as a Student-Athlete and becoming a Sr. Vice President of a Fortune 500 Company.

What happens when you are a high-school all-state & honorable mention all-American football player, letter four years at a D1 college and still don't make it to the pro's? You become a Senior Vice President at a Fortune 500 Company! That's what a Born-Alpha student-athlete does. Excels on and off the field. Tune-in & if you want to learn what it takes to become one and ensure success when your playing days come to it's inevitable end.


EP2 - That Elusive D1 scholarship offer and interview with Nick Ferguson

EP2 - I discuss that elusive D1 scholarship offer and what it means for 97% of high-school student-athletes (that won't receive one) ability to not only attend college, but also pursue their dreams of playing ball. I interview Nick Ferguson, a current NFL coach with the S.F. 49ers, who shares his unique story about walking-on at a D2 college, then a D1 college (eventually earning a scholarship) and then making it to the NFL and CFL for a combined 12 year pro-football career.


Episode 1: Locker rooms to Classrooms Podcast Welcome and Interview With Former Miami Dolphin Player

In Episode 1, I explain what the Locker rooms to Classrooms podcast is about and why I started it. I also give listeners an overview of my background and experience as a Division l college football student athlete. You'll learn a great deal from the phone interview I conduct with my former Georgia Tech teammate and first round draft pick of the Miami Dolphins. He talks candidly about his college experience, as well as his 14-year pro career and how he made the transition into the next...