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EP 10: Smart Optics - The Backstory of Revic and The Future of Optics

Aaron Davidson and Landon Michaels discuss the backstory of Revic, Gunwerks’ new line of smart optics, and the 5+ year journey leading up to its launch. They discuss recent developments, products on the market and the direction technology and the industry is headed. What does the future hold for long range and the optics industry? Links: Revic PMR 428 Revic Development Timeline Follow @revicoptics Revic Video Review from Long Range Only The Truth About Guns Review Texas Precision...


EP 09: Navy Seals, New Books and Shootin’ the Breeze with Jack Carr

James Christiansen and Landon Michaels sit down with Jack Carr, retired Navy Seal and recently published author of “The Terminal List” a fictional political/shooter thriller about a Navy Seal out to exact revenge on the people who took what’s dearest to him. Links: Jack Carr Official WebsiteThe Terminal List by Jack Carr@jackcarrusaGunwerks Long Range University


EP 8: An introduction to Phillip Velayo

An introduction to Phillip Velayo, Gunwerks’ new lead instructor for Long Range University and training. Phil Velayo and Landon Michaels discuss competition shooting and Gunwerks new paradigm shift into adding competition shooting to the repertoire and how training and shooting competition like Precision Rifle Series and National Rifle League matches can be some of the best training for hunting there is. Links: Monster Steel Challenge PRS Match - Cody, WY July 28-29, 2018Phillip Velayo -...


EP 7: Reading Wind for Long Range Shooting & Hunting

Landon Michaels and Caylen Wojcik discuss how to read the wind for long range shooting and hunting applications. Caylen teaches the steps and techniques and ballistic factors necessary to determine wind call and apply wind holds to make first round impacts at extended range. Links: Determining Wind Speed and Direction Shooting Tip - Calculating Wind Hold How Wind Deflection Actually Works The Crosswind Component Bullet Comparison - Wind Deflection Long Range Pursuit...



MRAD vs MOA. Choosing between different scope setups for long range shooting is a question we are asked frequently. Even among experienced shooters, the MOA vs MRAD debate can often get heated. Caylen Wojcik and Landon Michaels talk riflescopes and choosing between the different options for angular units of measure in rifle scopes and reticles - MOA (Minute of Angle), MILs (Miliradians), and BDC (Bullet Drop Compensated) systems. They discuss the different applications, pros and cons of...


EP 5: Long Range on a Budget

Mike Davidson, Jeremy Winters and Landon Michaels discuss ways to get into long range shooting regardless of your time or monetary budget. They discuss what makes a Gunwerks shooting system so expensive? The progression of a long range shooter and trade-offs between accurizing factory rifles or starting with a full custom built long range rifle. They dive into the features and options to look for in selecting a shooting system or components for a build. Where to learn to shoot long range?...


EP 4: The Quest for the Perfect Rifle Stock

What is the ideal rifle stock? What role does the stock play in the shooting system and shot execution? We discuss the ins and outs of stock design, engineering and production to help you choose the perfect stock your your next build. We announce the availability of Gunwerks component stocks coming summer 2018. Links: • 2018 Gunwerks Stock Models - https://www.gunwerks.com/stocks • Gunwerks Custom Gun Builder - https://www.gunwerks.com/store/rifles/clymr?customize=1 • Gunwerks...


EP3: Hunting With Suppressors

Landon Michaels, James, Christiansen and Rex Ribelin discuss suppressors and the benefits of shooting, and particularly hunting suppressed. They dive into arguments for and against silencer use, the tax stamp process, and suppressor designs, technology, features and options. Links: American Suppressor Association The Hearing Protection Act Silencershop Simplifies the Stamp Process Thunderbeast Suppressors SilencerCo Silencers About James Christiansen About Rex Ribelin About Landon Michaels


EP 2: Advanced Training for Long Range

On this episode, host Landon Michaels is joined once again by Gunwerks CEO Aaron Davidson to discuss advanced training for long range shooting with Caylen Wojcik. Caylen is the Director of Training & Business Development at Gunwerks and served 8 years as a United States Marine Scout Sniper, amassing 80 weeks of formal sniper skills training courses. During his time in the scout sniper community, Caylen served in almost every billet available, as well as serving as a sniper instructor on...


EP 1: Is The New 6.5 PRC Here To Stay?

Aaron Davidson shares background and history on the development and origins of the 6.5 PRC and other long range cartridges, including the 7mm LRM with Landon Michaels and Adam Janke. Aaron, Adam and Landon discuss the merits and applications of the cartridge in long range hunting, shooting and competition. The question of longevity and adoption is addressed. Is the 6.5 PRC here to stay or will it go the way of many other wildcats? How Good is The 6.5 PRC For Long Range? Adam Janke,...


Welcome to Long Range Pursuit

On this inaugural episode of the Long Range Pursuit, Gunwerks CEO Aaron Davidson and Digital Marketing Manager Landon Michaels discuss their vision for the podcast and dive into what you can expect from future episodes. If you'd like to get involved, feel free to send your questions, show ideas and comments to podcast@gunwerks.com. And, don't forget to use our Promo Code "LRP" for free shipping on any order from gunwerks.com Check us out on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and subscribe...