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Lords of Limited is a podcast about Magic: the Gathering strategy. It is primarily focused on playing Limited, including both draft and sealed. The podcast is designed to help listeners get an edge in their next draft or sealed event, especially on Magic Online.

Lords of Limited is a podcast about Magic: the Gathering strategy. It is primarily focused on playing Limited, including both draft and sealed. The podcast is designed to help listeners get an edge in their next draft or sealed event, especially on Magic Online.
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Lords of Limited is a podcast about Magic: the Gathering strategy. It is primarily focused on playing Limited, including both draft and sealed. The podcast is designed to help listeners get an edge in their next draft or sealed event, especially on Magic Online.




Lords of Limited 116: Throne of Eldraine Predictions

Lords of Limited 116 is here and brings you Ben and Ethan's predictions for the Throne of Eldraine limited environment. We take a look at many of the commons and uncommons that have been previewed so far as well as the archetypes that they support. Draft archetypes: https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/card-preview/adventuring-standard-and-limited-2019-09-13 Mechanics: https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/feature/throne-eldraine-mechanics-2019-09-04


Lords of Limited 115 - Drafting the Bot Way

Episode 115 is here with an homage to the famous BenS "Drafting the Hard Way" article. We give you our best effort to summarize what we believe is the optimal approach to drafting with the bots on Arena. This episode is intended to be format agnostic and stand the test of time. Additionally, we go over our 4 Throne of Eldraine preview cards at the beginning of the episode - don't miss out! Round table:...


Lords of Limited 114 - M20 50 Takes in 50 Minutes

Episode 114 is here and brings you 50 of the hottest takes about M20 in the same amount of time. Whether you want to affirm your thoughts on the M20 format currently, or you want a refresher when it comes back as the Ranked draft on Arena months from now - this episode is for you.


Lords of Limited 113 - Live from GP Las Vegas

Episode 113 is coming at you live from Las Vegas! As a tribute to #MTGVegas, we briefly discuss overlap from poker to MTG. Following that, we take listener questions from our live studio audience as well as some write in questions from folks that couldn't make it out to Vegas. Round Table: https://www.17lands.com/draft/5d5ca53cd8f7c5cc9b802673


Lords of Limited 112 - Ben Stark Talks Draft

Episode 112 is here to drop some knowledge from one of the all-time limited greats: Ben Stark. Your hosts interview BenS about his draft strategy on Arena and tips for how to get as good as he is at limited. Arena Round Table: https://www.17lands.com/draft/5d5a03c1d8f7c5cc9b770f74 Find Ben Stark: https://twitter.com/BenS_MTG https://www.twitch.tv/bens_mtg https://spikesacademy.com/p/the-limited-way-by-ben-stark


Lords of Limited 111 - Winning with White in M20

Episode 111 is here and teaches you how to win with the worst color in M20! If you can win when you open a white rare or are forced into white, you can win with anything! We take a look at several white draft logs and give you a behind the scenes look into the LoL Discord Trophy Hype by examining stats from 99 White Trophy decks. Link to trophy decks: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1kfTpu_jQdof6CxEZjGYl4WAITHWObzKt?usp=sharing Round Tables:...


Lords of Limited 110 - Go(lgari)ing Deep in M20

Episode 110 is here with info on the grindiest archetype in M20: GB loops Move over Clear the Mind, there's a new sheriff in town! Round Table 1: https://mtgatool.com/draft/dgfarl Round Table 2: https://www.17lands.com/draft/5d3f4364d8f7c5cc9b0d9e36 Other GB logs: https://www.17lands.com/draft/5d448ae5d8f7c5cc9b223699 https://www.17lands.com/draft/5d43ad89d8f7c5cc9b1f1431 https://www.17lands.com/draft/5d337816d8f7c5cc9be038b1 Cardsphere:...


Lords of Limited 109: MC4 Draft Review

Episode 109 is here and breaks down everything from the Day 1 Featured Draft Pod at the Mythic Championship. Your hosts go deep on the first 3 picks of every drafter and the cascading effect they have on the other members at the table. Don't miss out on the chance to put yourself in the shoes of the pros in this episode! Also, mark your calendar to join in the first ever live recording of LoL at GP Vegas on Friday, August 23, 10 AM Las Vegas Marriot Hotel. Links to day 1 Featured draft pod...


Lords of Limited 108 - M20 Arena Bot Breakdown

Episode 108 is here to give you the most up to date info on how to beat the bots on Magic Arena in M20 draft. Your hosts go over overrated and underrated cards as well as navigate a couple bot roundtable drafts. Don't miss out on the info you need to crush your next Magic Arena draft! Roundtable 1: https://www.17lands.com/draft/5d347354d8f7c5cc9be38d57 Roundtable 2: https://www.17lands.com/draft/5d3360e1d8f7c5cc9bdfdcff


Lords of Limited 107 - M20 Metagaming: The Mono Red Menace

Episode 107 is here to break down the new menace in the draft format: Mono Red. This deck started gaining traction throughout the course of the week, and it is one of the best ways to keep the Sultai/Temur value decks in check. Your hosts break down the deck as well as how to get into it with some notes and logs from Alex Nicolic, aka Chord_o_Calls. Round Table 1: https://magic.flooey.org/draft/show?id=Jgeft51DNueJmBHmjGgZovM7sik Round Table 2:...


Lords of Limited 106 - Discord Breaks M20

Lords of Limited Episode 106 is here, and the LoL Discord broke M20 wide open to start the format! Your hosts have 27 drafts and 10 trophies between them already, and the Discord has many players on top of the leaderboard as well as sporting dominant winrates. Your hosts break down how in the episode where they give you the top decks, top commons, and top colors as well as a wealth of other information on how to win in the format. Don't miss out on the info you need to get your next 3-0!


Lords of Limited 105 - M20 Crash Course

The Lords of Limited patented M20 Crash Course is here to teach you everything you need to crush your Prerelease or first draft! Link to Grades Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Hv9im1QmsXGQhwgay0dTKHJJPy4hhyYDpXPO_1EVaOk/edit?usp=sharing Lords of Limited t-shirts are now available as well over at https://www.coalesceapparel.shop/products/lords-of-limited-choose-your-side-shirt Check them out and Choose Your Side! Link to WotC article on M20:...


Lords of Limited 104 - WAR 50 Takes in 50 Minutes

Episode 104 is here, and it is unfortunately already time to say goodbye to WAR draft. M20 is just around the corner, but before it arrives, we give you 50 takes on WAR to help you 3-0 your last few drafts on Arena or MTGO! Link to Arena Data: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aWwQV_4pZ9jPqqLIUMJhxoEYBu7eYR13xF3oOSUOINI/edit?usp=sharing


Lords of Limited Bonus Episode: M20 Preview Cards!

M20 Preview cards are here! Check out Ben and Ethan's take on their four preview cards in this short bonus episode. Thanks, as always, to WotC for the free preview content!


Lords of Limited 103 - The Definitive MH1 Sealed Guide

Episode 103 is here to get you prepped and ready for your next Modern Horizons Sealed GP or next sealed event at your local shop! Your hosts have jammed 20 sealed pools to learn what makes the format tick and bring you advice from folks who Day 2'd Sealed Grand Prix from the LoL Discord! No interaction deck: https://twitter.com/lordtupperware/status/1139330837445402624 9-0s GP Copenhagen: https://twitter.com/ChannelFireball/status/1140163370970230784 Multiple Builds:...


Lords of Limited 102 - Winning is on the Horizon

Episode 102 is here with everything you need to know about how to win your next MH1 draft! Your hosts are 26 drafts deep already between them and have honed in on the keys to success after a rocky start to the format. They reevaluate the top commons (correctly!) and give you a framework of combining synergy vs. power to explain this complex and deep format. Don't miss out!


Lords of Limited 101 - Modern Horizons Archetypes 101

Episode 101 is here with you everything you need to get ready for Modern Horizons coming to MTGO this Thursday! We give an overview of each of the 10 archetypes as well as rank the top commons for each color - don't miss out on the info you need to 3-0 your first draft!


Lords of Limited 100 - The Highlights of 100

Episode 100 is here with an homage to Seinfeld as we take a look back at the growth of the podcast over 100 episodes. We sprinkle in clips from some of our best episodes as we remember how we got to episode 100. This should be a trip down memory lane for our dedicated listeners and a list of suggested episodes to check out for our newer listeners!


Lords of Limited 99 - Drafting Green Multicolor and RB in WAR

Episode 99 is here with all of the information you could ever want on drafting GBxxx decks as well as our exclusive LoL Modern Horizons preview card! We also welcome RB master Alex Nikolic, aka chord_o_calls, to break down the archetype that is leading him to an absurd 80+% winrate in the format. Don't miss out on the info you need to 3-0 your next draft!! Alex twitch: twitch.tv/chord_o_calls Alex twitter: twitter.com/Chord_O_Calls


Lords of Limited 98 - What WAR Winning With

Lords of 98 is here, and if you make it past our clever pun in the title, this episode is stacked with info on how to build 4 of the best decks in the format. Your hosts already have over 60 drafts and more than 20 trophies between them, and they break down the secrets to their favorite decks to help you get an edge over the competition! Don't miss out on the info that will help you get your next 3-0 or 7-x depending on where you play your drafts!