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LOS Episode 98 "Wrapping up the year with 4 shows in a week"

Who goes to more wrestling shows than Leo? Mario that's who! Episode 98 has arrived with a plethora of wrestling talk. Mario talks about his experiences at House of Hardcore, ROH Final Battle and the double header with SHINE/Evolve. What's next for The ELITE and what do we think about Marty's new villain friends? The duo also discuss proper wrestling fan etiquette. What can we expect from the return of Vince McMahon on RAW and TLC predictions. Fun show guys and gals enjoy! Don't forget...


LOS Episode 97 "Alternatives are the answer"

Back at it again with a brand new episode of the LOS! Quick Survivor Series weekend notes. Also the duo try to find some positive stuff coming off an atrocious RAW. Smackdown was great and we got to see the returning Becky Lynch. Indy talent set to make their debuts in the WWE in 2019? What does the future hold for AJ Styles? Intense talk on what could possibly be this new promotion "All Elite Wrestling". To wrap up quick predictions for ROH's Final Battle and a huge announcement is made....


LOS Episode 96 "A setback to an ultimate comeback"

It has been a wild week! Is Becky Lynch the hottest superstar in the WWE today? Daniel Bryan is the new world champion and what does this mean for the phenomenal one? Are we on the road for a DIY reunion? So many things are going on in the WWE universe but also outside of it. MLW news, David Arquette goes viral with a deathmatch, Impact wrestling needs a new home and is it the end of James Ellsworth in the world of pro wrestling? A lot of ground is covered in this episode and LOS also give...


LOS Episode 95 "Evolution to Crown Jewel and everything in between"

Evolution over exceeded everyone's expectations and Crown Jewel was everything we expected it to be. This week's episode of LOS the duo give a breakdown on both shows. Mario last minute attends the Evolution ppv and he doesn't regret it one bit. The show didn't disappoint and hopefully WWE can continue this momentum with the women's evolution in pro wrestling. What stood out and where do we go from here. Crown Jewel gave us the return of Hulk Hogan and Brock Lesnar back on top with a...


LOS Episode 94 "Week in controversy"

EPISODE 94 is here! Mario attended Impact Wrestling's Bound For Glory in NYC with the help of some friends. Breakdown on what transpired and the controversy finish in the Aries/Morrison main event. NJPW King of Pro Wrestling chatter, new members of the BCOGs and is there unhappiness in the most popular wrestling company? Chris Jericho shuts down the rumors of starting his own promotion or did he? Leo is not optimistic about HBK's in ring return while Mario thinks the Crown Jewel event should...


LOS Episode 93 "5AM Down under/Luchaversary Year 2"

Fresh after Super Show Down LOS is back! In this episode Mario and Leo go in depth on WWE SSD and the state of the product. Why is nostalgia such a high demand? Neville is no more and PAC is back. Pete Dunne injury rumors and will we see The Alpha Chris Jericho make an IMPACT soon? Also NJPW talk covering Fight Spirit Unleashed and what's the future of The Elite. Funny jammed pack show, enjoy! for the Lucha Outsiders merch! use promo code...


LOS Episode 92 "7 Eleven Pizza"

The new era of LOS is here. After a 2 week hiatus the LOS duo returns to give comedic relief on the world of professional wrestling. Mario talks a bit of NJPW event Destruction where Ishii challenged IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega. A couple of ALL IN notes. Pentagon JR and Fenix rumors get shut down? Mario and Leo get into a heated conversation about WWE booking and the handling of Braun Strowman. How long will Vince McMahon be a fan of Cien Almas? RED Hell In A Cell preview and is...



ALL IN is finally upon us! While LOS won't be in Chicago live for this historic show, the duo will be watching it on ppv and preview the ALL IN card. Mario has a bone to pick with certain individuals on the top 10 Pro Wrestling Illustrated of 2018. LOS also discuss the recent turn of events for Kevin Owens, Braun Strowman and Becky Lynch. Fun show guys make sure if you're not in Chicago you ORDER ALL IN and support these guys! Enjoy the show. Promo Code...


LOS Episode 90 "The Birth of the Double R Era"

The Brooklyn Take over (no pun) is finally over and LOS will cover it all. NXT once again steals the show, but Summerslam wasn't bad either. Mario and Leo will give a complete breakdown of past weekend events leading up to what happened in RAW/SDLive. Could the reformation of The Shield lead to a potential return of a Family? Also Mario tells his experience attending Something to Wrestle with LIVE with Bruce Prichard. Enjoy the show! Promo Code LUCHARATEDR will save...


LOS Episode 89 " The one Leo named "

LOS is back with a Summerslam weekend spectacular! Jammed packed show with everything you can imagine. The duo start off with remembering the The Anvil Jim Neidhart. Best friends now better enemies, Colt Cabana is suing CM Punk and it looks like the wrestling world is behind Colt. Will Chris Jericho end up in Impact Wrestling in 2019? ROH/NJPW sell out MSG for WM35 weekend, how will Vince McMahon respond? Mario goes on a Dave Meltzer rant for putting his foot in his mouth and it looks like...


LOS Episode 88 "State of LOS Address"

LOS is back after a week off!! The duo say goodbye to Brickhouse Brown, Tracey Caddell, Nikaloi Volkoff and Brian Christopher. Mario talks about his time in Philly this past weekend when he attended Evolve 108 and Progress Wrestling. A lot of updates for September 1st ALL IN event including the traditional ppv announcement and matches. Some quick ROH, Impact and MLW notes. Leo is confused on the recent Roman Reigns booking. Could we see Brock still stick around in the WWE? Women's triple...


LOS Episode 87 "Women's Evolution BRO!"

After 3 days LOS is back with another episode! Impact Wrestling's Slammiversary is getting praise from the wrestling world and one match took it to the extreme. Matt Riddle looks like he's exiting the indies and entering the big time, LOS breaks down the future of the current EVOLVE Champion. Raw was garbage and SDLive was delightful as we continue on the road to Summerslam. WWE announces "WWE Evolution" an all women's ppv. Mario and Leo fantasy book possible matches for this historical...


LOS Episode 86 "Lucha vibes on a Sunday"

Live on a Sunday LOS has returned. Mario is fresh from the big MLW show that took place this past Thursday in Queens, NYC. Major talk about the G1 Climax tournament and who's been standing out. Extreme Rules not being too extreme and what's the future of the women's division in the WWE. Is Leo not too optimistic about it? Thoughts on Hulk Hogan returning to the WWE and what he needs to do to rewrite his wrongs. All this and much more, enjoy! LUCHARATEDR promo code will...


LOS Episode 85 "We saw it coming.."

LOS is back...once again to cover all the aftermath of the G1 Special at the COW Palace in San Francisco. Well the BC split finally happened, who is on who side and what's next for this Bullet Club civil war? Also talking about the unfortunate nasty bump that Hiromu Takahasi took during his match with Dragon Lee. WWE Extreme Rules predicitons and some RAW/SD notes. Can Brock Lesnar be a WWE Champion and a UFC Champion at the same damn time? All this and much more ENJOY!...


LOS Episode 84 "Wrestling is just not WWE!"

LOS is back on a special Tuesday edition of the show. ROH had a pretty good weekend with some very interesting results. NXT UK talk and what could this possibly mean for the NXT brand as a whole, are we going to see NXT co branded Takeovers in the future? Team Hell No are back and Bayley is outshining Sasha Banks. Why are we seeing so much of Roman Reigns on tv? Also with the poor use of Finn Balor could we see him leave the company in the near future? To wrap up we preview NJPW G1 Special...


LOS Episode 83 "Free-For-All Friday II

ITS FRIDAY!!! Well....last night when the show was taped it was Friday lol. Anyways on this Friday edition the duo have ALOT to cover. To start the show they discuss the passing of the late great Leon White aka Big Van Vader. Is Big Cass the realest idiot in the room? A breakdown of MSG/ROH/WWE drama and how this could effect Lucha Libre promotion AAA. Mario goes to war once again with wrestling fans based on Paige getting pie faced. Also the duo give an intense breakdown of NXT...


LOS Episode 82 "If you don't want to be spoiled..stay off social media!"

Dominion could possibly go down as show of the year in 2018 and LOS breaks down the event. Not only was the show phenomenal but Omega/Okada IV for could possibly be match of the year. What's next for Kenny and what does LOS think about "The Golden Elite"? CM Punk got his whooped at UFC 225 (which was pretty predicable he would lol) but he also gets called out by Corey Graves on twitter. Did Graves come off like a bitter ex and what's next for Punk? Mario and Leo give some thoughts on...


LOS Episode 81 "HBK needs to grow his hair back"

LOS is back once again to talk a whole lot of wrestling! The duo jump right into the CM Punk/Colt Cabana vs Dr. Chris Amann trial. Did Dr. Amann's lawyer play himself? CM Punk won the trial, but can he win his fight with Mike Jackson at UFC 225? Shawn Michaels made wrestling headlines this week by saying he's open to having another match. Mario throws 5 possible opponents for the Heartbreak Kid, can you guess who they are? NJPW talk, including who won Best of the Super Juniors and some...


LOS 80 "Hip Hop Beef & Wrestling"

What's up people!? LOS has returned not only to talk about wrestling but HIP-HOP BEEF! Yes Mario breaks down the rap battle between Pusha T and Drake. He discusses briefly where the origins of the feud started and how this rap battle is a hot wrestling storyline. Speaking of rap, Enzo dropped a track on Memorial day and Leo is a fan of it. The duo break down how hip hop and wrestling aren't that much different based on things we've seen over the years. Also a discussion on WWE creative, what...


LOS Episode 79 "And we're back"

After a week hiatus LOS has returned! The duo are coming in hot with this Smackdown/FOX BILLION dollar deal. Will SDlive return to Friday nights and become 3 hours? Also they bring up how this potential Friday move can effect other promotions like ROH. Enzo is acquitted from his charges and Big Cass can't catch a break. While current WWE storylines are pretty underwhelming the state of in ring talent is at a all time high! Leo and Mario discuss match ups we see currently on WWE tv and could...