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LOS Episode 93 "5AM Down under/Luchaversary Year 2"

Fresh after Super Show Down LOS is back! In this episode Mario and Leo go in depth on WWE SSD and the state of the product. Why is nostalgia such a high demand? Neville is no more and PAC is back. Pete Dunne injury rumors and will we see The Alpha Chris Jericho make an IMPACT soon? Also NJPW talk covering Fight Spirit Unleashed and what's the future of The Elite. Funny jammed pack show, enjoy! for the Lucha Outsiders merch! use promo code...


LOS Episode 92 "7 Eleven Pizza"

The new era of LOS is here. After a 2 week hiatus the LOS duo returns to give comedic relief on the world of professional wrestling. Mario talks a bit of NJPW event Destruction where Ishii challenged IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega. A couple of ALL IN notes. Pentagon JR and Fenix rumors get shut down? Mario and Leo get into a heated conversation about WWE booking and the handling of Braun Strowman. How long will Vince McMahon be a fan of Cien Almas? RED Hell In A Cell preview and is...



ALL IN is finally upon us! While LOS won't be in Chicago live for this historic show, the duo will be watching it on ppv and preview the ALL IN card. Mario has a bone to pick with certain individuals on the top 10 Pro Wrestling Illustrated of 2018. LOS also discuss the recent turn of events for Kevin Owens, Braun Strowman and Becky Lynch. Fun show guys make sure if you're not in Chicago you ORDER ALL IN and support these guys! Enjoy the show. Promo Code...


LOS Episode 90 "The Birth of the Double R Era"

The Brooklyn Take over (no pun) is finally over and LOS will cover it all. NXT once again steals the show, but Summerslam wasn't bad either. Mario and Leo will give a complete breakdown of past weekend events leading up to what happened in RAW/SDLive. Could the reformation of The Shield lead to a potential return of a Family? Also Mario tells his experience attending Something to Wrestle with LIVE with Bruce Prichard. Enjoy the show! Promo Code LUCHARATEDR will save...


LOS Episode 89 " The one Leo named "

LOS is back with a Summerslam weekend spectacular! Jammed packed show with everything you can imagine. The duo start off with remembering the The Anvil Jim Neidhart. Best friends now better enemies, Colt Cabana is suing CM Punk and it looks like the wrestling world is behind Colt. Will Chris Jericho end up in Impact Wrestling in 2019? ROH/NJPW sell out MSG for WM35 weekend, how will Vince McMahon respond? Mario goes on a Dave Meltzer rant for putting his foot in his mouth and it looks like...


LOS Episode 79 "And we're back"

After a week hiatus LOS has returned! The duo are coming in hot with this Smackdown/FOX BILLION dollar deal. Will SDlive return to Friday nights and become 3 hours? Also they bring up how this potential Friday move can effect other promotions like ROH. Enzo is acquitted from his charges and Big Cass can't catch a break. While current WWE storylines are pretty underwhelming the state of in ring talent is at a all time high! Leo and Mario discuss match ups we see currently on WWE tv and could...


LOS Episode 78 "Backlash From Backlash"

Yes LOS is back once again after the disaster of what was WWE Backlash. The duo get into the good but mostly the bad of the ppv. Did Vince McMahon get a wake up call after people were walking out on the main event? MITB qualifying matches for both men and women, who got in? Mario tells wrestling fans to be patient with WWE handling Daniel Bryan because there's a story being told. Speaking of booking, Mario has a very interesting theory on how to fix Roman Reigns. Leo decides to go heel and...


LOS Episode 77 "Leo's condition or Titus's slide"

What's up people LOS in back once again for ALL your wrestling audio needs. Leo is a little under the whether this week so Mario does most of the carrying. (What else is new lol.) How great was the Greatest Royal Rumble event? While majority of the IWC was negative on the show including Leo, Mr. Rated R claps back defends the event and attacks entitled wrestling fans. The duo talks everything from the matches, botches including the show stealing slide from Titus O'Neal. Also covering...


LOS Episode 76 "Saudi 4/27"

Whats up people LOS is back once again with Episode 76! Well this week we are going to talk about Impact Wrestlng....YES IMPACT WRESTLING lol. Mario last Friday attended a NXT live show and gives a quick breakdown. Leo is trying to break a record this week on playing himself. What was the better show this week between RAW and SDLive and what does the future hold? Also the duo give some predictions on the "Greatest Royal Rumble" event going down this Friday! Make sure you leave us a...


Lucha Extra - George Napolitano Wrestling Photographer

take a little time to listen to a good interview with famed WWE/Wrestling Photographer and his insight on wrestling now and then. His experiences at Wrestlemania and also the Andre The Giant Documentary. Over 30 of his pistures were featured in the documentary by HBO. Thank you to @deportandoconSpeedy for the usage f this audio.


LOS Episode 75 "Time to shake things up again.."

LOS is back this week with episode 75! The duo says goodbye to the late great Bruno Sammartino. Mario gives the biggest CONGRATULATIONS to Nikki Bella. Leo can't believe the outcome of the superstar shakeup. How does the shake up effect Greatest Royal Rumble and Backlash events? LOS breaks all of it down and talk potential feuds and storyline ideas in the future. Mario also touches on some WM34 notes and "ALL IN" news. Fun show guys and gals give us a listen!


LOS Episode 74 "Recovery from NOLA"

What's up people!! Mania is over and Mario has returned. On a quick recap show the duo cover Wrestlemania 34 weekend. Leo discusses his thoughts on Takeover compared to Mania. Mario cosplays in NOLA as who? What goes down in Bourbon St. stays in Bourbon St. Reactions to WM34 who stole the show and rumors of backstage heat. This is a quick show guys but next week will go back to our normal full episode format. Thanks! @luchaoutsiders EVERYWHERE (Twitter/IG/FB) @ratedrsince87 (Mario)...


"LOS-MANIA 2: WM34 Special"

What's up guys and gals? On the eve before Mario leaves to New Orleans for Mania, the LOS duo and friends decides to do a WM34 special. The episode doesn't go quite how Leo & Mario expected, but if you want to kill 3 hours give us a listen lol. Enjoy WrestleMania and everything else happening this weekend whether you are down in NOLA or watching it from home. Mario will be down in New Orleans passing cards and stickers so don't be shy if you spot him and say hello! @luchaoutsiders...


LOS Episode 73 "Wingin' It Til Mania"

We are a couple of days til WM34 and some how this isn't the last show lol. The duo announce that this Friday live LIVE will have a Wrestlemania special "LOS-Mania II" in studio. Taking calls and predicting all things that will be taking place Mania weekend. This episode is very relax and smooth. Mario and Leo do get into talking about some highlights of SD/Raw. Is the whole Cena/Undertaker story the worst build to a feud in recent memory? The duo also get into a conversation about Shawn...


LOS Episode 72 "FYCK ZSJ"

First Daniel Bryan NOW NJPW! Strong Style Evolved broke the wrestling world with the Golden Lovers/Youngbucks main event. This is a must see show HIGHLY recommended. Leo and Mario break down the show and discuss the future and possible changes for NJPW. The duo also talk about the trending WWE topics: AJ Styles cleared, Brock destroys Roman once again, Greatest Royal Rumble event, Shane McMahon & Charlotte injury news, the build to Cena/Taker.... is the build to this match atrocious? To wrap...


LOS Episode 71 "Return of the Dragon"

YES YES YES!!!! Daniel Bryan has officially been cleared and LOS will break it all down. Now that Bryan is cleared this changes the landscape of the WWE. Are we going to see him at Mania? Will he wrestle full time or part time? The duo predicts some possible matches for Bryan. Mario gives his thoughts on Brock attacking a handcuffed Roman Reigns. Does it still feel forced? Well people , the Ultimate Deletion happened and alot of mixed reactions. The biggest question is what's next for Bray...


LOS Episode 70 "Vince's Boy..."

We are back people! The duo is here for another episode of wrestling talk. Mario talks about the 2 shows he went to this past weekend Kaiju and Shine 49 at La Boom in Queens. Leo brings up the Fabulous Moolah controversy and debates on Jeff Hardy. LOS breaks down Fastlane where Orton becomes a grand slam champion, Asuka challenges Charlotte and AJ retains. Who had the better promo on RAW, Cena or Reigns? Is Roman still force fed and did Cena humanize Undertaker? Looks like Nia Jax is in for...


LOS Episode 69 "Multi-Mania"

Hey YO! LOS is back with a special Thursday edition of the show. Leo shocks the world because he went to ROH Manhattan Mayhem this past weekend you don't know! The duo discuss their experience at the Hammerstein Ballroom and highlights from the night. Mario tells a quick story on dealing with this snow storm. Are you ALL IN? Mario is....AND Leo isn't lol. PPV Weekend coming up with ROH 16th Anniversary show and WWE Fastlane. LOS gives a quick breakdown on both cards and fantasy book a tad...


LOS Episode 68 "Triple Threat"

YOOO we are back and we have company! Frank the Tank returns to the show and he is coming in hot. Mario and Leo start off the show talking some NJPW Honor Rising event the took place this past weekend. The Golden Lovers and Youngbucks are set for Strong Style Evolved. Elimination Chamber was it lackluster? Women's Chamber match stole the show and Ronda signs her "WWE Contract". What was the point to book Braun strong only to lose with 2 spears from Roman? Cena continues to pursue his mania...


LOS Episode 67 "Monday Night Rollins, more than just a shirt!"

LOS is back once again with Ep. 67! Leo starts the show explaining the audio issues on last week's podcast. Mario tells how he played himself this past Saturday and a quick recap of Evolve 100 in Queens . The duo introduces 2 new members to the LOS family, Frank the Tank and the man known as "Luchanimal" will now be blogging on our social media pages. Leo and Mario get into a very intense WWE conversation including: WWE Stock, RAW is Rollins, AJ Styles championship run underwhelming?, Ronda...