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Two fishing fanatics and the Lure-Matic Computer answering the age-old question, ”Why buy one fishing lure when you can buy 103?”


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Two fishing fanatics and the Lure-Matic Computer answering the age-old question, ”Why buy one fishing lure when you can buy 103?”




The Lure Pick of Death!

Is it the end for the dynamic trio? Will the ultimate fishing lure fall into the hands of evil-doers? Find out in this episode...


The best micro-jig ever?

John, Tim and Lucy talk about what might be best micro-jig ever, where bass hide in the test pond, and Al's Goldfish new Kwik Klips! Mentioned in this episode: Al's Goldfish new Kwik KlipBalancing Acts for Panfish JigsTurner Jones Micro Jigs


ICAST favorite lures including a purple rat!

We're back and we smell like fish! Tim, John and Lucy review winners and favorites from the 2022 ICAST product competition; there's a quiz about the best summer panfish lures and more! Mentioned in this episode Berkley Power Bait Power Stinger Swimbait Berkley SlobberknockerLIVETARGET Live Shrimp 10000 Fish Head HunterBerkley Magic SwimmerZ-Man Chatterbait Flashback MiniBioSpawn ExoNedAl's GoldfishShrimpo and Flu FLu jigsShrimpo jigCubby Mini MiteTrout MagnetBlog about Dynamax jigsMule JigsKeystone Jigs by Joe Renosky of Reno Bait CompanyRebel Teeny CrawJohnson Beetle SpinJoe's FliesMeppsPanther MartinRapalaRooster Tail SpinnerJugheadsMr. TwisterMicro CrawBerkley Gulp


Lucy’s Best-of Compilation Episode!

Lucy ordered Crappie Hippie and Tim to fish more, so Lucy threw together this best-of episode! We throw back to how to clean lures with WD40 and also put in some show bits we did together for an old friend’s podcasting project. Lucy then shares parts of an interview she and John did with Meg Carney on the Outdoor Minimalist Podcast, excerpts from her and Tim’s guest appearance on Wisconsin Outdoors with Dan Small, as well as Crappie Hippie’s take over of the Woman Angler and Adventurer Podcast where he interviews show creator Angie Scott. We close with the worst ear worm song parody ever, so you have been warned! Mentioned in this episode Cleaning old luresOutdoor Minimalist Podcast Outdoors Radio with Dan Small Wisconsin fishing luresLead-free fishing Fish Nerds Podcast Cold front fishingPost cold front fishingTexas rigAlgae The Woman Angler Podcast


What’s that smell?

Lucy and the guys talk about the importance of scent on lures; catching two fish on one lure; and take a trip to fish some pressured water! Mentioned in this episode: Craziest double plays in MLB history1982 Wrigley's Doublemint Gum "Twins" TV CommercialCerts Two Mints in OneCatching TWO Fish on ONE Lure!!! *TWICE IN ONE DAY*Bass Fishing Productions YouTube ChannelSPRO CJ SmasherZ-Man FishingProCure ScentsGet It Noodling Guide ToursAmerican Snakehead CustomsGlasswater AnglingSmithwick Devil HorseMirroLureStrike KingBerkley FishingHeddonBeetle SpinSilver Minnow


The most disgusting lure ever seen!

The most disgusting lure ever seen; the story behind MTB's regional lures; how to turn a vintage spoon rack into a lure display; tungsten tuning tape and hematite bead slick weights; and an encore performance of Deer in a Kayak! Mentioned in this episode: Mystery Tackle Box Catch Co.Biospawn VileMinnowBiospawn VileTubeVintage spoon racksSuick ThrillerStorm SuspendDotsTungsten tuning tapeGlasswater AnglingHematite BeadZ-Man ElazTechZ-Man Neko ShroomZ nail weightJenny Sun Hematite BeadsLureParts.comBarlow’s TackleJann’s NetcraftOutdoor Writers Association of America Deer in a KayakOriginal Number 2 Corn Eyed Brown Trout


What was the Governor of Ohio’s largest fish?

Tim interviews Governor Mike DeWine about fishing, Lucy quizzes the guys about racehorse and lure names; there's a crank call to Bass Pro Shops; and tips from Rawr Fishing about teeny-tiny baits. Mentioned in this episode Bass Pro Shops Fat Guys Fishing: El GordoBandit LuresLucky Strike LuresKiller Rabbit FlyBarely Legal luresBarely Legal luresSlump Buster flyGoliath Chatter BaitHungry Jack lureOhio Department of Natural Resources Glasswater Angling Crappie DuellerBobby Garland Baby Shad ProCure scentKansas Dept. of Wildlife and ParksYouTubeFacebookInstagramEurotackle B-VibeEurotackle EPF SwimZ-Man ChatterBait FlashBack MiniSouth of the Coast luresGoochland Middle School news release


Is the Juggernaut Case a good value?

Is the Mystery Tackle Box Juggernaut Bass Fishing Case a good value? Lucy and the guys do the analysis. Plus there's talk about weedless lure innovations and the history of weedless lures. Mentioned in this episode Juggernaut Bass Fishing CaseMystery Tackle BoxCatch Co. Shop Karl'sNorthwest Fishermen YouTube ChannelEveryone's a WinnerSebile Flatt ShadD&S Crank Bait10,000 Fish Head HunterZ-Man MinnowZ, Diesel Minnow & TRD TicklerZBerkeley Power WormPipe Bomb Marlin LureGuides Secret M-80 PopperGlasswater Angling Bismuth jig headsProCure Crappie and Panfish Magic Baitwaxx Fishing History Blog Shannon Spinner Roland Martin's Helicopter Lure


The death of a fishing podcast (but not this one)

John, Tim and Lucy mourn the death of the Bent Podcast; Tim shares his latest lure flipping success in which he sold a few lures for large sums of money; plus there's news about tinkering with lures and excitement at Z-Man. Finally there's a new song about lures that you're going to love! Mentioned in this episode: Bent PodcastMeateaterJoe Cermele (Instagram)Hayden Sammak (Instagram)Which lures have caught the most record fishBite-Em Bate Company Marling BaitsAntique Fishing Tackle Collectors Facebook groupZ-Man Hires Angling Innovator Jose ChavezHow to buy vintage fishing luresRetro BassinNeutral on PaulPrankbaitsGlasswater Angling


What is the World’s largest collection of fishing lures?

John, Tim, and Lucy wax eloquent about using the right rod with the right lure; a parody book about vintage fishing lures; a lure company that uses stone instead of lead; the World's largest collection of fishing lures; the Juggernaut Bass Fishing Case; Louie's Lures' new soft baits; a commemorative lure from Al's Goldfish; the lure that caught a 67-pound striper; and national coverage of our story about the lures that have caught the most record fish! Mentioned in this episode: Fish Nerds PodcastDaiwa rodsSt. Croix rodsUgly Stik rodsZ-man ChatterbaitDead End Lure CompanyAmazing Lures & Flies: Rare and Forgotten Materpieces of FishingDickson SchneiderWorld’s largest collection of fishing luresJuggernaut Bass Fishing CaseLouie's LuresRapala Super Shad Rap67-pound striperAl's Goldfish commemorative lureDuluth (Minnesota) News Tribune


The best lure to get stuck in your nose!

This episode includes the best of everything! The best crank baits to fish from the bank; the best lure accident; the best bridge-trout lure; and the best Crappie Hippie/Angie Scott adventure! Mentioned in this episode Drew Cook video on BassResource.comBass Pro XPS Super Shallow Crankbaits Decoy T-shape treble hooksSPRO Fat Papa SquarebillAngie Scott / The Woman Angler & Adventurer PodcastFreedom Boat ClubTop 10 Baits from the Toyota Series pro bass tournament Best Walleye Lures of 2022Best Saltwater Lures of 2022Best Swimbaits for Bass of 2022Best Baits for Striped Bass of 2022Best Fly Fishing Vests of 2022Best Tenkara Rods of 2022Best Fishing Coolers for 2022The Best Fillet Knives of 2022My misadventures ice fishing on Jordan Pond include getting a lure stuck in my noseVideo: Colorado Angler Catches a Trout While Stuck in I-70 TrafficFrostbite Slayer SwimbaitsGlasswater Angling


Which lures have caught the most record fish?

Lucy shares which lure types and brands have caught the most record fish; the mysterious history of the Paw Paw Bait Company is revealed; and how having a go-to lure can make a difference--or not. Mentioned in this episode International Game Fish Association Lucy's complete analysis of lures and record fish Paw Paw Bait Company History Fin & FlameFishing 4 the PastMr. Lure BoxPaw Paw GuyCollectors Weekly


Best lures for Lake of the Woods ice fishing!

Tim shares his ice fishing adventure at Lake of the Woods in Minnesota, where he stayed at the River Bend Resort, saw the local sights, and tested gear from Al’s Goldfish Lures and St. Croix Rods, as well as Z-Man and ProCure Bait Scents. Mentioned in this episode Lake of the Woods Tourism BureauRiver Bend ResortAl’s Goldfish Lure CompanySt. Croix RodsAssociation of Great Lakes Outdoor WritersThe Fish Wrap WriterProCure Bait ScentsZ-Man ElaZtechIgloo BarWillie Walleye statueIce Ice Baby ice fishing parody songPhoto gallery from the trip


How much do you spend on fishing lures?

Tim shares the cool lures he found at the Cincinnati Fishing Expo; pro-angler Jim Moynagh talks about his polygraph experience; there's debate about how much anglers spend on lures each year; and Lucy share her investment in the lure company, A Band of Anglers. Mentioned in this episode Cincinnati Fishing ExpoLucy's Directory of Fishing ShowsHawg Tank videoHammertime Lures websiteHammertime Lures Facebook pageLawless Lures websiteLawless Lures Facebook pageBrazalo Custom Lures websiteBrazalo Custom Lures Facebook pageMotivated Fishing websiteMotivated Fishing Facebook pageJenko Fishing websiteJenko Fishing Facebook pageMinistry of HempLouie's LuresJim Moynagh MLF profileMoynagh Bass Fishes Youtube ChannelJim Moynagh Facebook pageA Band of Anglers websiteA Band of Anglers Investment site Leave a review for the Lure Love Podcast! Apple PodcastsSpotifyOn our website


Valentine’s Day Lure Special!

It's Valentine's Day, and John, Tim and Lucy the Lure-matic Computer are talking about heart-shaped lures, lure love poems, how bass see lures, Al Capone, and more! Mentioned in this episode: Bomber Lures historyHeddon HellbenderHeddon HellbenderPromo LuresPhotos of Tim's luresBassVision appBass InsightThe Fuller LabSeeing red: color vision in the largemouth bass3 Big-Time Advantages of Buying Fishing Tackle in BulkBass Pro ShopsTackle WarehouseNational Fishing Lure Collectors ClubNFLCC Facebook group photo


Al’s Goldfish, a $14,000 lure, and just what color is Gitter Done?

It's the 70th anniversary of Al's Goldfish Lures, and John and Lucy chat with the owners of Al's, Jeff and Mandy DeBuigne. There's talk of creating a 27-foot-long lure-mobile; a lure sells at auction for $14,000; Daiwa creates new tackle storage bags; and John attempts to guess what color Gitter Done is! Mentioned in this episode: 1905 Wiggletail Smith Minnow that sold for $14,000Al's Goldfish Lures websiteAl's Goldfish Lures Facebook Page70th anniversary announcementGadabout Gaddis - Fishing USAHow Does Electroplating Work?Goldfish lure action49er lure actionHelgy lure actionWicked Wec High-Low RigCatching Black Sea Bass on a Wicked WecCatching Fluke on a Wicked WecCatching Bonito on a Wicked WecTinker Bell EffectDaiwa D-VEC Tactical Soft Sided Tackle BoxDaiwa Tackle BarnTackle BarnZ-Man new ElaZtech bait colors


Water-skiing squirrel buzz baits, Wisconsin fishing lures & lure research updates

The water-skiing squirrel shares the life of a rodent buzz bait; Lucy talks about Wisconsin lure history, including the Suick Thriller and Uncle Josh pork baits; and Tim and John chat about two research articles from In-Fisherman magazine, including how bass react to lures. Mentioned in this episode: Cincinnati Boat, Sport & Travel ShowTwiggy the World Famous Water Skiing SquirrelPeacemaker pistolGlasswater AnglingOutdoors Radio with Dan SmallSuick ThrillersUncle JoshMeppsField & Stream 50 Greatest Lures of All TimeIn-Fisherman magazineFlorida Fish & Wildlife CommissionTrophyCatchEffect of fishing effort on the catchability of largemouth bassCraziest Underwater Bass Fishing Footage EVER! Whopper Plopper, Swimbait, Jerkbait, Fluke, TopwaterInsane Underwater Footage Of Bass Eating Worms and Finesse Baits!Amazing Underwater Footage of 8 Big Swimbaits!Ice Fishing Northern Pike with AquaVu HD7i Pro (Muskrat, Bass, Crappie, Pike)Ice Fishing Mille Lacs Lake (Amazing Underwater Footage)E-Z Trout FloatsLouie's Lures


The past, the future and a Z-Man Elaztech update

John and Tim learn Lucy the Lure-matic Computer's origin story; the gang reviews episodes from the past year; after 12 months of fishing Z-Man Elaztech baits, John and Tim give their verdict on cost, quality and effectiveness; ChordaWorm Lures wins the Iowa Innovation Challenge; and an inexpensive lure retriever is shared. Mentioned in this episode Z-Man Elaztech soft baits7 ElaZtech Hacks videoZ-Man GOAT ToadZ lure design process videosBerkley Hit StickList of all 2021 podcast episodesFish Nerds PodcastGlasswater AnglingRetro Bassin Youtube ChannelGet your lures reviewed on the Lure Love PodcastChordaWorm LuresInexpensive lure retriever video from Wired2Fish


Lure Love Christmas Party ep. 11

Come on in and have some fun with Lucy, Crappie Hippie and Tim "Tackle Box" Bete. It is a party like no other!!!


Lure Love Christmas party!

John, Tim and Lucy celebrate Christmas like never before, with several rounds of Lucy's Dr. Pepper Avocado Catfish Dip Nog, a lure trivia contest, the history of red and white lures, several Christmas songs, how not to decorate your tree, and a special gift for you! Mentioned in this episode: Big Ray's: The Alaskan OutfittersGibbs Delta Big Eye Glow Jig Gibbs Delta Cod JigSilver Horde's Coho Killer Spoon Blue Fox Classic VibraxMepps Longcast SpinnerGibbs Delta Mag Squid (6-inch)Ugly Stik World's Largest Santa Claus Bass TournamentPhotos of John, Tim and Lucy's Christmas presents