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Pittsburgh's premiere MMA podcast. We cover a wide range of topics on the world of combat sports, with a focus on the local talent in the Greater Pittsburgh area and beyond.

Pittsburgh's premiere MMA podcast. We cover a wide range of topics on the world of combat sports, with a focus on the local talent in the Greater Pittsburgh area and beyond.
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Pittsburgh's premiere MMA podcast. We cover a wide range of topics on the world of combat sports, with a focus on the local talent in the Greater Pittsburgh area and beyond.






Ep.114 UFC 238 Recap & Look Ahead

UFC 238 lived up to it's billing for the three big draws on the main card. In the co-main, Valentina Shevchenko had a highlight reel ko by kick of Jessica Eye. In the main event, Henry Cejudo scored a 3rd round TKO of Marlon Moraes to capture the Bantamweight belt and join Conor McGregor as the only two fighters to simultaneously hold belts in 2 different divisions. And in the "fans main event", Tony Ferguson defeated Donald Cerrone with a TKO by Doctor Stoppage at the end of round 2. MMA...


Ep.113 UFC 238 Breakdown, Predictions & The Lock

UFC 238 breakdown, predictions and a lock pick for you in this episode of MMA FanCast. A long, awaited firefight will finally happen when Tony Ferguson faces Donald Cerrone at UFC 238 ...... and it's not even the Co-Main Event. In the co-main, Jessica Eye gets her 1st shot at a UFC title when she takes on "The Bullet" Valentina Shevchinko, who will be defending the Women's Flyweight Belt for the first time. The main event pits Henry Cejudo against Marlon Moraes for the vacant UFC...


Ep.112 Johnny Pipewrench, MMA and The Road To Recovery

Most of us are familiar with the catch phrase "Life imitating art." But what happens when life imitates mma? It's easy to get cut, bleed, take a few shots to the head and gut and all before a round is over. Sometimes we feel like tapping out too because it's more than we can handle or get out of at the moment. Live to fight another day. MMA FanCast's Jim and Lukespoke with John DiPatri, better known as Johnny Pipewrench, He's someone who knows what it's like when life imitates mma. He has...


Ep.111 247 FC Snapshot, Upcoming fights, Ryan Middleton

A lot of work goes on behind the scenes to put on a combat sports event. Fans file into the arena wanting to see their favorite fighter, most without a care or clue about what it takes to fold open a seat for them. They're ready to take in the action, all the while, the hustle and bustle is still happening back stage to get the show moving and running without a hitch. So, what's it like when you're still doing the daily grind and running a promotion "on the side" too? Well, MMA FanCast's Jim...


Ep.110 UFC 237 Recap, Legacies & The Mental Side Of The Fight Game

UFC 237 wrapped up with a new champion in Jessica Andrade when she defeated Rose Namajunas by KO(slam). But we had three sure fire hall of famers on the card in Jose Aldo, BJ Penn and Anderson Silva. Their best days behind them, MMA FanCast shares their opinions on legends hanging on, how it affects the UFC and in what ways. Jim & Luke also get into the mental aspect of mma and how fighters handle the stress that comes with a combat sports career, especially when you're at the top.


Ep.109 Tony Gravely puts Bantamweights on Notice! USADA suspensions and Ring Rust!

"I was already the champ. Winning the belt was just to prove to the fans what I already knew." You know when you have what it takes. Your actions say it better than any words could. Tony Gravely is that kind of mma athlete. Having successfully defended his CES Bantamweight title for the 2nd time, Tony chats with MMA FanCast's Jim and Luke to discuss where he goes next, how he got there, and what it will take to stay at the top, regardless of the promotion. Tony is today's rare athlete who's...


Ep.108 The 247 Experience, Behind The Scenes MMA

The MMA FanCast crew discuss their personal experiences being a part of a live mma event as 247 Fighting Championships officially began a new era of mma in Western Pennsylvania. Jim and Luke give you a close-up and in-depth peak into what it's like to work an event as part of the set up crew, play-by-play, color commentating and Event Operations. Want to experience mma the same way they did? Listen in to get the details. Check us out on Facebook and Twitter for more info. And you can...


Ep.107 Post 247 FC's Steeltown Throwdown 1, Goss Recap

"You've seen me fail, but you haven't seen my sacrifice." What does it take to become a pro mma fighter? What does it take to put on an mma show? Jim and Luke catch up with Ethan Goss to talk about his last fight, the inaugural event for 247 Fighting Championships. Find out what other extreme sports Goss has done and how Luke could be his coach. Listen in for the story .....


Ep.106 Ryan Middleton and 247 Fighting Championships, It's Showtime!

MMA FanCast brings you a special 2-part interview with Ryan Middleton, owner of 247 Fighting Championships. Jim Mooney and Luke Payson get details from Middleton on what it takes to start a fight promotion from the ground up, long term goals for the regional scene and building relationships in the mma community. The inaugural event happens Saturday, April 6th at Printscape Arena in Canonsburg, PA.


Ep.105 "Showtime" Brett Shoenfelt returns to the ring, fighters union coming?

Showtime starts at 7pm on Saturday, April 6th. The doors open at 6pm. But "Showtime" Brett Schoenfelt is ready to go now. Three years since he last stepped foot into the ring and now his anxiously awaited return is within site. Hear his take on what he wants to get out of this fight, his future aspirations and what needs to happen to protect fighters and their careers. 247 Fighting Championships Steeltown Throwdown opens the doors Saturday, April 6th, 2019 at Printscape Arena to a new...


Ep.104 Ethan Goss, 247 Fighting Champioships Steeltown Throwdown

The Wolverine, Ethan Goss, makes his return back to Pittsburgh. MMA FanCast caught up with Goss to talk about fighting at the inaugural event for 247 Fighting Championships. Ethan goes In The Pit with Jim and Luke. Find out how he faired. Plus, the guys at MMA FanCast get into some UFC and ONE FC talk. Luke has the answers!


Ep.103 Bare Knuckles, Joey Munoz, 247FC and more ..... !!!

MMA FanCast brings you the conclusion to our chat with Joey Munoz, who is taking on Khama Worthy in the main event of 247 FC's Steeltown Throwdown on April 6th. He's willing to do the dirty boxing. There's a payoff. Tune in to hear why he does it and how it ends. You'll be surprised by his take.


Ep. 102 MMA Fight Of The Night! UFC Smack

MMA FanCast Nation ..... He's coming. He's done it before. He said he's going to do it again. The Lightweight belt is on the line as Joey Munoz brings his gritty, in-your-face fight game to Pittsburgh for 247 Fighting Championships Steeltown Throwdown on April 6th. He doesn't care about trash talk. Neither does his opponent, Khama Worthy. They are perfectly content with smashing faces in. Are you? Get there ... by going here. Listen in now!


Ep.101 You Can't Keep A Violent Man Down. Khama "The DeathStar" Worthy. Steeltown Throwdown

Back for more! We knew you couldn't stay away! Hear the rest of what Khama Worthy had to say. Why is Khama Worthy ...... The Deathstar? What is a 247 fighter and why should you be a 247 Fan? If you listen to Jim and Luke, they've got the inside scoop on what's happening in the mma world. Want to hear something specific? You're in luck because they're probably talking about it anyways. You can send us your requests here .... and maybe win a guest spot on the show. Lots to come on MMA FanCast!


Ep.100 MMA FanCast is BACK!! 247 Fighting Championships. Khama Worthy. UFC trash talk.

MMA FanCast is BACK, Baby!! We've got the same great coverage of the same great sport we all love! We just have a little bit more energy now! And a new surprise coming out of the East Coast. Listen in to find out what it is and when it hits. Trash talk is still the rage in the UFC with the usual suspects, plus a few more who want to get in on the game. Weight cut problems have not gone away and 247 Fighting Championships puts on its inaugural event on April 6th. Find out where, how to get...


E53 - Sydney Ross Interview, UFC Roundup, Pittsburgh MMA

Sydney Ross Interview, UFC Roundup, Pittsburgh MMA Epic battle between Dustin Poirier and Justin Gaethje Poirier to get shot at Khabib? UFC on Fox 29 brings low ratings UFC Fight Night 128: Barboza vs. Lee The Conor McGregor Saga Will Floyd may weather ever step into the octagon? Dominic Mazzotta smashed faces at Bellator 197 Looking back at Pinnacle FC 16 Looking ahead to Pinnacle FC 17 Sydney Ross Interview Sydney Ross Interview Show Notes -Poirier gets shot at Khabib? “I’ve...


E52 - UFC 219, Conor McGregor, Georges St-Pierre, Pinnacle FC16

UFC 219, Conor McGregor, Georges St-Pierre, Pinnacle FC16 Today on MMA FanCast, we talk about Conor McGregor and his future inside the octagon and the combat sports arena. Ryan and Jim both give their thoughts on the side show antics and happenings regarding McGregor and what the future holds for him. You'll also here about UFC 219 and the biggest fight in the history of women's mma, a scheduled bout between Chris Cyborg and Holly Holm. Is it the biggest historically? If so, what are the...


E51 - UFC 218, Mat Factory Isaac Greeley Interview

Mat Factory Isaac Greeley Interview Today on MMA Fancast we preview UFC 218, which is coming up this weekend and features an excellent card. Additionally, we have a very special guest in Isaac Greeley. Isaac was one of the founding members of the Mat Factory, a mixed martial arts school right here in the Pittsburgh area. Mat Factory has produced talent that has reached all levels of MMA, including Bellator and the UFC. Mat Factory Isaac Greeley Interview We have mentioned Isaac on the...


E50 - Dominic Mazzotta Bellator Interview, Scott Clymer Bellator Interview, What's Left in 2017?

Dominic Mazzotta Bellator Interview, Scott Clymer Bellator Interview In this big 50th epidsode of MMA Fancast, we are joined by Dominic Mazzotta and Scott Clymer, both hot off their big and completely dominating wins at Bellator 186. Dominic shares with us many things about this fight and the joy he found in it. But I have to be honest, from the very start of the interview with Dom, he did not seem his normal self. That is because he has a very heavy heart right now and he shares with us...


E49 - Interview Michael Wilkins, Interview Francis Healy, Interview Ethan Goss

In this very special episode of MMA Fancast, we interview Mike Wilkins, interview Francis Healy and interview Ethan Goss. Mike Wilkins Interview Michael Wilkins had a very successful Bellator debut at Bellator 186. Wilkins beat Brett Martinez early in the second round. We spend time discussing the experience with Michael, the changing point in the fight, how he felt compared to Martinez, vicious elbows and whether Martinez seemed to tap quickly or not. Francis Healy Interview Francis...