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Episode 101: Stylin' and Profilin'

On the heels of a big announcement about All In and Starrcast, your buddies return to talk ROH, relationships, Money in the Bank and more! Spend an hour with us and enjoy an awesome Wrestling Confession Wreturn and a classic FMK. The Nature Boy makes a visit, along with a press conference villain, a little boy, and one of the few mother's Kevin Owens sent well-wishes to this past Sunday. Strap in and Let's Podcast!


Episode 100: Episode 100!

We did it! 100 episodes on MLW Radio. Thanks to all the buddies who have been on this wild ride with us. It's not slowing down! Buddies from near and far come to wish their best and share their views. There's music, celebrities, shout outs and more. Rate, review, and subscribe and come back every week for more comedy pro wrestling and fun. Love ya, buds, and thank you again for being some of the best people out there.


Episode 99: Saved By The Ring Bell

It's the first episode in our new apartment, it's full of songs, and some buddies stop by too! Marty and Sarah talk the Greatest Royal Rumble and Bumble, Who Do You Want To Win?, drop a cement Wrestling Confession, and hang with Ryback and and even bigger guy! Join us next week for our 100th episode bash, and check for a brand new bonus episode soon, too. Love ya, buds!


Episode 98: F.B.I. (Female Buddy Inspector)

It's the last episode in the old apartment! And what a week to move on. WWE (the men at least) are moving to Saudi Arabia for the Greatest Royal Rumble on Friday! Impact has a new champion and the NWA owner stops by with a message for fans and competitors alike. Other visits include Nathan, Brad, the return of Todd and more! Plus a romantic Wrestling Confession and a little bit of rap. Let's Podcast!


Episode 97: Break Ups & Shake Ups

It's a week of change, and Marty and Sarah are here to guide you through it! From Ghosts to the Nature Boy to Helen and a Choir Boy, your buddies are here to hang out and talk about the Shake Up, documentaries, and much more. A somewhat recent Old School Wrestling Corner and some shoutouts to some buds and affiliates round out this episode, so let's podcast!


Episode 96: You Heard It Here First?!

It's the biggest wrestling week of the year! Marty and Sarah bring back all their stories of fun, real wrestling, and more for you buddies to enjoy. Nathan has some shockingly legit interview guests, Kyle brings a famous friend to the table, and the new GM of Smackdown makes an appearance. Plus a dope FMK sponsorship and many thanks to all our buds, far and near. Let's Podcast!


Episode 95: 2nd Annual Salute to Wrestlemañja

Pump it up, pump it! Marty and Sarah couldn't be more ready for the biggest weekend of the year. It's Wrestlers' Christmas, Easter, and Halloween all in one! We have tons of buddies weighing in, from Raun about his baby brother to Sasha with her NOLA Bank Statement. Plus the biggest "Who Do You Want To Win?" of the year! Strap in buddies, cuz THIS roller coaster's REAL!


Episode 94: The Preactice Center

Marty and Sarah are more ready than ever for all things wrestling! And it turns out, a lot of the female wrestlers have a somewhat similar announcement. There are also appearances by our favorite Smashing Pumpkins leader, the Ring of Japan master, a little singing boy, and much more. We somehow manage to squeeze in a Wrestling Confession, an FMK, and a bunch of Wrestling Would You Rathers. Let's Podcast!


Episode 93: The Ballad of Dickie James

We got Marty, Sarah, some of our best and worst buds, and a whole lot of wrestling news to talk about! The Big Guy talks trolling Rusev, Madame Zuzu's closure is handled by the CEO, Brad binges on Netflix and much more. Plus a sweet as berries wrestling confession, an old-timey FMK, and lots of singing for some reason! Let's Podcast!


Episode 92: A Bite Out of Wrestlemania

Marty and Sarah tackle Raw, Smackdown, Fastlane and much more on an event-packed episode. Werner gives his take on the return of the Hardy family, Nathan brings a #tipofthehatoftheweek for everyone, and some ladies give us a tuck in to remember. All that plus an Old School Wrestling Corner, the debut of Wrestling Would You Rather?, and a sweet confession of love lost. Let's Podcast!


Episode 91: All Tucked In

Marty, Sarah, Nathan, Alexa, Kyle, and the gang are back for some wrestling shenanigans and fun! An update from the United Center, some speculation about ALL IN, the road to Wrestlemania in the Fastlane, and more are covered. Also feature the Ring of Japan segment, and a return special guest for a Wrestling Confession, this episode is sure to make the time fly (so that you can get to more wrestling faster)! Enjoy, buddies! Sponsors: Heels and Faces Chicago Podcast...


Episode 90: New Tats & Needy Cats

Marty and Sarah talk the Elimination Chamber and much more with a non stop stream of buddies and cats! Patty has some fan fiction, Paige talks her new tats, and the Big Guy drops some video/audio samples. A beautifully constructed Wrestling Confession and some horrible lullabies round us out. Let's Podcast!


Episode 89: Uptown Lil Funker

Lil Funker brings a BIG challenge to Nathan from Nathan's wrestling review - check out @martysarahpod to see the origins of this heat! Nathan's also got behind the scenes interviews from Freelance Wrestling, Marty and Sarah talk AAW Showdown and a sweet icy confession rounds things out. All that, plus Sarah's Old School Wrestling Corner, Elimination Chamber Want-to-wins, and more. This episode sponsored by sibling podcast - check them out for a lot of fun!


Episode 88: Rusev Crush

It's the week of Valentine's and we are here to be yours! Nathan stops by, along with an update on @Billy's dealings, and a behind the scenes look at Braun. A special return of couples FMK and a "sign o' the times" Wrestling Confession round out another fun ass episode. Let's Podcast! Upcoming show with My Neighbords Are Dead:


Episode 87: GTS: Go To Bed!

Marty and Sarah discuss the week of somewhat odd wrestling. From Renee's "Hey Buddies," to Natan's TOTHOTW, we cover all things WWE, Impact, and beyond. The Big Guy introduces a new segment, we have a rare style of Wrestling Confession from the Confessor himself, and much more. You can support this podcast by buying a shirt at (ProWrestling Tees), or making a monthly donation at Let's Podcast!


Bonus Episode: 2018 Buddy Rumble!

It's the second every Buddy Rumble! This year, we have a fantastic panel to welcome you to the Marty and Sarah Love Wrestling PPV. Only it's free! The rules are, two buddies at a time, with two new buddies entering as the others leave every 90 seconds. Let's get to it! In 5...4...3...2...1!


Episode 86: 2nament of Marriage

It's been a jam-packed week of wrestling so we have a jam-packed episode for you. From the XFL to the Royal Rumble with NXT and Ring of Japan in the middle, we have lots to talk about. We also completed the second annual TOURNAMENT of MARRIAGE! Who will win? Also, get ready for the 2nd annual BUDDY RUMBLE, dropping right here in your feed this Saturday morning.


Episode 85: Hellos and Goodbyes

It's been a wild week in wrestling. Lil E addresses the question on everyone's mind: what the heck do we do now? Nathan drops in with some hot takes about RAW 25, the Mixed Match Challenge is discussed, and we anticipate the joys of the Royal Rumble. We also cover a heartfelt moment at AAW and some blast from past wrestling Vines. All that plus one of our favorite Wrestling Confessions of all time. Support us at


Bonus Episode: Nathan's Wrestling Review Vol. 1

after months of issues with itunes my podcast is finally here but it is on marty & sara's feed. it will be on my own feed when i can. this week is my debut show. i talk reddit sq, observer, candice laray and introduce the blocking block. I give double check meltzers star ratings for pwg. and the tip of the hat of week!


Episode 84: Giant Heel Turn

Welcome, buddies! This episode, Marty and Sarah talk so much about wrestling old and new that the whole thing flew by without a Wrestling Confession or an FMK! That's how packed it is! Get your fix of the Mixed Match tags, Royal Road to Wrestlemania, Raw, Smackdown and OLD SCHOOL WRESTLING CORNERS this week. A new buddy makes a big appearance and some old favorites drop by to talk curbstomps, NWA, and more. We are happy you're here, so Let's Podcast!


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