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Giving video games, game music and horror movies the love and recognition that they deserve.

Giving video games, game music and horror movies the love and recognition that they deserve.
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Giving video games, game music and horror movies the love and recognition that they deserve.






Gamer Joe Radio Show - VGM Is GR-R-REAT!

This week on Gamer Joe Radio Show: Mega Man X3, Willy Wombat, Ecco the Dolphin, and more! Plus, Angela and Joe reminisce about Frosted Flakes.


Beat Em Up - Episode 2 - Power Rangers Sega CD Vs Kamen Masked Rider Sega CD

Today on Beat Em Up, Power Rangers on the Sega Cd takes on The Masked Rider: Kamen Rider ZO, also on the Sega CD. The 90s and the 70s clash, in a super heroic blast to the past. Ex-Hardcore Gamer and Joe put both of these FMV romps through the Beat Em Up Blender. Will it be a smooth victory for the Rangers? Or will Masked Rider leave them feeling like a lump of putty? Find out, on this epic Beat Em Up Battle!


Banished to the Blackhole - I Release You From the Blackhole

The Ghouls discuss Rob Zombie, Rock and Shock, the Hunt being cancelled, and more. Also, Ole Gamer Joe grabs a Fate card and escapes! Chris and Bill take the reigns, on episode 2 of Banished to the Blackhole!


Gamer Joe Radio Show - Episode 3 - Make Product Placement Cool Again

Today on Gamer Joe Radio Show! Music from Twisted Metal 2, Vay, Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete, and more! Also, Angela talks about her love for 90's product placement. Support us at


I Dream of Indie - Episode 2 - Jin and Birb on the Rocks

Today on I dream of Indie, 3 incredible titles enter our Indie spotlight! Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, developed by Game Atelier, and published by FDG Entertainment. The heart-warming musical adventure game Songbird Symphony from Joysteak Studios, and published by PQube. And exploration game, A Short Hike, created by Adam Robinson-Yu. Plus, Angela and Ole Gamer Joe discuss the recently announced indie games coming to the Nintendo Switch!


Gamer Joe Radio Show - Episode 2 - Phallic Worm in a Spacesuit

We play music from Earthworm Jim, Rival Schools, and more! Plus, Ole Gamer Joe and Angela share stories of ridiculous injuries, and your requested tracks are played! It's episode 2 of Gamer Joe Radio Show! Follow along with all of our content at Tracklisting Earthworm Jim, Psycrow Theme - Tommy Tallarico No Man's Sky - Supermoon - 65 Days of Static Rival Schools: United by Fate - In a Classroom of Taiyo High School - Setsuo Yamamoto Trails of Cold Steel - Heimdaller,...


Beat Em Up - Episode 1 - Final Fight 2 Vs Streets of Rage 2

Today on Beat Em Up, Final Fight 2 goes head to head against Streets of Rage 2. Ole Gamer Joe and Ex-Hardcore Gamer delve deep into each games history, while offering critical analysis on graphics, gameplay, story, characters, and more! Will Capcom's sequel pile-drive its way to the top? Or will it be a Sega style beat-down in the streets? Find out today on our debut episode.


Banished to the Blackhole - Episode 1 - Wonderful Sausage

On our debut episode of Banished to the Blackhole, Chris, Bill, and Ole Gamer Joe gather around the cauldron to discuss the latest horror news and happenings. Topics include Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, the latest Shudder releases, Killer Clowns from Outerspace, and more! Plus, Chris gives out a monthly movie challenge!


I Dream of Indie - Episode 1 - A Puzzling Trip Through Hell

Today, on I Dream of Indie. Escape Lala, Escape Lala 2, and Gorytale enter our indie spotlight! Created by our friends at DuckbearLab, the Escape Lala games are puzzling point and clicks full of humor, charm, and love. Gorytale, however, is a candy coated first person trip through your own personal hell, and it's brought to you by the awesome folks at NYAARGH! Joe and Angela also discuss the latest in the G2A fiasco, and more.


Gamer Joe Radio Show - Episode 1 - Legendary Return

You have waited long enough. After 3 years, Gamer Joe and Angela return under the Media Moogle umbrella. It's the exciting first episode of Gamer Joe Radio Show! Tracklisting Shovel Knight - High Above the Land Composers - Jake Kaufman, Manami Matsumae Deltarune - Field of Hopes and Dreams Composer - Toby Fox Ys VIII - Sunshine Coastline Composers - Hayato Sonoda, Takahiro Unisuga Pony Island - Enter Pony Composers - Jonah Senzel Prey - Everything Is Going to be...