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Mike Safo with James Murray "Mur"

Joined today by the comedic genius “Mur” from Impractical Jokers, also known as “author” James Murray. We pick up right where Opie’s podcast leaves off, James leaving his personal items in a bar and how I had to rescue him on his date. Mur and I talk about being raised on Staten Island, what we miss most about it and how we both tried to pick up girls the same way growing up. We discuss his new Sci-Fi Thriller book “Awakened”, how it took 14 years to get published, the idea of making the...


Mike Safo with Steve Hytner aka Kenny Bania

Joined today by Steve Hytner, name doesn’t ring a bell? Kenny Bania from Seinfeld but he’s way more than that. Steve stops by the Westwood One studios to talk about his new podcast “That’s Gold”. We talk about how his show is gonna focus on “guy talk”, gambling, tequila and more. Steve tells the greatest 5 team parlay story involving a murdering gypsy. Then we get down to business. Steve is in town because the Brooklyn Cyclones are honoring him with a bobblehead at Seinfeld night so we talk...


Mike Safo with Slade Heathcott

Joined today by former 1st round draft pick by the NY Yankees Slade Heathcott. Slade calls into the show from his team bus and tells us about his extremely difficult childhood, from dealing with his father being in and out of prison to eventually having to protect his mother by pulling a shotgun on his father. We hear how he found out he was selected by the Bronx Bombers and takes us through his journey getting called up to the big show and walking into the Yankees locker room for the first...


Mike Safo with JJ Devaney & Danny Roberts

On this special World Cup edition of the podcast I’m joined by one half of the ESPN Caught Offside podcast, JJ Devaney and also by soccer guru Danny Roberts. JJ and Danny talk about the previous month of the World Cup, talking about favorite players, best games and of course biggest disappointments. We discuss the nonstop coverage and comparison that the media makes with Messi and Ronaldo and what players became stars during this tournament. JJ goes deep as he thinks this could be the last...


Mike Safo with Larry Collmus

Joined today, live from Belmont Park, with the voice of the Triple Crown, the legendary Larry Collmus. Larry talks about how he always dreamed of being the voice of horse racing since he was a teenager in Maryland, how he climbed the ranks calling races all over the country and how a random call from a 212 phone number in 2011 changed Larry’s life. We hear about Larry’s first time calling the Kentucky Derby, from his wobbly jello legs to him not being able to listen to “My Old Kentucky...


Mike Safo with Rob O’Neill 2

For the 3rd time on the podcast, I’m joined by Navy SEAL American hero Rob O’Neill. Rob and I hang out at Jack Demsey’s waiting for Opie to show up and we catch up on Rob’s new marriage, and how we both totally out kicked our coverage. Rob talks about him traveling all over the country campaigning for candidates for the upcoming elections. We talk some Boston Celtics and he introduces me to the awesome southern rock singer Tim Montana. From Rob complaining about NYC Traffic to talking about...


Mike Safo with Craig Carton

Joined today by one of the most popular radio personalities in the last 15 years, the hilariously entertaining Craig Carton. Craig stopped by Jack Demsey’s and somehow we started the show talking about my new kitten Pickles. We were kind of crunched for time so we touched quickly on how Craig jumped all over the country doing radio before making it big in NYC. He shares several stories such as, him breaking the news that Eric Lindross missed a game due to a hangover, his time at WNEW as a...


Mike Safo with Rick Mirer 2

On today’s show I’m joined by Notre Dame legend, NFL veteran and wine connoisseur Rick Mirer. Rick and I catch up to see what he’s been up to in the last 6 years since we first chatted. We discuss how he got into the wine business, it’s competitive nature and what makes Mirror Wine stand out from other wineries out in Napa Valley. We touch on the 1993 NFL draft where Rick went 2nd overall and we hear why he didn’t attend the draft. From explaining to Rick the ins and outs of Twitter, to...


Mike Safo with Conrad Thompson

Joined today by co-host of the “Something to Wrestling” with Bruce Prichard, “What Happened When?”, and "83 Weeks" podcasts, the great Conrad “Hey Hey” Thompson. Conrad tells how a 15 year veteran of the mortgage business and diehard wrestling fan came to co-host 2 of the most popular wrestling podcasts out there today. Hey Hey talks about how Brother Love told him some inside stories about the WWE and how Conrad knew they had something special. Conrad takes us through the prep work that...


Mike Safo with Yuliya Safutdinova from misstourist.com

Joined today by travel blogger and local expert, Miss Tourist, Yulia Safutdinova. Listen as she shares her tips on her hometown of Moscow, from getting into town to must see sights of the city. We talk about World Cup and how the locals feel about this momentous sports event taking place in their hometown. Make sure to check her blog on suggestions not just for Russia and the World Cup, but for other travel destinations. Visit her blog and awesome website https://misstourist.com/


Mike Safo with Grant Wahl

Joined today by Sports Illustrated, Fox Sports, Podcaster, Author and Soccer guru, Grant Wahl. Of course I can’t do a soccer podcast without Danny Roberts. He jumps on the mic and we talk to Grant about his phenomenal new book Masters of Modern Soccer: How the World's Best Play the Twenty-First-Century Game. We hear some behind the scenes stories from the book: How Christian Pulisic uses cleats that are too small, how Grant was sworn to secrecy and given Mexico’s set plays and some...


Mike Safo with Dan Severn

Joined today by former UFC champion, UFC Hall of Famer, NWA Champion, WWF alumni, one of the baddest dudes on the planet... “The Beast” Dan Severn. Dan is driving 17 hours so he decided to kill some time and call into my podcast. The Beast and I talk about how winning the Olympic Gold medal would’ve taken him down a different path than being a pro wrestler & fighter. We step away from the ring and talk about how Dan spends his free time on his monstrous Michigan compound (hint: he has quite...


Mike Safo with Sid Rosenberg

Joined today by a staple in New York radio, one half of the 770am WABC morning show, Bernie & Sid, the great Sidney Arthur Rosenberg. Sid and I talk about his eventful first week taking over for the iconic Don Imus and how he got the President of the United States, Donald Trump, to call into his show. He tells us who he thinks the Giants will draft and who will be manning the sidelines for the Knicks next season. We hear the touching story on how influential Lawrence Taylor is to Sid’s...


Mike Safo with Mia Kang and Rohan Marley

Joined today by the iconic Rohan Marley and Muay Thai fighter, Sports Illustrated model and forever inspirational Mia Kang. Rohan opened up his Tribeca loft to us for today’s broadcast. Rohan and I settle our beef over his travels and we hear how Rohan and Mia met. Mia Kang opens up about the ups and downs of modeling and how she battles her demons. She explains what it’s like to be a powerful woman, how she wants to be a voice and role model to all younger women and how she transformed her...


Mike Safo with Scoonie Penn

After 4 years of being Twitter best friends, Ohio State legend and basketball great Scoonie Penn calls into the show. Scoonie and I talk about how we got connected on twitter, who slid into whose dm’s and about his new position at THE Ohio State (Director of Player Development). We taped this show a few days before Selection Sunday so we talked about the Ohio State mentality after losing in the Big 10 tourney here at Madison Square Garden and how the coaching staff prepares for the first two...


Mike Safo with Michael K. Williams and Lee Abbamonte

Omar’s coming… BACK to the Mike Safo podcast… the iconic actor Michael K. Williams, aka “Omar” from The Wire and “Chalky White” from Boardwalk Empire” stopped by Jack Demsey’s to join Lee Abbamonte and myself for some shenanigans. Growing up, he was the furthest thing from a gangster kid and now the hipsters are taking over his beloved Brooklyn. Mike talks about his infamous roles as Chalky, and how he parlayed playing Omar on The Wire into meeting President Obama. What it’s like going...


Mike Safo with Mick Conlan 2

The Champ returns…Future World Champion, Mick Conlan stops by his home bar, Jack Demsey’s to do a rare interview during fight week. We’re joined by ESPN’s Caught Offside host, JJ Devaney, and we talk about the family like atmosphere of the Irish community, why fighting at Madison Square Garden feels like home, and the controversial outcome of the Rio Olympics for Mick. But the main focus is Saturday night’s fight, as Mick is here to take care of business against David Berna. He tells us what...


Mike Safo with Jim Florentine, Jackie Martling & Chad Zumock

Broadcasting from Jack Demseys and joined at this roundtable podcast by two of my favorite authors: the hilarious Jim Florentine and the iconic Jackie “the jokeman” Martling, along with funny man Chad Zumock. We start off talking about the early days of Jackie on the Howard Stern show and hear some stories of the Stern cast visiting different cities during syndication. Jim tells us what the Howard Stern show did for his career and his first few appearances on that show. Jim talks about...


Mike Safo with Dennis "The Menace" Bermudez

Joined today by UFC superstar and Guinness book of world record holder Dennis “The Menace” Bermudez. After I break down my amateur fighting careers Dennis tells us what he had to do to become a member of the elite Guinness book of world records. The Menace talks about his time on the hit show “The Ultimate Fighter” and the time in the house. Luckily I’m joined by MMA/UFC experts and strong island’s own USMC Veteran Eddie Thompson and “The Lou” Danny Roberts. Dennis tells us about his career...


Mike Safo with Dick Vitale

Joined today by the legend and iconic Hall of Fame broadcaster Dick Vitale. Dickie V and I talk about the Yankees beating the Indians and advancing to the ALCS, my overreaction to Joe Girardi’s coaching blunder and Dickie V makes his pick for the World Series. We obviously talk about the 2017-18 Kentucky Wildcats and we hear about a phone call Dick Vitale JUST had with Coach Pitino. Time was limited for part 1 of this podcast but as always Dickie V delivered. Please visit his website...