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Just a regular New York City guy who gets to interview some pretty amazing people... A conversation/hangout podcast with friends, athletes, authors, celebrities, fighters, and the world's most fascinating people "the greatest podcast ever" - My Mom

Just a regular New York City guy who gets to interview some pretty amazing people... A conversation/hangout podcast with friends, athletes, authors, celebrities, fighters, and the world's most fascinating people "the greatest podcast ever" - My Mom


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Just a regular New York City guy who gets to interview some pretty amazing people... A conversation/hangout podcast with friends, athletes, authors, celebrities, fighters, and the world's most fascinating people "the greatest podcast ever" - My Mom








Mike Safo with Kamala (Re-Post from 2012)

Here is podcast I did with WWE/WWF Legend Kamala (James Harris) back in 2012. It was the 5th podcast I ever hosted so please ignore the stuttering, stammering and complete lack of interviewing skills. Kamala joined me and we talk about having his leg amputated and his current health situation. We chat about growing up in Mississippi and what lead him up to Michigan to start wrestling. Kamala tell us about his early gimmicks (Sugar Bear and Ugly Bear) and how Jerry “The King” Lawler...


Mike Safo with Marc Víquez, aka "The Ballpark Hunter"

Joined today by Marc Víquez, aka "The Ballpark Hunter". Marc and I chat about growing up in New Jersey, his favorite jersey shore spots and why he left Rutgers for Indiana state. We chat bout team loyalty and if he’s strayed away from his childhood teams. Marc tells us how he was asked to cover different minor league ballparks in the tri state area and how that turned into a 20-year journey visiting over 270 ballparks, arenas and stadiums. We hear what marc looks for in a stadium, what are...


Mike Safo with Fres "Fast Fres" Oquendo

Joined today by heavyweight boxer, Fres "Fast Fres" Oquendo. Fres talks about growing up in the infamous Lathrop Holmes projects in Chicago. How boxing kept him away from drugs and violence, and what's the current political climate now in the windy city with all the shootings we see on TV. We discuss his illustrious amateur boxing career where he amassed over 100 wins and under 10 defeats, and how a marijuana bust cost him a chance to represent the U.S. in the Olympics. Fres talks about...


Mike Safo with Rohan Marley 3

Joined today by Miami football legend and entrepreneur, Rohan Marley. Calling in from Miami, we chat about him having baby number 10, selling his place in NYC and why he's taking advantage of being on lock down by focusing on his mental well being. He tells us about the glory days of Miami football, playing alongside Ray Lewis, The Rock and others, what Coach Diaz is doing right and the current state of Hurricane football. We touch on the cannabis business, why it's so important and the lack...


Mike Safo with Carson Coleman

Joined today by former Kentucky Pitcher and newest Yankee signee Carson Coleman. Carson and I talk about growing up in Lex, his High School recruiting and his recent graduation from UK. We hear how Carson dealt with the Covid shorted college season, the dramatic cut down of the MLB draft and how he got the call that he was headed to the Bronx Bombers. Carson talks about his 4MOM charity, being inducted into the Frank G. Ham Society of Character Hall, and why giving back means so much to him....


Mike Safo with Teresa Maher (Owner of McSorley's)

Joined today by the owner of the legendary “McSorley’s Old Ale House”, Teresa Maher. Podcasting from inside this NYC institution, Teresa tells us about growing up in New York City with her strict father, her favorite hangouts, and her world before the bar. We hear how, she became the first female bartender at McSorley’s in 1994. We take a stroll down memory lane as Teresa shares the history of McSorley’s, from the opening in 1864 all the way up to her legendary father Matty taking the keys....


Mike Safo with Chef Andrew Gruel

Joined today by Chef and owner of the Slapfish seafood franchise, Andrew Gruel. Andrew dishes about growing up in New Jersey and heading up to Maine to run track for college. This is where he becomes engrossed in the world of seafood, dropping out of school and devoting his life to the restaurant business. Chef Gruel talks about taking his journey west to California, and starting a food truck with only 2 items on the menu. He describes how Slapfish grew into a restaurant and now has up to...


Mike Safo with Deborah Rodriguez

Joined today by best-selling author of “Kabul Beauty School” and many other books, Deborah Rodriguez. We chat about growing up in Holland, Michigan, and how watching the women of Afghanistan after September 11th compelled her to help them. Debbie tell us about her first trip to Kabul in 2002, driving through a war zone, trying to fit in and being surprised everyone was grateful to see a professional hairdresser. She recounts going back to Michigan, petitioning for hair supplies, and heading...


Mike Safo with Dr. Jung H. Pak (CIA)

Joined today by former CIA analyst and author of the fascinating book Becoming “Kim Jong Un: A Former CIA Officer's Insights into North Korea's Enigmatic Young Dictator” Dr. Jung H. Pak. Dr. Pak tell us what led her to join the Central Intelligence Agency, how long she served there and why she just hasn’t had enough of North Korea. The first time author explains the process of writing her first book on such a secretive country, how lonely it could be and how that awesome cover of the book...


Mike Safo with Xander Zayas

Joined today by undefeated boxing phenom, Xander Zayas. Xander speaks about becoming the youngest boxer signed by Top Rank, but still fulfilling the promise he made to his mother of graduating High School. We talk about his viral anti-bullying campaign and how being bullied at such a young age changed his life. We chat about his legendary amateur career and his short, but dominant professional career. He tells us how he’s staying in shape during quarantine, what’s keeping him motivated and...


Mike Safo with Rowan Beard (Young Pioneer Tours)

Joined today all the way from Cambodia, Rowan Beard from Young Pioneer Tours. Rowan tells us about growing up in Brisbane, not being fit for the 9-5 grind and eventually heading to Russia and Vietnam for work/adventure. We hear about when he first heard about Young Pioneer Tours, and how he worked his way form tour guide to a manager, specializing in North Korean tours and visiting the area over 120 times. He tells us what a tour to North Korea is like, what you can expect and the safety...


Mike Safo with Danny Shih

Joined today all the way from Taiwan, podcaster and University of Texas student Danny Shih. Danny and I talk about his upbringing in Taiwan and Beijing and what made him want to travel around the world and attend UT in Austin. We chat about his podcast “Rants with Danny Shih”, how it got started, his dream guests and some Texas sports. Danny tells us how he became a diehard Yankees fan watching Chien-Ming Wang dominate, we touch on the 2020 Yankees roster, signing Gerrit Cole and why he...


Mike Safo with Andy Greene

Joined today by Rolling Stone senior writer and author of “The Office: The Untold Story of the Greatest Sitcom of the 2000s”, Andy Greene. We talk about Andy living in Brooklyn, how he landed his dream job at Rolling Stone and what food he’s missing most from the land. Andy and I then chat about his Rolling Stone cover story on Howard Stern, how it was interviewing the King of All Media and his thoughts on the new Howard Stern. We discuss how he came up with the idea to write a book on the...


Mike Safo with Captain Charlie Plumb (POW - Vietnam War)

Joined today by author, motivational speaker and former POW, Captain Charlie Plumb. Charlie tells us about his book “I’m No Hero”, why he wrote the book and how it became therapeutic for him. We hear why he chose to attend the NAVY, what made him decide to “get his wings” and some of his favorite fighter planes. Captain Plumb tells us when he first heard about the Vietnam War and how a prank from flight school not only gave him notoriety, but helped get him deployed to the War. We hear about...


Mike Safo with Gunnar Garfors

Joined today by world traveler, author and Guinness Book of World record holder, Gunnar Garfos. Gunnar and I talk about his book "198* How I Ran Out of Countries", how he remembered all his stories and when the sequel is coming out. We chat about a random bet with his friend to visit every country in the world and the unique way the bet was paid out over a popular radio show in Norway. We hear about life outside of traveling, working for Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation and playing amateur...


Mike Safo with Howard Johnson

Joined today by 2 time World Series Champion, former 2 time All-star and 14 year MLB Veteran, Howard Johnson. Howard and I talk about his favorite shows to binge watch, as he prepares to watch The Tiger King. We hear about where he was when he got drafted by the Yankees, why he didn't sign with the Bronx Bombers, and his first camp with the Detroit Tigers. Hojo tells us about getting the call to "The Show" and walking into the locker room among future Hall of Famers. He talks about getting...


Mike Safo with Michael Franzese

Joined today by former Caporegime of the NY Colombo crime family and current author and motivational speaker Michael Franzese. Michael and I talk about his strong faith, what led him to Jesus and what his message is when preaching. Mike and I talk about growing up Yankee fans and his love for Mickey Mantle. The “Yuppie Don” explains how he was at Hofstra when his legendary father went to jail and how he turned to Jospeh Colombo and joined “The Life”. We hear about his multi million dollar...


Lee Abbamonte 5

Joined today by world traveler, entrepreneur and travel expert, Lee Abbamonte. Lee and I talk about the COVID-19 pandemic that’s taking over the world. How it affected his European trip and why a lot of American citizens aren’t helping the cause. He tells us about the list he created of the Mount Rushmore of athletes for all different cities, and discuss why he picked the way he did. We touch on the current state of sports, or lack thereof, will there be fans and a possible start date. As a...


Mike Safo with Maci Morris

Joined today by former Kentucky basketball star and guard for the Empoli Basket Lions in Italy, Maci Morris. Maci talks about playing basketball and living in Italy when the coronavirus stuck, her difficulties of getting home, and being self-quarantined in Kentucky as we record this podcast. We talk about Maci being one of the best High School players in the country, her recruitment journey and what led her to the University of Kentucky. She shares why she chose to Italy to continue her...


Mike Safo with Bob Tewksbury

Joined today by former MLB all-star and 14-year veteran, Bob Tewksbury. Bob and I talk about me waking him up at 5am on accident on the day of the interview. We hear about him being drafted by my NYY and refusing to live in the big apple. We then talk about his book "Ninety Percent Mental: An All-Star Player Turned Mental Skills Coach Reveals the Hidden Game of Baseball" and how relevant it is in today’s game. Bob tells me what he’s doing now with the Cubs, how he approaches the superstars...