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Mile after Mile is a weekly interview podcast. Each week Amy interviews an everyday "age-group" athlete who is and has accomplished something inspiring in the world of endurance sports. The interviews are between 30-45 minutes for easy listening during your next training run or ride or any other time.

Mile after Mile is a weekly interview podcast. Each week Amy interviews an everyday "age-group" athlete who is and has accomplished something inspiring in the world of endurance sports. The interviews are between 30-45 minutes for easy listening during your next training run or ride or any other time.
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Mile after Mile is a weekly interview podcast. Each week Amy interviews an everyday "age-group" athlete who is and has accomplished something inspiring in the world of endurance sports. The interviews are between 30-45 minutes for easy listening during your next training run or ride or any other time.




045: Luis Alvarez 137 Ironman Triathlon Finishes and Counting

Luis Alvarez is a very accomplished Ironman athlete. His story starts like so many with the realization that he was a little overweight and the desire to get back into shape. But where it went from there I don't think even he expected this. He has raced every single Ironman Triathlon course that has ever been. That is 137 Ironman Triathlons. This includes 15 trips to Ironman Kona in Hawaii and in fact when he started to race Ironman triathlon he was able to secure Kona as his first...


044: Susan Haag first woman to cross 100 Iron Distance finish lines

I met Susan in 2012 in Cozumel Mexico. I was there to cheer for my friends and she was there to race. Susan is one of the very first people I approached to be on the Mile after Mile Podcast but to be honest she was too busy racing that she postponed for 43 weeks (but who's counting). In fact, to finally get this interview I had to meet her in person. She came in to race Miami Man our local 70.3 distance event and she also took the time to speak to my triathlon club and grant me this...


043: Max Baro races Ironman Maryland 2016

Max and Amy (the host) are real life friends. We both live in Miami and train with the same overall group of friends. Today we chat about his experience at the 2016 Ironman Maryland which is his first Ironman. Before we talk about the race we talk about how he got into triathlons at all. Max was a runner first and part of a local running group called No pressure. He was drawn into triathlon over breakfast with friends from a Miami triathlon group called Team Hammerheads. When he...


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042: Brian Cronin runs all the Abbott Marathon Majors in one Year

The Abbot Marathon Majors are Tokyo, Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago and the NYC Marathon. Brian Cronin started running a few years ago to get into shape. He signed up for his first marathon in his mother's memory who died from Cancer. This year he set the goal to run all six of the Abbott Marathon Majors in 2016 and also to raise $50,000 as he did that. We talk about how he got into each of these very competitive races. Which race is his favorite and what his favorite race of the series...


041: Pat Gallant-Charrette

This is a very quick show notes because I have hurricane Matthew breathing down my neck and I'll probably lose power between now and Monday. Pat and I discuss her recent completion of the North Channel swim between Ireland and Scotland. She swam for over 14 hours and it took her two attempts to complete this crossing. We chat about all of the details of her swim. Pat has completed 5 of the 7 swims that make up the Oceans 7. And she's set a few World Records along the way and written a...


Luke Tyburski and the Ultimate Triathlon

If you listen to podcasts on Ironman and endurance events you may have heard of the Ultimate Triathlon. Luke has given a lot of interviews on his journey including a terrific pair of interviews that you can find at . That being said this is the kind of story that I absolutely love because it is something that if you didn't know he'd already done it you would say that what he did was impossible. But he did it. Luke Tyburski put together the idea of the Ultimate...


039: Chris Charres journey to the Ironman Lake Placid finish

I met Chris Charres at a training camp for Ironman Lake Placid for 2015 and we have stayed in touch over the years. I wanted to share his story to the finish line of Ironman Lake Placid because it's a good one that I think many people can identify with in their own journeys. Chris' Ironman journey actually started in 2010 when he and his then girlfriend broke up with him. He started with a 5k and stepped up from there to a marathon. Chris is active with a triathlon group called the...


038: Warren and Erica Pole endurance athletes and founders of 33Shake

This is the second Mile after Mile Podcast where I interview two separate folks but the first time I interview two people each about a separate event. In this podcast I interview Warren Pole about his journey to the UTMB finish line. The UTMB is an ultra trail race in Europe that is truly epic. Warren signed up for the 100 miler on a whim and it didn't go well at all. So he went back to the drawing board and tried again. It took him 2 tries and a few years to make this happen. I then...


037: Erin Trail racing and volunteering for Ironman Boulder

Erin Trail is a part of the Coeur Sports Ambassador Team., She's also a part of, and president of the Altitude Multisport team She also races Xterra races. She has done 3 Ironman races Inagural Ironman Texas, Ironman Coeur d'Alene and Inaugural Ironman Boulder. In this interview we talk about her road to Ironman and her race at Ironman Boulder in 2014. We talk about the value of being a part of a local...


036: Erin Byrge on her way to Ironman World Championships

Erin is a triathlete and a teacher and in this episode of the Mile after Mile Podcast we talk about how she is on her way to the World Championships in Kona. Erin was selected by Women for Tri as their Inspiring Woman selection. She certainly inspires me and I hope you feel the same way. We talk both about fundraising and training. I look forward to seeing how she does in Kona because she's on her way! You can find information about her journey at If this...


035: Alyson Venti runs (and wins) the Keys 100 Ultramarathon

Alyson Venti is a runner. In fact, she's more than a runner she's an ultrarunner. In this episode of the Mile after Mile podcast you'll hear the story of how she trained for and ran the Keys 100 ultramarathon. You can find the Keys 100 information at . When she isn't running she works on Coral Reef Restoration. She now lives in Bermuda half-way up a very steep hill and you'll hear a few trucks going up the hill on the recording. Alyson and I actually both lived in Miami at...


034: Amy Stone shares 5 lessons from her 5th Ironman Triathlon

Full honesty - it wasn't my plan to have an episode that was all me. But with all my planning to prepare for vacation I did not leave enough time to find, schedule, record and produce an interview between when I got home and the first day of the week. So instead you get me. With a side of more me. I put together 5 lessons that I learned from my 5th Ironman triathlon and I share them with you. I hope that you enjoy them. If you are curious about more details about Ironman Boulder I wrote...


033: Dan Kimball races (and wins) UltraTri Sweden

Dan Kimball has a passion for endurance events. We chat on this podcast about how he just finished an amazing event called UltraTri Sweden. We talk about how Dan got his start in endurance sports and what the road he travelled all the way to UltraTri which I should mention he won. He found OtillO through a book that listed the top endurance races in the world, which lead him to Rockman and back to OtillO which he raced with Marcus Barton who told their OtillO story earlier...


032: Steve Ashton races Ironman UK Bolton

Before he could become an Ironman Steve Ashton needed to lose some weight and stop smoking. He shares his story with me. At the beginning it isn't a story about training for Ironman merely a need to live a healthier life. Steve underwent Gastric Sleeve surgery and lost 154 pounds (or in his words 11 stone). But then 5 years ago his dream to be an Ironman was born when he watched his son complete the race. Bolton is known as a tough course with a hard and technical bike course plus the...


031: Beth French swims the English Channel

Beth French and I chat about her swim across the English Channel in July 2012. Growing up in England she says she's known about swimmers crossing the English Channel. Swimming across large bodies of water isn't a foregone conclusion for Beth - as a child she had glandular fever. In the states we call this Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Beth calls the English Channel the Everest of Open Water Swims. We talk a lot about the logistics of how you even schedule an English Channel Swim. We talk...


030: Billy Hafferty races the S.0.S. Triathlon

SOS stands for Survival of the Shawangunks which Billy tells me are called "the gunks." The S.O.S. Triathlon is a special race in upstate New York with a small but extremely loyal following. After hearing Billy describe the race I think for good reason. Billy blogs at Race Reports from an Unconventional Endurance Athlete. Like so many of us Billy started his road to endurance sports with the goal to lose a few pounds. Before the interview started Billy and I tried to look up how to...


029: Jessica Deree races and wins Ultraman Florida

Ultraman Florida is a 3 day Ultra triathlon comprised of a 6.2 mile swim, a 263 mile bike and a 54.2 mile run and this year the female winner of the race was Jessica Deree. This is an amazing race and she is a fantastic age-group athlete and I just had to hear this story. We talk about how she discovered Ultraman. Before she attempted Ultraman she did 5 Ironman races including Ironman Florida in 2012, Texas and Arizona 2013 Chattanooga and Arizona in 2014 and then Ironman Arizona in...


028: Lori King swims around the Island of Bermuda

Lori King says she can't remember a time when she wasn't swimming but most recently she did something that is really incredible - she swam around the entire island of Bermuda. Lori was a collegiate swimmer but she didn't tackle long distance open water swims until well after college. Lori has done several other marathon swims mentioned in the interview. Swim around Key West 8 Bridges Catalina Challenge Swim Swim around...


027: Marcus Barton races OtillO SwimRun 2015

Episode 27 of the Mile after Mile Podcast is sponsored by my good friends at TriVillage. Be sure to check them out for all your swim, bike and run needs (and wants) be sure to tell them that the Mile after Mile Podcast sent you. Marcus fell in love with multisport through Xterra offroad events but last year he tackled OtillO a SwimRun event in Sweden. OtillO is a point to point race that transverses 26 islands in Sweden. They call this SwimRun. We talk about how this works. Marcus also was...