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Tom Barbalet hosts the first live internet radio show devoted to the model rail hobby

Tom Barbalet hosts the first live internet radio show devoted to the model rail hobby
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Tom Barbalet hosts the first live internet radio show devoted to the model rail hobby




Model Rail Radio #163: Rough Seas [September 28, 2019]

Terry Terrence is giving a clinic and then showing his layout for one last time. Darren Johns (aka Dazzy Jay) introduces how he got interested in the hobby. Tom and Dazzy talk Train Controller. Eric Hansmann introduces his interests in model railroading Wheeling, West Virginia. Clark Kooning was that someone who knew about N scale ten years ago, now he's our friend who lives very far away. Mike Deverell has been working on the sugar mill on his layout but mainly working away. Martyn Jenkins...


Model Rail Radio #162: Uncovering a Gem [September 14, 2019]

Tom provides a travel update and discusses Bredgar and Wormshill Light Railway with Neale Brodie and Martin Coombs. Jamie Fenton recommends the Ruby. Mike Slater gives a live update from a train show.


Model Rail Radio #161: Bring on the Narrow Gauge Convention [July 27, 2019]

Mike O'Dorney is planning to show a layout for the Narrow Gauge Convention. Neil Erickson can't wait for the Narrow Gauge Conversation. Brenton Spackman and Don Moyses are luxury camping and rail-fanning. Ros Flint is looking forward to photographing the trains. Jim Gifford isn't camping but has some updates. John Garaty gives a Prof update and then Tom has some questions about Corrimal turning into a train layout. Clark Kooning is concerned about the smaller manufacturers retiring from the...


Model Rail Radio #160: Live From Port Augusta [July 6, 2019]

Jim Gifford's friend (David aka) Jock from Port Augusta who provides a history Australian industrial locomotives and Brenton Spackman returns to discuss rewiring decoders. Jim Gifford has been fighting gremlins. Mike Slater knows a little bit about Australian locomotives. Bob Thomas (winner of this year's layout design contest) introduces his model railroading interests in 1920 on the Frisco. Will O'Malley continues on restoring his historical layout. Ron Klaiss talks about some of his new...


Model Rail Radio #159: Never Fight a Two Front War [June 15, 2019]

Martin Coombs discusses what First Sunday in June means and an unusual connection to Woodstock. Nigel Gartshore is in Canada. Dave Barraza has been pushing the speed of operations for interesting results. Clark Kooning talks about his club's long journey to recovery after the roof caved in.


Model Rail Radio #158: Mentorship [May 25, 2019]

Jamie Fenton has been working through two model railroading projects in different scales. Tom wants to know how Jamie's layout travelled. Jim Berg has moved locations and provides a number of updates. Tom asks Mike Slater about layouts in his area we may never have heard of (yet). Mike O'Dorney wants to talk about the spirit of Trainfest in the context of a maker-faire. Jim Walsh returns in good health to talk about a model railroading photography clinic he is working on. Nigel Gartshore...


Model Rail Radio #157: Small and Super Detailed [May 4, 2019]

Terry Terrence has been peer-pressured into showing his layout and he needs to clean it up accordingly. Jim Gifford has a few updates on his crew and a local train show coming up. Mike Slater provides some updates for his region.


Model Rail Radio #156: Beano Magazine Inspiration [April 20, 2019]

Tom has a chance to chat with Neale Brodie about how he makes radio controlled lorries for his crew's layouts. Martin Coombs has been in quite a few magazines and provides some insight into his crew's process. Mike Deverell has been rewiring his layout for JMRI sensor additions. Tom chats with Mike Slater about an unusually serious topic and then wonders if Mike Slater is running for the President of the NMRA? They discuss cars named after places amongst other topics. Neil Erickson talks...


Model Rail Radio #155: A Hobby Dating Service [March 30, 2019]

Mike O'Dorney is physically in a hole but not metaphorically with the model railroading hobby. Dan Pickard is approaching the Australian Narrow Gauge Convention this year with a number of updates. Murray Scholz has doubled his layouts and provides a much needed update.


Model Rail Radio #154: Next Generation [March 16, 2019]

Stuart Baker provides updates to what is coming out with Open LCB/LCC at the NMRA National this year at Salt Lake City. Terry Terrence isn't advocating hacking a 3d printer but he has been exploring some interesting layouts local to him. Tom welcomes on Todd and Brett Wiley from the Bench Time podcast: they introduce their background and what they love about the structure kit part of the hobby. John Garaty is on the call and provides a Corrimal ongoing work update. Ashton Herring introduces...


Model Rail Radio #153: The Nozzle [March 2, 2019]

Ken Marshall discusses Lionel's various size offerings. Martin Coombs has been dealing with some four legged vandalism and talks with Tom about his trip to see their layouts. David Karkoski has been mislead in the hobby up until recently. Craig Bisgeier has upped his 3d printing game.


Model Rail Radio #152: Remembering John Armstrong [February 26, 2019]

Tom welcomes on David Vaughn who introduces his time with John Armstrong and how he managed to integrate elements of John Armstrong's layout into his own layout. Jim Berg continues the discussion started by Terry Terrence last recording on the Baltimore Society of Model Engineers. Ron Klaiss calls in to announce the winner and runners up to the Mine Mount Models Track Plan Contest (2019). Ken Marshall provides an update on his new layout (Ken will also feature in the next recording...


Model Rail Radio #151. Hawaii On30 [January 19, 2019]

Clark Kooning has been working on electronics through the winter and provides an update to his club. Neil Erickson introduces his garden layout in Hawaii and his On30 layout in planning. Seth Gartner has been upping his presentation not en masse but in presentation form too. Mike Slater talks decals: vintage and new. Terry Terrance talks about unifications of 3d printing software and introduces Tom to a new railroading term. Dave Ramos has been making changes on his layout. Don Rupp...


Model Rail Radio #150: Raw Audio Part 3 [January 5, 2019]

Raw audio from Show 150 part 3.


Model Rail Radio #150: Raw Audio Part 2 [January 5, 2019]

Raw audio from Show 150 part 2.


Model Rail Radio #150: Raw Audio Part 1 [January 5, 2019]

Raw audio from Show 150 part 1.


Model Rail Radio #149: Luxury Mole Spaces of the East Coast [December 22, 2018]

Ralph DeBlasi has been preparing his layout for a photograph rich article in RMC. Terry Terrance is back in the hobby after recovering from the O Scale National, Tom and Terry do a debrief about the O Scale National and then talk about 3d printing. Dana Driskel has personal experience with the 3d printing phenomenon, provides an update on his model railroading and discusses the beauty of Rainbow Canyon, Nevada. Roger Chrysler provides an update to his new layout space. John Garaty is...


Model Rail Radio #148: Neale's Agent [December 15, 2018]

Tom starts with the layout design contest. Jim Gore discusses his new space. Mike Kenefeck reintroduces his love the Canadian prototype. Barry Silverthorn is making some changes so he can do more modeling. Martin Coombs and his crew have won an award for a show layout. Neale Brodie fills in some gaps and answers questions from Mike Kenefeck with input from Martin Coombs too.


Model Rail Radio #147: A Mixed Bag of People [December 1, 2018]

Tom starts the podcast talking about the contest. Chris Adams won't be thinking small but he has been to a show today which provides a number of interesting topics. Mike Slater has been modeling troop trains which covers a number of interesting questions. Dave Falkenburg talks about his N scale weathering project and the Silicon Valley Lines. Jim Gifford provides an end of year update. Donn Thomson introduces his model railroading interests featuring an iconic Sierras vista. Jim Walsh has...


Model Rail Radio #146: Canada's Most Wanted Video Clinician [November 10, 2018]

Stephen Vaughan Sr has been moving some equipment and is planning a basement layout. Ralph Renzetti has been video streaming to an Australian NMRA convention, Tom has a question about pastel weathering on points of contact and they nerd out about painting tanks. Dennis Drury has just shown his layout to a number of guests. Kaylee Zheng and Tom cover a number of different topics in the hobby. Jamie Fenton and Jennifer Stanberry have moved recently and a new location provides new...