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Tom Barbalet hosts the first live internet radio show devoted to the model rail hobby

Tom Barbalet hosts the first live internet radio show devoted to the model rail hobby
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Tom Barbalet hosts the first live internet radio show devoted to the model rail hobby




Model Rail Radio #146: Canada's Most Wanted Video Clinician [November 10, 2018]

Stephen Vaughan Sr has been moving some equipment and is planning a basement layout. Ralph Renzetti has been video streaming to an Australian NMRA convention, Tom has a question about pastel weathering on points of contact and they nerd out about painting tanks. Dennis Drury has just shown his layout to a number of guests. Kaylee Zheng and Tom cover a number of different topics in the hobby. Jamie Fenton and Jennifer Stanberry have moved recently and a new location provides new...


Model Rail Radio #145: Clearly A Stale Beer Element [October 27, 2018]

Tom starts the show with an introduction. Clark Kooning also provides an introduction and talks a little bit about what has been going on with his layout. Clark recommends Paul McWhorter's Arduino YouTube videos. Mike Slater introduces his extensive model railroading interests. Ron Klaiss introduces his model railroading interests and Tom announces a track plan contest with a couple of Mine Mount Models Craftsman Model Kits as prizes. Jim Gifford provides his model railroading interests....


Model Rail Radio #144: The Prototypical Bredgar Bounce [October 13, 2018]

Mike Slater and Tom start discussing the Great Model Railway Challenge (frequently misnamed through the recording). Simon Hill talks about building his home layout. Craig Lennox calls in from North Glasgow to introduce his interests in the hobby. Martin Coombs provides a detailed list of updates. Neale Brodie doesn't have much to add from Martin's update but Tom is curious about the signals he is building. Marty McGuirk and Tom chat about a particular layout where they caught up, what...


Model Rail Radio #143: Shrinkage [September 29, 2018]

Dennis Drury has completed his lower level staging yard in preparation for the Reno Area Open House Weekend. Clark Kooning reflects on the new NMRA and talks a little bit about his local model railroad developments. Mike Slater has become a board member on his division of the NMRA and sets Tom straight on what the position means. Tom asks Mike about traveling with a trolley layout. Mike and Tom discuss ShapeWays versus home 3d printing. Jim Walsh has been working on a viaduct work crew, a...


Podcasting: the Future of the NMRA [September 14, 2018]

Tom talks at the NMRA North East Regional Convention in Mahwah, NJ, about his experiences recording Model Rail Radio and why he believes podcasting is the future of the organization.


Model Rail Radio Update [September 3, 2018]

Tom describes what has been happening and the return of the podcast before the end of September.


Model Rail Radio #142: One Sunday in May [May 27, 2018]

Stuart Baker has been planning LCC clinics for the National. Mike Deverell built a laser cutter and is already reaping the rewards. Kaylee Zheng introduces her model rail interests including currently building a chicken car and the industry that is trash. Mike Slater is continuing with his traction creations. Ben Rechel is moving to a larger space and also has started dabbling in garden scale. Stephen Vaughan Sr will be crossing tracks with Tom on two occasions. Lawrence Eggering has been...


Model Rail Radio #141: Taking on the United States of Model Railroading [March 31, 2018]

Mike O'Dorney has joined a module club and is planning a set of three modules. Marty McGuirk has two years worth of updates condensed into a move, possible new layout choices but he's returned to a familiar theme. The Professor is on a live maintenance session with the Corrimal layout and introduces Guy Gadson. John Garaty fills in the gaps. Ken Anderson introduces his model railroading interests including a narrow gauge the East Tennessee and Western North Carolina Railroad (an...


Model Rail Radio Special: South Australian Take Over 2 [March 19, 2018]

In a another fantastic day organized by Jim Gifford, Tom talks to Don who he first met seven years ago at the Orient Express in Unley, South Australia. They then stop in on Wayne's layout. The show rounds up with an extended set of introductions following a bonza BBQ. Rounding off the evening with the spotlight put on Jim Gifford.


Model Rail Radio #140: Viva La Springfield [February 10, 2018]

Neale Brodie touches on the Yard and has been experimenting with 3d printers. Martin Coombs introduces the Yard and talks about the technical distinctions with their other layout-in-progress First Sunday in June. Simon Hill has been using a lot of wire with some class. Andy Dixon calls back in after a long time away and there have been some changes in his model railroading hobby. Tom Conboy provides an update on living in a basement-less house and many changes in his life. Jim Lincoln was...


Model Rail Radio #139: The Role of the Mole [January 13, 2018]

Mike Slater has been getting into traction in a big way and it is all thanks to Andy Breaker who also calls in to provide some traction advice. Mark Zagrodney is building a UK-style Canadian layout in O scale thanks to the usual gang of Canadian suspects. Jim Walsh is preparing for the NMRA North Eastern regional convention featuring an less than qualified presenter and a bunch of masters. Mike King returns to the show to provide an update on his operating sessions and also ask the...


Model Rail Radio #138: Scenery and Digitization [December 2, 2017]

John Garaty provides an update associated with the Liverpool (NSW) train show. Jamie Fenton has been installing Digitrax LNWI and Malcolm Johnson calls in to provide an update too. John Garaty provides some ideas for Malcolm's layout. Tom talks a little bit about his road trip and the lack of modeling possibilities for mobile homes.


Model Rail Radio #137: Arduino Kool Aid [October 7, 2017]

Bruce Kelly provides a long overdue update touching on the NMRA and the impact of the homeless on his local club. Jim Gifford has been preparing for an NMRA Australasian weekend. Dennis Drury introduces his Southern Pacific Klamath Falls Subdivision layout (Mark III). Jeff Shockley has been adding some Ohio scenery to Delmarva.


Model Rail Radio #136: Wired for Sound [September 9, 2017]

Terry Terrance has some sage words on sound. Lawrence Eggering has moved the hobby to a job. Clark Kooning has decided to make some changes to recharge and has fallen for OpenLCB. Josh Cohen introduces his operating interests in the hobby and also his use of YouTube to present the hobby. Joe Drury has found time for the hobby after some time off. Jamie Fenton provides an update on Jennifer's handiwork and perhaps an upcoming move. Alex Welch introduces his model railroading interests....


Model Rail Radio #135: Where's Andy? [August 5, 2017]

Stephen Vaughan Sr. introduces his model railroading interests and talks about his first experiences with railroads. Ralph DeBlasi is putting something together for October-November with his layout. Bob Richard profited from Brexit in live steam and thankfully Simon Hill and Martin Coombs provide some details on Irish steam. Martin talks about adding live steam to his garden and a few other updates. Simon gives a show layout update and a shed layout update. Mike Deverell has been touring...


Model Rail Radio #134: Architectural Plans [July 15, 2017]

Terry Terrence will be co-chairing the 50th O Scale National Convention, August 22-26, 2018. Jim Gore will be giving a clinic on paper and card-stock modeling. Jim is preparing for the Orlando NMRA National Convention and wants to see more local NMRA podcasts. The Prof has been moving around, gives a non-glowing review of a 3d scanner, provides some graphic discussion of how Brooklyn was destroyed and offers many other topics. Brad Donovan has recently migrated to the US and brought the...


Model Rail Radio #133: Bequeathed the Chocolate [June 17, 2017]

Rob 'Bambi' Grootarz has been meeting the local luminaries. Jim Lincoln is back in the hobby. Ron Klaiss has been diverted into a switching layout. Brad Howard has been six months in the hobby and has utilized YouTube to build his layout (apologies to Stephen and Seth Arnold too.) Jim Gifford reflects on the year since his and Ros' epic tour. Martyn Jenkins has been posting videos to YouTube that demand some discussion. John Garaty had an interesting time at the Australian Narrow Gauge...


Model Rail Radio #132: Toggle Switch to Keep the Generations Happy [May 13, 2017]

Tom's a little under the weather but MRR can't be stopped with a little assistance from Mike Slater. Dana Driskel introduces his 1920s layout. Martin Coombs provides an update on Ken's annual open house, a year ago visited by Tom himself, and a number of other updates. Malcolm Johnson is seeing Tom's advice on a situation with his layout and Tom is pleased to offer advice. Morgan Pavia has been going through starts and stops but still has a fascinating update. Dave Barraza describes a much...


Model Rail Radio #131: Seven Milli-Dixons [April 8, 2017]

The need is great for Joe D'Amato to provide an update on his Los Angeles themed layout. Jonathan Jones is a regular on the Facebook group but a first time caller, he introduces his prototype layout. Brian Dougherty provides a brief introduction to his model railroading interests. Tom welcomes back on the American Chris Adams who has some splendid updates on his layout including a visit from Dave Ramos. As Dave is on the line he provides an update on his iconic layout. Clark Kooning has...


Model Rail Radio #130: HO Mullet Modeling [March 11, 2017]

Mike Slater will be going to the O scale meet in Chicago. Richard Murphy provides a SVL update and has been working on his home layout through the floods. Matt Goodman is working to a deadline and has been to Toronto. Jim Gifford provides a layout update and a crew update. Jamie Fenton is about to be part of a movie on a community of model railroaders and has a slower layout update. Gregory Baker is selling some modules and realigning his model railroading hobby. Martyn Jenkins introduces...