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Two women who though the motorcycle podcast world lacked a certain opinion, ours. Join us every couple of weeks, or when our real lives allow us to talk about motorcycles

Two women who though the motorcycle podcast world lacked a certain opinion, ours. Join us every couple of weeks, or when our real lives allow us to talk about motorcycles
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Two women who though the motorcycle podcast world lacked a certain opinion, ours. Join us every couple of weeks, or when our real lives allow us to talk about motorcycles




Episode 106: New Rider Series, Part 2

FYI - It didn't hurt a bit...Thanks Rev'It! In our second installment of the New Rider Series (continuing where we left off on our chat from Episode 105), we discuss the basics about gear (more in-depth in a later episode), motorcycle insurance, and riding tips/techniques. In case you question whether gear is right for you, this is a story about my personal experience with it and the accompanying podcast. Our friend Brittany Morrow founded a company called Rock the Gear in order to...


Episode 105: New Rider Series, Part 1

Cristi's First Ride Joanne's First Ride So you want to learn to ride? No matter how you came to this decision, WELCOME! The more motorcyclists we have, the better off we as a motorcycling collective will be. And in order to build a community of lifelong enthusiasts, we want you to learn in the best way possible and know exactly what you’re getting into so that you can make informed, educated decisions about whether motorcycling is right for you. To help get you started, we are recording...


Episode 104 - Small Bikes, Recalls, a (TrackDay) Killer Lawsuit, and Upcoming Events

The trackday killing lawsuit if the judge rules in its favor - Revzilla Small Bikes, Big Shootout - A brief discussion Benelli's Grom-let - A&R Zero's Flameworthy 2012 Recall - A&R


Episode 103: Beginner Bikes, Electric News, Women's Events

(Above) Spoiler Alert: Yeah, it's Petra. Ladies' To Do List of Events The Electric Takeover - News and...

Episode 102: LiveWire by Harley, Bike Sales, Women's Moto Events, Getting New Riders into Motorcycles

Poor Harley and the US Motorcycle Industry Moto Events ~Ladies Only~ Moto E World Cup Upcoming Gear...

Episode 101: Fighting Winter Moto Blues on a Multistrada, Celebrities and Motos, Beautiful Bikers and More

A lovely shot of the 2009 Ducati Multistrada 620 Joanne Borrowed in California What is the Give A Shift Roundtable? Primer on Buying Used Bikes/Scooters Keanu Reeves is a Gentleman RIDE with Norman Reedus on AMC Beautiful Bikers Conference - pics of Joanne's California Rides around SF, Oakland and Lake Berryessa Ducati Multistrada 620 Honda CB1 Ride 2 for Playstation 4 : So realistic Black Mirror on Netflix


Episode 100: Reminiscing on Our History and Women in Motorcycling Who Inspire Us

First off, thank you for listening over the years as it's taken us much longer than expected to reach our 100th episode. Neither Joanne nor myself thought we would be doing this for 4+ years, but here we are and much of that is due to you, the listener, as the posts, emails, stories, and questions fuel us to hang up our helmet for a few extra hours and chat about something we both share a passion for - motorcycles. As always, if you have any special requests, questions, comments, or...


Episode 99.5: A few of our #motoporn picks from EICMA

We couldn't very well give you a half-assed 100, so we've squeezed in an incremental episode to lessen the blow 'til we find something to do for our big birthday. Enjoy our discussion of the EICMA releases and for more bike coverage beyond our discussion, visit our ol' buddy Jensen at Asphalt & Rubber. CB1000Rbig sisterMonkeyHonda Africa TwinWHOAScrambler 1100Desert Sled KTM 790 Adventure2019Kawi Z900


Episode 99: Cristi's Euro Vacation, Recalls, Sunburns, Road Trips, and Boots

Show Notes: BMW recalls - Check out our friends over at Asphalt & Rubber who have been diligently tracking up to 7 recalls from the brand. To follow along on my Euro road trip, check out my Instagram account at @moterrificmedia AIMExpo - No word on the final numbers, but Vegas baby! To follow along on Joanne's tour of West Virginia, check out her Instagram account at @gearchic Worse for Wear - If you missed our last episode or Joanne's Meet and Greet in Philly, go baaaaaaack to Episode...


Episode 98: Guest Interview with Laura Smith, Worse For Wear Riding Jeans

Check out the spectacular workmanship on Laura's jeans! (all handmade in Richmond, VA) Listen as I ask Laura all the hard hitting questions about her jeans and find out why you should save your lunch money to buy these "jeans" which are really a technical riding pant in disguise. We also cover important features of riding jeans such as how to read the tags, how to tell if your jeans were made for crashing in and how important seam construction is to protecting you in an...


Episode 97: Trip Planning, HD Model Upgrades, Back Protectors, 6D Helmets

Where in the world will Cristi travel to this year? Hint #TeamOrange #LotsOfGreenAndBlue AIMExpo - You going? Check out who is - Exhibitor Floor Plan Harley makes some model changes - LA Times MotoAmerica opens up the Junior Cup to all brands - MotoAmerica REI steps up their visibility of women in consumer marketing - Forbes Cycling Industry acknowledges women account for nearly half of its consumer base - Momentum Cristi's New Lid, Review to Follow in Next Podcast - 6D Helmets A...


Episode 96: Q: Where Have We Been? A: Everywhere!

Show Notes Joanne and "Tech Support" Have a Track Day - California Superbike School Motoguild - Your One Stop Shop for DIY Mechanics in San Fran, San Jose, Chi Town, and Philly Women's Sportbike Rally Recap and Next Up - East The Bell Race Star Helmet - Revzilla Who's going to Budd's Creek? See you there! - ProMotocross RacerX Gallery for a few of Cristi's Images - Washougal and Red Bud Listener QnA About Moving to East and Working for Revzilla


Episode 95: Lanesplitting Tips, NUVIZ, Rever, and Upcoming Trips

Show Notes: Joanne Heads to California Superbike School - National Schedule 69-Mile Ride for Nicky / SoCal bicyclists invited to join - Interested? Women's Sportbike Rally - Come Visit! GearChic's Ladies Gear Survey- Want in? Click through the banner below. RedBud National Round 6 of the 2017 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship - Say Hi! Tips on Lanesplitting and a Pretty Angry Buick on LA Freeways Awkward City Names in the USA - Synopsis Nuviz - What is it? Would you use it? Nuviz...


Episode 94: Women, Motorcycles, and Marketing...

We're back. Don't be mad. Cristi is out being crafty, pacifying her T100 with occasional rides, and trying to remember what "home improvement" means... It's a hot button issue. There is finger-pointing in the industry. And there are too many cogs in the machine to make it black-and-white. So now what? Constructive dialogue is always good. Panel Says Dealers are Failing to Engage Women - Article Our friend Moira chimes in about women and motorcycling - Read Here Women ADV Riders Take on...


Episode 93: The Rebel is Back and Cristi Gets Schooled

Episode 93 is here! Cristi is still feeling a little under the weather, so that's why she doesn't sound like herself :-) Get SchooledSpecs1290 Super Duke GTJoin!Expedition Dry Saddle BagsAustin, TexasAustin, TexasQualifiersVideo

Episode 92: The Kitchen Sink, Cuba in a Nutshell, and the Women's Sportbike Rally

Show Notes: Recalls - Zero has some ABS issues to reconcile - A&R Women's Sportbike Rally - Sportbike Not Required but a good attitude is a MUST Lyndon Poskitt - Dakar Racer and Dog Rescuer Joint Vacation Idea for Gearchic and I - China Cuba - Lots of words and images on my Instagram

Episode 91: Mansplaining and Condescension in Motorcycling, Gear, Industry News, and Recalls

Industry News New Orleans food porn - Moterrific Media Victory as well as EBR have closed up shop. Will Erik Buell reinvent himself a third time? Oregon tries for a second time in recent years to push through a bill on lanesplitting. Behnaz Shafiei - Iran's First Competitive Motorcycling Event (Motocross) for Women Lois on the Loose - Lois' Book on Riding through Iran Recalls Honda Goldwing Airbag Recall (Yep - Goldwings have had airbag technology since at least 2006!) KTM 690 Duke...


Episode 90: 2017 Motorcycle Events, Touring in Italy, Shorties Unite!

September 2015; At the 10th Annual Women's Sportbike Rally East Hello 2017! Cristi is on vacation this week so I thought I would bring a guest host for #90 so we don't miss another week. Hope you love it. My friend Tamela Rich and I kick off Episode 90 with a rundown of fantastic women's and co-ed motorcycle events in 2017 that you should think about attending. We also chat about riding with men v. women; what's different? And of course we have to talk about being Shorties. We share our...


Episode 89: BMW G310R Review, Glove Review and Getting Lost

Click here to watch Joanne's review of the most protective women's motorcycle gloves. Apologies for the technical difficulties! My interwebs cut off at the end so we didn't record a closing. You get the idea :) /GC NEW MOTORCYCLES BMW G310R $4750 Goodbye BMW G650S, K1300S GEAR High Racer Women's Gloves Overview by It's my FIRST VIDEO REVIEW, ever! Regular Pants; this is where I go off the rails and share some casual (NON riding) pants that I LOVE wearing in these cold...


Episode 88: Small Bikes FTW!, Other New Models, News, and Gear

NEW MOTORCYCLES IMS Wrap Up - LA Times Small Bikes - ADV and ADV-ish Series: Honda CRF250L, Kawasaki Versys X300, BMW 310GS Small Bikes - Sport Series (New Models): BMW 310R, Suzuki GSX250R (2018) Crash Study with MSF/Virginia Tech - Common Tread Review And now for something completely different...Triumph Bobber Ducati Releases New Models and the Desert Sled Edition of the Scrambler - Video GEAR Rev'It Horizon 2 Jacket - Revzilla Rev'It Eclipse Jacket - Revzilla Held Touch Gloves -...