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Located in Southern California, members of Mynock Squadron discuss the ins and outs of Fantasy Flight's X-Wing Miniatures tabletop game. We cover everything from tournaments to strategy to useless pilots. So grab some blue milk and join us for some great discussion. And remember our motto, "Fly Better"

Located in Southern California, members of Mynock Squadron discuss the ins and outs of Fantasy Flight's X-Wing Miniatures tabletop game. We cover everything from tournaments to strategy to useless pilots. So grab some blue milk and join us for some great discussion. And remember our motto, "Fly Better"
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Located in Southern California, members of Mynock Squadron discuss the ins and outs of Fantasy Flight's X-Wing Miniatures tabletop game. We cover everything from tournaments to strategy to useless pilots. So grab some blue milk and join us for some great discussion. And remember our motto, "Fly Better"




Episode 138 - < italics > You're Welcome < /italic >

Warning: Strong Language Used in This Episode We bring on a very important guest this week...Coach Aaron Krull! He's here to gives us the truth about Second Edition from the perspective of a game store owner. Are 7 factions really a necessity? Also we talk in depth about the pros and cons of FFG's new squad builder. [00:00:00] Intros [00:07:00] Gold Squadron Classic Plug DONT SKIP [00:17:00] Second Edition is HERE! [00:29:00] The App [01:17:00] Extended vs Second...


Episode 137 - The Rules Robot

Happy Second Edition Week everyone! With 2.0 nearly here, we bring on the master of rulings, Chris "Chico" Brown, as a guest. He's known for creating the best Tournament Organizing software available, Cryodex, as well as being a phenomenal judge. Chico walks us through some of the tougher rules that all players, both new and old, will have to deal with in X-Wing's new iteration. [00:00:00][00:26:00] Fly Better!


Episode 136 - YASB Hates Dee

Dallas and Shea are on this week to talk about beginner games of X-Wing Second Edition. Additionally the crew pours one out for First Edition and look back fondly (and not so fondly) at all the memories the game gave us. Closing out the show are underrated Scum gems for future list building. [00:00:00][00:16:00][01:15:00][01:31:00][01:55:00] Register for the Mynock Open here: Fly Better!


Episode 135 - Defenders, Death Dash, and HepTUGon

We have an extra large episode this week (with a side of beef). The main focus is Second Edition list building, with a concentration in "broken" or undercosted pilots and upgrades. With a fresh meta right around the corner it's important to identify and discover what the new staples of each faction might be. There's a lot to discuss, so set your hyperdrive and let's get going! Register for the Mynock Open at MynockSquadron.Com Fly Better!


Episode 134: X-Wing Gon' Give it to Ya!

We've got our good friend Zach Bart on this week to hype up the Third Annual Crossroads Classic, a tournament happening in Indianapolis later this year! More information available here: Ryan and Dee then find themselves without a show format and do their best to drum up a few interesting topics to rant about. [00:00:00][01:00:00][01:30:00][01:57:00][02:10:00] Fly Better!


Episode 133 - European Aces

This week three of Europe's top players join us to talk about the European Team Championships. Phil GC, Oliver Pocknell, and Łukasz Golonka give us an in depth look at the ETC including: the results, unexpected lists, and plans for the future. They complete the show with fantastic advice for players moving forward into Second Edition. [00:00:00][00:16:00][00:48:00][01:30:00][01:40:00] ETC Links: Scores/Standings ETC...


Episode 132 - #NotMyLockdown

Dee and Ryan return from a weekend full of Gen-Con with all kinds of fresh news and experiences. They talk about their successes in the tournament, how good Supernatural Vader is, and the new factions coming soon to the game. ROGER ROGER! [00:00:00][00:13:00][00:41:00][00:59:00][01:05:00][01:30:00][01:48:00][01:52:00] Fly Better! Patreon.Com/MynockPodcast


Episode 131 - Pointing Things Out

Oh, I'm afraid the point values will be quite operational when your friends arrive. FFG decided to give us the point values to everything in Second Edition, leaving our heads are spinning from the massive influx of information. In order to make sense of it all, Dee explains what a baseline is, and why it's important when analyzing these new point values. Ryan then lets the community chime in on what their first impressions of those same costs...


Episode 130 - Optimizing Your Prototype

It's a full house today on the Mynock Podcast with guests Jaren Foss and Asa Graf coming on! Jaren basks in the glory of his ANZTC victory, Dallas discusses how scary the TIE Advanced might be, Ryan doesn't like Ruthless, and Dee introduces a new segment called "Optimizing Your Prototype." In this segment we break down the meta's top squads, and attempt to decipher whether or not they are the very best they can be. This week we take a deep dive into 5X and Crack Dealers, created by the drug...


Episode 129 - Is This Vermeil Life?

Jaren and Travis Foss join us this week to talk about Wave 14 and the Australian Team Championships. Dee takes an in depth look at all the new content from Wave 14 and grades it out. Do X-Wings live up to the hype? Can you put the Ace of Legend back on the table yet? Is there any reason not to include Major Vermeil in your squad? All those answers and more, including the best trash talking we've had on the cast in a while! [00:02:00][00:27:00][01:50:00] Fly...


Episode 128 - Fenn for Yourself

The Mynocks avoided the article curse once again! This week Ryan, Dee, and Dallas take an in depth look at the Second Edition Fang Fighter, more specifically Fenn Rau. Is he the ace to beat once the game launches in September? Afterwards the crew take on their favorite ships from the Scum Conversion Kit unboxing. [00:00:00][00:17:00][01:22:00] Register for the Mynock Open today! Visit MynockSquadron.Com Fly Better!


Episode 127 - Side Stabber!

REGISTRATION FOR THE MYNOCK OPEN IS LIVE! Visit: MynockOpen.Com In addition to hyping the tournament, we talk quickly about our Producer Andrew Seely winning his first store championship! After that we break down the new Firespray article and decide if maybe we jumped the gun on saying Kath got nerfed. Finally we end the show with a long, yet somehow brief, overview of the Imperial Conversion Kit. [00:25:00][00:45:00][01:30:00] Fly Better!


Episode 126 - Lando's Hot Pockets

Dee returns this week to help discuss the last few System Open results. There's a spirited debate on the various merits of VI Quickdraw followed by analysis of the newly revealed Scum YT-1300. Dallas laments on how the Escape Craft could spell doom for his TIE Swarm. [00:00:00][00:20:00][01:10:00][01:50:00] Fly Better!


Episode 125 - Big Acrylic Takeover!

Dee is on a break this week so we bring on a very special guest host...ANDREW NUCKOLS! You know him from the Birmingham Barons and his fantastic acrylic tokens. We talk to him about his favorite ship, Second Edition excitements, and the new Y-Wing reveals. [00:00:00][00:13:00][00:50:00][01:00:00][01:23:00] Patreon.Com/MynockPodcast


Episode 124 - Dock to the Heart

Salutations X-Wingers! This week Dee, Ryan, and Dallas discuss some of the questions answered in the developer AMA. Was Dee satisfied with their justification of Luke Gunner? After that we have a quick rules reference talk which is followed by our breakdown of Lando's Millenium Falcon! [00:00:00][00:13:00][00:31:00][01:17:00][01:23:00] Fly Better!


Episode 123 - Major Announcements

We at Mynock Squadron are happy to announce, THE MYNOCK OPEN, an X-Wing Second Edition tournament in Los Angeles coming at the end of October/early November of this year. Registration will open later this month, so keep your eyes open! Also, we discuss which First Edition Content can help you win a Store Championship and score you that sweet sweet Second Edition Loot. [00:00:00][00:22:00][00:33:00][01:04:00] Fly Better! Patreon.Com/MynockPodcast


Episode 122 - Scum On!

We bring on System Open Champion Steven Gonzales to talk about the Scum faction conversion kit unboxing. Just like last week we go ship by ship and discuss its roles, improvements, or nerfs. I think we all really want to fly a firespray. [00:00:00][00:38:00] Fly Better!


Episode 121 - Tough Choices

Last week FFG decided to unveil a huge amount of content in the upcoming 2nd Edition conversion kits; so this week we are taking a look at both the Rebel and Imperial factions. We go ship by ship and discuss the chassis, dial, and action changes. Are we still happy with everything 2nd Edition? [00:00:00][00:06:00][00:15:00][01:30:00] Fly Better!


Episode 120 - The Dallas Swarm is Coming...

This week the master of the TIE Swarm, Dallas Parker, tells us his first thoughts about Second Edition. We go through the Imperial TIE/lns we know about and theory-craft which combination Dallas might consider "best". Dee also goes through recent Worlds Rulings to prepare you for upcoming Store Championships. [00:00:00][00:04:30][00:16:00][01:15:00] Fly Better! Patreon.Com/MynockPodcast


Episode 119 - 2018 Worlds Top 16 Interviews and Tips

With the 2018 X-Wing World Championship coming to a close, the Mynocks managed to get interviews with each competitor who made Top 16. You'll learn their squad choices, what they're most excited about for Second Edition, and most importantly, they each dish out a tip to make you a better X-Wing player. [00:00:00][00:01:00][00:06:42][00:11:33][00:16:00][00:21:41][00:26:30][00:33:12][00:36:47][00:41:00][00:47:30][00:54:00][01:02:12][01:24:30][01:39:00][01:55:00][02:06:00] Fly...