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Steve Wyche and Jim Trotter call on their experiences as two black men with 40-plus years combined covering the NFL to bring listeners unfiltered, enlightening, and entertaining conversations about important issues involving the league both on and off the field. Steve and Jim will also talk to the newsmakers and influencers who have impacted both American sports and American culture. It’s the intersection of sports and society that we hope will lead to ongoing, positive and engaging dialogue.


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Steve Wyche and Jim Trotter call on their experiences as two black men with 40-plus years combined covering the NFL to bring listeners unfiltered, enlightening, and entertaining conversations about important issues involving the league both on and off the field. Steve and Jim will also talk to the newsmakers and influencers who have impacted both American sports and American culture. It’s the intersection of sports and society that we hope will lead to ongoing, positive and engaging dialogue.




Warren Moon: A Leader by Example

The Hall of Fame QB joins Steve and Jim to talk about all things quarterbacking in the NFL. Warren tells you why he believes Russell Wilson and the Seahawks are headed for a divorce (17:04) and why Deshaun Watson and the Texans need couples therapy (22:37). Warren talks about the gift and the curse of being the only Black QB in the NFL (26:27) and how he thinks race still factors into how the position is perceived (31:12). He threw one of the prettiest spirals ever seen, and Warren reveals...


Hue Jackson: Speaking My Truth

The former Browns head coach gives it straight, no chaser to Steve and Jim about why he says he was made a scapegoat during his short tenure in Cleveland (04:33). Jackson explains how he stood his ground for Myles Garrett when the front office wanted to pick quarterback Mitchell Trubisky with the #1 overall pick in the 2017 Draft (10:05). He also sheds light on why he was prepared to leave the Browns before being given a contract extension during his 1-23 stretch (12:52). Jackson details why...


Jameis Winston: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Jameis is running it back with the New Orleans Saints and he joins Steve and Jim to talk about competing against Taysom Hill for the starting quarterback job (07:37). Jameis says he’ll go after it with a new outlook on the position from the biggest lesson he learned from Drew Brees (12:14). And if he wins it, he says he’s ready to step in for the vaunted Saints legend (18:15). Jameis offers advice for this year’s QBs who hope to hear their names called in this year’s Draft (27:13). He also...


Brandon Beane: In the Catbird Seat

The Bills general manager takes time from his Pro Day circuit to break bread with Steve and Jim. Beane discusses a rule change the Bills will propose next week at the owners meeting which could drastically impact the head coach hiring process (00:26). Beane gives a hint of what a contract extension for his franchise quarterback Josh Allen could look like...and it has something to do with Cam Newton (26:03). Taking Allen with the 7th-overall pick in the 2018 Draft was a gamble, and Beane...


Steve Keim: Chasing the Throne

The Arizona Cardinals general manager joins Steve and Jim to talk about everything from football to fashion. Keim talks about the team looking to be in “win-now mode” by signing veterans like defensive end J.J. Watt, receiver A.J. Green and center Rodney Hudson (06:21). It’s not all roses, as Keim talks about losing cornerback Patrick Peterson (13:00) and waiting to hear whether future Hall of Famer Larry Fitzgerald will return for another season (15:29). We hear why Keim says his franchise...


Best of Huddle & Flow: The First 48

There would be no Huddle & Flow without you! And while the show is rolling along with more new episodes in the works, we wanted to take a minute and highlight some of the best moments of our first 48 episodes. We hear from New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton and how he spoke his current quarterback situation into existence (08:11). We also hear how Tom Brady made a bigger impression with the Bucs as a teammate and not just as their QB (10:06). Russell Wilson and Deshaun Watson may be...


David Culley: Making Dad Proud

The Texans new head coach talks with Steve and Jim about why he’s hopeful to have Deshaun Watson as his starting QB for the 2021 season (02:56). Culley also describes his first experience in the head coach interview cycle in 27 seasons as an NFL coach and why he thinks the Texans hired him (11:54). Culley coached Lamar Jackson in Baltimore and he describes why Jackson is on the verge of making a big leap forward with his game (33:59). And, Culley tells why his dad’s validation makes his long...


Brad Holmes: Don’t Sleep on Me

The Lions new general manager and North Carolina A&T grad joins Steve and Jim to talk about why trading for Jared Goff won’t stop him from drafting a QB at #7 overall, if there’s a good fit (37:51). It’s a wonder Brad got the job considering he wasn’t on the Lions initial candidate list (15:21). Now in the head seat, he talks of being intentional in building a diverse coaching staff (20:49), strengthening the GM diversity pipeline (18:25) and why he’s good with the knee-cap-biting energy of...


Jalen Ramsey: Chasing Greatness

The Rams All-Pro defensive back joins Steve and Jim after his offseason vacation. Jalen talks not wanting to let his “big brother” Aaron Donald down (26:57) as being a big reason why he had his “best season yet” with his new home team (21:41). He also explains why he believes his close friend Deshaun Watson is done with the Texans (18:08) and why he takes issue with anyone who thinks Watson should just shut up and throw (15:24). Jalen also talks about the brotherhood amongst NFL DBs (42:10)...


DeMaurice Smith and JC Tretter: The Art of Compromise

The NFLPA’s Executive Director DeMaurice Smith and President JC Tretter join Steve and Jim together for a wide-ranging interview. They discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the unprecedented 2020 season (16:26), why the same testing protocols are likely to be in place at the start of the 2021 season (20:12) and JC explains why offseason training for players may be forever changed (28:56). They also discuss the chances we’ll see a 17th regular season game (47:20), the current state of the...


Kelvin Beachum: A Real One Doing Real Work

For years Kelvin has used his platform and resources to end the digital divide. He joined Steve and Jim to talk about why that issue is important to him (11:48) and why he believes having broadband internet is a basic human right (14:36). As a Players Coalition task force member, Kelvin has also been at the forefront of the group’s work on criminal justice reform and he talks about the complexities of tackling that issue (23:26). And as a Black NFL player, Kelvin explains why it’s imperative...


Terry Fontenot: Ready for the Spotlight

The new Falcons general manager joins Steve and Jim to talk about his learning curve as a first-time GM (12:05). He explains why he initially didn’t want to interview for the Falcons job and how owner Arthur Blank’s book “Good Company” helped sway him (17:11). Jim has a little fun with Terry’s take on Julio Jones’ and Matt Ryan’s futures with the team (20:06). Terry also talks about the significance of being the Falcons first Black GM (24:14) and what options are on the table for the team’s...


Byron Leftwich: Journey of a Leader

The offensive coordinator of the newly crowned Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers joins Steve and Jim. He talks about why he was confident facing the Chiefs for a second time with a title on the line (31:41). After the win Byron basked in what he calls the greatest title parade ever (52:05). And he talks about why we’re witnessing once-in-a-lifetime excellence by Tom Brady (14:02). Byron also talks about the Super Bowl win being “special” for Bruce Arians (33:33), being mistaken for...


Stephen Curry: All He Does Is Win

The 3-time NBA champion joins the show. Steph talks with Jim and producer Thomas Warren about how his passion for golf and his desire to create opportunities for the next generation led him to help re-establish the golf program at Howard University (10:05). Steph is a known golf buddy with President Obama, and he dishes on their trash-talking sessions (21:18). And, the golf theme found its way into a playoff series, as Steph reveals the “mic-drop” phone call he received from Tiger Woods...


Derrick Brooks: A Beautiful Football Mind

The Hall of Famer joins Steve and Jim. On the show, Derrick talks about being a co-chair of the Super Bowl host committee in the same city where he won a ring (41:51). As far as the game, he talks about what the Chiefs did in last season’s Super Bowl win that could be the key to securing a second straight title (28:16), and why the Bucs defense needs to counter it by making Patrick Mahomes “feel them” (29:54). And with the 2021 Pro Football Hall of Fame class set to be revealed on Feb. 6th,...


Todd Bowles: Buccaneers Super Bowl Defensive Coordinator

Steve Wyche and Jim Trotter are joined by the Super Bowl-bound defensive coordinator for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Todd Bowles. Ready to coach in the biggest game of his life, Bowles discusses his team's progression, and how it plans to stifle a seemingly unstoppable Kansas City Chiefs offense (1:59). The conversation deviates from the X's and O's of the game and Bowles dives into the racial inequity for opportunity among black coaches in the NFL (20:05). The trio discuss a several more...


Nnamdi Asomugha: The NFL's Renaissance Man

Steve Wyche and Jim Trotter are joined by former all-pro cornerback turned critically acclaimed actor, Nnamdi Asomugha. Never imagining that he would star in a play, Asomugha describes his journey from football to acting (19:39). The conversation covers a wide variety of topics, including Asomugha's role in 'Sylvie's Love', (29:58), his post-football relationship with the NFL (38:56), and his ACTS program that connects youth to college opportunities (42:30). Having retired two years prior,...


Robert Saleh: Evolving the Jets

Steve Wyche and Jim Trotter are joined by the ne were joined by the new head coach of the New York Jets Robert Saleh, and no topic is off-limits. Before Saleh joins the podcast, Steve and Jim discuss the lack of diversity hires in the NFL - citing Super Bowl offensive coordinators Eric Bieniemy and Byron Leftwich as potential future minority head coaching candidates (2:17). Then Saleh joins the program (14:19) and describes his first days in New York, including his early assessment and...


Antoine Bethea: Started At The Mecca With A Dream

It was like a Howard University homecoming as Steve and Jim were joined by fellow Bison alum Antoine Bethea, and they all spoke with pride of seeing Kamala Harris - another Howard alum - sworn in as Vice President of the United States (11:40). Bethea also talked about going from a 6th-round pick from an HBCU to a 14-year NFL veteran (23:21), why he thinks Philip Rivers is a Hall of Fame QB (13:24) and what it was like in the 49ers locker room during Colin Kaepernick's national anthem...


Calvin Johnson: I Did It My Way

Megatron doesn’t do many interviews but he took time to join Steve and Jim to talk about his decision to retire after nine seasons (29:45), why he’s confident he’ll be a first-ballot Hall of Famer (50:02) and what he blames for missing out on the first 2,000-yard season ever by a receiver (26:56). Johnson also talks about his cannabis partnership with Harvard (18:58) and what it would take for him and the Lions to make amends (33:33). Plus, Steve and Jim shout out fellow Howard University...