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Episode Eleven: Return of the Jared

Jared is back on a new Naptown Sports Report where we get his take on all the new rosters in Indiana, Alec wonders what kind of guy Kawhi Leonard really is, and Jared tells us why he loves the Pacers so much (this year). Also, we talk Colts, Urban Meyer Scandals, Dan Dakich, and sprinkle in some high school football for a perfect summer sports talk souffle! In this episode, Naptown Sports Report realizes how boring July & August really are.


Ka-Why We Like The NBA

Jon Matthes makes his triumphant return to the podcast after picking Belgium to win the World Cup. Alec can't wrap his head around all the moving pieces in the NBA. And we even talk baseball this week as we wonder why can't every player just hit 100 home runs in every derby, every year. This week, the Naptown Sports Report ate some really bad Burger King.


A Free Agency Extravaganza (With Some Soccer Pomp)

Alec is joined this week by 8 Points 9 Seconds Contributor Jonathon Matthes. We do our best to encapsulate this free agency explosion and recover some lost time on the NBA draft. Lots of Pacers talk in this one and you can't finish a sentence about NBA free agency without mentioning LBJ. Also, don't think we've forgotten about the biggest sporting spectacle in the world. Alec and Jon relive some our of their favorite moments from what they both agree is the best World Cup AT LEAST in their...


A Podcast That Watches Soccer Every Four Years

We here at the Naptown Sports Report would like to send out a hearty congratulations to all the IHSAA Champions this year. It was a real blast to watch such high quality high school sports this year in Indiana and we can only expect to see more down the road. This week, Alec and Jared talk about golf for once, ponder World Cup drama, consider Stupid Spygate, predict where Kawhi will end up, and give our pre draft Pacer takes. In this episode, you'll hear Alec laughing at a lot of things....


The Sports Report Live From (Looking at an Actual Live Broadcast of) The World Cup

This week, Alec and and Jared, wrap up basketball talk (not really), take a stab at soccer, express wonder and disappointment about Rafael Nadal, and cheer on more baseball fights. Theme song- "Hold Together" by texasradiofish Weird Things of the Week Song- "Pixel Peeker Polka" by Kevin Macleod


A Podcast That Can Hit Threes

In this episode, Jared and Alec talk about why the Warriors seem so unbeatable when they're at their best, our best guess where the Colts are at, giving props to Nick Schnell, why Brian Colangelo is just another self-inflicted casualty of social media, and discuss how to knock yourself unconscious.


The Sports Report on Frozen Lake Baikal

This week we interview Eric Hunter, former Mr. Basketball Finalist and incoming Purdue Basketball Freshman. Alec and Jared are join by Ryan Lott-Manier and focus in on the remaining NBA Playoffs, question how racing is a thing anymore, laugh about baseball puffery, and find out where Lake Baikal even is. Thanks to Eric Hunter for being the first guest ever on the show! Due to timing, our interview with Eric plays before the episode starts. Thanks for everything! Featured guests- Eric...


Untitled Episode



Insert Jim Mora Playoffs Joke Here

This week on the NSR, Jared and Alec dive headfirst into the NBA playoffs action. Alec admits he was wrong (kind of). Jared spits fire at Draymond. Alec tears into Serge Ibaka. And we talk about Romeo Langford's hyped college choice.


5/1 - A Best of Seven Series Podcast

This week Alec and Jared talk about what happened in the NBA Playoff series between the Cavs and the Pacers. We also take a moment to reflect on what a special season this was. We couldn't get through the week without talking about the NFL Draft. Something about last week's draft really bothered Alec (and it had nothing to do with the draft itself). Tune in and join in the discussion! We're on Twitter and Facebook now!


4/24 - The Pilot

Jared and Alec break down the playoff series thus far between the Indiana Pacers and the Cleveland Cavaliers. The series is tied 2-2 and heading for a showdown in Cleveland. Can the Pacers knock off Lebron and the Cavs? We'll give our best guess. We'll also talk more about other NBA playoff matchup and some Colts draft speculation with lots of laughs. Tune in to episode one!