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The Alabama of Naptown Sports Podcasts

The jig is up. We have been slacking. The good news is that Jared and Alec are back and better than ever and they have a new friend! Chris Magnuson (not related) is joining the Report for the first time and has tons of opinions to share, especially about college football. On this episode of NSR, Jared wonders why Kyrie is so mad, Alec expresses his love for Corey Joseph, and Chris explains why we're all sleeping on Ohio State. The College Football Playoff is coming and you know what that...


Welcome to (Belated) Football!

Welcome back! Jared and Alec return in the middle of everything going on to act like they haven't been gone for the past month! Jared will talk about college football, Alec will yell at NFL officials, and Jared will pretend he watches baseball for the sake of the playoffs. In this episode, Naptown Sports Report wonders if it can form a union.


Episode Eleven: Return of the Jared

Jared is back on a new Naptown Sports Report where we get his take on all the new rosters in Indiana, Alec wonders what kind of guy Kawhi Leonard really is, and Jared tells us why he loves the Pacers so much (this year). Also, we talk Colts, Urban Meyer Scandals, Dan Dakich, and sprinkle in some high school football for a perfect summer sports talk souffle! In this episode, Naptown Sports Report realizes how boring July & August really are.


Ka-Why We Like The NBA

Jon Matthes makes his triumphant return to the podcast after picking Belgium to win the World Cup. Alec can't wrap his head around all the moving pieces in the NBA. And we even talk baseball this week as we wonder why can't every player just hit 100 home runs in every derby, every year. This week, the Naptown Sports Report ate some really bad Burger King.


A Free Agency Extravaganza (With Some Soccer Pomp)

Alec is joined this week by 8 Points 9 Seconds Contributor Jonathan Matthes. We do our best to encapsulate this free agency explosion and recover some lost time on the NBA draft. Lots of Pacers talk in this one and you can't finish a sentence about NBA free agency without mentioning LBJ. Also, don't think we've forgotten about the biggest sporting spectacle in the world. Alec and Jon relive some our of their favorite moments from what they both agree is the best World Cup AT LEAST in their...


A Podcast That Watches Soccer Every Four Years

We here at the Naptown Sports Report would like to send out a hearty congratulations to all the IHSAA Champions this year. It was a real blast to watch such high quality high school sports this year in Indiana and we can only expect to see more down the road. This week, Alec and Jared talk about golf for once, ponder World Cup drama, consider Stupid Spygate, predict where Kawhi will end up, and give our pre draft Pacer takes. In this episode, you'll hear Alec laughing at a lot of things....