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The podcast companion to the website, the National Parks Traveler covers commentary, news, and life in America's Parks.

The podcast companion to the website, the National Parks Traveler covers commentary, news, and life in America's Parks.
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The podcast companion to the website, the National Parks Traveler covers commentary, news, and life in America's Parks.




NPT 15 : Fran Mainella Speaks About Snowmobiles and Science

SOUND: Snowmobiles in [url=]Yellowstone National Park[/url]. KURT: At a time when politics in Washington truly are a “contact sport,” we shouldn’t be too surprised when we learn that science has been trumped when it comes to decisions affecting the national park system. Should we be disappointed? Of course. But surprised? Unfortunately not. These past seven years there long have been suspicions that politics shaped the National Park Service’s position on snowmobiling...


NPT 12 : Port Chicago Naval Magazine as Park

Eugene Sayles survived the terrible explosion at Port Chicago on the night of July 17, 1944, but many of his colleagues did not. Located near San Francisco California, the Port Chicago Naval Magazine was a place where ordinance was transferred from rail cars to ships during World War II for operations in the Pacific. A small fire led first to a small explosion then 6 seconds later, a massive explosion that was felt up to 500 miles away. The explosion was the largest U.S. home front...


NPT 11 : Soundscape : Bandelier's Frijoles Creek

Take a minute to relax next to the cascading waters of Frijoles Creek in Bandelier National Monument. This short recording was made under the shade of the trees along the picnic road next to the creek. You'll be able to hear some birds chirping along, as well as a child's call about half-way through. And while it is anything but quiet, I think this is the type of natural soundscape that draws people out of the cities in search of the "peace and quiet" found in our national parks. This...


NPT 10 : Voices from the Hill : Secretary Kempthorne on Centennial

Secretary Kempthorne: "this is a giant leap for the National Park Service" You can hear it in his voice, can't you? Dirk Kempthorne is excited. The Secretary of the Interior announced today a list of 201 projects that are eligible for funding in the first year of the Centennial Initiative. The program could add as much as $2 Billion in new programs and projects for the parks, and $1 Billion for park operations over 10 years. In his remarks that follow, you can hear Mr. Kempthorne crow a...


NPT 9 : A Park Remark : Nancy Bandley and Park Passport Stamps

At the new National Parks Traveler, Kurt Repanshek and I have as a goal to provide original multimedia content about our parks. It's an advantage of the web that we can bring you audio and video programs from time to time. As part of an ongoing series, we'll provide interviews with folks who have special insight on the parks. Today I have a conversation with Nancy Bandley. Nancy has accomplished something very few others have done, she has visited every single unit of the National Park...


Audio From the Hill : Mary Bomar

Nearly one year ago, on the 90th anniversary of the National Park Service that Secretary of the Interior Dirk Kempthorne, while visiting Yellowstone National Park, introduced a program which would bring upwards of $3 Billion dollars in new funds for our parks. The ambitious program, called the Centennial Challenge, is geared to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the Park Service in 2016. Over the last year, the National Park Service has conducted listening sessions around the country,...


Haunted Hikes in the National Parks

In this third edition of the Park Remark audiocast, I have a phone conversation with Andrea Lankford who is the author of the book Haunted Hikes: Spine-Tingling Tales and Trails from North America's National Parks. Andrea and I have some fun covering some of the scary stories in her book. We also take a few minutes to cover the larger scope of these stories as they relate to cultural resource protection within the National Park Service. Our program starts with a reading from one of the...


NPCA Discusses Storm Damage and Listening Sessions

Last week I had a chance to sit down and have an interview with Sean Smith, the Northwest Regional Director of the National Parks and Conservation Association. Sean was a lot of fun to talk to, I found him to be very knowledgeable about many park issues. I've edited our conversation down to 11 minutes 30 seconds, but there was a lot of the interview I had to leave on the virtual cutting room floor. Perhaps down the road, I'll reassemble the extras and create another audiocast. Today's...


Washington State Plan to Abolish the FLREA

I hope you find the topic for the first show interesting -- if you recreate on federal lands, including the National Parks, it's at least topic that your wallet is already familiar with: entrance fees. I had the opportunity to speak with Washington State Representative Maralyn Chase who has co-sponsored a House Memorial which asks that federal fees collected under the Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act (FLREA) be abolished in the State of Washington.


Interpreter Hasan Davis as York

I met a lot of folks along the trail who's dedication to the Lewis and Clark story inspired me. In August I introduced you to one of these guys, Craig Rockwell of the Army Corps of Engineers who portrays Captain Clark. Today, I would like to introduce you to a living history interpreter who I think is as talented as anyone I've ever met at his craft. This fellow is named Hasan Davis, he is an educator and makes his home in the St. Louis area but has traveled coast to coast telling the...


Interview with Lewis & Clark Interpreter

When I was at the Lewis & Clark Bicentennial event in Billings, MT recently, I brought along a portable audio recorder. I had the opportunity to chat with a fellow who has portrayed William Clark across the country at nearly all of the national Lewis & Clark events the last few years. The person's name is Craig "Rocky" Rockwell and he is an interpreter who works for the Army Corps of Engineers. Rocky's got a lot of good stories to share about his experience traveling the trail, and he...