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Ep. 27. Dr. Brooks Tiller - The Healthy Hunter

My guest today is Dr Brooks Tiller. Brooks is a doctor of physical therapy and author of The Healthy Hunter – Becoming the Ultimate Predator which is a book about improving, not becoming perfect, but improving your health so that you can live longer and be a mentor and leader to the people you love. Brooks has a unique style of blending two of the things I really love and that’s hunting and become the man that your creator expects you to be. Brooks and I had a great discussion about the...


Ep. 26. Grant Wisenbaker & Brenton Washausen - Salt Plains Outfitters

My guests today are Grant Wisenbaker and Brenton Washausen oowners f Salt Plains Outfitters in northern Oklahoma. If you want to see more ducks and geese in one place at one time, than you have probably ever seen in your life, check out Salt Plains Outfitters. I instantly fell in love with their social media pages, their images are awesome and they just have the game figured out in an area that is fast becoming the new waterfowl mecca… Oklahoma. Grant and Brenton fill us in on how they...


Ep. 25. Blake Hamilton - Nature's Eye Consulting & Nature's Eye Media

My guest today is Blake Hamilton founder of Nature’s Eye Consulting and Nature’s Eye Media. Nature’s Eye is a habitat conservation, land use and wildlife management company as well as a media and content creative group designed to tell outdoor lifestyle and conservation stories. Blake and I have become friends over the last year or so and I just love his passion and heart for people, nature, relationships and conservation. Blake and I talk about how he developed his love for conserving...

Ep. 24. John Devney - SVP, Delta Waterfowl Foundation

My guest today is John Devney, Senior Vice President of Delta Waterfowl. John and I have been friends now for over 15 years and he has a wealth of knowledge on the challenges surrounding duck production and duck hunting. Today we talk about John’s background growing up hunting and fishing in Minnesota and how he came to work at Delta. We talk about the unique value proposition that Delta brings to the conservation and hunting conversations. Everything from balancing duck production with...

Ep. 23. James Lancaster - Deep River Fit

My guest today is James Lancaster. The last time James was on the podcast he was planning to open a new cross fit gym in Memphis. Now that he has done that I invited him back on to talk about Deep River Fit. James always has such a positive mental attitude about everything he does, it’s really infectious! We chat about Oakley, his chocolate lab and how she’s progressing in her duck dog training, I check in on his non profit Kings of Grit which is designed to engage inmates and teach them...


Ep. 22. Richard Charlton and Phillip Armstrong - Damascus Waterfowlers & Delta Snows

My guests today are two guys that I recently connected with on social media – Richard Charlton of Damascus Waterfowler and Phillip Armstrong of Delta Snows. Both Richard and Phillip super passionate duck and goose hunters, but both are medically disabled veterans who are also passionate about connecting and helping other veterans. Richard’s Damascus Waterfowl Club is located in southern Missouri and Phillip is an outfitter with Delta Snows located in the Mississippi Delta focusing primarily...

Ep. 21. Matt Roberson - Revelation Outdoors

My guest today is a guy that I am absolutely blessed to call my friend and someone you have heard me speak about many times before on the podcast, Matt Roberson. Matt is a field pastor with Revelation Outdoors, he is an ex-Army Sniper who served two tours in Iraq, came home to be a sheriff’s deputy with the Cross County Sheriff’s Department then joined the Arkansas Highway Patrol. Matt and I connected several years ago when I messaged him about possibly coming up and filming a speckled belly...


Ep. 20. Drew Seals - Nature's Eye Media

My guest today is a guy that I have grown to love over the last few years. Drew Seals is a talented content and film creator, super passionate and a borderline obsessive perfectionist when it comes to telling stories and drawing up emotions from film and still images. He has worked with Brian and I on several projects because the dude is crazy dedicated to getting the shot. Everytime we’ve been on location with Drew, he ALWAYS has a camera out, always, the dude never stops. Today we talk...

Ep. 19. Travis Sipe - Duck Wild Waterfowl

My guest today has been on the podcast before, we love having Travis Sipe on the show, we always find something constructive and interesting to talk about. Travis is the owner of Duck Wild Waterfowl outfitters in Waverly, KS. He is also a turkey hunter, a deer hunter and one of the most humble, positive and down to earth guys I know. Today we talk about his crazy successful turkey season, we talk about what he is doing to prep for the upcoming duck season and how this insane amount of water...


Ep. 18. Josh Raggio - Raggio Custom Calls

My guest today is one of my long time hunting friends Josh Raggio of Raggio custom duck calls. I visit Josh in his call shop in Raymond, MS. and catch up on some of our hunting memories in the MS Delta, Josh’s experience as a competition caller and how he first became interested in turning custom duck calls. We talk about the incredible amount of faith it took for Josh to make that move and how he has seen his faith grow throughout that process. We discuss some of the stories that his calls...

Ep. 17. TJ Mallette - Black Duck Lodge

TJ Mallette Black Duck Lodge my guest today is TJ Mallette. TJ is a duck hunter and outfitters from Stuttgart, AR. He is the owner operator of the historical Black Duck lodge, right on the banks of the famous Bayou Meto and also in Saskatchewan Canada. So much history and heritage there at Black Duck. He and his soon to be wife Ashton do an absolutely fantastic job welcoming hunters to both locations and making sure that their guests not only have a once in a lifetime shoot, but also...


Ep. 16. Paul Kurtz and Mike Swartzentruber - Hunter's Blend Coffee

Paul Kurtz and Mike Swartzentruber Hunter’s Blend Coffee My guests today are Paul Kurtz and Mike Swartzentruber from Hunter’s Blend Coffee. This is not just ordinary coffee dropped into a bag with antlers on it to attract hunters to buy it. Hunters Blend partners with organizations like the Sportsmans Alliance to help protect our hunting heritage by fighting anti-hunting organizations like PETA and the Humane Society of the US. These groups have one goal and one goal only, to chip away at...


Ep. 15. Chef Jean Paul Bourgeois - Blue Smoke Restaurant

Chef Jean Paul Bouregois Blue Smoke Restaurant My guest today grew up in the small town of Thibodaux, Louisiana, and received his Bachelor’s degree at John Folse Culinary Institute at Nicholls State University. He participated in an exchange program with the Paul Bocuse Institute in Lyon, France. After completing his formal studies, he worked at Étoile restaurant at the Domaine Chandon winery in Napa before moving to San Francisco to help open EPIC Roasthouse as a sous chef under Chef Jan...


Ep. 14. Josh Teff and John David Blagg - FowlCo Outfitters

Josh Teff and John David Blagg FowlCo Outfitters My guests today are Josh Teff and John David Blagg owners of FowlCo Outfitters in Northern Oklahoma. We talk about how these guys met in church and after a few duck hunting trips out west, decided to trust in God and His faithfulness and create one of the most incredible waterfowling destinations in the country. We discuss the new lodge, the super plush amenities, the warm hospitality and food and of course… the waterfowl hunting. Everything...


Ep. 13. Dustin Roddy and Josh Green - Cache River Farms

Dustin Roddy and Josh Green Cache River Farms My guests today are Dustin Roddy of Cache River Farms and Josh Green an area supervisor for the Arkansas Game and Fish. I was really excited to have Dustin and Josh on the show for several reasons. First to talk about the Cache River complex, so you guys that hunt Arkansas you know all about the Cache and what a fantastic river and wetland ecosystem that is especially on those major migration days, it’s a magical place.. but it also one of the...


Ep. 12. Robbie Kroger - Blood Origins

Robbie Kroger Blood Origins My guest today is Robbie Kroger. Robbie is originally from South Africa but moved to the United States and became a respected biologist working extensively in the Gulf Coast region of Mississippi and Louisiana. In his 40’s, Robbie discovered a letter written to him by his grandfather explaining a high South African hunting heritage that Robbie never knew he had. This letter sparked a deep interest of hunting heritage, communities and history. The more the fire...


Ep. 11. Dustin Diefenderfer & Ara Megerdichian - MTNTOUGH Fitness Lab

Dustin Diefenderfer & Ara Megerdichian MTNTOUGH Fitness Lab My guests today are Dustin Diefenderfer and Ara Megerdichian, creators of the MTNTOUGH Fitness Lab. MTNTOUGH Fitness is an online community of men and women who are interested in improving their life performance in three areas: physical strength, endurance mental toughness. The Lab is a collection of proven exercise routines strategically created by Army Rangers, Navy SEALs and training and fitness professionals. These exercises...


Ep. 10. Ryan "The Buddha" Baudhuin - Off The Grid

Ryan “The Buddha” Baudhuin Off The Grid My guest today is an ex-combat Marine veteran, professional outfitter, hunter, photographer and videographer Ryan Baudhuin. Ryan is a gloriously bearded infantryman who came home from Iraq having lost brothers in combat struggling with his faith and direction in life. After going back to college, Ryan picked up a camera and started photographing his favorite subject… waterfowl… and everything changed. Ryan has gone on to film big game and waterfowl...


Ep 9. Bryan Weight - Retay Arms, USA

My guest today is Bryan Weight, Sponsorship and Brand Director for Retay Arms, USA. Bryan lives in an area steeped in water fowling heritage… the Chesapeake Bay are. We discuss his experiences growing up in Georgia, being exposed to duck hunting, then moving to the hallowed waterfowl grounds of the Northeast. We talk about the history of the area and the unique ways that die hards pursue the multiple species found in the Atlantic Flyway. We also talk about how his…


Ep 8. James Lancaster - Kings of Grit

My guest today is James Lancaster. James is a Crossfit athlete and founder Kings of Grit. KoG is a non-profit organization designed to prepare inmates for productive lives when their debt to society has been paid. Every week, James uses Crossfit expertises to teach and instill the critical values that society and employers demand. Character, teamwork, personal responsibility, positive mental attitude, unity and grace. James was also a professional football player and suffered a catastrophic…