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Alex Hendley and James Sproston wander non-league in search of entertaining football, decent scran and some fantastic tram journeys.

Alex Hendley and James Sproston wander non-league in search of entertaining football, decent scran and some fantastic tram journeys.


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Alex Hendley and James Sproston wander non-league in search of entertaining football, decent scran and some fantastic tram journeys.




Non-League Wanderers - Compilation Special: The Football Content Awards

Somehow we've been nominated for the Football Content Awards! To celebrate we're Stichering together some of the best bits from six NLW episodes. You'll hear about walking to Salford, parking at AVRO, tramming to Altrincham and Tokensing at Curzon Ashton, plus plenty more from our match reports, the Besses Archers and various other features. If you're (still) a fan of Non-League Wanderers (or even if you're not) please vote for us (for free) at in...


Non-League Wanderers - Episode IX: The Rise of Radcliffe

The Non-League Wanderers spectate a Bury derby as Radcliffe FC and Ramsbottom United contest a play-off semi-final. Tune in as we get stuck into scorpion kicks, bodily functions and a good dollop of mushy peas.


Non-League Wanderers - Announcement Special: Great Manchester Run

The Non-League Wanderers have a big announcement to make, and they need YOUR help to raise some money for two excellent charities. To donate, visit Alternatively search 'Supporting Alty and Curzon Ashton' in Crowdfunder, or find the link through our social media. Please give a little if you can!


Non-League Wanderers - Episode VIII: The Last Bobby AVRO

The Non-League Wanderers make the journey northwards to Limeside, Oldham to visit the historic AVRO FC. Two pies, a VIP lounge and swirling rain defined the night, and the lads were sent home for an early bath. The 60-second fact fury makes its debut and, in the Besses, Mick McGaffer hatches a revenge plan.


Non-League Wanderers - Episode VII: Charles Dance Awakens

Alex Hendley and James Sproston go from ashes to Ashton United as they finally make their first non-league trip of 2019. Sightings of Charles Dance, Stu Pickles and some dogs were highlights of this adventure. Also in the episode, the Besses Archers, Non-League News and more!


Non-League Wanderers - Bonus Episode: Hebburn Is a Place on Earth

Multiple attempts to go to games in both the North West and North East were thwarted by the Beast from the Weaste, so the NLW bring you all of the features you love without the burden of us rambling on during the usual match report.


Non-League Wanderers - Episode VI: Return of the Real City Club

This week, the NLW delve into the tenth tier of English football for Maine Road v Vauxhall Motors. On the podcast is the adventure report, some Non-League News and the Besses Archers Christmas special.


Non-League Wanderers - Special Episode: Venerable One (A Bede Story)

Following a North-East party that ended in the shed, one half of the Non-League Wanderers took a trip to watch South Shields FC with Main Stand Musings boss Dan Haygarth. Also in the Special Episode is a trip to Platform 9 3/4, the second episode of the Besses Archers and some Non-League News.


Non-League Wanderers - Episode V: The Salop Strikes Salford

As we get worryingly near to the precipice that is the end of Star Wars titles, join us for yet another voyage into the Non-League unknown. Except, it's not actually unknown, because we're back at Salford City. Sorry. Added extras: Who Am I?, a brand new drama 'The Besses Archers' and more.


Non-League Wanderers - Special Episode: Solo (A Chorley Story)

This Special Episode, which in name confusingly slips between Episodes III and IV, but in chronology is BRAND NEW, the Wanderers are joined by Sam Carney, reporting on the FA Cup First Round. Who Am I?, a fan letter and some questionable beer promotion are all squeezed in. Enjoy.


Non-League Wanderers - Episode IV: A New Token System

Alex and James jump on the tram to the Tameside Stadium, where Curzon Ashton hosted an unfathomable token-based system, pie fondling and Stockport County. Who Am I, the Nonleagerboard and Non-League News also feature.


Non-League Wanderers - Episode III: Revenge of Jimmy Gannon

In this episode, the Wanderers look back on their trip to Stockport County v Nuneaton Borough, Jimmy Gannon's mistaken identity and the Great British Banter of Vernon the Bear. There's also the latest instalments of Who Am I?, Non-League News and even a fan letter.


Non-League Wanderers - Special Episode: The Gateshead Wars

This week NLW newcomer and friend of the show Louis Ainley was our correspondent in the North East. Sampling the delights of Dunston v Gateshead in FA Cup Qualifying, the report slots in nicely between Episodes II and III. Extra content includes Non-League News, a Gateshead Old Boy and a Sean Scannell lookalike.


Non-League Wanderers - Episode I: The Phantom Beef Burger

In the first outing for the Non-League Wanderers, Alex Hendley and James Sproston made the long walk to the Peninsular Stadium for Salford City v Maidstone United. Also included: Who Am I?, Chris Smalling, and an ad from our sponsors.


Non-League Wanderers - Episode II: Substitution of the Clones

In Episode II, the Wanderers head to Moss Lane and the J. Davidson Stadium for Altrincham vs Alfreton Town. There's another Who Am I?, some Non-League News and a hell of a lot of tangents. Enjoy!